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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Mass For The Dead Chapter 12

Leader of Mankind (人類の導き手) is the twelfth main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on January 1, 2021.[1]

Main Summary[]

E-Rantel, which overcame the crisis, was being revived.

The protagonist and the group at the forefront of the reform are working to resolve the incident, establish a new system――

Full Summary[]

Episode 1: New Section[]

After some time passed since the attack of the Chaos Beasts and demons, the environment surrounding E-Rantel has drastically changed. These changes include the completion of the Fourth Wall of the city, development of new plots of land, settlement of the refugees and recruitment of labor, etc. With the heart of those initiatives being none other than the protagonist. The homunculus standing with his two companions, Surako and Soi observe the activities in the fourth wall. Enjoying the spectacular sight the trio marvel at the progress made in E-Rantel, especially now thanks to Sebas Tian who's work led to a common sight of humans and demi-humans working together in the new area. The new agricultural land in the fourth wall is being worked upon by goblins, ogres and humans alike. As a plus the motivation of the human laborers, who were once fearful refugees, are correspondingly high due to the safe haven of their new home. The population is still increasing and the protagonist would not be surprised if the development continues.

The trio watch the workers take a break for lunch. Standing by the food distributor, the laborers respectfully greet the protagonist as they come for their meal. Using rations stolen from the raid by Demiurge's demons on E-Rantel, the protagonist uses the supplies to gain favor of the laborers who already have a great deal of support to him. After accepting the thanks and well wishes of the people, the three adventurers are paid a visit by Saint Clementine. The saint having a strong trust the people as well as her skills in the demonic turmoil, was promoted to become the new section manager of the fourth wall. When she is congratulated by the protagonist, Clementine while grateful for the new vocation is rather humble on her promotion, as her mission since coming to E-Rantel was to help the refugees and give back. In her new role as administrator Clementine hopes to create a place where people in need can live with peace of mind. Surako finds the idea to be wonderful and asks if there are any difficulties in her role, which the saint responds that there are a few people need to be cared for because of the previous attack. However in spite of the tragedy, the demons' attack has actually be beneficial as now several residents have volunteered to be active in the defense of the city, bolstering the number of the city guards to protect their new home. Even though there has been a withdrawal of knights from the Imperial Army, with the participation from volunteers and demi-humans the city was still able to secure enough troops to guard the Fourth Wall.

The group are soon joined by an ogre and two goblins, when Soi asks how the communal life among the residents are. Clementine replies that people were initially frighten about working with demi-humans but that has since unraveled as it has been replaced by a heighten common good. The Fourth Wall has now become a gathering place for a wide variety of races where all cultures are accepted. A armored goblin soon approaches, who the protagonist remembers his name to be Jugem and the leader his goblin unit that were named after goblin heroes to help supervise the new wall. In truth their appearance in E-Rantel is no mistake as the protagonist had requested to gain access of a few magic items from Momonga which resulted in the goblin unit's involvement in the city's affairs. He engages with Jugem in a conversation, asking how his training has progressed as well as his adjustment to the new equipment he possess. The goblin leader answers that training and his equipment are doing well, but states that actual combat would be nice. Drawing his blade he asks for a chance to fight to show them his strength and calls for the ogre and two goblins to demonstrate with him.

Once the bout is done, Jugem and his comrades thank the protagonist admitting they still have much training to do before leaving to resume their duties. Clementine time having observed the duel comments that the people with different racial background working together is beginning to create a foundation for a new society, and that his ideal of an "open city" will soon come to fruition which she will continue to support. The protagonist now alone with Surako and Soi then turns to another obligation, attending a very meeting with a certain person. However the forefront of his mind is to continue the development of E-Rantel into a cornerstone of an ideal model and reminds himself that he must do so with responsibility. Reflecting briefly on Momonga he convinces himself that this decision is his choice.

Episode 2: Determination[]

Going back a bit in the past----those that participated in the raid operation of E-Rantel gathered in the Round Table Room before Momonga. Those included in the meeting are the protagonist, Pandora's Actor, Shalltear Bloodfallen, Slimeko, Demiurge, and Albedo. Demiurge leading the meeting gives a salute to the Supreme One, highlight that the operation was entirely built from his conspiracy and commenting that the staged act could not have been done any better. In contrast, Momonga feels that the entire operation was a bit of overkill and never anticipating that Demiurge would plan something so bold and wished that there was a better way. These though are kept to himself as Momonga does not wish betray the feelings of the NPCs and chastise their success so he goes along with the mood and praises the operation. The NPCs absorb the adulation from the Supreme Being. Momonga admits that it was a good strategy to use the Chaos Beasts to attack E-Rantel to force the Tripartite Alliance to reveal each nations' strengths. In addition Demiurge acting as a solution to the countries dilemma to help them wipe out the monsters put less risk on Nazarick. Not that the operation is done, Nazarick was able to grasp the scope of strength of each of the three nations. As a plus they managed to weed out some of the more troublesome individuals in advance. Everyone played their parts was expected, from Demiurge leading the operation, Shalltear agitating the Chaos Beasts, and Pandora's Actor impersonating the protagonist. Even the success of the plan would not have been possible for the protagonist's role to become the focal point of interest for all three nations. The words from Momonga give the protagonist the greatest honor. A question is brought up by Momonga on the condition of the protagonist's vocal chords as they were removed by a Lip Bug to be used and equipped by Pandora's Actor. Though the process was painful, the protagonist has no regrets in doing his part to make Pandora's Actor's disguise of him more complete. The pain as he says was a small price to pay, noting that healing magic has allowed him to recover from the ordeal. Still Momonga reminds him to be careful and to refrain from using his life so carelessly and gives the same warning to the others in the room.

