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Mass For The Dead Chapter 18

Salvation of Mankind (人類の救済) is the eighteenth main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on June 16, 2023.[1]

Main Summary[]

As if waiting for the absence of the rescue team, the contamination caused by Cracks and miasma occurred simultaneously in various places. Nazarick, who was observing it without a break, and after examining various plans, chose to save E-Rantel. While the rescue team is on its way, at E-Rantel——

Full Summary[]

Episode 1: Contamination[]

Having rescued some of the people of E-Rantel and returned from the other side of the Crack, the protagonist was waiting for the urgent news that the major cities of the Kingdom and Empire were being ravaged by miasma.

Momonga on the other line of the [Message] continues his update stating that all this took place a few hours ago during the night, making it an effective surprise attack for many. The protagonist hearing about this wonders if was deliberate and part of Enhela Read Gahi's plan all along.

Back at the Round Table Room, Momonga with Albedo and Demiurge that it is speculated but they have no concrete evidence. Right now they should interpret this that way and prepare for what's coming and remain vigilant. Since there is no precedent that those from Nazarick can be affected by the miasma, regardless of strength, there may still be a possibility that they can be affected in an invisible way.

Thanks to the Shadow Demons, who were hidden throughout the various locations, Nazarick were able to witness the changes in the cities affected by the miasma. However they have no idea what's happening in the Slane Theocracy, due to Momonga being wary of it having players and can only go on bare minimum information.

Cities such as the Royal Capital and Imperial Capital, densely populated area were hit by miasma. In cities where there were no Cracks, now have new ones appearing with the poisonous gas erupting from them. E-Rantel already hosting many Cracks, causes the protagonist to be concerned for its status. Momonga confirms that the damage there is the most, and unfortunately can no longer avoid saying that the city cannot be cut off from constant "disaster".

Due to the distance from the city and the location of where they were building blockades against the miasma, for better or worse, there may have been people who escaped danger while still in the city, but they might be targeted by the Contaminated Beasts and the turned violent residents.

The protagonist sees where his master is going with this, in that it would be optimal to abandon humans. That is what Momonga has come to as those like Demiurge and others feel like. Currently his most concern is doing what should benefit Nazarick the most. To the protagonist it is the most natural conclusion. Though the Nazarick agents states that given the current situation in the New World, there is a fear that another danger that will arise if humans are abandoned. Upon hearing the protagonist's intent, Momonga then grants his servant permission to rescue---and be a hero.

In the forest clearing where the rescue team from the Crack are resting, Slimeko has noticed that the protagonist is speaking to someone on a [Message]. After the homunculus finishes his conversation, he alerts Gazef Stronoff informing the Warrior Captain that the Sorcerer Kingdom. Before going into details he has everyone to distance themselves from the Crack.

Brain Unglaus intrudes on the conversation with urgent news to Gazef reporting that the adventurers in their ranks have spotted a large amount of something heading their way. When asked to clarify by Gazef, Brain can only say that it appears to be humans but look as if they have gone mad and are moving together like a mob. The closest thing he heard of something behaving like this is a Contaminated Beast.

Nigun Grid Luin coming over confirms this, after he sent his men to scout the situation out to avoid misunderstandings. Nimble Arc Dale Anoch finishes his statement for him, as he adds that those approaching appear to be soldiers from the Kingdom. Hearing all this, Gazef asks the protagonist if this has anything related to his news from the Sorcerer Kingdom.

The protagonist is 89% sure that the feral people came from E-Rantel following those in the city who escaped the walls. He then calls for everyone to move out stating he will explain everything on the way to E-Rantel. If necessary he asks they help in detaining those "contaminated" people on the way. The situation having been guessed the nature of the situation in the protagonist's words, the representatives of each country acted immediately to issue orders to their subordinates. A new rescue operation seemed to have begin.

On the way to E-Rantel, the protagonist had shared what he knows to the rescue team A conversation takes place among the various members of the group. Evileye complains that the disasters on the city never seem to let up from the Chaos Beasts, Jaldabaoth, the invisible threats and now the miasma. All this causes her wonder if the city is cursed. Lakyus listening tells her not to say something auspicious especially now.

Leinas Rockbruise having heard about the threats of Chaos Beasts, Invisible Calamities, and Jaldabaoth who all aimed E-Rantel wonders if everything was inevitable. Evileye muses that now that it doesn't seem limited to E-Rantel as now the surrounding land or even the world appears cursed. Leinas still doesn't trust the use of [Message] magic, or their current information but still needs to confirm the situation to protect her emperor.

Ian Als Heim believes that dividing their forces now would be bad as they may be the only military force that can fight in an organized and free manner now. Soi interjecting states that the higher-ups in any country should be prepared for times like this. She inquires about whether if Ian was able to make contact with Enhela Read Gahi back in E-Rantel. Sadly the priests has yet to hearing anything from his superior and prays for his safety which Soi responds that the guy wouldn't die so easily. Soi secretly to herself knows that the Deputy Pontifex Maximus is not what he appears to be and ponders what the priest is planning and if he caused this situation.

Sebas voices his assurance that the Sorcerer Kingdom has a way to deal with the contamination. But what worries him is that there are more is the safety of those who escaped the city and being targeted by those who are contaminated. The miner urges that they need to hurry to help them, which Soi concurs as they should focus on their orders than worry over the enemy's intentions.

Episode 2: Profit of Salvation[]

Meanwhile at the Round Table Room in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the place with hectic as new reports and observations are coming about on the tumultuous situation across the many affected cities. Orders have bene given out to confirm the security and preparations for an enemy attack. Momonga addresses all the assembled Floor Guardians for maintaining the situation despite the crisis. He asks all present if they have heard the outline of the plan, to which Albedo means if he refers to the protagonist's plan to save the inhabitants of E-Rantel.

Seeing her suspicion, Momonga asks everyone to speak their mind. All the Guardians voice that it is most likely a trap prepared by Enhela who is using the humans to draw the protagonist to them. Albedo admits the actions is not without its dangers. But more than that, she expects that the act of saving humans now will lead to the benefit of Nazarick.

