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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Memory of Chaos: Entoma Vasilissa Zeta was a character scenario released in Mass for the Dead, featuring the character Entoma Vasilissa Zeta.[1]

Episode 1: Competing[]

At the 6th Floor, Shalltear Bloodfallen was fighting against the Chaos Beasts with Entoma Vasilissa Zeta. After destroying the last of the monsters with [Force Explosion], Entoma praises her on the feat she successfully pull off. Though Shalltear states that its nothing special though she muses that the Chaos Beasts during this session were more unruly than usual and that they should contact Yuri Alpha about it.

Entoma complies and establishes a [Message] with her older sister, informing her that the two of them have successfully wipe out the Chaos Beasts and their recent increase aggression. Thus, there is a bigger mess than expected and Shalltear adds on that she would like help be sent to assist Entoma. Yuri promises to be there soon. After the [Message] ends, Shalltear then heads to the next floor.

After Entoma sees off Shalltear to the transfer gate, she is soon joined by both Yuri and CZ2I28 Delta. Surveying the damage to the forest area, the two maids confirm that it's a mess, but with three people they should be able to clean it up. Yuri then splits the area into three sections for each maid to clean.

As the three scattered, they went on to clean up the area all around the Crack. CZ2I28 comes to help out Entoma, stating that it is her role as an older sister to render assistance. Entoma questions who is the "elder sister" in this situation, believing she is the senior one. The two soon get into a tense but silent fight over who is the "elder sister". Yuri soon finishes up cleaning her section and turns to the other maids' to find them quarreling on who is really older than the other. When they appear to be ready to physically fight against one another, Yuri seeing that in their bickering had cleaned each of their sections calls out for them to stop with the pointless bickering. The two complain to Yuri that the other claims to be elder and each try to justify that they are worthy for the title of "elder sister". The maids asks Yuri to help them decide who is worthy of the title. Yuri seeing this to be a delicate situation, neutrally states that an "elder sister", is a person who helps, teaches, and guides their sister. In order to see who qualifies, she recommends that they compete for it by measuring how each of them contributes in a mission.

Since the two are scheduled to help Shalltear in the next Chaos Beast subjugation, that time would be the perfect mission for them. Both CZ2I28 and Entoma agree on the idea and aim to compete for the title, which Yuri is glad that she managed to diffuse the situation, at least for now. And most of all, Yuri is relieved to see that she did not have to choose between the two of them as it would have left a stigma on her. She figures with the two competing for the title that their work will benefit Nazarick in the end through their hard work. Now that the work on the 6th Floor is done, Yuri decides to return to her normal duties. As she leaves, she sends a [Message] to Shalltear informing her of the events.

Episode 2: Contribution To Nazarick[]

Later at the Lemegeton, both Entoma and Shizu stand at attention to compete in a Chaos Beast subjugation mission with Shalltear. The Floor Guardian now in her armor, states that she has been asked to be the judge for this little competition. Though she is annoyed by the hassle, the vampire only did so as a favor to Yuri. In the Throne Room, the two maids ready to start the subjugation each wishing the other the best of luck. The two are eager to show their worth to Nazarick and have prepared very carefully for this moment. Though their little exchange soon turns into banter over who is more prepared than the other for the mission. It takes the glowing of the Crack in the room to bring them back to focus at the task at hand. Shalltear readies for battle and tells the two maids to prepare for battle.

The Chaos Beasts pour out from the Crack. Shizu, being a gunner, was suitable for the sniping each one that came from the Crack. While Entoma was at a disadvantage who needed to get close to the monsters to eliminate. The monsters finally stop coming through when Shalltear finishes the last one with a [Purifying Javelin]. The Floor Guardian tells her charges that they did well and quicker than expected. She compliment Shizu's ability as her attacks were accurate and unrivaled, killing as many Chaos Beasts as her. As a result, this victory goes to Shizu who hails herself to be the "big sister".

Entoma though states that it is a little bit quick to take the title as Yuri wanted them to compete for it more than once. Should they not decide who is the better sister after competing several times? Shizu seeing Entoma's logic agree, with the latter vowing to win the next game. To improve herself, Entoma has chosen to go out of her way and asks Shalltear for any advice. Shalltear thinking for a moment asks if the maid has any means in her arsenal to help slow down the movement of the enemy. Entoma states that she can use the webs in her body to do that, though Shalltear also recommends to switching to long-range attacks like using bullets next time when fighting Chaos Beasts. Taking her words to heart, Entoma states she will incorporate the vampire's lessons. The three then turn around and headed for the door leading to the Lemegeton.

Episode 3: Next Stage[]

Back in the Lemegeton, Albedo greets the maids. Shizu report on the success at subduing the Chaos Beasts in the Throne Room, calling the game to be her victory. The mention of calling the mission a "game" confuses Albedo, but she brushes it aside as the Floor Guardian Overseer felt content that they finished faster than expected. Albedo replies that she will tell Momonga about their efforts and asks that they take a break for right now and then return to their normal duties.

Entoma instead asks if there are any additional tasks that need to be done as she and Shizu want to contribute more to Nazarick as much as they possibly can and to even the scoring of their game. Albedo who knows understood that their motivation is all due to their competition with one another over being the big sister, decides to use their energy to Nazarick's advantage. The Round Table Room needs to be clean and leaves the task to them.

At the Round Table, Entoma splits the room between herself and Shizu to clean. The second game is to see who cleans the fastest. On her side, Entoma summons a swarm of insects to help clean the area. The other maid calls it a foul, but Entoma defends her action stating she is using the most efficient way to clean. The insect maid cleans her side of the room before Shizu could even finish her task. After recalling her summons, Entoma sees that Shizu is still not finished so she offers to lend a helping hand.

