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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Mass For The Dead Chapter 11

Demon Emperor's Feast (魔皇の饗宴) is the eleventh main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on October 1, 2020.[1]

Main Summary[]

It was only a short while that they barely survived the attack of Chaos Beasts――now it is reported that a another horde is approaching E-Rantel.

What appeared before the desperate humans was, the heteromorph that claimed to be the Demon Emperor……。

Full Summary[]

Episode 1: Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth[]

In the sky, a flock of imps and demons hang in the air above the human armies. At their head is a masked suited being that introduces himself as Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth, the one who will save them from the looming fear of death. His appearance stuns the gathered masses, but none have ever heard of him before. Jaldabaoth is not surprised by their responses and claims that he came from another world, but was called to this world by the voices of death and grudges. A magic caster among the crowd notes this to be a possibility as he see Jaldabaoth is a demon. That being said, the Demon Emperor believes his identity should be of less concern to them. Instead, he directs their attention to the looming "death" that is approaching. The sky suddenly wavers to the surprise of the soldiers below, and an image of the cave, north to E-Rantel appears. To the horror of the humans, there is a crevice that is open allowing a horde of Chaos Beasts to flood out. One of the knights believe that the image to be just false, a work or trickery by the demon. For validation he asks his commanding officer, Nimble Arc Dale Anoch, but the Imperial Knight only gives no reply. Baziwood Peshmel is the one to confirm that what the demon shows is true, a messenger from the cave had already confirmed that the cave in the north was breach and the approaching monsters are real. A wave of fear passes through the human forces, as already they fought a horde of ten thousand Chaos Beasts and sustained heavy casualties and now they were expected to fight a new horde? Some fear that they will meet the same fate as the Roble Holy Kingdom from this. Fluder Paradyne present among the crowd watches with mute silence as the hysteria spreads among the ranks of the soldiers.

The scene in the sky is also witnessed by the refugees and citizens in E-Rantel. Frightened by the visage, many of the people try to convince themselves that it's not true, but are unable to deny the horror that a new horde is on a course towards the city. Some suggest they flee before the horde arrives, while others fall into despair of the upcoming disaster. Brain Unglaus and Climb observe the panic the citizens and refugees alike are undergoing. Although they cannot confirm that the image in the sky to be credible, Brain tells his partner Climb that they should just focus on ensuring the safety of the people as it would be what Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself would have wished for them to do. Climb affirms this to be true, but then his attentions are drawn back to the image in the sky.

In the air, Jaldabaoth addresses the gathered soldiers of E-Rantel and the inhabitants informing them that the scenes he showed them are indeed true. As part of their grim reality, the Demon Emperor notifies them that the number of Chaos Beasts that are approaching is about thirty thousand strong and will reach E-Rantel within half a day. More panic and disbelief sow among the soldiers and inhabitants at this startling revelation. The demon offers them an escape, by having them sign a contract with him. If they entrusted them their destinies to him, he would reject the looming death that threatens them all.

At the Theocracy camp, the personnel witness the Demon Emperor's proposal and are stunned that such an existence had emerged in an emergency like this. Enhela Read Gahi taking charge orders one of his subordinates to immediately contact the home country on this development. Back on the battlefield, soldiers and knights of both the Royal Army and Imperial Army announce their rejection of the Demon Emperor's offer, knowing better to trust a deal with a demon. Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix alone with his thoughts on this offer, sees that the Tripartite Alliance's forces are in a precarious situation. However, he notes Jaldabaoth's demon army and his ability to destroy two thousand Chaos Beasts by himself. Getting up, the Bloody Emperor calls for an audience with the Demon Emperor much to the surprise of his knights and allies.

There is silence amongst the human forces as Jaldabaoth flies down for a dialogue with Jircniv. The Demon Emperor is curious at what the emperor wishes to discuss as he doubts that there is any room for negotiation on his offer. The emperor first asks the demon's purpose for saving them from their impending doom. When Jaldabaoth's replies that he was doing it for "pleasure", the response unnerves those gathered around the area. Unable to discern what the demon is thinking, Jircniv tells Jaldabaoth that although he is the Emperor of the Empire, he does not have the authority to accept his offer for help on behalf of the city. Instead, he requests that the demon allow him to reconvene with his fellow leaders to discuss whether or not to accept the demon's proposal. Jaldabaoth permits the emperor to speak among his fellows, though he warns him that he should use their time effectively.

