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Massacre at Domain Montserrat was a battle in the war between the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Sorcerer Kingdom. It was the last major battle of the conflict.

Background[edit | edit source]

Following the complete takeover of the capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Sorcerer Kingdom proceeded to focus their attention on the remaining territories.

The first reason for carrying out this operation was because Albedo decided to tie up any loose ends that could later create issues with their war's justifications, that is to deal with Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat, the man who single-handedly brought about this war and ultimately the downfall of the Re-Estize Kingdom. This was done to remove any traces hinting that the Sorcerer Kingdom has had any prior relations with Philip that could potentially implicate them as the ones responsible for manipulating him to start the war and later negatively effect future operations by their enemies.

The second reason was in order for the Sorcerer Kingdom to properly retaliate against the perpetrator of the entire mess that caused them to waste a considerable amount of manpower, resources and time to take over the Re-Estize Kingdom. This is by using the most destructive methods possible out of their originally intended plan and time table due to them now being forced into a corner on how to deal with the unexpected grain-theft done by the latter's actions. At the same time, it was done so in order to reiterate their national policies to other nations of not tolerating any form of hostility towards the Sorcerer Kingdom due to the likely increase in national interference from other hostile nations against them.

Although another, more personal reason for this massacre, was likely Prime Minister Albedo's grudge against Philip for ruining her plans of a more discreet conquest of the Re-Estize Kingdom and his actions of making her seem like a fool in front of her Master.

Battle[edit | edit source]

While it's unknown how the battle occurred it can be presumed that Albedo's sheer power was enough to completely decimate whatever remains of opposition the domain had. Albedo personally decapitates Philip's "closest aides" before impaling the rest.

In order to set up her "Surprise" for Philip without the latter noticing, Albedo had also casted a noise canceling area spell around Philip's room in order to prevent the screams and noises made by her victims from attracting the latter's attention.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Albedo proceeded to enter Philip's home. Upon seeing the white maiden, the noble believed that she came for him like in his fantasies. Albedo deciding to make this simpler through giving him a box containing the heads of Wayne Delvin and Igor Rokerson. Upon seeing the decapitated heads of his friends, Philip was quickly brought back to the harsh reality of the world he found himself in. Refusing to accept this kind of predicament, Philip attempts to call for help from his servants to no avail. Albedo then proceeded to drag him outside by the ear to show him the results of his foolishness. She then informed him that the man would not be given a quick death like his friends and family but instead would be used as a test subject in torture methods. Albedo decided that it would be the best way to fulfill the wish of Philip's father who requested that his son be inflicted the very same pain he put his countrymen through before he was killed.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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