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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Memory of Chaos: Albedo was a character scenario released in Mass for the Dead, featuring the character Albedo.[1]

Episode 1: Status Check[]

A while after the Great Tomb of Nazarick moved to another world—— both Momonga and Albedo were in the Lemegeton. Hearing the sounds of a battle, Albedo deduces that Chaos Beasts have begun to emerge from the Crack in the Throne Room and that their culling is being conducted by Shalltear Bloodfallen and Yuri Alpha.

The two wait until their subordinates clear out the Chaos Beasts in the Throne Room as they discuss the protagonist's findings on the Chaos Beasts. Going by what they learned, Chaos Beasts have a cycle that determine when they appear from the Crack. Also due to the loss of levels from many NPCs who died and then revived, mock battles were becoming more frequent so as to allow them to regain their power through training. Albedo worries that putting a recovering Floor Guardian and Pleiades maid to the task of eliminating Chaos Beasts coming from the Crack to be risky, though Momonga feels that the gains of experience outweighed the risks. Albedo has no choice but to agree with her master, but still feels that their security system could be further perfected. Albedo wants to create a security plan that could simultaneously wipe out the enemy and at the same time restore the fighting power of her friends. However, Momonga asks if she has measures to deal with the risks that arise from it. The Overseer Guardian has not overlooked them, which Momonga finds acceptable on her part for the moment.

Albedo is honored to be complimented, but states that she only planned the operation, and it was none other than Demiurge himself who actually carried it out. Momonga noting his error states that he will retract his compliment if she feels that he should give credit where it is due. As for Demiurge, Momonga wonders on his whereabouts, to which Albedo states that the demon is taking a day off using the vacation system Momonga implement.

Soon enough, the battle sound making a noise behind the door to the Throne Room stopped. Momonga and Albedo waited for Shalltear and Yuri to come out, and after saying the words of gratitude, proceeded to the chamber. While surveying the mess of the Throne Room, Albedo asks her master as to the purpose of coming to the ruins area. Momonga does not answer her at first, but responds about how ever since that day when he found the Throne Room in ruins, his hatred for that time has only been increasing. Albedo shares the sentiment with Momonga as it appears that the Crack is now sitting up where the Throne of Kings once stood as if declaring itself to be the new ruler of Nazrick over her master.

For making Momonga feel hatred, Albedo apologizes for her useless effort in preventing the ruination of Nazarick, feeling responsible for not stopping the horrible turn of event from happening. She offers the idea to commit suicide as punishment. Her offer is rejected by Momonga as he feels that what happened then was not Albedo's fault. In fact, he likes to keep the frustration alive in him to motivate him to strive harder than before. Back to the topic of the Crack in the Throne Room, Momonga recommends that as a safety measure, they should try to fill the space with earth and stone to create a completely enclosed space. Likewise, the same should also be done for the other Cracks on other floors as well. Though they still lack enough information, the more time they confront foes from the Crack, in exchange for plunging themselves into danger where they could gain some idea of what they are dealing with.

This moment has become crucial for Nazarick, which has never known defeat. From this, they can learn from their mistake and climb higher. Momonga hopes Albedo understands the purpose of coming to view the Crack with him as it was not just to share information on it with her. Their first issue is measuring the threat. According to the protagonist, it appears that the Crack releases miasma that is harmful to all living beings so they should be cautious, even though individuals of Nazarick have appear to be immune. Therefore, the low-ranking people responsible for cleaning the interior of Nazarick should avoid the Cracks and concentrate on cleaning up the debris, and they should reorganized a unit centered on those who have some strength. To prepare for unforeseen circumstances such as the appearance of mutant species, they should take the opportunity to not only eliminate them but recover combat power along the way too.

They have a hypothesis that the Cracks have a cycle and they can stop the flooding of poisonous gas into the area when all Chaos Beasts appearing from them are defeated. From what they learned from the protagonist so far, no facts have occurred that could overturn this hypothesis. It is credible for now but Momonga stress that there are no "absolutes" in the world so it is important to deal with things without making a definite decision. But if you don't make any decisions, you can't move forward. A tentative judgment is also necessary in an emergency. For now though, the hypothesis of a cycle is deem useful to some degree as it means they do not need to monitor the Cracks for 24 hours, allowing time for breaks when the Cracks are inactive and engagements when they are active. It would free personnel who are required for reconstruction work. Of course, they will still leave some personnel to monitor and observe the Cracks.