Episode 2: Human's Choice[]

Managing to earn some time for the Alliance's forces, Jircniv quickly contacts the other representatives via [Message] to address the offer from the Demon Emperor and the approaching Chaos Beast horde. Enhela of the Slane Theocracy makes it clear in the communication channel that his nation's policy rejects offers made by demons. Already expecting such an answer from a theocratic nation that hold demons to be the enemies of mankind, the emperor asks how the Slane Theocracy will deal with the demons should they turn hostile? To which the priest admits that the demons to be of considerable power as they infiltrated the security lines of all three nations with ease. With so many Chaos Beast en-route to their location, the chances of victory are slim, which is why the Theocracy forces will withdraw. The news that the Theocracy will abandon E-Rantel sends shocks to members of the Re-Estize Kingdom's delegation such as Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself. While a realistic choice in Jircniv's opinion since the Theocracy are acting in a mercenary capacity, the emperor cannot recall his forces as his nation is already invested in the city's defense. Even if it becomes a withdrawal battle, the remaining ten thousand knights of the Imperial Army would still take many losses and his country will no doubt suffer. The emperor tells his fellow leaders that he is inclined to believe Jaldabaoth's ability to destroy the new horde given his display of power as it was able to destroy two thousand Chaos Beasts in an instant. He asks King Ramposa III's position on the offer, which the aged king believes that it to be a difficult choice, and one that required more information on this entity.

The sky still filled with the flock of demons begins to unnerve the soldiers of the Kingdom below. A few think of escaping, but where to? There is no where to flee as E-Rantel was their last bastion. Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra who sees the decreasing morale of the soldiers becomes worried. She is joined by Marquis Boullope who also sees the breaking morale. The marquis has a suggestion to have the front lines retreat back to the walls of E-Rantel, hoping to have Lakyus be able to make use of her full powers on the Chaos Beasts rather than at ground level. And in an unlikely event that they should have to battle the demons, fighting at the rampart would make it more effective. Meanwhile, the camp of the Imperial Army is full of confusion and chaos. Many knights are questioning the whereabouts of the emperor in this time of crisis. Baziwood manages to restore order by reminding the assembled knights of their duty and discipline. After which, he convenes with the other members of the Four Imperial Knights. Nazami Enec and Leinas Rockbruise having returned from scouting the demons in the sky confirm that they number three hundred of various types, but are unable to discern their power. So far they can confirm that one of them, Jaldabaoth was somehow able to destroy two thousand Chaos Beasts in a single attack, basing their judgement on that the Demon Emperor is truly an existence to be wary of. Nazami still has questions on how such an attack happened without anyone seeing anything. Baziwood suggests maybe time was stopped, by the majority of the knights doubt it as no matter how powerful a demon was, even stopping time was impossible. According to Nimble, most likely a spell was used to deceive their senses. Still, the answer neither satisfies how the Chaos Beasts were eliminated by the demons in such a short matter of time. All they could hope is that the individual power of each demon is not that great, but it may be just optimistic thinking. Suddenly a knight rushes to the gathered quartet, reporting that hundreds of Chaos Beasts are now crawling out of the Melting Pot in the Quarry and are headed straight towards the gathered camps. The four knights curse why something like that is happening at a time like this, but Baziwood is confident that they should be able to handle those numbers with their current strength.

Before they could mobilize, a flapping of wings is heard and Jaldabaoth appears. The Demon Emperor comments that he still has not received a contract yet, and refuses to allow such interlopers to interfere and asks the knights to allow him to clear the Chaos Beasts. Soon enough a massive winged demon, Evil Lord Wrath, lands beside the Demon Emperor. All the knights sense the feeling of intimidation from the demon just by looking at it and realize this is just a confidant of the Demon Emperor. Evil Lord Wrath accepts the mission just as the Chaos Beasts come into the distance. Flying up into the sky, the demon lands in front of the small horde and gets started. His body is engulfed in flames and casts [Napalm] which immediately a huge pillar of fire rises to wrap around the Chaos Beasts burning them in a blink of an eye. The display shocks all the knights in assemble. Jircniv who was watching the phenomena play out before his eyes from afar is stunned, but the power of the demon was already enough to convince him that the demons truly have the ability to take care of the horde of thirty thousand Chaos Beasts. Now with a decision, the emperor decides to give Jaldabaoth humanity's answer to realize his ideal.

Meeting before the Demon Emperor, Jircniv renders the verdict on Jaldabaoth's proposal. In a flashback, Jircniv had spoken with Rampossa III in the [Message] communication. The Chaos Beasts and the demons, if either one is left unattended it would only spell out doom for them. While Jircniv admits that though the demons had considerable power, fighting thirty thousand opponents should be exhausting. At that moment, the emperor suggest the Alliance take the "opportunity" to gain the upper hand in this situation. From there on in the present, Jircniv agrees to accept the help of the Demon Emperor with fighting against the Chaos Beasts. Upon receiving the contract between the two, Jaldabaoth promises them that he will use his power to help reject their impending deaths.

