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Mercenary is the generic term used to refer to individuals hired for missions in the Overlord series. Besides being a job class name for some, individuals not belonging to the class can still be classified as one to some degree by having different roles elsewhere.


Mercenaries are those who carry out missions solely for the high amount of money rewarded.[1] They are usually seen frequenting around places specialized in selling weapons and other items to them.[2]

In addition, a group of mercenaries like the Death Spreading Brigade were hired to fight and participate during times of war. However, when peacetime arrives, mercenaries would often adopt the ways of a bandit or thief, attacking travelers without warning and looting their items afterward.[3]

Particularly, during the Baharuth Empire’s yearly wars with the Re-Estize Kingdom at the Katze Plains, only the knights from the Empire were professional soldiers. The Kingdom, on the other hand, made a contract with a large number of mercenaries to square off against the Empire. Once the war is over, mercenaries will no longer feel the need to fight for the Kingdom and most of them would revert back to being bandits.

Although mercenaries get hired on the job, they avoid visiting villages due to how common it was for other mercenaries beside them to be hired there. This was done so intentionally in order to avoid a confrontation and fight between former comrades of the same profession.[4]

Fortunately, a band of well-trained and reliable mercenaries are known to be employed by traveling merchants. For starters, they were entrusted with the task of protecting the merchants while moving to a different destination.[5]

In a way, mercenaries do their job without being bound by loyalty to countries. The missions they are committed to doing involved wars between nations, investigating monster lair ruins, wiping out monsters, and many other tasks that relate to violence.[6]

Known Mercenaries

Known Mercenary Groups

Known Mercenary NPCs

Abilities and Powers

Mercenaries in the New World are comprised of various individuals each skilled in their own respective profession such as assassination.[7]


  • E-Rantel was said to be the place where many mercenaries visit.
  • There is a rumor circulating from adventurers that Carne Village was supposedly occupied by a mercenary group comprising of only demi-humans while led by a young human girl.[8]
  • Contrary but similar somewhat to Mercenaries by New World standard, one of the conditions for employing Mercenary NPCs from YGGDRASIL would require offering up a specific amount of money to be summoned on the job.[9]
  • Adventurers were looked upon as "anti-monster mercenaries" tasked with hunting down monsters for fame and money.[10]
  • The criminal organization, Eight Fingers apparently shared a connection with the various mercenary groups working with them.[11]


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