Cocytus asks what's the content of the danger and the value? He is answered by Demiurge who states broadly speaking that there are two benefits. One is the part that was originally for the purpose of turning the Three Kingdoms into puppet states thus began the policy of using humans as shields for Nazarick.

The Chaos Beasts and Invisible threats

attacked E-Rantel, most likely attracted by the more numerous beings inhabiting the city. Nazarick nearly fell due to the Incident, and if the humans perish, the chances of Nazarick being targeted will increase again. Hence why it was vital that they preserve the humans to function as a buffer against any invasions.

Experiments have confirmed that Contaminated Beasts cannibalize each other, so it's more useful to have them breed as much as possible than to reduce their numbers. Until the cause of Nazarick's collapse is clarified and the danger eliminated, it will take decades or hundreds of years to reduce the numbers.

Shalltear adds that by increasing the number of humans and leaving them exposed, they can obtain information on invisible threats. Since none can recall exactly how Nazarick fell this observing the current situation would be ideal to learn more about their enemy.

Everyone is in agreement that the goal of this crisis is to collect as much information and is more important than anything else. The most painful part of the fall of Nazarick was even the fact that very little information about the enemy remained, rather than the damage that could be repaired. Thus the difficulty of creating countermeasures.

Momonga to his admittance, if possible, it would be ideal if humans and unknown threats would crush each other, and we would be able to reap the gains, but that is asking too much. Anyway, humans are a shield to buy time to understand the threat.

And the other reason to save the humans is to prepare for the cause of Nazarick's collapse. To be honest, if it weren't for this situation, Momonga wouldn't have chosen it, as this path leads to a new risk. This is noted to be true by Demiurge as if they save people today, then it also means not just saving those who escaped being affected by the miasma, but releasing those who are already contaminated.

Shalltear believes that it can't be helped and that the number of victims will likely increase. She is sure that there is a method to liberate those affected from the contamination. Albedo confirms that there is, but it has the side-effect of greatly "strengthening" the target, which is deeply concerning to Momonga. The vampire remembers that the first successful decontaminated was Gazef Stronoff, who is regarded one of the strongest humans in the land, but since being cure of his contaminated status, has been enhanced to rival the strength or even perhaps surpass a member of the Pleiades.

Thankfully from what Momonga knows through repeated experiments, the degree of enhancement due to contamination depends on the original ability of the person in question. Thus saving all of E-Rantel's inhabitants wouldn't generally pose an instant threat to Nazarick. However what worries him is the possibility that the enhancements may be passed onto the next generation. Breeding between the strong usually produces those who are stronger and if they level up, it wouldn't be surprising that they could become a potential threat several generations later.

The idea of thinning out the 'herd' is suggested by Aura in order to prevent this possibility. Momonga considers this an option, but it would only be possible to successfully cull those human children who are dangerous if they could accurately predict their talents in advanced. As there is always a danger that someone like a mutant who is far more powerful than them might appear.

On the other hand, if their plan in puppetizing the Three Kingdoms come to fruition, then the existence and number of moderately strong people could become Nazarick's newest weapons and be vital to prevent its collapse. The last option is more enticing now to Momonga, especially with the Devourer of the Nine Worlds is somehow involved in the crisis. For the moment Momonga's priority is to strengthen Nazarick. The other Floor Guardians applauded Momonga for his brilliant thinking of using the situation to reap profits for Nazarick and together they patiently await more news to come from their agents in the field.

The rescue team have finally arrived the fourth wall of E-Rantel. Through the gates they head to the third wall to the gate into the inner city where they are met by a mob inhabitants of the city, ranging from commoners, adventurers to soldiers all look made and feral. Lukrut Volve seeing what they are up against is without words as is his teammate Ninya. Dyne Woodwonder himself wonders aloud how they will contain those attacking them and each other through the city. Peter Mauk tells his friends to steel themselves as it wouldn't be strange if they would be affected as well.

Sebas observing the scenes comments that the miasma is thin in the area, but then again there is no guarantee it will continue to remain so. And while there may be others in need of rescue, he advises his colleagues to put themselves first. Brain asks for better or worse has their policy changed? Gazef is adamant that they follow the plan. That they will visit each evacuation shelter that had been prepared for emergencies. In order to avoid the miasma infecting the city, and to prevent themselves from being cut off by the contaminated, the rescue team will split into small groups for flexibility.

However as expected, it is not possible to succeed with only a small group of people, so multiple groups will have to firmly act together. When the groups meet in the city, they should get to a safe place, like a shelter or castle wall. Nigun reports that a camp has been set up nearby at the gate to guard those rescued from the Cracks. There should be around ten people in a group to investigate each shelter, so Nigun intends to select members of the Sunlight Scripture to retrieve those trapped in the city. Nimble and Leinas add their support by leading a group of ten knights. He worries about Blue Roses as there are only five adventurers, but Lakyus believes that their numbers will be enough to escort the refugees.

The protagonist has organized his own team, composed of himself, Surako, Soi and Sebas, putting faith in their strength despite their small numbers as well. Seeing that everyone is near ready, Gazef is about to give further orders, when Evileye shoots down to the ground from the sky. She confirms the status of the miasma from her previous vantage point. The source of the contamination is coming from the center of the city. While a fair amount has spread throughout E-Rantel, it appears to be broken in come places, allowing movement through the gaps. The magic caster provides her allies with map that has the general locations of the safe zones but it will be up to each team to decide how to proceed.

Later Soi, Tina, Tia and Gagaran appear and report that seen the distribution of miasma and contaminated from the top of the city wall. Soi states that there are a few corpses lying around, but she heard signs of ration people resisting in shelters. Tia and Tina believe that they can be saved if they hurry as they begin copying the information from Evileye.

Once everyone has the information Gazef orders them to move out. Brain inquires Gazef if he will be alright, to which the protagonist they need not be worry for Gazef, as he now has developed a resistance to the miasma due to being cured. That in mind Gagaran thinks that Gazef should be able to easily repel the contaminated, but the Warrior Captain is hesitant to use actual force to harm the contaminated as he thinks that the Sorcerer Kingdom's technique can save them. But not wanting to risk his people's lives tells them to make their own decisions to prioritize their lives.