Episode 3: Opening Curtain[]

With a contract now established between them, Jaldabaoth decides to initiate the move to wipe away the Chaos Beasts. The knights in the army have doubts that a single demon could defeat thirty thousand enemies no matter how powerful it was. Ignoring their doubts, Jaldabaoth calls one of his subordinates to enter the stage. Flying in the air, a woman in a white mask and dress appears. It is of course Shalltear Bloodfallen in disguise, and though she wishes to give herself a glamorous debut for her new identity, she focuses on the task at hand. She lands beside the Demon Emperor, but her presence confuses the knights in the area and then astounds them when Jaldabaoth explains that she will be fighting ten thousand of the Chaos Beasts by herself.

Widespread disbelief of this claim are amongst the rank and file. Countless black shadows are seen on the horizon indicating that the horde has arrived. Shalltear deciding it was time for the grand opening of the battle takes to the air once again. From her vantage point, she notes how large the numbers of Chaos Beasts were but are of little concern to her as she activates her spell, [Maximize Magic Force Explosion] killing several of the monsters. Laughing at the beasts stupidity, the woman proceeds to wave her hand casting the same explosion magic creating shockwaves that see countless Chaos Beasts crushed. Meanwhile, the humans had no other choice but to look idly by at the scene in a daze.

Leinas watching the scene with her fellow knights thinks it's all an illusion, but Baziwood responds that his senses tell him otherwise. Nimble is more concerned that the woman in white shows no signs of fatigue, as her momentum hasn't diminished at all since she began her carnage. Others like Go Gin, the Martial Lord, can only wonder if his title is unsuitable and perhaps what he was witnessing is the summit of power. The scene is watched by the citizens in E-Rantel. Gagaran watching with Evileye cannot help be astonished that such a being exists, while her companion wonders if this woman in white could surpass the Evil Deities. The disguised agent of Nazarick continued her game of dishing out aerial attacks on the Chaos Beasts, taking joy in the slaughter though she longs to go wild. However, she restrains herself as others still need to have their turn. Having wiped out the allotted prey, Shalltear decided to call on the Demon Emperor, telling him that the rest will be for them and to rampage to their heart's content before flying away in the distance.

The woman in white having finished cleaning up her amount of Chaos Beasts faster than expected, Jaldabaoth decides to also participate in the battlefield. This draws much shock and confusion that the leader of the demons would enter the fray. Already, fear of Jaldabaoth's potential power grows after witnessing his subordinate's abilities. However, the demon assures the humans that combat is not really his specialty. The demon then faces the approaching Chaos Beasts and unleashes his Aspect of the Devil - Razor Sharp Claw, and uses his claws to tear apart dozens of Chaos Beasts before him. Spotting a Warrior Chaos Beast in the mix, Jaldabaoth uses Aspect of the Devil - Stout Demon's Gigantic Arms. He then proceeds to rip part the Chaos Beast to the utter shock of the human masses. The Demon Emperor then signals his other minions to this "feast" as he calls and tells them to eat their fill. Under the command of Jaldabaoth, three demons then proceed to attack the approaching Chaos Beast horde.

At the ramparts of E-Rantel's wall, Lakyus views the image in the sky broadcasting the Demon Emperor and his minions campaign. She is troubled by the sheer violence that the demons display as they tear the limbs of the Chaos Beasts, but one image in the broadcast in particular makes her mind freeze. Marquis Boullope standing next to her asks if she is alright, but Lakyus tells him that she is not. Among the crowd of demons she sees in the Demon Emperor's forces, she recognizes one as the Abyss Demon. The very same demon she and her team had fought during a quest and defeated. Lakyus cannot fathom how the demon is still alive, but her fears suspect that Jaldabaoth may have played a part and now sees that the Demon Emperor is something they cannot possibly handle.

The Abyss Demon while on standby with the other demon forces, watches his seniors participate in the battle. While disappointed that he was only brought to the field to intimidate the humans, Abyss Demon reasons it may be some part of Demiurge's greater plan and decides to be content with being an observer to the bloodbath.

Back at the city, the frighten inhabitants cower at the might of the demons. A few try to take comfort that the demons are killing the Chaos Beasts, but wonder how long until their deal with the demons will last. Their souls are fear to be the price for the contract with Jaldabaoth. Saint Clementine walking among the people comforts them, telling the onlookers not to judge on such fragmentary rumors. Though she calmed the people with her words, Clementine privately worries about this situation, as Jaldabaoth who's existence can only come from a fairy tale can exist.

Rampossa III who didn't believe the report on Jaldabaoth, is now viewing the massacre of the Chaos Beasts at the Alliance's meeting place. He cannot help but see the stark difference in power between the Chaos Beasts and demons. Recalling his meeting with the protagonist who requested the management rights of E-Rantel for his country, in order to effectively respond to a crisis, Rampossa III wonders if a different result could have occurred had he accepted the demand from the foreigner.