Back at the Lemegeton, Entoma with Shizu reports to Albedo that the Round Table is clean now. Albedo is glad to hear and is surprised that they did it so fast. The maids explain that they shared the work, though Entoma was hailed the victor of their little competition. The Overseer Guardian seeing that this little competition is harmless allows it to continue but reminds them not to neglect their work, which both the maids promise. They are asked to return to their normal duties and rest, as Albedo doe not have any new assignment thus far that need attention.

They comply and leave toward the hallway. Entoma states that the score is now 1 to 1. Shizu states that they need to have a competition that needs to be fair to both participants. An idea comes to mind in the automaton and she asks her sister to follow her.

Episode 4: As A Maid[]

Entoma leads them back to the Round Table, there she asks Shizu to reiterate what their duties as Pleiades members include. The other maid states that they are charged to fight and destroy the enemy, as well as other maids who are present to serve "hospitality" to their master as dictated by Sebas Tian. They recall from the time when the butler gathered the Pleiades to address Nazarick's then deplorable state in an unprecedented situation. The butler had told the women that they were to act as the Supreme Being's arms and legs. Not only that, but they should not forget the intentions of the Creators too. In that they should remember their roles that were handed down to them since their creation. For him, he was made a butler and likewise the Pleiades were created as maids to serve the 41 Supreme Beings. Their roles thus should be dedicated to displaying "hospitality" to Momonga.

The maids then decide to put it into practice as suitable stage for their game. They will serve “hospitality” to Momonga and decide once and of all who is the victor based on Momonga' favor. The two then turned their backs on each other and each set about preparing for their "hospitality" to their arriving master.

Episode 5: Status of the Game[]

Momonga enters the room to find the two maids waiting for him. He asks why they are in the Round Table Room, curious as to why the two of them were still present after they finished cleaning the area. Shizu promises to explain, but first offers Momonga a chair to sit from the Round Table. The chair's backrest, seat and armrests of the chair are covered with soft cushions. Shizu explains that she custom-made this chair all for Momonga to use as he pleases, taking into account that her master may stress his back since a chair doesn't always fit his body and burden it. Though Momonga finds the offer odd, he takes a seat in and finds it as comfortable as Shizu claims it to be. He asks again why she was willing to do this for him, but the maid states that she is only being "hospitable" to Momonga in order to fulfill her duties as a "maid" before she needs to return to her normal shift. Still in the dark on Shizu's motives, the maid continues to distract him as she pours colorful liquid into a glass teacup. Well aware that Momonga is unable to eat or drink, Shizu explains that she poured this for her master to allow him at least to enjoy the scent and color. The gesture is appreciative and makes Momonga fall slowly at ease, but his questions on Shizu's behavior still need to be answered so he turns to Entoma instead.

To his surprise, what he finds next to Entoma is none other than a chair with fine cloth. Entoma states that she made her fixture from scratch for Momonga, promising it to be just as comfortable as Shizu's creation. Hearing her on that claim, Momonga gladly accepts it and sinks into the chair finding his body to be amazingly comfortable as well like what Shizu made for him. He soon feels a pleasant breeze in the air being produced by a number of insects. Feeling more comfortable than he has ever been, Momonga briefly lets go his worries. The peaceful moment is broken by Yuri Alpha when she comes into the room and sees the scene before her. The vice-captain of the Pleiades asks what Shizu and Entoma are doing, to which the two innocently stated that they are displaying "hospitality" to Momonga-sama, all the while competing against each other. Upon hearing that, the surprised Momonga stood up vigorously. Yuri humbly apologizes blaming herself for these events to transpire, asking Momonga not to punish them for it. Momonga is more confused than angry and only asks an explanation which the maid discloses to him on the competition between the two maids.

Once Momonga was informed of the full situation from Yuri, Entoma voices a question to her master, as to which hospitality he liked the best between her and Shizu. In his opinion, Momonga believe each of their display of "hospitality" was great, therefore, it would be difficult to determine the superiority or inferiority at this time so deems the game to be a draw. His verdict is enough for both maids to accept the end result, although the two felt somewhat disappointed at the outcome. Yuri also has a question of her own she hopes Momonga can clarify, for which of the two, Shizu and Entoma, is the "eldest".

Hearing Yuri's words, Momonga was stuck on what words to say, as in the first place, there is no perfect description in the two's settings to determine who is really older among the Pleiades maids, and he never heard anything about it from Genjiro or the others. If they assume the order of the sisters is literally Greek, the answer should be simple, but Momonga is unsure as what to say. So he confesses to the two that he doesn't know anything concerning their sister relationship as he never heard anything from their two creators. Only one thing comes to mind, that neither of them were decided to be older than the other, and he believes that their creators intended for them to get along regardless of their age order. He lets them recall that there were siblings among the Supreme Beings. He believes that after seeing and hearing their daily interactions, their creators may have wanted both Shizu and Entoma to have a good sister relationship as them.

This is all of course just speculation on Momonga's part, but the two maids are impressed by them and decide that if it's from Momnga then it must be true. The two maids happily accept it and they leave the room to resume their usual duties. Yuri thanks Momonga for resolving the issue peacefully, hoping now they will not fight openly. Outside in the corridors, the two maids talk to each other about how they can act around each other no matter the age without worrying about which one is the "elder sister". Or at least it what was planned. The two soon end up bickering on whose chair was better for Momonga.