Gazef is worried about Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself's safety but knows that he can't just give priority to to the royals now as he believes he has to save every life as much as possible. At the request of Brain, Gazef chooses to stay with the main unit and that if things get to dangerous he will take everyone and flee the city.

Brain finds the situation a pain as it prevents him from fighting shoulder to shoulder with his rival, but knows it can't be helped and focuses on the task at hand, the mob of feral goblins, ogres and a troll.

Episode 3: Transformation of the World[]

A few hours before the arrival of the rescue team. Shortly after the incident caused by the miasma——Saint Clementine leads a band of survivors through the deserted streets of E-Rantel towards a nearby shelter.

Said party is composed of herself, Tuareninya Veyron, Nemu and two other children. The shelter is just around the corner but Tuare notices that the children are exhausted. The children though insist that they can manage. Clementine doesn't blame them for being tired and upset as they experienced multiple kinds of calamities. The sight of witnessing all the adults around them being driven insane from the miasma suddenly in the middle of the night would terrify those their age. Tuare as it so happened was spared the effects of the miasma due to be already awaken when the miasma hit E-Rantel during her side job as a maid at a mansion. Clementine believes that the younger woman can take their circumstances, though is a bit worried about Nemu due to her uncanny calmness despite her age.

From the fog of miasma, come forth a trio of contaminated soldiers. Clementine and Tuare spotting them agree that they need to take a detour to avoid the gas and the feral soldiers. The saint is not sure if the other roads will be blocked, but if so, she resolves to carve out a path with her stiletto.

In a mental rumination of Clementine, the situation she finds herself in reminds her of that very same time when the world changed. In the past she recalls being in Zurrernorn's hideout with Khajiit Dale Badantel. Khajiit disclosed some startling information of the happenings of a specific country which they were in. At first Clementine thinks he is joking but the necromancer is very serious as he does not there is any reason for the country to leak this information unless it was true. Whether or not the information source is true does not matter rumors are flowing out of the country as it can no longer be controlled as strictly as it used to be.

Clementine is silent on the news she just heard, and Khajiit asks if she is distraught of the defeat of the gods or that of the fate of Quintia. This earns Khajiit a violent rebuke from the woman who slashes him, which the magic caster blocks in time. Despite the violence it gives Khajiit the answer he queried. Clementine teases him if he is worried for her, calling him sick. She explains that the Black Scripture contains old throwbacks who either failed in their missions and ended up dying and being unable to be revived. In her view this news must have surprised the unit more than her.

Khajiit can't deny that to be true, and now focuses on the crisis for Zurrernorn, putting aside the truth of the news to the side. Clementine comments that the sky shows strange Cracks here and there, an jokingly stating she didn't think that the world was so fragile. Still she wonders to herself if the world in chaos would be more fun for her.

In the present Clementine muses how arrogant she felt when she pretend to be indifferent to the crisis. It costed her in the end. Her memory then shifts to when she was dashing at full speed in the wilderness when she detects that she is being pursued. Clementine blames herself for getting caught because she wanted to investigate her Quintia's death due to him being her only kin. To Clementine it doesn't matter now as she paid the price when she took the "chaos in the Theocracy" seriously and tried to infiltrate the country.

Now she has Sunlight Scripture priests on her tail. There are only a few priests, far too little to stop Clementine, making her think the are a preemptive force. Clementine has no intention of being interrogated and deduces that there are ambushers somewhere lurking around to attack her. Despite the disadvantage she is in she resolves to fight her way through and begins buffing herself with multiple Martial Arts and go on the offensive.

Episode 4: The Meaning[]

Back in the present, Clementine leads her to group to the shelter and urges everyone to get inside. Tuare assists by helping carry a boy who twisted his ankle. It almost seems that the group will make it safely until one of the children notices that Nemu is missing to the horror of the adults.

Nemu has trailed far behind, in tears of losing her loved ones, from her parents, Enri Emmot, Nfirea Bareare and Lizzie Bareare. Having survivor's guilt, Nemu thinks that their deaths are on her due to being a bad child. Upon realizing she had been separated from the others, Nemu attempts to find her way back to them, when something large lumbers behind her. Two feral looking trolls appear. Nemu having seen though does not react by running away but instead resigns herself to her fate believing death is the only wat to redeem herself. Tuare and Clementine who spot Nemu also see the danger and call for the girl to run away, but their warning falls to deaf ears.

Clementine especially is in fear for the girl as she silently pleads to hurry and run. She has a flashback of when she was being sheltered in a home who had once told her that if there is someone in need of help right in front of you and had the power to help them it was only natural to do just that. Using Gale Acceleration, Clementine speeds towards Nemu to save her from the contaminated demi-humans.

In the past, its shown that before Clementine reformed, she was sheltered by a little girl, who bore a striking resemblance to Nemu, after being pursued by the Sunlight Scripture. The girl had secretly allowed the fugitive to stay in the storehouse of a village just long enough for her to rest until morning. The girl had asked her if she was hungry and offered to treat her wounds. Clementine was incredulous at the kindness of the little girl, as what right mind would a person help a total suspicious stranger, making her wonder if the girl was stupid. The girl was confused by the response as Clementine stated that normally little girls would be crying for help and attracting attention when they saw an injured person and asks again why the girl was trying so hard to help her. And even points out that she had the power to hold a knife to the girl's throat and threaten her family.

Clementine having experienced faces of cornered humans only finds that the girl's sincerity is genuine and not frightened by her at all. The girl replies that that if there is someone in need of help right in front of you and had the power to help them it was only natural to do just that which shocks Clementine. The girl admits that such thinking can't be affording in these dangerous times, as her parents have told her, but after all no matter how bad a person is, she can't just turn a blind eye.

The little girl then leaves to allow Clementine to rest and hopes to see her again tomorrow. The experience leaves Clementine thinking that the girl is creepy for having such ideas. And while she doesn't understand that kind of thinking she maintain her belief that there is no such thing as a bad person in the world. The fugitive feeling annoyed now makes a decision to take her frustrations on the girl, by killing her. This course of action is noted to be a bit excessive for her given that her pursuers might sniff her out due to the ruckus she might cause. But Clementine soo looks forward to peeling the skin off the girl's face and disemboweling her for some much needed relief. She not only plans to kill the girl but also her entire family, letting her first watch them die to show her foolish actions allowed a killer into their home and brought ruin to them. But before doing giving her "thank you", Clementine opts to sleep to conserve her physical strength.