Back on the battlefield outside E-Rantel, the extermination of the Chaos Beasts is nearly complete. Jaldabaoth sees one Chaos Beast, a Warrior Chaos Beast, in the distance and identifies it as the commanding monster of the horde. Wanting to give a good and ugly end to the battle, Jaldabaoth goes to engage the monster. The Demon Emperor then activated multiple skills: Aspect of the Devil - Hellfire Mantle and Aspect of the Devil - Eight-limb of Speed and slays the commander of the horde. The destruction of the horde and the death of the commander is declared by Jaldabaoth to be the end of the first act as he flies into the sky. A wave of anxiety spreads throughout the gathered observers of the battle, in fear of what will come from the deal with the Demon Emperor. The ease of the destruction of a horde of thirty thousand monsters did not even faze them causes Emperor Jircniv to be shaken by the mighty power of the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and his demons. When demon comes before his presence, Jircniv nervously greet the demon. Jaldabaoth having fulfilled his part of their contract, demands that the emperor fulfill his end of the bargain. As promised, the demon requires a price from Jircniv to be paid for using his service. Trying to determine what the demon's motive is, Jircniv asks once again what Jaldabaoth wants and again is given an unsettling answer of "pleasure". Jaldabaoth also adds that he wishes for humanity to continue to entertain him and his kin.

Unnerved by the answer, the emperor has an impression that the demon is planning on killing them all, but he reasons this not to be the case as Jaldabaoth would have done that at the start. Needing a more concrete request, Jircniv asks the Demon Emperor to convey it more clearly. For an easy to understand answer, Jaldabaoth then states that the demons will seize all the property within the nearby city. All they require is for its inhabitants to be quiet as they plunder them. The demand for property relieves the emperor as he sees that the demon's tactics were just to extort them for material gain. Finding it acceptable, Jircniv is more than willing to acquiesce the property of the Kingdom to the demon if it could strengthen his political position in the Alliance. However, Jaldabaoth adds a last stipulation of the price of the contract, which is the emperor's life. Initially Jircniv thinks the had misheard, but the Demon Emperor states that he did not and that his life is part of the deal. Upon seeing Jircniv's face pushed down to the edge of despair, Jaldabaoth sadistically tells him that is what he enjoys. After all, did Jaldabaoth not say that his purpose for saving them in the first place was for the sake of "pleasure"?

Episode 4: The Price of Salvation[]

Now comprehending the horror of his deal with the Demon Emperor, Jircniv refuses to die as he still needs to lead the Alliance as there was no one else who was more suitable than he. There is no other choice but for him to fight against the demons. The emperor gives a visual signal to his aide who silently responds with a nod. Jaldabaoth already suspecting that the emperor is trying to delay his fate, advises him that it's too late. Jircniv makes a dash from the Demon Emperor, intent on surviving, but is soon caught up by the latter. The demon once again tells the Bloody Emperor that fleeing from him is quite impossible and should just be quiet and accept his death as part of the second act. Right when the demon approaches his prey, a [Fireball] strikes him in the chest at high speed. Nimble having taken to the field, charges at the demon with his blade. The demon counters such weak attacks by the knight, feeling somewhat amused by the fact that he would act as a loyal vassal. The knight though moves out of the way, allowing for Nazami to attack. The doubled shielded knight swears to fulfill his mission and runs at the Demon Emperor.

A while ago, the Four Imperial Knights had made a vow to concentrate on protecting their liege above all else. If he were to die here, not only would the Empire be finished but also the Alliance as well. Nazami knowing full well they did not have the power to destroy the demons, believes that if they take out their leader it would cause them to be in disarray. Leinas is worried about the terrifying gap in power, while Nazami is confident he will be able to face it head on.

In the present, Nazami declares his name to the Demon Emperor, stating the demon would not be able to pierce his shield. Jaldabaoth decides to test that provocation, whether his statement is true or not. Nazami raises his shields in defense, hoping that the demon would pierce it allowing the former to hold him down long enough for his comrades to act. To his surprise, Jaldabaoth uses his skill of Aspect of the Devil - Stout Demon's Gigantic Arms, enlarging his right arm and begins to batter the shields of Nazami. The huge onslaught, causes Nazami to sustain a lethal blow where his bones are now broken. Seeing that this is the end, the knight apologizes to his majesty and comrades, as Jaldabaoth slams his fist in the shields, smashing it and the warrior to pieces. The three other remaining knights using [Invisibility] and [Silence] launch a coordinated surprise attack on the Demon Emperor thanks to Nazami's distraction. All three attacks are caught in the claws of the demon. He then proceeds to knock all the knights to the ground. Jaldabaoth notes how an attack like that wouldn't have much affect on him whatsoever, and teases them that their comrade's life died in vain. The knights of the Empire can only look on in despair as their captains are rendered helpless by the Demon Emperor.