Satisfied with these talks, Momonga has a personal question for Albedo as to the opinion of the Floor Guardians about the current security system, specifically on the relaxed times of alertness. Although there is no proof that the hypothesis will be overturned at present, there is no guarantee that the cycle of Chaos Beast appearance will continue to be constant. It cannot be denied that it may be accelerated or delayed in the future. Albedo agrees that they are overwhelmingly lacking in knowledge of the Cracks and Chaos Beasts so everyone was negative about promoting efficiency in this situation. However, in the current situation where resources are scarce, some efficiency improvement is indispensable. Therefore with Demiurge as the commander, the Floor Guardians have decided that it is appropriate to have a basic system in which one of the Guardians enters the front line.

Albedo supports this endeavor to the fullest, though Momonga has a few questions pertaining to it. One is about unit formation. As he recalls Demiurge is in charge of operations and backtracking, and Shalltear is suppose to be the leader of the front line unit. Albedo confirms this to be correct with the addition of the Pleiades who are taking turns as sub-leaders and liaisons. Momonga asks if she decided on this liaison position based on the failure of [Transfer Gate] and asks if [Message] is affected. There is no problem with using [Message] at present, but Albedo thinks that if there is a problem with the transfer magic, the possibility that the information magic will also fail cannot be ruled out. But it is a system that they must use as a necessary evil. Messages of minor importance will of course be delivered in person. However, if it is an urgent and serious [Message], it will be used nonetheless.

Momonga worries that the liaison will be overwhelmed, and wonders if this is the right choice. Albedo points out that the Pleiades were created as a "combat maids". If the Floor Guardian stands in the forefront, she thought that it would be best for them to serve as a secretary or escort, but asks for any criticism from Momonga to improve the system. Momonga states that it's not too big of an issue as long as only the liaisons take turns in their daily work.

The next question is that he heard Albedo wants to lead the unit herself. And wonders why she would take it as Demiurge can easily manage it himself. There has been some disagreement on that point, but since there is no definitive information about the emergence of Crack and Chaos Beasts, Albedo thought it was necessary for her to take command. Not convinced enough by her reason, Momonga further went on to press why Albedo would want to go out of her way and lead a unit herself as she already has more tasks than she can handle.

To tell the truth, Albedo had a disagreement with Demiurge over her appointment, but she feels that this is a position only she can fill. As she said before their knowledge on the Crack phenomena is lacking, so she thought it was important for her to deal with Cracks and Chaos Beasts and collect information in order to take better measures in the future. She also expected that the Floor Guardians will be engaged in various missions when they have recovered to some extent. In the mean time, Albedo plans to put herself out until that happens. Currently, Nazarick is adopting a break system for efficiency, but if Demiurge is off, she should be in charge for now and take command of operations. Same goes for when Shalltear is off, she will be the leader of the front line unit. In addition to that, there is a more personal reason as to why she wants to be involved in monitoring the Cracks and clearing the Chaos Beasts.

Momonga already guesses that the succubus feels responsible for Nazarick's poor condition currently. Though Momonga tries to tell her it's not her fault, Albedo thinks differently. Albedo goes to inform Momonga that the Chaos Beasts do not appear at the same time in all Cracks. This was an observation she made herself. The timing of the appearance of the Chaos Beasts seems to begin at the Crack in the Throne Room hinting that it was the first Crack to have ever been formed in Nazarick. Due to this and her role in defending the 10th Floor, Albedo believes that it was proof that she failed and is entirely accountable for how Nazarick's situation came to be.

Albedo knows that she is acting a bit selfish, but she does so out of shame and wants to be reprimanded. But once again, Momonga begs her to stop blaming herself. Even after receiving Momonga's words, Albedo's expression did not brighten.

