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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Mass For The Dead Chapter 13

End of Date (逢瀬の果て) is the thirteenth main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on April 1, 2021.[1]

Main Summary[]

While searching for the whereabouts of the lost Shalltear, Momonga discovers the corpses of summons belonging to Shalltear.

In an unusual situation, Momonga is in a crisis. While suppressing the anxiety that is boiling up, he embarks on an investigation of the truth――

Full Summary[]

Episode 1: In The Fog[]

In the Round Table Room, while observing the crater in the Katze Plains using the Mirror of Remote Viewing, Albedo sees the corpses of the Vampire Brides that were escorting Shalltear Bloodfallen. Since the corpses still remain that would indicate that Shalltear must still be alive. Momonga unsure if the summons died due to some accident, heads to the Throne Room with Albedo. There Momonga activates the master control of the Great Tomb of Nazarick management system. To his surprise he finds Shalltear's name is still present on the console, meaning that she is alive, but her status was now under betrayal if the readings were correct, indicating that Shalltear was under the mental influence of a third party. This only serves to confuse Momonga even more as the Floor Guardian's trip from the Northern Cave and the situation with the dead Vampire Brides don't make sense.

Albedo still viewing the mirror reports that she found Shalltear in the center of the crater in a stationary position. This only begs more questions, such as why Shalltear's brainwashers would keep her where she is if they could control her. He then realizes that the brainwashing was incomplete as no orders where given to the vampire when the mental effect took hold. Seeing that Shalltear was left behind by her attackers, Momonga is furious but quickly calms down to focus on the situation. The Overlord prioritizes his thoughts, first to identify who brainwashed Shalltear, and how as the vampire should be immune to mental effects. His thoughts drift to maybe this phenomena being the result of a talent as it is an unknown power he does not fully understand.

First Momonga confirms the details with the last people who saw Shalltear: Yuri Alpha and Lupusregina Beta. Back at the Round Table, he learns that Shalltear was being accompanied with her two summons and using [Perfect Unknowable] to return back to the tomb. This tidbit of information makes Momonga wonder if Shalltear's attackers could see through Shalltear's [Perfect Unknowable] or maybe it was by accident. Albedo at his side states that even though the circumstances are still unknown on Shalltear's betrayal, they should quickly deal with it as to prevent the risk of an information leak. Her assessment makes sense and Momonga agrees, but orders her that a priority to find the culprits and brainwashing method over dealing punishment as this situation could happen again in the future. Albedo acknowledges his orders and prepares to select people to deal with the situation. However Momonga considering that a mighty being could appear, then declares that he will be moving out as well, much to Albedo's shock.

Episode 2: Unprecedented Crisis[]

As this is a unprecedented situation, Momonga insists that he accompany the investigation team. Furthermore if any of them are brainwashed, the situation will get worse.  This bringing everything they have is necessary for this mission. Albedo relents but will ensure that his safety will be taken first.

At the Amphitheater, the team is ready and has been assembled composed of Mare Bello Fiore, Cocytus in his full equipment and Albedo armored in Hermes Trismegistus. As there may be a possibility of encountering people, Momonga dons his Mask of Envy and Járngreipr to cover his face and hands. The groups sets off to Shalltear’s location by carriage. On the road Momonga ruminates on how something like this could have happened, though he convinces himself that the situation will be verified soon. From the windows of the carriage Cocytus and Mare note that they entered the foggy region of the Katze Plains.

Outside Albedo reminds her comrades to deploy their defenses and to prepare for an engagement. The four walk on foot towards the location while they take in the details on the dreary plains and it’s high concentrations of negative energy. Such a place is noted to be excellent for hiding a being like Shalltear. An Eight-Edge Assassin approaches them and reports that it has found the recent corpse of a beast. Albedo guesses it to belong to one of the wolves of Aura Bella Fiora that was lent to Shalltear. The Overseer Guardian orders that the area be blockaded before proceeding. Undead troops composed of four Death Knights appear to guard the area and the Eight-Edge Assassins report that there is no suspicious activity within range. While Momonga worries about remote monitoring, he is confident that their countermeasures are enough and with the undead, any person that enters the affected region will be detected. Taking a moment to examine one of the bodies, Mare confirms that it is indeed one of her sister's wolves. Cocytus studying the ground notes that there are traces of a fierce battle. The question begs to as who Shalltear was fighting to exert this much power and why she chose to fighting rather than retreating.