When Jaldabaoth mocks the knights for making their men lose faith in them, Baziwood, Nimble and Leinas struggle to rise to face the demon again. Eventually, only Baziwood is left barely standing. Jaldabaoth having refrained from killing the knights tells them that he is reaching his limit for tolerating such actions any longer. Soon heavy footsteps are sounded heading towards the fight. Jaldabaoth curious to see if there is a new challenger, sees it to be Go Gin. The War Troll greets the Demon Emperor, having been honored to meet such a powerful foe and demands a challenge.

The Martial Lord's entrance to the fight between the Empire and the demons brings a sense of elevation to the knights. The hope brimming from the gathered soldiers intrigues Jaldabaoth, decides to have one last game with them as a reward for their struggle against him. If they could land a single blow on one of his subordinates, Jaldabaoth will then withdraw from the scene without collecting his payment. The offer is seen as the Empire's best hope to resolve this without any more casualties. Evil Lord Wrath then steps in to fight against the Martial Lord bragging that the latter would never be able to touch him. Go Gin does not respond to the boast but merely readies himself for the duel, which Wrath admires but promises to break him.

During the battle, Wrath easily dodges all of the Martial Lord's attacks. Go Gin then uses Martial Arts like [Flow Acceleration] and [Strong Strike] but the combined attack is caught by the demon who then follows up with a single strike to Go Gin's chest. The troll is injured, but quickly regenerates from his wound thanks to his regenerative ability. Wrath taking notice of Go Gin's regeneration states that it will make his suffering to last a little longer and proceeds to cut and hack the troll. The fight goes poorly for Go Gin which even the gathered knights see as they watch the troll gets tossed like a child by the demon. Already, a few of the knight are on their knees and dropping their weapons in defeat. After continuously cutting Go Gin various times, Wrath becomes bored with toying with the troll, comparing him to a wooden practice dummy and wondering aloud if Go Gin even deserves the title of Martial Lord. The last insult is enough for Go Gin to rise and charge at the offending demon. But in the end, Wrath swings his arm cutting down the troll with his bloodied claw holding Go Gin's head.

Amidst all the despair of the humans, Jaldabaoth declares that duel to be a good sideshow, but now really wishes to conclude his business. Emperor Jircniv, after witnessing the defeat of the Four Imperial Knights and Martial Lord can only collapse to his knees, trying to convince himself what he saw was a lie. Coming over to the emperor, Jaldabaoth is pleased that the human has decided to relinquish himself to him, when in truth Jircniv is too afraid to move or escape. Doing one last bid for help, Jircniv pleads for Fluder to come and save him, but the wizard is nowhere to be found. The knights are turned to for help by Jircniv who begs them to fight and stand up against the demons or else humanity would have no future. His words however, causes none to move to his aid after hearing it. Jaldabaoth amused by the unsightly behavior of the emperor finds it interesting. The emperor tries to bargain with Jaldabaoth, offering his nation as a vassal to serve the demon. The demon is unmoved stating that Jircniv's death is set in stone no matter what he did. To demonstrate, he tells the knights in the camp to prostrate before him. With a single command from Jaldabaoth, all members of the Imperial Army, save for the emperor, fall down on the spot.

Episode 5: Plundering[]

Jaldabaoth takes in the sight of the knights crawling at his feet. The only oddity in this scene is Jircniv who he realizes is immune to his mental power. The Demon Emperor surmises that the human emperor is equipped with some sort of magical equipment, but concentrates on setting up the second act of his performance and snaps his claws. The next moment, a section of city of E-Rantel is encircled by a walls of flames caused by the [Flames of Gehenna]. The citizens in the city are confused by the phenomena, but soon an undead messenger appears in the skies above calling to the inhabitants that the demons will take everything of value, ordering them not to resist or else they will face the consequences for their actions. A flock of countless demons and imps arrive passing through the wall of flames as if to iterate the point. To demonstrate the futility of escaping, Jaldabaoth broadcasts a scene in the sky of a trio of ruffians attempting to escape the barrier, only to be brutally slaughtered when they crossed it. The Demon Emperor orders the humans in E-Rantel to remain quiet and allow themselves to be robbed of their valuables.

In the streets, people are panicking as Clementine tries to calm them down. Despite the bleak situation, the Saint of E-Rantel swears that she will protect this city that save her. The demons comes in droves, wherein which a few of them target a warehouse containing supplies for the refugees. Seeing them sack the supplies, some soldiers attempts to intervene as without the goods, the refugees and citizens will starve without them. He is stopped by his companion, telling him that it was useless to resist given the power of the demons. If the soldier interfered, he would only end up dying in vain.

Jaldabaoth is pleased that the sacking of the city is proceeding as planned. He already has placed Jircniv at the "stage" for the next act. He comments that humans have been successfully cowed by their own powerlessness, serving as "invisible chains" that are more effective than any [Command Mantra] he could cast.