The next morning, Clementine awakens and readies to make well on her promise to cause misery to the girl. She opens the door of the girl's home, only to be met with a scene of absolute carnage. From what she can tell there are the remains of five people who had been brutally killed. This disappoints Clementine as she missed out and wanted to do the killing herself. The deaths is assumed by Clementine to be the work of a thief. Though she finds it odd that despite murders like this had happened, the commotion had yet to attract the entire village, leading her to think the settlement is too poor in villagers. The handiwork is seen as sloppy and amateurish by Clementine, which she muses to have increased in recent years by thieves only satisfied with meager earnings. So far the house is the only one burglarized an wonders if its the same with the others. Just as she is about to leave, Clementine spies the dead body of the girl who sheltered her before commenting how boring it was.

The current Clementine reflects on the memories of the past, as in retrospect, much had happened during those early days. Her absolute confidence in her power was not as absolute as she thought. And not only that, to her own admission she was not as good as she thought she was. She was displeased at the time that someone weak and kind had been snatched away and toyed with by someone. Though takes some solace that the girl died happy in her sleep.

Back then Clementine began to slowly realize that the world after the emergence of the Cracks had been transformed, far more than she imagined. She attributes her being injured by her pursuers due to being compromised by her emotions in lamenting on the death of the girl that sheltered her. Regardless even though she was gravely injured she still made it back to E-Rantel where she was saved by a second person.

Clementine remembers that she was housed in a poor shack speaking to the man who saved her life. Clementine though was still wary as to why the man helped heal her wound as doing so was pricey leading her to suspect that he had a purpose in mind. But warns him if he states that it was "only natural" it will annoy her.

Her savior deduces that she lived through a similar experience, but having met another person that reach out to save her who he believes was more like a saint. The woman's silence confirms this to the stranger who then continues in that he cannot compare himself to that previous person, as he admits he did so out of some kind of calculated motive.

Clementine's newest savior elaborates in that he knew from the looks of her that she was strong. And given his conversation so far, her personality is terrible, but aside from that what E-Rantel needs during these trying times are strong people like her. When inquired what if his act of kindness would be reciprocated with enmity, the man is steadfast in his decision to heal her as he bets his life on it for his city, for his country and for humanity.

All those reasons make no sense to Clementine and even if she doesn't know what her savior wants her for, she advises him to stop. To which he responds he is even willing to make an enemy of the Slane Theocracy to get her aid. The man discloses that of what he heard of the Slane Theocracy, which presently is still in turmoil from what little information he has gathered, something which in the past was unprecedented. Thus is aware of the forces that the country has in its possession with people who are said to be even stronger than Gazef Stronoff. And from he knows there is a female warrior who is on the run and being hunted by her own country.

This bring much annoyance to Clementine and demands what he expects will happen now that the man knows her past? The man though only wishes to confirm her identity though had already guessed it given her attire and weapons. Once again he highlight that is willing to take her in even if it risks incurring the wrath of the Theocracy. Clementine warns that the worst situation that might arise would be a war between the Kingdom and Theocracy, but the man is confident that the latter would not go to war under the current circumstances. But acknowledges that her existence would through the Tripartite Agreement in a Crack.

Thus he has a proposal, that she become a good person. To turn over a new leaf and be a bottomless good woman who contributes to humanity to the extent that the country cannot criticize her and would be in their best interest to refuse extradition back to her homeland. In a sense to literally become a saint which Clementine claimed was curious about and undertaking the role would allow her to finally understand the "meaning" behind that girl's actions.

If she contributes to the city under this guise it would literally become easier for the city to act as her shield to use her good deeds to protect her from retaliation. The man thinks its the best option, considering the city she is in is the home of a mayor of an allied country. Clementine asks if she will be turned over if she refuses. And expresses her doubts of being a good person as she is only herself when she want to bully people who are looking for salvation.

The man recommends that she cut such evilness from her appearance, her attitude and even inner thoughts. He lets her think it as this way, she dedicates herself to this image in return for her benefactor's kindness. And while it may sound difficult, its surprisingly not as the man, who is revealed to be Mayor Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier, has experience in this, by hiding his true personality with the façade as a fool. He's gotten so well at it, to the point he can now easily switch personalities.

In the present day, Clementine awakens to see that she is in the shelter. Alone to herself Clementine comments internally of how she was deceived by the mayor, in fooling everyone with her performance as a saintly woman. Trouble is, far being good at switching personalities, Clementine senses she is in fact losing her true self and is seriously changing. But in the end while she aims to help someone, she still is very calculating like her old self and yet still has yet to grasp the little girl's "meaning".

Nigun enters the room to her surprise, though he advises she continue to rest, adding that if he and his men had not arrived she would have lost her life. The situation is truly astonishing to Nigun as he never thought the day would come where he would save the life of a traitor.

In spite of their past hostilities, Clementine thanks him. Nigun though tells her that thanks should be directed to the three children she was protecting as they used themselves as decoys to buy time for other to defeat the trolls. And the other woman Clementine was with who apparently helped dragged her to safety. Adventurers at the shelter helped to defeat the trolls and managed to put the creatures down despite of their regenerative abilities thanks to their magic casters.

Nigun adds that Clementine was heavily injured trying to protect a single girl and was lucky to be alive since her attacks were ineffective against the contaminated trolls. Regardless Clementine is happy that everyone is safe though pities the deaths of the trolls who were killed. Nigun understands that the trolls were victims as well and immigrants to the city, but believes it was unavoidable as they lost all reason. Even when he says this, Nigun can't believe he uttered them as naturally he relished in the deaths of demi-humans as a member of the Sunlight Scripture showcasing how far he has changed.

Nigun goes on to say that the girl Clementine saved, Nemu was grateful to the saint and has once again realized the value of her own life seeing Clementine just like her sister who sacrificed herself to protect others. On his part Nigun has no intention of apologizing to Clementine for his part in hunting her as there is still some dignity that needs to be regain for what Clementine did to the Miko Princess who she stole a specific crown from. Not only that he knows of what Clementine did to a family and a young child in a farming village after she fled from the incident. However the captain can't believe that she has changed, and yet he sees proof of her heroic self-sacrificing efforts when she saved Nemu at instinct. This shocks Clementine greatly as of how much her complex her personality has changed bringing a mixture of happiness and frustration.