Momonga returns back to the meeting and allows Demiurge to continue his report. With the protagonist having "saved" E-Rantel, it has garnered him greater attention, making the public think that he is suitable to be adamantite ranked which in turn will skyrocket his reputation further. But being in the spotlight leads to the risk of being targeted by those with wicked feelings. This of course is negligible as it will afford the homunculus an easier time to maneuver in human society. Momonga calls that the success of the operation has led Nazarick to come one step closer in effectively controlling the Tripartite Alliance and thus expanding Nazarick's activities to allow them to move toward resolving the incidents of the Cracks. There is still the possibility that taking control of the Alliance will expose Nazarick to more threats but Momonga believes that they just need to be more careful.

At this time Momonga opens the floor to reward his hard working subordinates for their efforts. Pandora's Actor raising his voice wishes to be allowed for more opportunities to play an active role outside the dungeon which Momonga will consider when the time is right. For Shalltear, some time alone with Momonga will suffice her, on which the Overlord is flustered by her desire but will think on it, avoiding a potential argument between Albedo and Shalltear. Demiurge for his reward wishes to be given permission to use the territory of the Roble Holy Kingdom to further strengthen Nazarick's power as he hopes to use the area in anticipation of expanding the scope of their actives, by using it as a source of resources and a place to conduct experiments. The request is approved by Momonga who is glad that at least one of his minions have accepted to take a reward, after may declines in the past and sees the acceptance as a sign of Demiurge's growth.

To reward the driving force of the operation at E-Rantel, Momonga asks the protagonist what he wishes for. The protagonist who desires to create an ideal system for Momonga, now that he has become the focal point of the Tripartite Alliance wants to be be allowed to remain outside of Nazarick. The request shocks all those in the Round Table and the protagonist receives a cold tense stare. Albedo stunned by the protagonist's wish demands what he means. Momonga takes over the questioning curious as to why the protagonist would want to stay outside of Nazarick asks the protagonist to explain himself. The protagonist tells his colleagues and master that his tenure away is for the benefit of Nazarick. Noting that he lacks the power like Shalltear to drive away Chaos Beasts, the scheming of Demiurge, or the administration skills of Albedo, the protagonist believes that instead he should use his strength to earn the trust of the humans and do diplomacy. In his belief by deepening his knowledge and building a foothold in the outside world it will surely lead to the interests of Nazarick. Additionally the next summit meeting is approaching for the Tripartite Alliance and will be when the administration rights of E-Rantel will be transferred. When that happens, it would be best if he stays out in the field and prepare a system to manage the resources of E-Rantel for Nazarick. The idea is a little surprising to be coming from an NPC born in Nazarick by Momonga, especially since he wants to work outside his own area to be a full-time diplomat. Still the bold request proves to Momonga that the protagonist is experiencing growth. Momonga asks if there are no objections to those in the room. None speak out, and thus Momonga permits the request, though he adds several conditions such as being kept in the loop on decisions of importance and to keep a regular report.

Just as Momonga gives his approval, Albedo interjects that she wishes to go outside of Nazarick. Her abrupt demand puts Momonga in an emotional shock, but after he recovers Albedo informs him that as Overseer Guardian it is her duty to observe the activity of the protagonist. Since the Tripartite Alliance summit is approaching, a place where representatives of the nations gather, her appearance there is only appropriate. There she reasons that the cause of the incident will be discussed but since Momonga cannot attend Albedo will take his place noting that her negotiating skills will be useful. She does not allow Momonga to refuse her pressuring him to give her permission, essentially forcing her way into the diplomatic mission with the protagonist. Since there will be a signing between nations, Momonga grants her permission to attend the summit but makes her bring several Eight-Edge Assassins as an escort.

Much later, the protagonist and his friends wait to rendezvous with someone at the Fourth Wall. Said someone turns out to be Albedo who is dressed in a regal outfit at the protagonist's suggestion. Albedo is excited as this will be her first mission outside Nazarick thus making her complete as a woman. As the protagonist guides the Overseer Guardian into the city, Albedo notes that she will have to instruct him on how to properly address her due to her station. While walking in the city, Albedo realizes that she needs a proper title to represent their faction, as her title of Overseer Guardian might not be understood by outsiders. Her suggestion in giving her the title as queen, draws shock at the audacity but Albedo tells them it was a joke, as she has along journey to go before she claims that title. Instead Albedo decides to use the suitable title of Prime Minister. The four are about to reach the inner wall of the city, when Albedo notices that there are not many demi-humans in the central part of the city compared to the new section. The protagonist admits that the racial cultural exchange in the Fourth Wall is in the trial operation stage, and Albedo sees that the protagonist is gradually allowing the rest of E-Rantel's citizens to get used to having demi-humans live amongst them as a few humans may still have prejudices as well as religious faiths that go against such races. Still coexistence with demi-humans is progressing no doubt thanks to the attack on E-Rantel by Demiurge, thus allowing the populace to follow the protagonist's lead and quiet the dissenting voices.