Episode 2: Albedo Upset[]

Momonga after hearing Albedo's confession that she caused the fall of Nazarick, refuses to accept her guilt. No matter what Albedo thinks of herself, Momonga is happy with her work as she has maintained control over the situation. However, the compliment does very little to help boost Albedo's spirits. Momonga then asks if she is dissatisfied with his praise for her, but Albedo states that is not the case whatsoever. The Overlord offers Albedo to allow him to listen to any other complaints as he is all ears while here with her. Albedo states that she wants to be punished for the fall of Nazarick. She recalls when both Momonga and her were at the Throne Room, where she swore to find the ones responsible for the desecration. Despite making such a statement, always seeing this tragedy every single day, she cannot help but feel somewhat responsible for not doing something about it sooner.

Hence, Albedo believes that she will only be forgiven if she is given a serious punishment by Momonga. Momonga considering her words, asks Albedo if she is intent on committing suicide to which Albedo states that she is ready to do so. The Overlord tells her to withdraw her intention as it is his assertion that Albedo is blameless for Nazarick's collapse. But with the situation as it is, Momonga asks Albedo if committing suicide will really help? No response comes from Albedo which Momonga takes for her accepting the reality of her foolish decision. When he turns to continue to address her, Momonga finds that the Overseer Guardian has left the room.

In the corridors of the 9th Floor, Albedo is still distraught that she was not punished for her actions, and wonders if she is even worthy enough to be Momonga's bride anymore. The thought of that made her feel distraught, driving her to a frenzy state and she later finds herself on the 6th floor. Initially confused why she came to the floor, she is then greeted by Lupusregina Beta. The maid reminds her that it's almost time for the Chaos Beasts to emerge from the Crack. She asks if Albedo is okay, but the Overseer Guardian states that she was thinking about doing some exercise. Lupusregina thinks that Albedo came to assist with the Chaos Beast subjugation and welcomes the support. Taking this opportunity, Albedo then focused her attention on the Crack to shake off the mixed feelings of despair and regret she had a moment ago.

Episode 3: In Search Of Greater Perfection[]

Albedo depressed, believing that she has been pushed aside by Momonga tries her best to forget her pain by slaughtering the Chaos Beasts on the floor. Upon killing the last infernal monster once and for all, Albedo at last shows the dark side of her face. She receives an applause by Lupusregina, praising her kills, which brings her back to her senses. After the task was done, Albedo excused herself from the area to 'rest'. Once out of Lupusregina's sight, Albedo is glad that the maid did not notice her break in demeanor and scolds herself in getting swept away by her emotions.

Her thoughts linger on that she is no longer qualified to be Momonga's lover, and tries to come up with a way to erase her stigma. Though the only way to do that would be to remove the Cracks which at this time was impossible. There is no choice but to maintain the status quo and proceed with reconstruction work. While frustrating as it is, the truth was, Nazarick needs to be stronger and more robust than they are now currently. In the first place, there is someone that suddenly appeared in Nazarick, who was able to bypass all its ant-teleportation wards without incurring any problem. As long as someone uses that method, there is a possibility that the Cracks will increase over the course of time in the near future. That's why Albedo feels the need to be on the patrol security, but it's clear that it's still not enough. What she needs is a way to make sure that it can be detected early, but is unsure how.

Albedo's thoughts continue, but Nazarick is vast as it would be next to impossible to even build a perfect monitoring network that covers the entire dungeon. Therefore, it will not be easy to discover new Cracks early. If she could somehow predict the position of where it will appear exactly, then perhaps she can increase the number of patrol guards. The thoughts of creating another unit comes to mind, but the number of people is overwhelmingly insufficient and there is no one qualified to command it.

Albedo has no choice but to rethink about how to deal with the current personnel at the moment. She recalls that both Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore are out with the protagonist, and Sebas Tian was training with Cocytus to recover his original strength. For them, it is difficult to relocate because they are acting according to Momonga's orders. Without transferring the Floor Guardian, when it comes to the Pleiades, they are seemingly the only ones who can take command of the new unit for her. However she would need to ask Momonga first about it beforehand, but then decides to take action herself as he once said to her that there are times when a tentative decision is needed to be made. She decides to let Yuri know of her idea, who is currently cooperating with the undead in the reconstruction work and removing the debris on the 5th Floor.