Episode 5: Drug Release[]

The protagonist's rescue team arrives at the shelter and prepare to discuss with their allies on their next course of action. Clementine though still weak and tired is determined to be of assistance in the crisis and joins the discussion. Nigun starts by reporting that several of the evacuation shelters are functioning like the one they are currently in. There appears to be more people who managed to escape the contamination than expected and were evacuated as according to their preparations.

Soi also adds that the survivors mostly belong to large households and are not adept fighters. The best option for those they find would be to direct them to the fourth wall where the main unit is. The downside is that only half will probably make it to the safe zone even if they provide cover for them and thus some sacrifices would be required. The news is grim, but those like Ian while understanding casualties are unavoidable still advocates for making sure everyone gets to safety. Surako believes that they can manage if they fight their hardest and even get assistance from the remaining undead from the Sorcerer Kingdom to help them.

Nigun knowing that they will besieged for awhile, will then establish a well-fortified outpost in the city to gradually escort the evacuees. Though the protagonist points out that their main constraints are time as well as the limited food stores since many were destroyed by the contaminated. Nigun estimates that even if they reclaimed all the remaining food stores that survived it would not be sufficient to feed the evacuees or the main unit. The food shortage is definitely a problem that will follow the rescue team and their charges if not addressed.

Since asking other cities for aid is not an option, Clementine adds her input by recommending that they go to a field somewhere and survive by not only gathering all the food in the city, but also hunting, etc. Nigun predicts that other cities elsewhere are having a harder time than E-Rantel, as the city contained many fighters to begin with and held many reserves of supplies which many cities would lack. The protagonist adds that there is an urgency to save those who have been contaminated as they could revert to cannibalism the longer they are in their condition. The image of the contaminated doing such a thing paints a horrible image the the meeting.

Nigun thinks that the only way to prevent that outcome would be to get all the contaminated under control and in custody, but even that would taken even more time and for the matter impossible given the food situation. The meeting is interrupted when a pair people intrude on the meeting as they had been disturbed by the noise while sleeping. To the surprise of Clementine and Ian it is none other than Sophie Noia and her former master and fellow joint researcher Fluder Paradyne. Ian is shocked at their appearance in the shelter, as is Clementine since she heard that two left the city to work as a researchers at a facility in the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Sophie informs them that where they were is classified but lets them know that she and Fluder are here at the Sorcerer Kingdom's request to help them. The female magic caster introduces another familiar face: Nfirea Bareare. Not only is Clementine shocked, by Nemu seeing her friend alive rushes to Nfirea and hugs in joy. Nfirea apologizes to Nemu for making her worry and thinking that he was dead. To keep it short he states that he was saved by the Sorcerer Kingdom due to special circumstances and was unable to contact her right away.

Nigun watching this remembers that Nfirea and the others were the ones who had vanished on the other side of the Crack. Although their return is a surprise, the captain deduces that the Sorcerer Kingdom rescued them first while testing out their adaptive equipment before the initial rescue operation was planned. The researchers rescue was likely prioritized due to their usefulness in research on decontamination and while Nigun would like to know more details the current situation has his immediate focus. Not only that he sees that some grace period should be given to allow the tearful Nemu to enjoy her reunion with Nfirea.

Gazef and the other rescue detachments arrive one by one. Once the situation is shared with all the leaders, the protagonist declares that they will start the decontamination operation for all the residents of the city. He explains that the Sorcerer Kingdom has developed a technique that can cure a person afflicted with the miasma poisoning, and it has so far been classified as a national secret. Due to special circumstances, in the case of Gazef, the curtain for the cure will now be lifted in light of the emergency.

Nimble knowing that credit is also due to Fluder, a former court magician of the Empire, agrees to assist in the operation by restraining all those affected by the contamination, provided that the Sorcerer Kingdom disseminates the cure. Leinas as well though she points out they still have a problem with the Chaos Beasts springing out of the Cracks. For now the protagonist states that the remaining undead in the city will contain them as well as back up the rescue team in blockading the afflicted. What the adventurer requires of them is to assist in clearing up the dead as it may still be possible to revive them later once the crisis has passed which Gazef agrees to.

Nigun then goes over the plan to split their forces and proceed into the interior of the city's walls in the central area where their are many citizens. First they will secure the security around each shelter as they will do the same for the outer and innermost areas. To elaborate on contamination, Sophie provides that the infection tends to strengthen in the target as it progresses and the effects will result in those being far stronger than normal. She uses the trolls that Clementine faced as a fair example of how the demi-humans were so enhanced that they overpowered and seriously injure a seasoned Slane Theocracy warrior. So he advises that the be cautious when dealing with their opponents

The operation then begins to contain the contaminated. The researchers are escorted to the city square by the protagonist and his team. Fluder jokes of having physically exerted himself but finds the task they are given to be familiar. His levity of the situation causes his former apprentice tells him to stop joking around and acting like an old man. Nfirea accompanying his seniors muses that the contamination and decontamination processes to be interesting phenomena no matter how many times he observes it. What interests him is how the knowledge could be used to eradicate the Chaos Beasts and the Cracks.

Surako comments on the number of people they will have to face with just them and their undead thralls. Though the protagonist is far more concerned about the ramifications of the ingredients needed for the cure, and how the other nations will react. Sebas understands this as some who might disapprove of it such as the Warrior Captain, Blue Roses and even the Theocracy, with the last might even consider it blasphemy.

Since the main ingredient of the cure requires the body of victims. Sophie is not perturbed on the consequences and tells them that they should take into account that the material acquired the cure's ingredients came from corpses that could no longer be revived. Nifrea adds that depending on whose body it wouldn't even matter. He praises Sophie for this last minute discovery of hers based on her hypothesis.