The group encounters an ogre passing by who recognized the protagonist and greets him. When he see Albedo, thinking her to be a new immigrants tries to casually greet her. Surako and Soi are horrified at the interaction as the ogre was not aware he was speaking to a dignitary of another country and most of all not knowing Albedo's personality. Albedo calmly states that the ogre is lucky that she is in a good mood, but warns him that next time she attempts to greet her in such a disrespectful way she will not hesitate to give him a lesson he will not forget. Her statement sends the ogre in fear, which the protagonist apologizes and thanks him for his cooperation before hastily escorting Albedo away and promising next time that he will further educate the other people in the city of who she is as. With that the group head to the meeting venue.

Episode 3: Signing[]

At the summit venue of the Tripartite Alliance, the protagonist's group having been allowed to pass through security are given a warm welcome by Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix. The emperor of the Baharuth Empire wishes to do the honor of guiding the protagonist to the summit chamber. Surako notes the strange smile on Jircniv which she views as way too bright for his usual self. Jircniv notices Surako's dumb-folded expression asks if there is anything wrong, but after hearing her confusion on his happiness, he explains that he now sleeps better these days. Before being saved by the protagonist he used to exhaust his nerves, but that was before when he thought he was humanity's champion. After experiencing such a huge loss he realizes how absurd he was and feels unburden by the responsibility and thanks the protagonist for giving him a new lease on life. This leaves Albedo rather impressed at how the protagonist's influence has affected a sovereign of a nation after he saved his life.

The emperor take them to the summit chambers where Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself, King Ramposa III, Cardinal Raymond Zarg Lauransan and Vice Pontifex Maximus Enhela Read Gahi are waiting. Despite the protagonist coming late, the princess and king greet the adventurer and his friends warmly, which is noted by Raymond on how much the protagonist's position has risen in not only the Baharuth Empire but also the Re-Estize Kingdom since he played a major role in saving the city. His eyes are drawn to the new face in the room, Albedo. Albedo then introduces herself as the Prime Minister of the protagonist's home country. Albedo's position impresses the cardinal on the adventurer's importance on a national level, but he sees that she is not human. Curious he inquires if the country they hail from is like the Argland Council State where non-humans govern. Albedo diplomatically replies to the cardinal that their nation is one where powerful people have gathered under a benevolent monarch, just like E-Rantel is now a collection of different nations and races. The change in social atmosphere in E-Rantel is noted by Enhela as the current system cannot be influence by the Slane Theocracy and yet it is also impossible to deny its effectiveness as the reconstruction of the city has progressed so quickly at a startling pace. Raymond thanks her for clarifying about her nation.

Ramposa III then takes the opportunity to start the summit talks, announcing that ever since the invasion of the Chaos Beasts it has now become clear that the existing policies of the Tripartite Alliance cannot respond effectively to such a crisis. As they all know E-Rantel has adopted new measures----such as the construction of the Fourth Wall, development of new plans, and expansion of defense capabilities. The great results they achieved in such a short period of time was all due to the cooperation of the demi-humans who were brought to the table thanks to the protagonist. Based on the results so far, Ramposa III would like to discuss the future management system as the main topic of the summit. He immediately suggest that the Alliance allows the protagonist's nation to participate in operating E-Rantel. Jircniv readily agrees to the proposal by the king, though Raymond is mute on the opinion. Ramposa III continues on that the protagonist has showed outstanding ability as an adventurer, but also after the incident showed great talent in managing the city in part of the support by his own country. He argues that if the Alliance allows the protagonist's country to participate on a national level, the defense for E-Rantel will be even stronger.

Enhela then takes a moment to speak, stating that giving such national power to the protagonist is a considerable move. However before anything is signed, Enhela would like to ask a hypothetical question, in that where people have that much power, and the ambition to take full control of the city who would be able to prevent it. A deterrent for such a scenario should be prepared to avoid such an abuse of power. Albedo then steps in to answer that Enhela's nation advocates human supremacy, so it would only be natural for him to be wary of her nation. However in this era where villages, cities and nations are collapsing, it does not seem to be realistic for humanity to deal with it alone. The only way for this predicament to be overcome is unless people from different backgrounds cooperate with each other beyond the boundaries of race. As a reminder the Tripartite Agreement was created to bring cooperation between people from different lands, that being said should her people's participation fall in line with the Alliance's philosophy? Her words and reasoning bring only silence from the priest. The protagonist also adds that the Slane Theocracy could add as a deterrent to his nation's influence, however he reminds them that their purpose is to resolve the incident of the Cracks. While they will participate in the operation of the city, they will not manage everything. He promises the following: the establishment of a system that will allow efficiency to resolve any issues, activities will be transparent to the public, and their assurance that if there is a problem discovered or a breach, the Alliance would be well within to rescind their agreement. While Enhela was unable to gleam any useful information on the protagonist's nation's true agenda, and seeing that the Theocrcay's reaction was calculated from the start, Enhel accepts the terms withdrawing his objection but secretly plans to use other sources to gain intel.

