Melancholy of the Doppelgänger (ドッペルゲンガーの憂鬱) by Inoue Genzan Nami (井負丞ななみ) is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Ainz Ooal Gown and Narberal Gamma view Pandora's Actor transformation as Momon. The Supreme Being praises his creation's ability. Narberal admits that Pandora's Actor ability is impressive. Ainz tells Narberal that the doppelgängers will be working together as adventurers in E-Rantel. Narberal accepts this though she is envious of the other doppelgänger's superior shapeshifting abilities believing that she would be more useful to Ainz if she possessed such power. Though she can't transform she however can disguise herself. Narberal mentioned her wish to disguise herself to her sister and they gifted her with a variety of clothing to assist her. Curious about the clothe sthey gave her Narberal decides to try them out. The first is a set of armor and she changes her hair that makes her into a different woman. The next one are clothes similar to Mare Bello Fiore. The last is a corset complete with bunny ears. Seeing that her sisters played a joke with her in giving such an embarrassing item she resolves not to let Ainz see her like this. However its too late as Ainz disguised as Momon enters the room.

Character Appearances

Chapter Notes

  • The bunny costume is most likely a reference to So-bin's artwork of Narberal.
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