Mare using his magic detect Shalltear just ahead of the battlefield. There they find a listless stationary Shalltear. While the Eight-Edge Assassins spread out to canvas the area, Momonga calls out to the vampire to gauge a reaction. The vampire gives none as she can only react when an opponent gets to a certain distance to defend herself. However this means that whoever did this to Shalltear were unable to capture her after she was brainwashed. Albedo informs her master that they are ready to step in, but Momonga has another alternative. He reveals his Shooting Star, a Divine Item that can grant wishes by consuming experience. With it Momonga hopes that it can release Shalltear from the mental control. The item's magic is cast, but nothing happens which causes Momonga to panic and orders everyone to immediately withdraw.

The group have retreated back to Nazarick on the 1st Floor. Just as Albedo finished reporting to Momonga that no one followed them, Momonga begins kicking the stone flow in a rage. His tantrum subsides once his emotions are suppressed by his undead status. Albedo quickly begs for forgiveness for whatever affront she caused, but Momonga tells her that she is not to blame and apologizes for showing a terrible side of him. Cocytus asks his liege why he made the decision to withdraw from the field. Momonga then explains that his attempt to free Shalltear using his Divine Item class ring but it failed, which can only mean one thing. That Shalltear was mind controlled by a World Item, shocking all present. World Items are the only existences that can surpass the Guild Weapons and Divine Items and could explain why Shalltear's who is normally resistant to mind control would be affected. This leads Momonga to conclude that World Items may exist in the current world, perhaps brought by a player in the past. Cocytus asks Momonga if this attacked on Shalltear was intentional or by accident. Albedo believes it may still be too early to tell, though Momonga ponders on how much their unknown enemy knows of them. So far what they could ascertain is that no one suspicious is spying on Nazarick and Shalltear was left at where she was. Cocytus voices his opinion that the attackers may have been interrupted when the cast the mind control on Shalltear and hence it is incomplete. The hypothesis seems to match the current situation, but Momonga believes the attackers may still attempt to take advantage of the situation Nazarick is in. An order is given to Albedo to recall all Floor Guardians that are active outside of Nazarick. So far no one other than Shalltear are mentally controlled according to the master control, but he does not wish to take any chances. Momonga then tells Albedo to hurry with him to the Treasury. As the two head to their destination, a question nags at Momonga on who they are dealing with.

Elsewhere outside of Nazarick and on the road, a group is running. The spear wielding man stops running and orders the rest of his surviving comrades to rest as he believes they should be safe at this distance. After a woman with a large hat reports that there are no nearby presences, the group settle down. Exhausted from their flight from the plains, the group collapse on the ground and begin treating their wounds. So far two members of their party Beaumarchais and Cedran have been killed. Their member Kaire is also severely wounded by the spear wielding man believes that she should be fine with the application of healing magic. It turn out not to be the case as the woman in the hat finds that the wound Kaire has will not heal. An axe bearing man deduces that the wound is not normal, due to it coming from a cursed weapon and hence hindering healing magic. With multiple members of their group dead and near death, the spear wielding man believes that they only have one option, which is to return to the home country. Others in his group agree with their leader's decision. Their thoughts turn back to the vampire they encountered. Their leader thinks it might be a Dragon Lord, maybe one of the undead ones like the Vampiric Dragon Lord or the Elder Coffin Dragon Lord. But those Dragon Lords should be dead, but the woman in the hat states that the vampire they fought had strength of a Dragon Lord and besides the dragons he listed were both undead. The axe bearing man suggests they report the entity to their superiors and that they should expect to be real busy soon.