A question is raised from Raymond on the name of the protagonist's and Albedo's country. The protagonist having prepared for this moment tells the gathered leaders that his nation is called the Sorcerer Kingdom. To the Alliance representatives, the protagonist elaborates that his country refrained with interacting with other nations to prevent leaks in magical knowledge but.....with the unprecedented disaster, the Sorcerer Kingdom has changed their policy. While the story makes sense to Raymond, he feels that it is not quite the whole truth. However two of the three nations are willing to throw their support to the protagonist to manage E-Rantel. A new title is needed for the adventurer now that he bears a heavy responsibility. Princess Renner makes the suggestion of naming the protagonist Territory Guardian of E-Rantel. Once the title and the arrangement by having the protagonist installed as the reigning leader of E-Rantel is in place, Albedo signs the agreement solidifying it. Not wishing to dawdle the protagonist makes good on his promise for the changes he promised by starting them immediately. After his departure, the leaders of the Kingdom and Empire look on in hope that the development of the city will continue with great progress and speed. Renner as well is pleased with the transfer of administration as it has now relieved the Kingdom of such a burden.

Elsewhere in Valencia Palace in the Royal Capital, not everyone is pleased by the city's transfer to the Sorcerer Kingdom. Crown Prince Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself having learned of the relinquishment of the city from a soldier, fumes over what he sees as an idiotic move by his father. To him to allow a city that once belonged under the control of the royal family to operate as an independent country is a sign of weakness. Believing his sister Renner and brother Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself are responsible for this, while he was "guarding" the capital, and thinks them to be useless for letting it happen, worrying that soon the country will be given away.

Episode 4: Inspection[]

Out in the streets of E-Rantel, Surako and Soi congratulate the protagonist on his advancement to Territory Guardian of E-Rantel. To the protagonist while the title is vastly different from what he started out in Nazarick, it is still a heavy responsibility and will strive to do his beast. Surako asks what they will do to get started. To answer that the homunculus informs his partner that there are three main things to do: 1) Maintain E-Rantel as their base of operation. 2) Promote research on the Incident. 3) Check on the operations of the research institute on the Incident.

The development of E-Rantel has advanced so far, such as the construction of the Fourth Wall, the new section and the reinforcement of the defense system. So that leaves to check in on supporting research and operations for the research institute. The protagonist then heads to do an inspection at said facility. The destination which the protagonist take his friends to turns out to be E-Rantel's Cemetery. Surako confused as to why they are in this location is nervous, an only is told by the protagonist that he will explain once they get to to where they need to be. Surako hopes that they soon pass through quickly. The group encounter several skeletons, which Soi believes have been increasing due to the number of recent deaths from the raid on the city. The trio dispose of the undead, but one manages to get behind Surako. Luckily she is saved from being attacked when a [Fireball] turns the skeleton to ash. Nfirea Bareare appears from the darkness and greets the protagonist. Surako surprised to see the pharmacist in a place like this asks what he is doing here, to which the boy states that he was just wandering around to organize his thoughts. Nfirea then leads the adventurers to a mausoleum, which he opens a tombstone that leads to a series of steps underground. Surako seeing it realizes this is the way to Zurrernorn's former base. Inside they are shown an underground laboratory and Nfirea formally introduces himself as the Director of the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute.

He explains that the protagonist had approached him at his home in the past to take the role as head of this new research facility. Initially he declined as he desired to focus on his own research to take his revenge on the Chaos Beasts. When the protagonist asks if what he can allow Nfirea to achieve not only his own research and produces a red potion. Nfirea upon seeing is astonished that the protagonist would have something like that in his possession, recognizing it as God's Blood. The item was enough to secure Nfirea's acceptance of the position of Director. And since then he was provided with useful supplies such as valuable potions and magic items by the protagonist to develop the research institute.

Surako is still perplexed as to why they put the research facility in the former base of a death cult in the middle of a graveyard. Nfirea then tells his guests that the research institute has a three level floor structure that extends underground. On the first floor magic items are mainly studied like chemicals that eliminate miasma contamination. Sadly such chemicals have yet to be be developed, but as a by-product of Nfirea's attempt to create a serum to eliminate contamination he managed to create a new potion with increased healing power. He displays a purple solution in a vial as the hallmark of his efforts. And while the potion is still inferior to the one Nfirea received from the protagonist, there is still the need for more more effective potions. Soi points out that the incident of destruction of the Warrior Troop is a good example of this as the warrior fell due to the lack of healing agents. With the development of this new potion hopefully it will reduce the wear and tear of soldiers in defensive battles against Chaos Beasts. To Nfirea having the soldiers at optimal health would promote his desire to assist in eradicating the Chaos Beasts and thus the potion is worth producing.