After studying the results of the Melting Pot Sophie observed that slimes within the crucible had dissolved most of everything that fell into it due to the acid. She found it peculiar that the acid of the slimes did not fully melt most of the Chaos Beasts. At first she thought it was due to the dilution of the substance from the Chaos Beasts themselves. However she realized her error in that it was not the monsters but the Chaos Stones left behind after they died. This piece of information was something she almost missed as the researcher was confused on what contaminated the acid crucible from the decomposed bodies of workers to the Chaos Beasts. And due to her being unable to reproduce the effects Sophie was at a loss of what happened.

In light of the situation of the Melting Pot, Sophie's came to a hypothesis for the curing phenomena was that "she needed a fresh corpse that died a tragic death" since nothing she tried worked. It took a while for her to realize that what she was missing were the Chaos Stones that were included into the pot.

Fluder then explains that is is said the souls of the dead still linger unto corpses. When the body begins to rot, the soul is being summoned by God's presence, thus to keep the soul with the body, the corpse needs to be as fresh as possible. Luck would have it that a fellow researcher had been killed by a Chaos Beasts and that Sophie used the corpse to remove the corruption from the Warrior Captain.

From what the protagonist knows Sophie is stating that resurrection magic is applied to the soul. After the corpse of the researcher that was used to decontaminate Gazef, it was discovered that the body could not be revived even though the person was strong enough to withstand reanimation. Thus it lead to the hypothesis that a soul was needed to free a person from the contamination.

This begs the question of why such a requirement would be needed. As why not can a soul of one who lead a natural end be used instead of a soul who died a tragic? Sophie believes that it all comes down to which souls harbor strong emotions.

Even with that in mind, Nfirea comments their good fortune as the city itself has become a convenient testing ground for their research on decontamination. There is also a mountain of fresh ingredients that can use and are only day fresh with plenty of gruesome deaths. Ethics aside, Sophie thinks that while it is human nature to take care of the dead, it is the same for making sure that something is put to effective use. This excites Fluder as the experiments they can conduct on the soul will perhaps be a source of inspiration for peering into the abyss of magic.

Their lack of human sensitivity baffles Suarko who remarks if the trio are even human anymore. But finds it convenient as their goals align with the Sorcerer Kingdom. Not all are happy as Sebas in noticeably silent when the trio discuss their findings. Soi soon comes, to give her regular report of the area. She notes that the group are making steady progress on their end, and doesn't look like Sebas's aid is needed, nonetheless asks the miner to stay with the researchers for their protection. Sebas doesn't mind the guard detail though thinks his post is redundant given Fluder is strong enough to protect the others. The wizard is rather humble and professes that he is not suited for guarding as he tends to go crazy in his interests. Thus he finds Sebas as their guard reassuring to help protect the secrets of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Sophie comments that not Soi is an affiliate but also Sebas of the Sorcerer Kingdom, one who is highly trusted. The protagonist listening nearby claims that this is a result of the two working with him. Sophie is fine with this and trusts the Sorcerer Kingdom's judgement, and apologizes if it may seem that she is prying into their affairs. Nfirea interrupts reminding his colleagues that they need to focus on their work.

Surako mentally sighs with relief as the trio did not dig too deep into the backgrounds of Soi and Sebas since their cover stories are still a secret to the humans. Even though disclosing it to the trio would have no issues, since the group have no interest in anything else besides their research.

Soi pulls Sebas aside to asks him if he sees any signs of Enhela. The undercover butler states that he has not seen anything of the mysterious priest. This brings the possibility that the situation now was created with the intent to usurp the Sorcerer Kingdom's technology to be low. The protagonist still thinks that the priest is hiding somewhere, waiting for the moment to strike.

Suddenly the homunculus stops with an expression of fear. Surako noticing this also spots what has her partner's focus. It is the quarry of their search, Enhela, who is smiling and happily comments on their decontamination operation. The priest goes through the decontamination zone himself, in the midst of tied comatose people in the city square.

Episode 6: The Purpose[]

Sebas is readying himself to physical confront the priest with extreme bloodlust, Enhela shrugs it off as he continues his approach still with a cool smile. This worries the butler as the man before him knows that Enhela is not just unaware of his murderous intent, but his calm attitude is a result of some kind of confidence a normal human shouldn't be projecting. Soi also sees this as concerning and warns her senior to be careful when he fights Enhela as she protects the others.

Fluder sensing that they are in a perilous situation, and despite seeing nothing out of the ordinary with his own eyes, observes that the priest is something more than just a magic caster. This brings surprise to Sophie and Nfirea.

Noticing the reactions to his person, Enhela tries to allay their concerns that he does not "necessarily" want to show any hostility towards them. In fact the Assistant to the Chief Priest wants to cooperate with them in removing the contamination. This earns Surako a laugh as there is no way her comrades would believe him. The protagonist though demands what Enhela defines as "necessarily".

Sebas as well asks the priest to explain himself as he also does not want to invoke hostilities. Thus negotiations begin between Enhela and the protagonist, with the former asking the adventurer to become his ally. The priest knows that it has been awhile since they last spoke, but concludes that during that time he must be tire of the "loneliness" of being alienated by his allies. He understands his feelings and offers to help him realize what the protagonist is. And that together they will be able to serve their god.

His offer is vehemently refused by the protagonist as despite his origins his loyalties are the same. This disappoints Enhela who decides to increase his bargaining materials. Sebas detects that Enhela is planning to attack, moves to confront him. Sebas Tian a being close in power to the Floor Guardians and a master in hand-to-hand combat however is effortlessly defeated by Enhela to the shock of everyone.

Soi stunned at seeing her superior collapse in defeat regards Enhela with anxiety, wondering what Enhela really is to be able to do this to a existence from the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Enhela happily chats that it is not easy to defeat him, though admits his opponent was strong, as he was hit by more than a dozen punches that could have defeated the "trump card" of the Theocracy.

The onlooking researchers while surprised at Sebas's power are equally perplexed how effortlessly their guard was manhandled. The protagonist is baffled at how disadvantaged Sebas was, as he should have regained considerable levels of power by now. But it comes down to admitting that Enhela is a being close in level to a Supreme Being, no matter how much the homunculus tries to denies it.