Episode 4: Drifting Thoughts[]

At the Snowball Earth, Albedo finds Yuri there and then explains to the maid about the creation of a new surveillance unit. Yuri state that at present, it is not a particular problem, but it is something that should be addressed now. Albedo understands that Yuri is traveling around Nazarick for the removal and reconstruction of the tiles, and asks if it is possible for her to lead the new Crack monitoring unit while doing her original task simultaneously.

Albedo does not want to order her, but given Nazarick's situation she thinks they should consider all the means possible. Yuri finds the idea to be good, though comments that the rest of the battle maids have been uneasy but thinks that a new security unit inside Nazarick will be beneficial in lightening the burden. She of course will consider the proposal. Disappointed by her response, Albedo allows the maid to return back to doing her work as per usual. The shortage of human resources is still serious and Albedo finds that there is very little she can do about it but does not give up and continue to think about new security plans. Having no luck so far, she goes to see Demiurge hoping he can provide her some insight.

On the 7th Floor, she is welcomed by a summoned servant of Demiurge, Abyss Demon. The demon guides Albedo to his master who he informs is conducting a resurrection experiment on a Chaos Beast. Hearing that, Albedo felt confused of why Demiurge is working at this moment in time as he is supposed to be on break. When she meets with her fellow Floor Guardian, she informs him of her idea. Demiurge finds her idea to be rational as he too also considered the possibility of more Cracks forming in Nazarick. And there is no doubt in Demiurge's opinion that Momonga is thinking the same, but Albedo wonders why their master has yet to establish any new plans.

Demiurge reasons why Momonga is not taking any measures as they are part of his grander scheme of things. He believes that they should take action only after confirming the true intentions of Momonga. Albedo apologizes knowing that he is right. The male demon senses that something is amiss with Albedo as why is she trying to change the security system without the permission of Momonga? Albedo claims that she was merely asking to see if it was feasible, before going to Momonga to get permission. Right now, she finds it difficult to face Momonga. The Overseer Guardian tells him what transpired between her and Momonga and now she feels that he deems her unworthy of being punished. To her shock, Demiurge is actually envious of her. To explain it properly, Demiurge prepare to give his fellow Floor Guardian some words of wisdom.

Episode 5: Momonga's Love ...?[]

Demiurge begins his explanation step by step of how not long ago, he happened to have a chance to chat with the protagonist. He had asked the homunculus the question: "Isn't it hard to fight in the outside world?" In response to the question, he was told of the story of the Lion Cub. A few days ago, the demon at Ashurbanipal was told the story of how a lioness pushed her children into an abysmal valley. Those who have crawled out would be determine who she will raise. In it is the idea that road of the lion is steep, but it teaches the lesson of seeking strength through the power of love and overcoming trials.

The story is similar to Albedo's situation as Momonga is the lion trying to teach Albedo who is the cub to overcome her personal trials. His act was not rejection but out of love. Finally now coming out of her daze, Albedo thanks Demiurge for his counsel. She promises that as soon as she confirms Momonga's intention, she will consult again about the security system. Albedo who regained her spirit, left the 7th Floor with a light step.

At the Round Table Room, Albedo comes before Momonga. The Overseer Guardian asks Momonga to forgive her for her unsightly behavior from before, admitting that she did not think of his deep consideration for her. Albedo is fragile to the words of apology, promising in the future, that she will continue to devote herself to Momonga's love.

Momonga aback by her talk about love, nevertheless accepts her words. Albedo then jumps back to work stating that she consulted with Demiurge earlier and enthusiastically asked Momonga about the possibility of new Cracks and how to deal with them. She asks if it is necessary to set up a new unit, which Momonga allows Albedo to handle at her discretion as she is more familiar with the resources within Nazarick. If she can afford to create a new unit, he will not be against it. Though he ask as to what are the reasons for making the new unit. Albedo listing that it would catch the enemy unprepared as since it had invaded previously would not expect another unit to be patrolling the area waiting for it. Momonga pleased at her details then permits the plan to go forward in motion, and Albedo's face, bows in front of the Momonga, with a brighter look than usual.