The pharmacist then leads the adventurers to the next level. Despite the refurbishment of the crypt, Surako is still unsettled by the fact that this was the home of a secret society. She nearly gives herself a heart attack when she spots a wolf-type Chaos Beast. However she calms down after seeing that it is caged. Nfirea explains that the second floor deals into research conducted on Chaos and Contaminated Beasts. Due to the danger the monsters pose, the institute has strict security measure. The cemetery is also the reason why the institute is situated there so that in an unlikely event of an accident it will not spread out into the city. Plus thanks to the passages ways it allows not only corpses to be brought into the cemetery but dangerous creatures for their experiments.

Several skeleton appear on the floor, which Nfirea states that it is due to the influx of negative energy that is floating around so undead occasionally rise in the research institute. The adventurers quickly dispatch the undead. Though Surako thinks this to be a dangerous place, Nfirea believes that the laboratory has its merits. By allowing the undead to fight the Chaos Beasts in the facility, it allows Nfirea to observe the process of their injuries and the extent of damage is required before they turn into Chaos Stones. Since it the undead spring naturally, there is always a supply of test subjects to use against the specimens. This worries Surako that thinking is less of a researcher and one more inclined toward obsession. Soi notices another type of creature in the lab, a Green Slime and asks what is it doing here. The pharmacist explains that the slimes belongs to Sophie Noia who acts as the administrator of the staff and is used in her experiments as well as acting as her pet. Despite her unique hobbies, Nfirea states that her abilities are genuine, citing the development of a successful trap that was useful in the defense battle of the city. Surako notes that the slime-lover is not any where present. Nifrea explains that his colleague is currently out to retrieve her trap and to do an on-site verification.

At the same time in the Quarry, Sophie is directing her subordinates to collect her slimes in the Melting Pot. She also intends to collect any remains of the victims for study to determine their exact state of their condition. To ensure safety she reminds the workers to take care as she used contaminated mucilage to strengthen the acid of the slimes, warning them to wear their acid-resistant equipment. The Melting Pot had activated as intended during the Chaos Beast attack, but something worrisome troubles Sophie. One of her subordinates brings over a slime retrieved from the trap. The researcher examining the slime sees that the creature's luster and size are not so different from before and neither is their any change in acid strength. According to her calculations the trap should have melted all the Chaos Beasts and everyone in it. Yet there are reports that hundreds of Chaos Beasts escaped the trap without succumbing to the acid. So far from what she can tell there was no dilution of the acid as no groundwater seepage was found. She is perplexed why her cultivated slimes failed to do their task. However she finds an anomaly when she takes a look at the proportion of contaminated solids and uncontaminated mucilage making her wonder what is going on.

Back at the research institute, Nfirea is moving to the third floor with the adventurers. The way to the next level is pitch black which causes Surako to be nervous of her surroundings. The slime detects a looming presence in front of them, causing her to panic. The figure though greets them exclaiming that he has been waiting for them. Appearing out of the shadows, it is none other than Fluder Paradyne with wild eyes. Disturbed by his behavior, Surako asks the old man to reign in his excitement. Fluder apologizes as he lost himself as he had be anticipating the protagonist's arrival. Surako and Soi are confused at the old man's desperation to see their comrade, and Soi asks if he wants a rematch to get even. Sadly Fluder declines as he is busy with research. The undercover slimes are surprised to find out that Fluder works at the institute. He explains that the protagonist had invited him and he wanted to make himself useful as his previous position was in a difficult place. As of now he longer needs to stand beside the emperor of his nation. Forgoing the details of his relationship with his liege, Fluder has stated he thrown in his support to help Nfirea in his magic research work. Nfirea vouches for Fluder as the magical knowledge of Fluder has been an asset and the two are seen to be made of the same cloth.

Looking around at their surroundings, Surako deduces that they are at the inner sanctum of the Zurrernorn though it lacks the refurbishment like the other floors. Fluder states very little was needed, to alter the original nature of the place. Though it was originally used to collect negative energy, Fluder instead has converted it for his specific purposes. On the subject of his research, which is the highest priority for the institute, Nfirea then releases a mechanism that loosens some chains. Out of the shadows in the edge of the chamber, a chained feral Gazef Stronoff rises. Gazef upon seeing the group attempts to lunge at them but the chains hold him back. Fluder explains the former Warrior Captain has sense their strengths and started rampaging. To calm Gazef temporarily, Fluder uses magic to subdue him. Nfirea explains that the institute is currently researching on how to remove the contamination and restore Gazef to his normal self and that Fluder has taken over the research that he originally began. The research is kept deep in the bowels of the institute as this case is highly confidential. Surako asks if there has been any progress on finding a cure for the contamination. Fluder informs them that he has not as he requires more information on the miasma phenomena. Though he believes it would be faster to experience than to talk about it and tells them to be careful as Gazef is different from when they fought him last time. Fluder then promptly loosens Gazef chains to allow the contaminated warrior the ability to reach the adventurers and attack them. Even though the human lacks the Kingdom treasures the adventurers find that he is surprisingly still strong. After successfully defeating him a second time, Fluder re-tightens the restraints as he collected enough data for now. To explain why the Warrior Captain has gotten stronger since his imprisonment, Fluder believes that those contaminated are driven by primitive impulses, making their physical abilities stronger. Fluder hypothesizes that the miasma that has accumulated in Gazef's body is still altering him. However there is a limit to how much flesh and bine can take with strain on the body before it breaks. Nfirea believes that if they wish to save Gazef from his death the institute would need to accelerate their research. As for the incidents with the Cracks, the cause is still unknown. From what small number of instances Nfirea has determined that Cracks are a natural phenomena and have a tendency to generate in the outskirts of the civilization or where wildlife is concentrated.

