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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Memory of Chaos: Gagaran was a character scenario released in Mass for the Dead, featuring the character Gagaran.[1]

Episode 1: Tea Party[]

At Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself's room, two members of Blue Roses are in attendance with the princess over tea. There, Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and Gagaran talk to the princess about how it has been nearly half a year since the "incident" and still the recovery for the country has not progressed. Renner states that this is due to the shortage of supplies and human resources. Lakyus laments that all the leadership can do now is to continue maintaining the status quo for as long as they possibly can. The princess explains that even though six months ago the "world broke apart," the cause of the catastrophe remains unknown and it's still unconfirmed if it was natural or artificial. So far, representatives from the three nations: the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Baharuth Empire and the Slane Theocracy are gathering together to discuss the "incident" that has affected all of them. Gagaran wonders if their meeting will actually accomplish anything on figuring out the cause, to which the princess states that nothing in the world's history has anything remotely similar to this event, as it lies outside their common sense. Not only that, but there is still too little information to make a proper assessment. But things are starting to look better since the three nations signed the Tripartite Agreement in order to help one another overcome this trial. Lakyus finds it ironic that until now, the three countries were in conflict with each other over politics and war. It took an unprecedented crisis to force them to hold hands and work together.

Gagaran also finds it amazing, and hopes that once the crisis is settled, hopes to see the peaceful relations between the three nations to continue, but even she has her doubts about that lasting forever. Lakyus tells her that they will need to do all they can to ensure that future, which Gagaran gladly promises to help. Going back to the main topic of the tea party, Gagaran asks the princess on the current situation of the Kingdom. Currently, the damage to the Kingdom was concentrated in densely populated areas, and those areas affected by the impact are still busy removing debris and rebuilding public facilities. However as a country, Renner believes that it is necessary to construct defense measures, subdue Contaminated Beasts and Chaos Beasts, and procure supplies in parallel. But as they are in this poor state and predicament, the Kingdom is not fully prepared to support even the capital.

Despite the grim reality of their situation and the look of discouragement by Renner, Lakyus tries to lighten the mood by offering her team to cooperate as much as possible, hence why they came to this meeting to make preparations. Gagaran agrees that this tea party was to break the preliminaries and decides that the rest of the discussion and continue without her as she is out of her depth. Gagaran gets up and opens the door where Tina and Tia are who had been waiting and ready to join the meeting. The twins acknowledge Gagaran who does the same and then departs from the room.

Episode 2: Magic Development[]

After leaving Renner's private room, Gagaran heads to the location of one of her other companions in the palace. Finding the library, Gagaran enters to find Evileye still flipping through books, who acts like she barely notices the woman's entrance. Gagaran tells Evileye that she left the meeting and that the twins have joined the discussion with Lakyus and Renner. Gagaran asks what the magic caster has been doing in that time-frame when she was with Lakyus, noting that the latter has been browsing the "Kingdom's valuable materials" and so on since she made it part of her reward.

Evileye explains that she wanted to review any texts that survived the incident. Nonetheless, while there were many interesting contents she stumble across, none had the knowledge of what Evileye sought for. So she focused on developing her "new magic". Gagaran, intrigued by Evileye's fancy word, asks her to clarify in detail what her "new magic" does, which the magic caster explains that it is specifically created to handle Chaos Beasts. Surprised by this details, Gagaran asks how this was even possible, to which Evileye reminds her that she used the same principles of how she developed [Vermin Bane] when battling against the Evil Deities. The spell she mentioned has a special effect against insects, but does no harm to other creatures, her latest spell works similarly but effective on Chaos Beasts only.

On the topic of Chaos Beasts, Gagaran asks her companion whether she was able to discover any new information on the mysterious creatures. Sadly, that part of Evileye's research is still lacking as she has in all her long life, never seen such cataclysmic beasts or a natural cataclysm that could crack the world. Even when she fought alongside the Thirteen Heroes, Evileye had never once heard of anything like this before. Exhausted that she could not find any more clues, Gagaran embraces Evileye and picks her up. Confused by the action, Evileye tries to tell Gagaran to put her down, but the warrior proceeds to walk towards the exit of the room with Evileye tucked in her arm, stating that they are going out and can even think of it as a date. Evileye was soon taken out of the room as she could not compete with Gagaran's physical strength.