In the Treasury Momonga with Albedo, Yuri and CZ2128_Delta, the former takes the women to the location of where the guild's World Items are stored. Using magic he bypasses the poison gas by having them all fly in the air. Reaching the corridor for the deep recesses of the Treasury, Momonga explains to his subordinates of the World Items and their power and why they have the strictest security. Given the power of these items, in order to be protected against a user with a World Item, another World Item or a special job class is needed. They reach the lounge of the Treasury where they find Pandora's Actor. Momonga gives out an order to the Area Guardian, Yuri and Shizu to move treasure to the Throne Room and reminds them to be on guard for Chaos Beasts. Additionally he asks Pandora's Actor that before he heads to 10th Floor to give him his Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown as he will keep it safe until Pandora's Actor returns from the Throne Room. Pandora's Actor and the two Pleiades excuse themselves to carry Momonga's orders.

Meanwhile, Albedo and Momonga head to the Mausoleum. Albedo having been quiet is inquired by Momonga on her silence. Albedo replies that she is fine, but asks Momonga if lifting the mental control off Shalltear is possible. Momonga answers that there is a possibility, but is hesitant to use such a method. As using World Items though great in power, some have very limited uses and he is unwilling to use such trump cards. That being said Momonga asks Albedo his own question in that is he a pitiful master? Albedo thinks that he is terrible for thinking such a thing as he is wise to conserve such valuable resources given the dangers in the new world. Momonga tells her that they have only one method to free Shalltear, which is by defeating her something Momonga does not look forward to doing. To him Shalltear is like a child of a friend, but he knows that he can't leave her as she is. But that the battle is imminent with her as he hasn't leveled down. Albedo silently acknowledges her master's determination and as Overseer Guardian will take responsibility to resolve the crisis.

Episode 3: Sortie[]

Momonga with the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown addresses a meeting in the Round Table Room that not just include the Pleiades, Floor Guardians, but also the protagonist and Slimeko. He knows that they have questions as to why they were recalled but Nazarick has a pressing issue of dealing with Shalltear. The only way to do so is to defeat her, and a role he declares he must do. It was he who sent Shalltear out into the field and allowed her to end this way and thus the cause of this predicament. Demiurge interjects stating that he the fault may not be his as this situation may have been the result of his debut. He volunteers bear the responsibility in place of Momonga. Likewise Yuri tells her master that she and her sister are also to blame as they should have returned together with Shalltear even though she used [Perfect Unknowable]. Momonga however states it was he who approved the operation and as a leader who stands above them he must not impose his responsibility on them. Besides none of them in their present condition can defeat Shalltear as she surpasses all the Guardians. To minimize casualties Momonga must meet Shalltear at the battlefield.

Before he gives the order, the protagonist interjects stating that Momonga going out to face Shalltear alone could be dangerous. It could even be the enemy's aim to poke a hole in their defenses when the two are engaged in battle. Albedo agrees stating that even though Momonga is perfect, he will be dealing with Shalltear and focused on the battle, but then their enemy may take the opportunity. Demiurge thinks that this may be the enemy's way to observe Nazarick's strength, if they play into their hands then Nazarick will lose their trump cards. Furthermore Albedo warns that of Momonga takes to the field and intervene, the enemy knowing of his existence might be harder to predict. Momonga hearing all their opinions then agrees that a lot is at risk. He then turns to the protagonist and asks if her has another plan. The protagonist tells Momonga while Shalltear Bloodfallen has terrifying power and not all the NPCs have regained their levels, they can still win through strategy. Momonga asks him to elaborate on how to defeat the vampire. Moments later after listening to the homunculus's plan, the Overlord agrees that the protagonist has thought of everything from the right people to the details of Nazarick's defense. Though he thinks the plan is wonderful, it places risk on the Deputy Assistant Diplomat and asks him if he is prepared to do what is needed. Despite that the identity of their enemy is unknown, the protagonist can't deny that the attack may be related to their previous plan with Jaldabaoth, in any case he is also responsible for this turn of events and wishes to proceed. Albedo voices her agreement, speaking on behalf of the Guardians that they cannot permit Momonga to face Shalltear where an enemy has a World Item and pledges to fulfill the propose plan. Momonga is still unsure but Albedo steps forward that she understands that he cares for all of them, but to allow her to release Shalltear from her current state. Doing this is her duty as a Guardian. Hearing enough Momonga has one condition for the execution of the plan.