The inspection of the facility is deemed complete, Fluder swears to do his best. he then enthusiastically asks the protagonist if he will keep his word, if he brings him results, which the latter confirms. Fluder then briefly imagines the library of Ashurbanipal wishing to visit the shining place of wisdom again, but most of all covets to receive guidance directly from the Supreme One. The wizard then guides the protagonist and his companions out of the institute. After the trio leaves the site, Surako still can't wrap her head around all the changes that are coming to the city, which even Soi acknowledges that the protagonist's reforms are still progressing that the environment is unlike how the city used to be. The protagonist's mind floats to the investigative team at the Northern Cave and wonders if the Slane Theocracy will send their own forces there soon as he still has yet to see what kind of trump card the country is hiding.

Episode 5: Creeping Black[]

On the same day a party is seen going through the fog-ridden Katze Plains like a shadow. When several skeleton attempt to approach them with hostility a man bearing a chain comments in annoyance on the number of undead that infests the land. A dual shield bearing warrior tells him that his complaint should be directed towards the war torn Kingdom and Empire as the undead are just pathetic victims of circumstance. Laughter comes from a woman wearing a large hat asking if she should pray for mercy the undead. The captain of the group, a black-haired spear wielding man, not wasting time kills the skeletons. The group had been tracking the retreat of the demons that attacked E-Rantel, but lost them when they reached near the Katze Plains and due to the fog are unable to find any trace of their quarries. An man carrying an axe wonders perhaps the demons anticipated that they were being followed and intentional escape to the no man's lands to lose their pursuers. To the woman with the hat, it would make sense considering that the corpses from the Windflower Scripture were purposely left out as a trail for them to follow. The man wielding the chain asks if that is the case would that not mean they are being led into a trap? His female comrade doesn't think so as they have been in the area for a long time without kind of serious attack. She suggests maybe they should head to the Northern Cave. The shield wielding man agrees as the research institute of the Alliance is already there as it would be more productive. The last member of the party, an old woman wearing a cheongsam asks the captain whether they should remain in the area or head to the cave. While the captain knows there is definitely no traces of a Crack in the plains, unlike the cave, he states that they will hold their position for now.

Meanwhile, around the area of the Northern Cave, the research institute from E-Rantel was moving according at the instruction of Blue Roses to secure the area. Gagaran directing the effort with her friends is glad to be finally working outside for a change. Likewise Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra agrees having the protagonist to thank who made it easier for her to delegate command thanks to his new defense system. Tia and Tina mused with worry that it will be some time before they could return to being just as adventurers, at least until the incidents have been resolved. Lakyus is fine with that as the research by the institute is extremely important in protecting E-Rantel. She doesn't want a repeat of the tragedy that happened in the past. Evileye states that it will not happen again as the city now has a hero there. A soldier approaches the women, reporting that the blockade around the cave has been completed to prevent any Chaos Beast outflow. Lakyus pleased directs the soldiers that the next step would be to set up barricades around the entrance and warns them to be careful as undead are prevalent in the area due to the many deaths. The soldiers then start working to build a fence around the cordoned area with watchtowers in place. Tia looking at the work, no doubts thinks the measures are needed, but feels it as much as to keep people out that the Chaos Beasts in. Lakyus tells her its suppose to as there is too much risk and danger if someone inadvertently enters especially by people with evil thoughts. Luckily according to the protagonist the cave is blocked by a cave-in, so the Chaos Beasts won't be able to escape without digging themselves out first hence preventing an outflow. Gagaran wonders who in their right mind would try to enter the cave. Nonetheless Lakyus goes to report the success of the operation to the protagonist back in E-Rantel via [Message].

