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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Memory of Chaos: Pandora's Actor was a character scenario released in Mass for the Dead, featuring the character Pandora's Actor.[1]

Episode 1: Visit[]

Momonga visits the Treasury with Albedo, Yuri Alpha, and CZ2128 Delta to put a plan into practice. Albedo taking a look at the area is relieved to see that no damages of the Catastrophe have yet to reach Nazarick's treasure hall, leaving it intact and retaining its former appearance. Momonga reasons that it is due to the fact the Treasury is located in an independent space from Nazarick and can be only accessed with a Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. In the end, the feature saved it from ruination like most of the Floors in the dungeon.

As Momonga leads the party to the back of the Treasury, he asks Albedo what she knows about Pandora's Actor. Sadly, the Overseer Guardian only knows his reputation. From this, she knows that Pandora's Actor is the Area Guardian of the Treasury who manages all the treasures of the dungeon and its consumption of gold coins for the defense network. Momonga states that is true, and with Nazarick facing an unprecedented financial crisis, fiscal policy is now as important an aspect as defense, thus she and Pandora's Actor can expect to have more opportunities to work together. Albedo looks forward to their meeting, as she is aware that the Area Guardian is Momonga's personal creation, thus his offspring, deeply moved Momonga would introduce his 'relative'. Momonga guides them through a tunnel leading them into the Armory, where there is an open lobby at the end which Momonga states he would go in alone, asking the women to wait for him. After a short while, the undead returns. Albedo greets the Overlord however when he refuses to acknowledge her with a reply, his silence puzzles her.

Episode 2: Area Guardian[]

Albedo asks Momonga if everything is alright once again, and is answered by a delayed response from Momonga, claiming he was a bit lost in thought. Momonga states that he had to go up ahead to deactivate a trap so he apologizes for making them wait longer than necessary and asks them to hurry in order to meet up with a waiting Pandora's Actor. Albedo instead politely apologizes to Momonga to forgive her in case he dies. She then orders the two Pleiades maids to capture 'it'. Yuri and Shizu hearing the order find it absurd, wondering if Albedo is still sane as she is asking to rebel and attack their master Momonga. Before Albedo could explain herself, another identical Momonga appears before them drawing even more questions.

The real Momonga explains that the impostor of him is none other than Pandora's Actor himself, who apologizes to the women for the deception as he was attempting to complete his mission. Said mission was given to him by Momonga, who tells the women that he had been doing a little experiment and begs their forgiveness in getting them involved. But first, Momonga asks Albedo when did she know that she was not speaking to the real him. The Overseer Guardian states that she had a sense that something was not right, especially when Pandora's Actor urged them to the room to not keep Momonga waiting, something that the real Momonga would not do as he has the conviction of a ruler. Pandora's Actor hearing this flaw in his persona of his master, apologizes for the incompleteness promising to take insight and better his performance to be just like his creator.

Episode 3: Plan[]

Once the introductions are done, Momonga begins to explain his plan. Momonga continues to profusely apologize for tricking the three women, who feel there is no need for him to say sorry to them as he is the ruler of Nazarick. He explains the reason for his actions to the group. As they are all aware, Pandora's Actor uses an Exchange Box to convert resources acquired outside into YGGDRASIL coins. Thanks to that, the deficit of funds is currently shrinking, but the situation remains unpredictable, and thus they must expand their options in the future, both financially and defensively. In that case, Nazarick will have more meetings from now on in the future. While thinking of the upcoming meetings, Momonga had an idea that he wanted to try with Pandora's Actor. Pandora's Actor then takes to explaining the "Doppelgänger Plan" in a loud declaration, with unnecessary exaggerated movements which briefly embarrasses Momonga. Albedo who hears of this plan is impressed as both she and Demiurge were were discussing such a scheme to have someone act as Momonga's double to prevent any harm to him in case of an attack by someone or a natural disaster. Now that they are facing an enemy that could manipulate space, Momonga himself would be a prime target hence certain measures would need to be taken beforehand to protect the leadership of Nazarick. Thus, he made Pandora's Actor be given the role as Momonga in his stead to see if he could somehow fool Albedo and the others, apparently Pandora's Actor's acting skills needs more work on improving but the idea is sound. Momonga decides to test his plan again, having another person in mind.

Episode 4: Attempt[]

Later on, Momonga pays a visit to Ashurbanipal. There, Slimeko is seen assisting the protagonist in retrieving several books from the shelves. When Momonga appears, the slime happily welcomes the Overlord. In response to that, Momonga matches her warm greeting by stating that he is currently inspecting the dungeon to find a way to strengthen its defenses, emphasizing that while the dungeon was still far from a full recovery, it was no longer impossible to improve its defenses. As the undead flutters his robes in dramatic fashion, the slime summon agrees. The protagonist observing his master, asks who is Momonga. Though Slimeko was obviously fooled, the protagonist sees through the façade by Pandora's Actor. Pandora's Actor quickly changes back into his true form, impressed by the protagonist's shrewdness of recognizing his disguise. The protagonist honestly states that the Area Guardian was a little too verbose and exaggerated when trying to act like Momonga and advises that while acting, he should try to suppress his usual words and actions as it can blow his cover.

The real Momonga makes his presence known much to the protagonist's shock. Momonga tells him not to mind him, as he found the homunculus's opinion to be very insightful for helping improve Pandora's Actor's ability on acting. As for Pandora's Actor, Momonga has a little idea if he is interested in. He is given the response of "Wenn es meines Gotte Wille". Ignoring the phrase, Momonga tells him he will explain as they head over to the Round Table Room.

Episode 5: And Point[]

Momonga returns to the Round Table where Albedo welcomes him back. There, he asks the Guardian Overseer if it is possible to incorporate the "Doppelgänger Plan" into defense measures at this stage. From Albedo's standpoint, she thinks that if Momonga can specialize it in first-time response, it could function as a countermeasure against surprise attacks in the future. However, it may be a little difficult to leave it to the current Pandora's Actor. Hearing her answer, Momonga states that this "experiment" was proven to be a success.

To her utter shock, Albedo has been talking not to Momonga but rather none other than Pandora's Actor himself who transforms into his proper form. After Pandora's Actor apologizes to his colleague, Momonga enters room. The Overseer Guardian is impressed that she was fooled by Pandora's Actor, noting that he has improved on his acting skills in quite a short amount of time. Pandora's Actor claims it was his master impressing him on "word and action" which he took to his soul. Thus while acting as another, Pandora's Actor swears to seal his identity until his task is complete. Though Momonga painfully watches his creation do his dramatic performances, he takes comfort that now the new plan can be implemented into the defensive measure. He reminds the Area Guardian to take pride in his ability as it is a trump card for Nazarick. This earns him a salute by his creation, which he allows in order to encourage loyalty in Pandora's Actor.