Some time later at the crater in the Katze Plains, the protagonist, Soi, Slimeko and Albedo stand ready. Albedo back in her armor informs her team that so far only undead seem to be present around the area and that the Eight-Edge Assassins report no suspicious activity. Though she warns even if detection is blocked and there are no people around the protagonist may need to disguise himself, but it will also confuse Shalltear. So far Shalltear is in the same position as she was when Momonga and the others came by. Before they proceed with their operation Soi leads the group to clean the area of undead.

Once the undead are eliminated from the area and their forces are in place, Albedo wants to proceed as planned. The protagonist instead wishes to open a dialogue first with Shalltear before descending to conflict. If all goes well he might be able to retrieve some information on the enemy who did this to the vampire. Despite the risk, the diplomat goes alone to talk to Shalltaer as he hopes that his non-threatening appearance will not cause her to turn aggressive. The homunculus carefully stepped towards the mind controlled Floor Guardian, making sure to not to make any threatening moves. Eventually he gets close enough that Shalltear registers his presence and casually greets him as if it was any other day. The homunculus returns the greetings while Slimeko and Albedo watch from afar, the Overseer Guardian being vigilant for the slightest hint of danger. When Shalltear asks her colleague why he is here, the latter informs her that he was ordered to bring her back by the master they both serve. The Floor Guardian informs him that they serve different masters, clearing showing that there is a discrepancy in her mind of her loyalties. The protagonist presses the question on who is her current master now, but Shalltear is unable to come up with an answer as her memory is missing. She still refuses to return with the homunculus and dares him to try.

The protagonist seeing that negotiations have broken down and his fruitless attempt at information gathering then signals Albedo to initiate the operation. Albedo happy to start is ready to "guide" her fallen colleague and calls out a challenge to Shalltear who readily accepts as she she feels this is destiny to fight her superior.

Episode 4: War Begins[]

A troop of undead warrior composed of Death Knights Approach Shalltear. The undead are all line in an orderly fashioned as arranged without gaps by the protagonist to turn them into a phalanx. Shalltear unimpressed by the formation casts attack magic on the troop. The summons take the magic attack but still march to the vampire in formation. Despite getting attacked by the vampire with her claws the undead keep their defensive lines. Behind them archers at the rear at the protagonist's command begin firing volleys of arrows at the Floor Guardian. The projectiles are a mere annoyance to the vampire, and thinks that the homunculus planned this poorly as a commander. But then several explosions happen right at her feet. Originally thinking it was magic and yet no magic casters are in sight see spots that the explosions are coming from spears that are also being shot at her. Determining that they are magical throwing spears she tries to charge at the phalanx only to get hit by more explosions. The barrage keeps up she realizes the damages will accumulate on her and attacks again with magic, killing the undead in the phalanx knocking back the archers.

The ground suddenly shakes and the earth hits Shalltear who surmises it to be an [Earth Surge] from Mare who is hiding somewhere. Being disadvantage on the ground, Shalltear takes to the air believing she should be safe and is proven wrong when an explosion hits her. Albedo calling her from below that they took ever precaution following the protagonist's plan. Shalltear sees that the protagonist created a strategy was looking ahead at her actions for this battle, but is confounded that the diplomat is skilled in fighting. As she wonders where he learned this trick, Shalltear has a flashback of her dueling in the Amphitheater in her armor and recalls a vague but familiar person there as well teaching her to anticipate and prepare for her enemy's behavior.

Back in the present Shalltear now on the ground wonders who that person who was teaching her was but decides to concentrate on the battle. A pack of wolves appear and the protagonist orders them to attack. The vampire annoyed at the beasts sees that they were trained by Aura who Shalltear suspects is lurking about. Engaging the pack she slaughters them but more wolves take their place which she again rips them apart. She suddenly feels an uneasy sensation. At first ignoring to focus on her canine opponents the feeling grows stronger. After taking a look at her surroundings she finds that she is now alone with the protagonist having vanished. Frustrated Shalltear heart beings racing and a sudden realization dawns on her as she knows what the protagonist is planning.