The protagonist after receiving the communication from Evileye thanks Blue Roses for the help. Alone in his office, the protagonist contemplates that everything in E-Rantel, both human and physical resources have now been consolidated. With any luck in the future, the efficiency of information gathering will also expand as well. The news is relayed to Nazarick, which Demiurge reports to Momonga at the Round Table. Momonga seeing that the protagonist despite taking overall management of the city has refrained from micromanaging the various operations and content to allow the members of the Alliance to contribute with autonomy. He chose the correct way to lead, knowing if he had tried to manage all area it would have created dislike for him. For now the protagonist has maintained an image of someone who is disinterested in power and who's main focus is dealing with the Cracks, and thus very few people have an antipathy for him. Demiurge notes that with protagonist installed as the Territory Guardian, Nazarick's ease of movement will greatly benefit. Now that the humans have blocked off the Northern Cave it has not only kept them off the area but given Nazarick freedom to do their own investigations without worrying about human surveillance. The demon admits that his way of subverting the humans would have been to use the fear spread by demons, but the protagonist seems more effective as he has a better grasp on human psychology, something which Demiurge humbly lacks. Momonga privately comments that the protagonist is different from the other NPCs like Demiurge as the latter sees humans mostly as lower lifeforms. Still from Momonga's point of view the protagonist's growth continues to impress him and hopes to see more displays of it.

Demiurge provides the next agenda and shows a report on the specimen collected in the Northern Cave. From what he can tell the specimen retains a mineral-like structure so to speak in its petrified state, but given the various characteristics from the outer shape and hardness he believes that it is the same as the sample collected in the Holy Kingdom. Momonga wonders that after the specimen died, if it turned back to its constituent materials like when a golem turns back into regular stone when inactive. The process seems similar but Momonga is unsure. Though Demiurge points out that Chaos Beasts, when slain turn into Chaos Stones so the specimen may share characteristics with them. Momonga asks Demiurge if he thinks the specimen emerged from the Crack. In consideration of the situation, Demiurge believes it is unlikely the thing came from this world. Still the specimen does appear to have a strong connection to the Cracks, but in order to confirm he would need to do further invetsigations. Thus he currently sent an investigation team to the Northern Cave. Shalltear is part of the group in case of any dangerous entity. Momonga agrees that the move is prudent as if the specimen is an existence that has something to do with the incident that there is a great possibility that things will start moving.

Momonga contemplates that though the protagonist has much success in the progress of their investigations, and things may seem going well, there are still concerns that Momonga has. Since the attack on E-Rantel, the exposure of their forces was done, and yet their defense net has not been triggered, Nothing seems to have stirred any reaction from a powerful enemy that may be hiding. He tells Dmeiurge to remind the team to be on guard as threats can be imminent.

Deep in the Norther Cave, inside a cavern containing several Skeleton Warriors, Yuri Alpha, Lupusregina Beta and Shalltear Bloodfallen are seen heading to the deepest cave containing the Crack. The cave-in seems have sealed their section of the cave that Nazarick now control. Thus no humans can enter within to see what is actually going on in the cave. The three prepare to go to work, with Shalltear donning on her armor to get ready to battle the expected Chaos Beasts coming out of the Crack. Once they are defeated, Shalltear speaks out her disappointment as they did not see another specimen of the sample they capture appear. Though it means that there is no danger in the area for them and withdraws her equipment. Since the unknown creature is not present in the area, Shalltear decides to return to Nazarick to prepare for the emergence of unknown enemies. The two Pleiades are content with that as they plan to investigate the surrounding area for a while. Yuri recommends Shalltear travel back home under [Perfect Unknowable] and that traveling separate would be safer. Shalltear agrees, taking advice from Demiurge request seriously to be vigilant. The Floor Guardian separates from the maids, wondering what route she should take to return home, declining to use the previous route as it is too predictable. A idea flashes into her mind and she selects a perfect detour.

Episode 6: Encounter In the Fog[]

At the Katze Plains, nearby skeleton warriors are eliminated by the captain. Already some time has passed and his team like the woman with the hat and dual shielded man are beginning to get bored in dealing with low grade skeletons. Their companion with the chain states that remaining here to hunt is the captain's decision. The female member asks why since they have yet to encounter anything suspicious. The captains is adamant that of the demons passed through the are, the possibility of leaving clues behind is not zero so he wants to do a thorough investigation. While his axe-bearing comrade thinks being diligent is not bad, he jokes it's what makes the latter so sought after by women making him popular. The captain ignores the jest, and tells the others that it will be impossible to search the entire plain especially with night approaching. When that happens he concedes that they will return and report back to the higher-ups.

The idea sounds good to the chain wielding man, but before he agrees the axe-bearing man tells his comrades that he hears something. Listening as well, the chain wielding man hear it as well. Out of the fog a lone wolf appears. It's appearance in the accursed land is an oddity among the team, with a few wondering if it got lost. The captain knows that wolves shouldn't be in this area as there is no prey for them, but when the wolf stares at them from the distance and starts to leave, he immediately dashes forward and kills it with his spear. The violence on the animal shocks the others, but captain tells them to be quiet and soon another wolf emerges from the fog after hearing the previous canine's death howl. The captain orders his comrades to get into defensive position, who they piece that something is amiss and that the wolves are not here by accident, meaning that there is someone responsible. The captain tells them that the wolves could be associated with the demons and warns the old woman in their party to be prepared to use 'it'.