The demons take to the streets of E-Rantel as the the soldiers stand by at the sidelines. Marquis Boullope among the soldiers is frustrated by the occupation of the monsters, having to feel the same sense of helplessness like them. His attention and many others are soon drawn to a scene where a refugee man begs a demon to spare his shop, pleading that it was all he had to support his family. As the demon is unmoved by the man's tears, it instead takes delight in the latter's suffering. Clementine among the crowd watching is conflicted on whether to intervene and save the man, but hesitates as she has a responsibility to protect the other people in the city. When the man refuses to budge, the demon prepares to execute him on the spot for his defiance. The act spurs the reformed criminal to take out her weapons and fight. But the attack from the demon is blocked by Climb. The young warrior defiantly refuses to allow the demon to take away hope from the people gathered in E-Rantel. The demon seeing that another human has chosen to interfere decides to eat him, but is driven back by Brain with Razor Edge. The two swordsmen then work together and slay the demon.

The shopkeeper is grateful for saving his life, but the same is not felt by the others in the crowd, who question if resisting was the right choice. Climb berates the people, asking them if they truly believed that they will be safe if they gave everything up quietly. He tells them if they don't resist, the demons will just continue to extort them for as long as they can. After they take away their fortunes, what is the next valuable they will target? The plundering of the city is just an excuse to entertain themselves. The incident is not just witnessed by the civilians but also by the soldiers of the city as well. The courage of a single man is soon transmitted like a wave among the soldiers who had no choice but to wait and see.

The incident does not go unnoticed by the Jaldabaoth's forces, as a trio of masked maids watch along of how this will play out. The Pleiades in disguise, led by Yuri Alpha is disappointed that the citizens chose to go against their warnings. However, both Lupusregina Beta and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta state that it cannot be helped as they need to put out the fire of rebellion as quickly as possible and those responsible need to be disciplined.

More demons respond to the uprising in the streets. Climb and Brain prepare to battle them, but to their surprise they find themselves not alone in this hour as several soldiers come to join the two. The soldiers having heard Climb's words ignited their souls to make them realize they were fools to listen to the words of the demons. Instead, now they choose to resist the demon occupation to protect the future of the city. Now with more soldiers on their side Brain tells them not to overdo it, if they see a strong opponent let him handle it. Clementine gathers all the crowds of people in the area promising to protect them.

Just as the soldiers are about to face a swarm of imps, a figure sneaks behind three of the human soldiers and brutally kills them. Lupusregina appears stating this is the price of resistance. Her sister Yuri arrives next to her annoyed at the bloodbath she conducted herself in, but Lupusregina stated that she had to do it, otherwise Yuri wouldn't have done what was necessary. Brain initially shocked at their appearance recovers and charges at them, but is blocked by imps which quickly cuts down only to have more demons bar his path. It looks like the city's uprising will be short-lived, as Entoma appears and prepares to cut down more human soldiers. Her Blade Bug is blocked by a hammer, belonging to Gagaran. The adamantite warrior muses that she figured Entoma would be here after she spotted her master, the Abyss Demon, among the demons in Jaldabaoth's forces. Entoma is shocked to see the adventurer again after their last meeting. Gagaran is not alone, as she is with Lakyus and the rest of Blue Roses who are intent on defending E-Rantel and driving the demons back to their world.

Blue Roses and the Demon Maids clash head on. Entoma eagerly wishes to cut her old foes to pieces, but Yuri orders her to remain in the back as she is too emotional. Lupusregina then charges at Evileye, but is blocked by Gagaran, while Yuri takes on Lakyus. Brain thinks that with the help of the adamantite adventurers they might be able to gain more momentum with the soldiers. However, such thought on the next steps of their rebellion are disturbed when a gunshot is sounded and rips through Gagaran's shoulder. The adventurer falls to her knees in pain. None of the adventurers are unable to determine what hit their comrade, but Gagaran warns them that someone is secretly targeting from the shadows and to be on their guard. Both Brain and Climb then slip to the buildings to avoid being snipe at. Dodging into a nearby alley, the two of them try to determine where the location of the attacker is at. Knowing that the path Blue Roses went through, they believe the city was necessary to continue their uprising, leading Brain to jump out in the open to invite himself as a target. Climb tries to call his friend back to safety, but Brain is willing to show his own courage after witnessing Climb's. A shot is fired, but it misses Brain, thanks to his [Field] and [God Flash] which he honed through his encounters with Chaos Beasts. Brain deduces the location of the attacker on the rooftops. Just as Brain was about to pursue the long-range attacker, CZ2128 Delta instead appears before the two warriors. Seeing the two, the masked maid replies that she doesn't care about either one of them, causing Climb to be utterly confused by her statement, but Brain tells him to not to pay any attention to the words of a demon and fight.