Episode 5: Impulse[]

Shalltear sees that the protagonist is conserving his forces magical power, hence why he has been instead using the wolf packs to attack her. She curses that it was the protagonist's plan all along to make her, as the blood from the slain wolves are distracting her. Before she can blow away all the blood in the area, the protagonist orders more wolves to attack forcing the vampire to defend herself and causing more blood to be shed. The scent of blood triggers a change in Shalltear and shifts into her True Vampire form. This is part of the protagonist as even though Shalltear is deadly in this form, this is a crucial moment as his forces have a small window to further weaken her while her mind is bestial. In combination to the wolf packs, Mare sends another [Earth Surge] attack on her. The attack gets her attention causing the vampire to target the commanders and run at them. Albedo opts to intercept but is stop by the protagonist who sends out more wolves to harass her. The blood spilled from the wolves causes Shalltear to cease using reason to form her tactics, becoming more aggressive and hungry. The three Nazarick agents seeing this to be dangerous then send out the undead to stop her, but she rips through them to get to her targets. Albedo buys them more time and uses [Walls of Jericho] to contain Shalltear and Mare does another [Earth Surge].

The vampire seeing that she is being pushed back then uses [Brillant Radiance] on herself. The spell purifies her long enough to pierce her body. The self-infliction causes her to snap out of her bloodlust and return her back into her normal humanoid form. Thinking more clearly Shalltear casts the wolves in her way with magic instead of clawing through them, breaking their bodies to prevent them from spilling blood to confuse her. The fallen Floor Guardian deduces that the mastermind is the protagonist's doing and that he needs to be eliminated to break the strategy. This in mind, she armors up with her Spuit Lance.

Meanwhile Momonga in a carriage watches the battle with Demiurge and Aura. He surmises that the protagonist plan was to use weak undead and Aura's wolves to exhaust Shalltear. The plan is deemed to be pretty good by his standards, which Demiurge agrees as this way the vampire would be weak enough for the other Floor Guardians to handle and come out with minimal losses. Momonga is impressed that the protagonist, as even though he homunculus was known to have diplomatic skills, he also possesses military knowledge that he is comfortable with in putting into practice. Aura has a report to Momonga and informs her master that summons on all sides of the carriage indicate no interlopers in sight. Demiurge speaks the same is true for the surroundings of Nazarick. Though nothing appears to be amiss are ordered to keeping monitoring the areas as Momonga resumes watching the battle against

Episode 6: Clash[]

Despite Shalltear being with her armor, Slimeko hopes that they exhausted her enough, but the protagonist doubts it will be easy. Shalltear casts [Greater Lethal] to restore her physical strength, while it does not fully restore her Albedo warns that it will be more difficult to weaken Shalltear again. The protagonist notes that their opponent isn't just any enemy, but the strongest of all the Floor Guardians. So far his team were holding well by working together in conjunction, if otherwise they would have been defeated long ago. The only thing they can do is continue to stand together to fight the vampire. The vampire confirms that the homunculus is the focal point for all the attacks, hence why he has so much protection. She then aims to break through his bodyguards to get to the protagonist. Likewise the protagonist anticipates Shalltear to attack to get to him, and predicts she will target Mare first as to avoid Albedo's defensive wall. Shalltear raises her weapon and prepares to collide with her former allies.

Meanwhile in the innermost part of the Slane Theocracy, several individuals are discussing the report from the Black Scripture and their encounter with the enemy they just fought. Multiple members of the Scripture have died and they lost the user of their trump card at what the members of the council believe is a considerable threat. Some ideas are thrown out that it could be an existence that is related to the events of the world or even a Dragon Lord. One of the members believe that they should confirm what they are dealing with but advises that they use their field agents as remote viewing could be dangerous. Their are concerns that this new enemy is powerful enough to take measures against detection, and if so the Theocracy is in trouble. With the state of the world and their attempts to deal with the many changes, having an increase in enemies is the last thing they want. A plan is proposed to send someone who would have no issue if their identity is exposed, like a foreign lackey who is good at stealth. Cardinal Raymond silently wonders if the mighty undead that appeared following the attack on E-Rantel, as anything to do with the world's Catastrophe. If anything is certain something big is happening and their nation has a role to play.