Episode 3: Virgin[]

Finally out of Gagaran's grasp, Evileye demands to know where she is taking them. Truthfully, Gagaran doesn't even know herself and was just looking for a way to kill time, much to Evileye's annoyance. Outside in the palace courtyard, Gagaran muses how empty it is, which Evileye states is due to the shortage of manpower. Gagaran wonders what to do, especially to change Evileye's mood and makes a decision to head to the training ground hoping 'that person' will be there.

That person turns out to be none other than Climb himself who has been training. Gagaran and Evileye greet the boy, explaining they were looking to keep busy while Lakyus spoke with Renner. As for why Climb is at the training grounds, he came here to build his strength as he is constantly reminded of his weakness and helplessness in aiding Renner. Seeing an opportunity, Gagaran offers to spar with Climb to improve his skills which he accepts. The two then proceed to duel each other in combat. Afterwards, Gagaran comments he did well, but criticizes the lad's movements in being too mechanical and easy to read and should try acting more fluidly so he will not waste his movements. Climb takes her suggestions to heart, promising the latter that he will improve the next time they meet again which Gagaran looks forward to as she and Evileye leave to get a drink.

Episode 4: Adult Time[]

After finishing the mock battle with Climb, both Gagaran and Evileye head out to the city. At a newly repaired tavern, the pair enjoy their drinks. While there were already customers at the bar, Gagaran senses the sight of a man drinking alone at the counter. The man greets the women, stating he was surprised that two famous adventurers would come into such a little bar. In response, the adamantite adventurer states that the alcohol here isn't bad as she tries to place a name to the face of the man before her, soon she remembers that he was the one who fought Gazef Stronoff in an impressive duel, Brain Unglaus. The man confirms that he is Brain and is honored that an adamantite adventurer knows who he is and offers to buy her a drink, which Gagaran accepts and goes with him at the counter with Evileye following suit.

The adventurer and mercenary then begin discussing their respective jobs so far with Gagaran explaining that her team has been taking jobs directly from the Kingdom which to Brain sounds difficult. Gagaran asks Brain why he is in the Kingdom, to which the mercenary states that the country has been soliciting his help as with many mercenaries they can find. Gagaran understands and finds that though the jobs offered by the Kingdom are dangerous, it's stable. And the two proceed to continue drinking and share laughs to Evileye's confusion. Gagaran tries to flirt with Brain, believing that the two of them had a kind of connection when they first met each other at the Royal Tournament. However Brain politely declines, claiming a relationship with one of the heroes of the Kingdom is unwise. But Gagaran is humble by his words, claiming she is still human and asks if maybe Brain is shy since he is still a virgin. Brain admits though that he might be afraid of being crushed which the two share a boisterous laugh. Brain shortly takes his leave and the two say their goodbyes. After his departure, Gagaran comments that he was a nice guy, though the entire interaction between her and Brain puzzles Evileye. Looking at the time, Gagaran supposes that they need to head back soon. Once they settled the payment at the bar, the pair then left.

Episode 5: Friend[]

Gagaran returns to the palace with Evileye where they in the corridors meet Lakyus, Tina and Tia who have finished their meeting with Renner. Tina takes a whiff of the air around Gagaran and deduces that she has been drinking even though its still early. Evileye explains that Gagaran was thirsty after a battle and wanted to quench her thirst. Gagaran also adds on that she met a nice guy at the bar too. However, Lakyus tells her not to over indulge herself next time, but Gagaran brushes her worries aside despite her red face. Lakyus tells both Evileye and Gagaran that Blue Roses has been recommended by Renner, and so the team will be formally accepting the royal order. Their first mission is to recover a mine to alleviate the Kingdom's concerns over the price of ores needed for armors. If prices continue to soar over time, big problems will soon occur in the defense measures for the Kingdom. In order to prevent it from happening, the Kingdom has decided to send in adventurers to the mine which is occupied by monsters. According to Evileye, mithril adventurers have vanished from the mine, so it stands to reason why they were called upon. The request is based in the city of E-Rantel which is in vicinity of the mine. Lakyus informs her comrades that they will leave immediately to E-Rantel and then to the mine. Before they depart, Renner appears and wishes them good luck on their task and to be careful. Gagaran thanks the princess promising that they will have tea again, to which Renner states she will prepare some alcohol for her. Gagaran looks forward to it and she joins her friends on looking forward to their next mission they will be doing together.