Awhile ago Shalltear was briskly traveling through the plains to get back to Nazarick. So far her journey was without incident and she is happy she selected this route as it was worth the effort. Under the cover of [Perfect Unknowable] Shalltear expects she will get home safely without problems. She speaks too soon when she hears the howl of one Aura's wolves that were escorting her. Sensing that something intercepted it, she has another wolf check it out and likewise all after it heads into the fog of where its pack member was, it meets its end with a bark of pain. Shalltear deduces that she might have encountered some annoying pests and pities them as it's their worst luck. Given their encounter with the two wolves, Shalltear suspects that the attackers believe that their master is nearby and then decides to get rid of the group.

Going back to the team, the Captain after killing two more wolves, he is certain that there is a master hiding somewhere in the fog. Something new comes out of the dreary environment in the shape of a bat, but the axe-bearing man soon sees it's no ordinary bat as its eyes of crimson red. More bats appear surrounding the warriors forcing them to form a defensive circle. Out from behind the flying monsters, red-eyed wolves emerge. The Captain orders the woman in the hat to launch long range attacks. The magic caster complies shooting out bursts of [Fireball]s to kill many bats and wolves. The shielded warrior sees that the monsters vanish after death meaning that they are summoned monsters. The Captain orders his team to search for the summoner and to be on their guard. He soon spots a silhouette figure in the fog and the team believe they found the summoner as no one in their right minds would be in a place like the Kazte Plains. Getting a good look at the figure they find a Vampire Bride who attacks the humans.

In the sky above, Shalltear still under the cover of invisibility spell observes the battle below. Noting that the team's individual combat power, and their separation of roles and numbers, she correctly deduces that they are not adventurers but some sort of trained unit. After the humans kills wound the Vampire Bride it fall to the ground defeated. The Captain estimates that the monster they fought while above average was not on the same level to the demons' from the report. Before he can postulate more bats and wolves appear from the fog, indicating that the true summoner is still alive somewhere. The team fights the summoned monsters with the Captain still searching for his target. He spots a second Vampire Bride amidst several summons and aims his spear at her with the rest of his comrades.

Shalltear content that her summons have distracted them, plans to use the opportunity to target what they are protecting which is the old woman in the center of the circle. Shalltear equips her armor and Spuit Lance and prepares to dive and strike at the highest ranking being in the group. Speeding down from the air, her blow is blocked by the Captain. The strike dispels her concealment shocking Shalltear as who can a mere human could have seen through her [Perfect Unknowable]. The Floor Guardian angered at her lost opportunity strikes at the Captain, but he calls his comrade Cedran, the dual shield warrior to block it. The vampire's weapon pierces through the shields of Cedran, killing him. The Captain attempts to attack the vampire from behind but Shalltear dodges it. Shalltear still can't believe her attacks are being countered by puny humans, and wracks her brain on how the leader knew that she was attack while invisible. It was only until it hits her, that the human must have detected the fluctuation of air currents in the fog when she was under [Perfect Unknowable]. The Captain on guard with his opponent exceeded his expectations as it was able to kill Cedran who sepecialize in defense. Shalltear seeing that she cannot return home unless she corrects her debacle vows to destroy the humans. Using her skill she summons her Einherjar to assist her. The last thing seen of the battle is Shalltear and the Captain clashing blades determine to end one another.

Episode 7: Abnormal Situation[]

Albedo having return to Nazarick, reports to Momonga at the Round Table, where she expresses her gratitude for him listening to her request. The meeting outline has been read by Momonga who compliments Albedo for her work. Albedo after she signed the agreement, tells Momonga that she had the opportunity to speak with a certain person there, and comments that the individual was interesting as Demiurge claimed. Momonga is intrigued that both Albedo and Demiurge would take an interest in a human but he dismisses it and thanks the Overseer Guardian for completing her first field mission.

Albedo eager to request something from Momonga again, is interrupted when Demiurge enters the room with Yuri and Lupusregina in tow. He apologizes for the interruption as the investigation team has returned from the Northern Cave. Momonga asks the Pleiades if they were able to acquire another sample of the specimen, but unfortunately Yuri informs him that the team that it did not appear from the Crack, nor was there any traces of another hiding in the cave. She explains once they took care of culling the Chaos Beasts the team separated to go unto different routes to return back to the dungeon. Momonga asks what is wrong, which Demiurge answers that Shalltear who had left the cave ahead of the maids has still not returned to Nazarick. Momonga recalls that Shalltear had once said that she would be returning through the Katze Plains in consideration of safety. However Albedo states that while the detour is significant, if one uses [Fly] the time of return should not be this long. Concerned on what happened to Shalltear, Momonga decides to use check on the route she took using the Mirror of Remote Viewing.

The mirror initially shows nothing out of the ordinary that could have delayed the Floor Guardian's journey. But as image of the Kazte Plains appears, the gathered viewers see a scene of the plains with a big crater in it and where the fog has dispersed as if it was blown away. What more Albedo spots the body of a fallen Vampire Bride. Momonga thinks that the POP monster is recently dead as the body has not vanished already suggesting that it was only defeated some time ago. The scene causes Momonga to explode with a dark aura of anger and demands to know what the hell happened.



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