Back at the crater in the Katze Plains, Albedo and Mare tense up when they await who Shalltear will attack. As the Overseer Guardian raises 3F, Shalltear casts [Summon Monster 10th] and summons several vampire wolves and bats. The protagonist immediately orders his allies to attack. The two Floor Guardians fight against the summons, but Shalltear strikes at Albedo who successfully blocks her. Albedo smirking that Shalltear is unable to pass her, ends with a surprise when the vampire attacks her with a Purifying Javelin. In the clash, Albedo is injured but despite her armor being broken continues to fight. The vampire gets the drop on Albedo by appearing behind her and stabbing her in the back, causing Albedo to drop to her knees. The Overseer Guardian refuses to admit defeat which Shalltear responds by summoning her Einherjar and have it fight Albedo.

With the demon busy fighting her double, Shalltear turns to direct her attention towards the protagonist and the others. Soi attempts to block her but the undercover Pleiades is batted away with little effort. Mare then goes to stop her himself and Shalltear thinking little of him throws an attack at him. To her shock he blocks the attack using a pair of gauntlets. Seeing that the item strengthen Mare by using her own attack, the Floor Guardian theorizes it to be at least a Divine Item. Despite him being armed with such a power, Shalltear doesn't give Mare a second chance to use it against her. She cuts the distance between them and slashes in close proximity. Mare is hurt but refuses to fall and casts [Earth Surge] to create a barrier between her and him. Mare tries to give a fight against Shalltear but its obvious to his opponent that he is not proficient enough to use his new weapon. Mare is defeated Shalltear targets the protagonist with the aim to end the battle.

Before she reaches the homunculus, she is dealt with two sword slashes on her body. The attacks comes from Cocytus dress in his full battle regalia. He proceeds to attack the fallen Floor Guardians with a barrage of sword swipes drawing blood. Though injured the vampire smiles and her wounds regenerate through Time Inverse and launches a counterattack at the 5th Floor Guardian with Impure Shockwave Shield. Cocytus is weaken by the attack and Shalltear gloats to the protagonist this is her victory. In response to her declaration the protagonist tells her that it was going all according to plan. Suddenly the world around Shalltear changes and she is transported to a environment of purple mist. Confused and lost at her surroundings, she hears a voice that welcomes her.

Episode 7: Date[]

Momonga thanks the protagonist for keeping Shalltear busy. Not that they have established no third party is intervening, the protagonist's plan to reduce Shalltear's power and isolate her has worked with minimal sacrifices. Turning his attention to Shalltear he asks the vampire if they could move to another location in the area as he wants to ensure the homunuclus does not get hurt in the crossfire. The Floor Guardian obliges and the two move to a little ways in the strange world. Momonga then explains to Shalltear the reason why he wanted to fight her with his own hands. Previously in the Round Table Room when the plan to defeat Shalltear was proposed by the protagonist, the Overlord presented his condition for accepting the plan, which was being the one to execute Shalltear. His subordinates as why Momonga would want to request this which he tells them that as the leader of Nazarick it should be him. Anyone who looks high over a predicament and not participant should not be qualified as a leader. And on a personal note he does not wish for his friends children to kill each other.