The streets were filled with scenes of demons and the soldiers of E-Rantel fighting, showing how several groups of soldiers are successfully taking the monsters down. Marquis Boullope leading the soldiers notes that the morale of his men to be high, but notices that the attacks by the demons seem to be lazy, as if they don't wish to annihilate them. He decides to concentrate on getting rid of the turmoil in the city and then prioritizing the safety of the emperor. Just as he was about to rally the soldiers of the city, the Evil Lords appear with grim looks of dissatisfaction at the rebelling humans. They slaughter all the warriors with ease until Marquis Boullope is the only one left. As the demons loom over the noble, his cries attract Lakyus, who watches in horror as Wrath kills him on the spot as he begs for his life.

With the soldiers of E-Rantel either dead or wounded, Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth arrives and surveys the end of the carnage. Believing that his demons have now made it clear on the sheer difference of power, he still praises the surviving rebels on their courage. Should they continue to resist, Jaldaboath warns that he will have no choice but to dispose of them once and for all. Met with silence by the defeated humans, Jaldabaoth orders the seizure of property to resume to his demons. Upon seeing their defenders torn to shreds, the citizens begin to lose hope and feel that city is doomed. The only one to not give up resisting against the demons is Clementine. To restore their morale, Clementine tells all who can hear her that it was this city that saved her life and she would stay at its side and fight to the very end. She urges the citizens and refugees not to give up hope and to keep living. Astonished by her words, the people of E-Rantel solemnly accept her words of faith and promise to continue to follow her.

Jaldabaoth seeing that the humans have been disciplined, tells them that the final act will soon reach its climax. Directing the inhabitants' attention to the central square of the city, Jaldabaoth conjures a large pedestal. Evileye notes that the pedestal has stairs on it side, but at the top there appears to be something. Tina is the one to realize that the top of the structure is a decapitation stand. While Emperor Jircniv is standing in the central square of the city with his captor, Jaldabaoth then tells him to play his role.

Episode 6: Execution of Punishment[]

While being surrounded by countless demons, Jircniv goes up the stairs leading to the decapitation stand with a slow start. The dejected emperor wonders if this will really be the end of his life, some sort of karmic reward imposed upon him. He who had taken many lives and walked a bloody path. The emperor recalling his past, admits to himself that he didn't kill for his own sake, but for his ideal. He had taken the throne when he was still just a young boy back then. A throne that always held dark motives when interests intertwined. If he had been just an innocent boy, he would have been killed soon. Jircniv only survived because he managed to take control of the imperial knights into his hands before he took the throne. Using their power, he eliminated all those who got in his way, even his own blood. For his actions, Jircniv was given the title of Bloody Emperor, but he was supported by the people and the empire was united unlike its neighbor the Re-Estize Kingdom, because he purged all the incompetents.

The Tripartite Alliance wouldn't have been possible without his efforts. He truly believed that being the leader of the Alliance would bring happiness for humanity. He did his best, but now only could look forward to a pitiful death. What is even more depressing is not the fear of the demons, but that no one is raising a voice for him, and laments on his unfinished path he made in life. The emperor pauses in his march up the stairs and spots a familiar face in the central square. It's Fluder Paradyne, his old mentor and confidant. The emperor having no idea where the old wizard was at before is somewhat glad to see him and hopes that Fluder is perhaps seeking an opportunity to save him. But the wizard does not move only stares at his liege in silence. A realization dawns on Jircniv; if Fluder intended to save him from this execution, he would have remained in the shadows, so why was he out in the open? The wizard for some reason won't come to his aid. Jircniv ponders why his mentor will just stand idly by. Is it due to his fear of the demons? Recalling his last conversation with Fluder Paradyne, Jircniv remembers the former's abrupt excitement on the progress of his magical research, specifically on a new idea he just came up with for a new weapon.

Now that the emperor thinks about it, the appearance of the old man at the time was odd. Questions arise from the emperor's mind like why would Fluder's interest shift from magic research to development of weaponry? Where did that weapon actually originate from? Was Fluder bestowed knowledge of the weapon in order to betray him? There are too many uncertainties, but if Fluder has indeed betrayed him, then there was no chance of winning to begin with. Still, he wonders why Fluder is in the central square. But then thinks that the old man just wanted to give him a final farewell. The old man soon walks away from the area leaving the emperor, to think "maybe that's the case". Even so, Jircniv takes comfort that at least one person from his life wanted to see him off.

At the top of the pedestal, Jaldabaoth asks if he has prepared himself yet? Jircniv acknowledges that he is ready and has no intention of resisting. The Demon Emperor commends the young sovereigns acceptance and should feel proud of himself. At the front of the pedestal is the decapitation stand where a devil with a huge ax waits. Jircniv regrets not living his life in his own way. If his execution is a result of his ideal, then he regrets it all. With a weak expression, Jircniv extends his neck to the stand. To the assembled masses in the square, Jaldabaoth expresses his hope that the price for their service will make them miserable and reminds them that their fates will always be in his hands. The demon then lifts the ax and swings it down on the emperor's neck. Just as the executioner's ax comes down, Jircniv makes one regret of not being able to find someone to succeed him before he died.