Enhela seeing how surprised the protagonist is, states that he should be able to exert the same level of power. The protagonist though himself doesn't have any combat abilities, as he was not created for such a purpose, though in light of his origins makes him wonder. Enhela explains that the power he displays is not actually his own, but as result of his "Divine Right" in accessing the "divine authority" from the divine realm borrowed from his god Kuyō. The disclosure that Enhela is lent power by his deity enough to surpass Sebas Tian greatly scares Soi. Suarko out of character angrily demands what the priest's purpose. She even goes far as to say that the protagonist's power is nothing like Enhela being attributed to him as a member of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Additionally she finds is peculiar that Enhela would be sharing this kind of information given that they are in hostilities. Soi finds it rare for the slime to be speaking with such anger and hopes that her words do not make Nazarick's position in these negotiations worse.

From their point of view, Enhela understand it may be incomprehensible for him, someone who could be a threat, to convey the existence of her partner's potential power. But for his purposes it makes sense, as judging by Surako's anger it is proof that this information jeopardizes the Sorcerer Kingdom's position.

What he tells the members of the Sorcerer Kingdom is that he has two main goals. The first one is to ensure that they do their part, claiming that his god sent them to serve as the Assistant to the Pontifex Maximus as a self-evident role to guide and save mankind together with the Theocracy.

Soi rebukes this as this is only self-explanatory, and it doesn't seem like this god that Enhela preaches about has said anything directly to him. More likely he seems to be delusional. Enhela answers honestly that he does not have any direct correspondence to his god, and that his actions are based on his interpretations, including the fact that his deity made him deliberately appear. For those who don't have faith, Enhela admits that it would be considered delusions. But then again those that do would call the current disaster that unfolded in the city without warning as a trial given to mankind by the gods.

However, the fact that Enhela was born into the world with a specific position and responsibility is enough for him, as it affirms his belief that his god lends him their power to fulfill a role. Thus he revers the supreme power of his god and will fulfill his purpose. His words are met by confusion by the human onlookers, though those of Nazarick had an understanding of what Enhela is speaking of respecting their creators and doing anything to fulfill their purpose.

Surako still thinks the priest's words are outrageous as even if he says that hie role is to save mankind, why is he contaminating the cities across the regions? Enhela confirms that the Cracks all erupted with miasma due to extending his will over them, but it is all leading to the salvation of humanity.

Fluder is the first to catch on what the priest in inferring to as Enhela confirms that process of releasing miasma and the decontamination is for human evolution. Nfirea realizes that those who experienced decontamination will be reborn as stronger individuals with their minds intact. If the same thing were to happen on a scale for all humanity such an evolution would no doubt change the race.

But doing so would result in many sacrifices, which Enhela is willing to accept as evolving mankind into a stronger race over all other races and overcoming the trials of his god is was he is made for. Besides he claims to have come for a more personal matter with a big purpose involving the protagonist.

Episode 7: Erosion[]

The exchanges between the protagonist and Enhela were transmitted to Momonga and the others via summons who were monitoring the scene. Normally the Mirror of Remote Viewing would have been used, but since it was susceptible to counterattacks the method of using summons was taken as a precaution.

Momonga having been relayed what had just happened is stunned that Enhela managed to push Sebas Tian to a corner even when the former is not at full strength via his "Divine Rights". Albedo is far more worried that Enhela suggests that the protagonist is equally capable of such a feat. This raises red flags from Shalltear and Demiurge as it growing closer to the idea that the protagonist is becoming a security risk with him being associated with this Kuyō and may even destroy Nazarick's interests.

Aura and Mare are distressed as this could mean the protagonist can no longer return to Nazarick. Cocytus voices that they should render judgement until they have all the facts. Narberal Gamma delivers news that the summons have scouted the area where the conversation is happening and so far they have not detected any allies of Enhela, confirming he is alone.

This is good news to Momonga but he decides to maintain vigilance as there may be others of similar power like Enhela out there. Entoma Vasilissa Zeta questions what is Enhela's second goal as they have yet to hear it.

Back at the city square, Enhela resumes his conversation stating that his original purpose was all about the first one that he had previously mentioned. In order to fulfill this role, he must guide and save humanity. To that end, mankind needs to experience contamination and dissolution. That all changed when the protagonist showed up and Enhela realized who he was.

The decontamination method caught him by surprise when it was devised by the Sorcerer Kingdom as it came way too early that what was originally planned. Initially the method was to be done in smaller stages but that has now changed to to the overriding purpose. And that purpose is to get to the protagonist.

The statement does not bold well to the protagonist as while necessary malicious still is creepy. The protagonist demands of what the benefits would be to claiming him. However the priest doesn't provide any clear answers and only asks that the protagonist be his ally. He is met with a firm refusal by the protagonist and is supported by Surako stating the answer won't changed no matter how many times the priest asks.

Enhela calmly states that he understands his mistrust in him, but notes the protagonists actions so far since he was created: interfering with Cracks on a large scale in various region---and insinuates that the protagonist is serving out his purpose from their maker to cause simultaneous pollution. Soi having enough of these mind games by Enhela tells him to shut up or else as Sebas recovers.

The conversation is silently observed by the human researchers as Enhela tells the others not to be so defensive and that they "it" won't hurt for all of them present.

At the Round Table, the protagonist reports via [Message] of the priest's claim that his purpose is to cause simultaneous pollution and that these there appears to be another purpose. Before Momonga responds, he hears a disembodied voice calling out, "How many goodly creatures are there here!"

Foire having heard it as well tries to locate the voice. Momonga sense dread tells everyone to escape and use their Rings of Ainz Ooal Gown to flee to the Central Mausoleum. For Foire he gives instructions to spread the word to all the maids she can find. All the Floor Guardians following their master's order then teleport out of the dungeon.

Once outside in the Central Mausoleum, Momonga tells everyone to communicate with everyone inside using [Message] to tell everyone to evacuate. The current situation though looks grim as so far only the magic rings allow for easy transfer between floors and the Gates are non-operational. Momonga though hopes at least Pandora's Actor gets the evacuation notice and arrives soon. Pandora's Actor arrives at the mausoleum, but apologizes as in the rush to leave he had to lighten the security of the the Treasury. Momonga is fine with that as he is more focused on getting as many of their people out of their compromised base. Right now no one is allowed back in Nazarick until they can determine the situation especially with that mysterious voice which believed belonged to the Devourer of the Nine Worlds.