Shalltear realizes that the space they are in is all part of a trap for her. Momonga elaborates that it is the work of Depiction of Nature and Society that can isolate a space. Momonga reminds her that this was one of the promises he made to Shalltear to get to spend some time alone with him. Though he apologizes for the circumstances even though the vampire can't remember clearly of such a promise. The two then prepare to battle, intending to take one another's lives and not holding back. Shalltear takes the first move and charges at Momonga who protects himself with [Wall of Skeleton]. He follows up with a spell of [Thousand Bone Lance] and impales Shalltear. Angered she strikes him only for him to be protected by a barrier. He uses this to his advantage and casts [Nuclear Blast] and [Obsidian Sword]. The vampire finds that her magic is almost running dry all thanks to the protagonist and his allies whittling her down in the previous battles. Her weaken state cause Momonga to ask if she is giving up, which makes her charge at in. The Overlord strike her with two [Reality Slashes]. The vampire still persists and charges leading him to use [Call Greater Thunder]. The lightning stuns her briefly but the vampire refuses to be defeated or retreat and only desires for her enemy to be eliminated.

Momonga watching her struggle sees that Shalltear's reason for attacking her brainwashers rather than withdrawing was to eliminate a possible threat. He laments that the Floor Guardians was trying to protect Nazarick in the end only to end up as a pawn. He continues his assault and uses [True Dark] and [Gravity Maelstrom]. Shalltear breaks the spells on her and continues to approach her former master and throws everything into one last blow. To her utmost shock her lance pierces Momonga. Its revealed that he intentionally permitted as he casts his final spell [Fallen Down]. And with that a white light engulfs Shalltear as Momonga asks for his child's friend to sleep for awhile.

Somewhere else, Enhela Read Gahi learns from a member of the Sunlight Scripture that covert investigation found no traces of the entity encountered by the Black Scripture. Enhela frustrated by this development wonders if the entity was either captured or killed. He quickly calms down and orders his subordinate to not to make any careless movements. Alone he thinks that the unknown party who caused the vampire's disappearance could possibly be an enemy of the undead. And if it's not just a coincidence that such a threat appeared following the recent attack on E-Rantel.

In the Great Tomb of Nazarick on the 10th Floor in the Throne Room the Floor Guardians and Momonga gather for Shalltear's revival. Seeing their pained expressions of losing a comrades, Momonga being the leader focuses on being serious in this situation. After Albedo informs him that everything is ready, he activates the resurrection magic. So far from the resurrection experiment his conducted there have been no problems, but expects that there will be a penalty just like when the collapse of Nazarick happened. However he is unsure if revival will break the effects of the World Item cast on Shalltear. The magic is activated and a bright light spreads through the Throne Room, after which a fully clothed Shalltear appears slowly waking up. So far from what Momonga can observe on the master control Shalltear is no longer mind control, but to be sure of everything else he asks her if she knows who he is. Shalltear states that of course she remembers the one she loves, annoying Albedo who sarcastically wonders if the revived Floor Guardian is speaking correctly. When Shalltear is questioned on if she recalls what happened to her, the vampire states she does not. Albedo seeing Shalltear has some memory loss, advises they ease Shalltear with the situation of the past events.

After being told of her actions, Shalltear collapses on her knees in disbelief, ashamed that she would do something so horrendous. The other female Guardians pity the vampire, even Albedo allowing Shalltear to be humbled by her predicament. Momonga tells Shalltear to rest for now as he knows everything is a lot to take in. He gives his thanks to the protagonist for helping them defeta Shalltear without sacrifices which the homunculus states he was merely doing his duty. Even though they got through such an ordeal and Shalltear avoided serious leveling down due to perhaps her accumulated experience, the problem remains who the enemy is. Demiurge states that the enemy did not immediately ambush them when Nazarick attacked Shalltear. Albedo notes that the fight in the Kazte Plains may have prevented Shalltear from being fully turned against Nazarick. It seems that Nazarick dodged a serious bullet, and Momonga warns that there new enemy is the holder of a World Item. As long as they are out there somewhere, all field operations for Nazarick must be done with the utmost caution and an investigation of the incident will be continuous. Likewise the protagonist believes that his position will be more critical in using the human resources for Nazarick's aim and to find out the truth.

Later Momonga now alone in his office, siting at his desk, recalls Shalltear's face when she was revived and informed of her crime. he curses and slams his fist on the table, vowing to 'reward' those responsible with their weight of sin they committed.



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