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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Memory of Chaos: Kurumi Tohisaki was a character scenario released in Mass for the Dead, featuring the character Kurumi Tohisaki.[1]

Episode 1: Escort And[]

After the incident with Dark Tohka, Kurumi Tokisaki was allowed to live in the Great Tomb of Nazarick with Shido Itsuka and the others. However, with certain conditions—

On the 9th Floor of Nazarick, Kurumi is walking in a corridor thinking about the upcoming information exchange with Momonga to impart her knowledge about Spirits and Angels. In return, Kurumi will be taught about tier magic, skills and magic items of this world. In addition to such a promise, Kurumi has been only allowed access to the areas on the 9th Floors. Talking to her escort, Solution Epsilon, Kurumi thinks these conditions are to restrict her and allow her host to keep an eye on her, despite her host's claim that it is for her safety as there are many dangerous places in Nazarick.

Kurumi speaks aloud if that would be the case, it would be better to tell her the location and characteristics of the dangerous areas so she would avoid them. Though the maid states that would be unacceptable which Kurmui sees that her hosts are intentionally keeping her blind about Nazarick. Kurumi asks Solution if she will follow her everywhere even while doing her duties as a maid. The maid states that she is a combat maid, reaffirming her assignment is an important task and offers Kurumi the chance to work as a maid. But Kurumi figures that Solution would still be with her and scoffs at her offer to receive maid clothes thinking it as nothing more than a mere joke. However the maid was not joking and was serious about her offer, causing the two to laugh in mirth. Kurumi deduces that the wariness of herself may be due to Shido and the other warning the inhabitants of Nazarick about the kind of person she is. Soon a voice calls out to Kurumi and Solution, distracting the Spirit from her thoughts as she turns her attention to the speaker.

Episode 2: Conversation Of Wisdom[]

Solution, seeing the speaker, introduces Kurumi to Demiurge. Demiurge greets the Worst Spirit, having a particular interest in her given that she is an unknown threat hence why there is a security need for her. Kurumi unabashedly states that she understands as she would do the same in their position. Both individuals attempt to evaluate each other's worth of knowledge for their own ends. Kurumi feels that her information is unique to Nazarick as they would be willing to acquire what she knows in order to be better prepared on Inverse Forms and Spirits should they attack the dungeon. Demiurge mentally thinking to himself that there are many unanswered questions such as transfer magic not functioning properly and beings appearing from another world through the Crack. Moreover, there are new concepts that the visitors brought such as "spacequakes" and the "Neighboring World" which he feels will be useful information.

Demiurge, seeing both are interested in sharing information offers to begin the exchange between him and her. Kurumi though, wishes to keep her promise and present the information to Momonga himself, finding it would be rude of her not to give her thanks to her host in person. And give what she was told by Shido who had the impression that Momonga was a generous ruler, Kurumi feels it may be easier to get the information and negotiate through him directly rather than with his subordinates. Demiurge accepts her reasons though and excuses himself, making a promise to see her again at the exchange. As Demiurge leaves, Kurumi notices that he gave up on negotiating with her too easily.

Episode 3: Audience[]

A day later, Kurumi Tokisaki was invited to see Momonga at the Round Table Room. There, she also ends up finding Shido, Demiurge and Cocytus present alongside her as well. Momonga calmly greets her and introduces himself as the ruler of Nazarick which Kurumi complies and gives her own introduction. Momonga conveys his gratitude for her cooperation in gathering information. Kurumi asks why Shido is present in this session, which her associate explains that he was called to be present by Demiurge. It was believed by the demon that Kurumi would feel more comfortable with someone she knew was in the room. To Kurumi, she thinks it would work in her favor as if the session becomes a battle, she could acquire Shido's Reiryoku with ease. Demiurge inquires to Kurumi that he heard from Kotori Itsuka and the others that she has some kind of time-manipulating ability. He warns her that there are basic countermeasures and suggests that she avoids any unnecessary situations.

Kurumi claims that she would never do such a thing even though she thinks perhaps the demon is bluffing on the time countermeasures. Nonetheless, she is wary of Cocytus, seeing him as a formidable warrior. Momonga asks how she is adjusting to life in Nazarick. Kurumi tells the undead that she is happy, able to spend her time comfortably and was surprised that there are beauty salons and nail salons in the dungeon. Save for being monitored, life in the dungeon is more comfortable than usual life while moving from one base to another. Momonga hearing her words is pleased as the dungeon was built by his comrades. Kurumi is grateful for the hospitality though there is one thing that is missing. While not dissatisfied with her life in the tomb, Kurumi feels that she needs to convey this feeling of gratitude directly, if possible to the real Momonga.