It is Kuyō or the god that Enhela keeps referring to and if it is in Nazarick, then their situation is already bad. And it soon gets more perplexing as a Crack appears depositing the protagonist, Sebas, Surako and Soi in front of the evacuees. Like the people at the mausoleum, the field team seeing that the have returned are unsure as to how they arrived.

Enhela arrives via the same method shortly afterwards at the entrance of Nazarick who introduces himself before the gathered parties. The priest observing his surroundings comes to an understanding that he is standing in the base of operations of the Sorcerer Kingdom. But then corrects himself by calling their organization's original and proper name, the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Momonga still struggling to make sense of the situation maintains a cordial voice tells Enhela its a bit uncomfortable addressing the priest as he appears to be standing between him and his home, acting like he is in charge. Enhela questions what about himself that Momonga finds so unnerving? That he is unmoved because they are all heteromorphs? Or that he knows about the Great Tomb of Nazarick?

Enhela even goes further to say that he even understand their vocabulary used by Momonga, explaining what he has done is "hacking". It causes Momonga to see that what this ability is what Enhela refers to as "Divine Right". And wonders if the Crack in the Throne Room was the work of this as it managed to interfere with the management systems of the dungeon.

Enhela confirms that his knowledge of this was, Nazarick, its denizens, language, and concepts of other worlds were all obtained from the master source of the dungeon system. Albeit he has yet to digest all the information, Enhela knows enough to deal with who is speaking with but is impressed with the quantity and looks forward to the wonderful results far beyond his imagination.

In short Enhela declares that the Great Tomb of Nazarick is under his control and was quite surprised that denizens managed to anticipate a situation like this to evacuate before he assumed complete control. And admits that if the conversation had taken place inside it would have gone quicker and credits Momonga the Sorcerer Kingdom to being a smarter person than he imagined.

Momonga with his own observations and even what he knows ponders if the priest wields the power of a World Enemy. Regardless he his finds Enhela praises unwanted as he never imagined a situation like this to happen, and merely just prepared contingencies in case his base was ever destroyed. What is more distressing is Enhela's hacking ability as it's too much of an unexpected power and a balance breaker for a World Enemy to have.

Demiurge initially silent comments that the man before them is stating that their home and place where they were created by the Supreme Beings have been usurped. Anger drips from him as from the other NPCs, with Shalltear asking Momonga permission to eliminate the priest. Aura being more cautious warns against it even if she dislikes doing nothing against the infidel.

Momonga feels for them and their pain, but asks that they restrain themselves before this new foe. Enhela thanks him for being calm and proceeds to explain himself some more. His purpose for coming out in the open was to get the protagonist but since the homunculus refused due to his deep loyalty to Sorcerer Kingdom, it led to this roundabout approach. He attributes the protagonist's unwavering faith to being replaced by the Sorcerer Kingdom, a mistake he believed as it should be devoted to their common god. So to set things right Enhela decided to awaken that faith in the protagonist by using his "Divine Right".

Momonga demands that if using the Divine Right will cause the protagonist to betray them which according to Enhela that he hopes so as the protagonist should have the same ability and could have wielded it any given time. This horrifies the homunculus that he had such power of betraying his comrades. Enhela is disappointed as it looks like his approach didn't sway the protagonist in the slightest, but decides to settle to the forcing protagonist finally awakening his ability in order save Nazarick.

Demiurge asks if he made the current world situation just for this? He receives a confirmation as there was information that people from the Sorcerer Kingdom were unaffected by the miasma. Which he guesses that this immunity is due to Nazarick being under the influence of an independent Crack, with miasma that is different from the other Cracks under his god's control.

Momonga listening to this thinks about the memories in the master source of Nazarick and how the memories of the NPCs were altered under the assumption that this was the work of an outside party. From what Enhela claims it apparently was not the case. Enhela admits that he can vaguely sense the presence of Cracks, but it was a little difficult to distinguish between the countless anomalies in this world, including those underground that were under his control.

Albedo now understanding realizes that the simultaneous eruption of miasma was just polluting the various areas but was all for a specific purpose in passing the "Divine Right" into each place. It was all in an effort to clear Enhela's perception to determine which Cracks were under his control and to locate Nazarick. Impressed Enhela praised the Prime Minister for coming to that conclusion of his plan. Though his praise is unwanted as Albedo had already deduced much of his plan when he first appeared.

Momonga thinking about the series of events finally makes sense to him as this entire plot was to find them. Enhela then openly declares his intent to destroy the Great Tomb of Nazarick. If they wish to prevent that from happen, all the protagonist needs to do is give himself up and wield his "Divine Right". If he does so then Enhela will leave the dungeon alone. Enhela expects to hear their answer from the deepest part of the tomb, in the Throne Room. A Crack soon appears behind Enhela and he vanishes.

The protagonist now left with the ultimatum struggles on what to do as in order to protect Nazarick, he needs to wield his "Divine Right" but if he awakens his faith in Kuyō, there will be two Divine Right users and it will mark him as an enemy of Nazarick. Accordingly while he can't trust Enhela won't interfere with Nazarick again, as he is aiming to fulfill his role as a human being from the Slane Theocracy. In that case he will regard all races other than humans as enemies.

All the protagonist can do is hope that his loyalty will remain for Nazarick when he uses his Divine Right. Momonga breaks the protagonist out of his thoughts stating there is no need for him to succumb to Enhela's demands. Enhela had stated that he would be waiting in Nazarick, thus in short it means that the dungeon needs to be conquered.

While it is true Enhela overwhelmed Sebas Tian and must be very strong, and used his power to find Nazarick, and intends to destroy them unless the protagonist gives in. It is ludicrous to think that giving up is a safe option as their opponent is a descendant of the Devourer of the Nine Worlds. What is apparent is that Kuyō is nowhere to be seen meaning his main body isn't here or can't appear, and that this can be interpreted as a chance of winning.

Momonga then gives out the order to all present that they will capture the Great Tomb of Nazarick and take it back from the usurper. His order is met with a stalwart resolve as everyone intends to find Enhela and give him a suitable and cruel punishment in the battle to capture Nazarick, one not seen since the beginning of Ainz Ooal Gown.



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