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Medium is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


Medium is a magic caster class[1] that lets the user become a talismancer who uses magic tags like talismans.

Known Mediums

Known Classes

  • Medium (Talismancer, etc.)
  • Shaman (Talisman Shooter, etc.)

Abilities and Powers

Medium is a talismancer who utilizes talismans for miscellaneous purposes. For instance, they could use one of their talismans to disrupt the communication line between two people talking while they are under the "Message" spell.[2]

On the other hand, a Medium's use of talismans can be used to buff the user's capability physically. In addition, the Medium is able to make use of various talismans for offensive ways that can help them in battle.[3]

Mediums or otherwise called Talismancers placed heavy emphasis on their mental strength stat.[4]

Magical Tags

  • Lightning Bird Talisman: This talisman brought forth a bird made of lightning used for shooting. It is a talisman that flies toward its intended target after transforming in midair into a bird that discharges pale shocks. It emits blinding light and deals electric damage.
  • Lightning Bird Swarm Talisman: The kind of talisman which brought out numerous birds created by lightning. While they are smaller than that of the Lightning Bird Talisman, these can still be used to make an area-of-effect attack.
  • Explosive Talisman: A talisman that causes a violent explosion. It boasts enough firepower to send enemies flying upon impact.
  • Sharp Cutting Talisman: A talisman with the effect of slicing up an opponent's body.
  • Spider Talisman: This talisman uses about four pieces of talisman to summon an enormous spider the moment it hits the ground. The level of this spell is equivalent to a 3rd tier Summon Monster’ spell. These spiders are handy for buying time and determining an enemy's capability.
  • Piercing Wind Talisman: A talisman that whips up a storm of wind and attacks the target with it.
  • Strengthen Self: Mediums can improved their own physical abilities with this talisman. At the same time, they could simultaneously enhance their combat ability by equipping themselves with different bug-like weapons. The talisman activates when they attached it to their body.


  • According to Neia Baraja, talismans are said to be used as some sort of magical mediums for talismancy.[5]


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