Momonga and Demiurge are left stunned by her words. Shido watching the conversation asks Kurumi what is she talking about in regards to Momonga being an impostor. The Overlord too wishes to know why the Worst Spirit think he is an impostor, which the latter states that she suspected that Demiurge would not allow a meeting between her and Momonga to take place so easily. And while Kurumi assumes that the talk about time countermeasures were not a bluff in and of itself, with her being an existence from another world, Nazarick would have no certainty that their countermeasures would actually work and risk having their leader meet with a hostile party.

Her reasoning impresses "Momonga" who laughs at being found out, admitting he is not the Overlord of Nazarick. Demiurge too admits that even though the impostor's acting was perfect, he miscalculated on Kurumi's sharp mind and insight. Kurumi still wants the opportunity to have a direct dialogue with Momonga, which is then granted when the real Overlord answers her in a [Message].

Momonga, currently in the Throne Room with Albedo, first wishes to apologize for the deception, but given her reputation as a dangerous Spirit it seemed prudent to take proper measures for the worst case scenarios were to happen. Still, if she requires a direct meeting with them, he is obligated to fulfill her request. Kurumi figures that he truly wants to have a meeting, though it was his subordinates who pressed this action to protect him. It speaks to Kurumi that Momonga did not truly fear her either doubly out of ignorance but more as confidence at being able to face her in combat. Though in Momonga's perspective, he believes that having a face-to-face conversation is important as it was his former's job as a salesman to meet customers, but he folded to his subordinates' request due to the danger. Momonga feels that he may have made a mistake and apologizes again, as he still wants to speak with her. For he has an interest on how Kurumi came into this world, given that she came to different place while being sucked into the same Crack as Shido's companions. The rare incident makes him worried about the cause and background of the phenomenon, making it eerily similar to the deviation of transfer magic in the world. Kurumi asks if Momonga still wants to see her Angel, to which Momonga confirms that he does but thinks that the person acting as him is the best one to appraise equipment. The fake Momonga then turns into Pandora's Actor to give a proper introduction of himself, leaving Shido utterly shocked at the transformation.

Episode 4: Dark Past[]

Pandora's Actor flamboyantly gives both Shido and Kurumi his name and purpose in Nazarick. The two are left dumbstruck by the doppelgänger, which Cocytus believes that his unique movement may have puzzled the two of them. Demiurge states that it cannot be helped as it is part of his characteristic that was given to him by Momonga. Momonga has an brief emotional outburst after listening to the comments of the two Floor Guardians on his creation. The over-actions by Pandora's Actor embarrass him as it is a relic of his dark past that he would rather forget.

In contrast to that, Shido and Kurumi find Pandora's Actor to be cool. From his military attire and actions, they find the scene romantic and admirable. Pandora's Actor, seeing their shining eyes and silence asks what is wrong with them, but Demiurge and Cocytus tell him that his presence as a creation of the Supreme Being impressed them. Moving on, Pandora's Actor would like to examine the Angel of Kurumi. The group then proceeded to perform an investigation of the Angels and the provision of information on seeing off without delay.

Episode 5: Predators[]

On the 9th Floor in a corridor, Shido is talking to Kurumi, pleased that everything went smoothly without problem. Kurumi admits that her discussion was enlightening, though she secretly admits to herself it's a pity that she would not be able to acquire any interesting items as she might be unable to take them with her once she returns back to her world. Solution, also present, thanks the two for their cooperation. Shido asks if Solution is Kurumi's escort. However, it appears that Solution was formerly in charge of escorting as Momonga had requested the maid to cancel the unscrupulous surveillance in exchange for the the information Kurumi provided and to apologize for the disrespect.

Shido finds this a remarkable deed that Kurumi was able to accomplish, though the Spirit thinks that there may be other means of surveillance watching her. Solution notes hat Momonga had given Kurumi permission to guard Shido as payment for her cooperation. Kurumi tells Solution that she doesn't trust Nazarick to guard her prey. Solution suggests that she asks for permission to acquire Shido and also tells the Spirit she knows that Kurumi is aiming for his spiritual power like a predator which Kurumi admits but still wishes to protect her target for her purposes. The maid understands and promises that the boy will suffer no harm without her permission first. Though she warns that it would be unlikely that while being in Nazarick, Kurumi will be allowed to have her prey.

The two women then chortle in laughter as Shido watches uncomfortably at their disturbing smiles. The maid then leaves the two alone. Shido, seeing the hour, asks Kurumi if she would like to get a meal together. Kurumi asks isn't he trying to eliminate her, but the boy truthfully just thought it was a good idea to have the two spend some time with one another. Finding his honesty refreshing, Kurumi decides to accept his offer, planning to watch him if he made a mistake but content to enjoy some time with him for the short time.