There is a commotion at the top of the execution stand. The emperor glancing up from his position, sees that his neck is still intact. Confused as why he is still alive, Jircniv sees the demon executioner has been eviscerated. Next to him stands a tall dark armored warrior wielding two great swords. Questioning who the stranger is, the dark armored warrior apologizes for keeping the emperor waiting and not to worry. The demons swarm the stage but the warrior in total control wipes them out with a slash of his blades. The residents watching below in the square are confused by the scene and at the mysterious warrior's power against the demons. The warrior calls out to the people of E-Rantel to no longer be afraid as he has come to protect them from the demons. That being said, the warrior lifts his helm to show his face to the public. Lakyus, Gagaran and Evileye are shocked by the man's face as it is the spitting image of a certain adventurer they know. Still in a daze with his grace with death, Jircniv asks why the warrior saved him. When the warriors replies "Do I need a reason to help someone?," it causes Jircniv to collapse to his knees before his savior. Jaldabaoth annoyed that his ritual has been disturbed demands that the sin be compensated.

Episode 7: Jet-Black Warrior[]

The warriors Brain and Climb arrive at the city square and bare witness to the interrupted execution of the Emperor of the Baharuth Empire, by none other than the protagonist in black armor. The two can hardly believe their eyes but concern grows for the adventurer as more demons surround him. Jaldabaoth have enough distractions to his play, orders his minion, Abyss Demon to get rid of the interloper. The demon obeys his master, taking to the pedestal to eliminate the armored warrior. Lakyus from the crowd in the square calls out to her colleague to be careful as the demon is invincible. The warrior taking heed of her advice, decides to test the vitality of the demon before him. The two beings clashed in battle, which to the shock of Abyss Demon as he lose the duel. With the match ended in his defeat, Abyss Demon was left bleeding on the ground. The jet-black warrior states to Abyss Demon that his so-called invincibility was nothing special. The members of Blue Roses are shocked beyond words at how easy the protagonist defeated the powerful demon, never realizing the latter had such power to begin with.

The warrior then calls his ally, Soi who suddenly appears beside him, to take Jircniv to safety. With the emperor having been rescued, the adventurer decides to do something about this annoying pedestal. Wielding a great sword with great force----the pedestal, which stood looking down on the inhabitants collapses. Taking to the air, Jaldabaoth admits to the warrior that he does have some power, though he advises him to watch his feet. Gagaran is the first to see it, as vines ensnare the armored warrior. Struggling against the vines, the warrior sees that it was a countermeasure to restrain anyone from approaching the pedestal. The ground erupts in front of him, revealing a powerful looking undead monster. It tries to attack the trapped hero, but it is defeated and left for dead on the ground of the plaza.

From the side, Tia cannot believe how strong their junior is. Lakyus watching as well cannot help but feel something is different about the protagonist, such as his mannerism and words. She is shaken from these thoughts when she turns to confront the Demon Maids alongside her teammates who have arrived to suppress the upstart adventurer. The adventurers block their way, refusing to let them interfere in the battle. Both Climb and Brain also did the same thing like them as they confront the long ranger attacking maid.

The Demon Emperor seeing that the humans have started moving again after being inspired by the jet-black warrior believes that the he needs to evoke more fear to get them under control. His minions, the Evil Lords soon come to quash the disturbance. The three demons bring an aura of dread by the crowds as they had already witnessed them defeat warrior after warrior with their might. Wrath commenting that the humans are putting up a good fight, but now it needs to end. He spots the protagonist and then proceeds to launch a flame attack at him. Just as he was going to continue his boast, Wrath is cut by the warrior who appears unscathed by the attack. Evil Lord Envy shocked that the warrior is still alive, is told by the latter he came prepared with magical equipment that are resistant to attribute attacks. The demons become angered by the arrogance of the human and prepare to kill him.

Wrath is the first to duel against the adventurer, empowering himself to launch a fury of fire attacks. To his shock, his attacks clash with ice imbued attacks from the latter's elemental weapon. Envy takes a turn and tries a spell on the jet-black warrior only for it to be nullified and is cut down by the adventurer. Evil Lord Greed manages to sneak behind him, but the protagonist dodges his strike commenting that he is too slow before injuring him. The warrior triumphing over all three terrifying demons sends the inhabitants of the city in cheer. However as if to mock the people's expectations----the masked demon flies down. Jaldabaoth praises the adventurer for defeating his subordinates, having underestimated the ability of human beings. The protagonist demands if the demon wishes to surrender, but Jaldabaoth merely wishes to honor his courage and ability, by dealing with him in person as he still wishes for the adventurer to pay for his sin in disturbing his stage play.

The protagonist accepts the challenge, eager to teach the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth defeat and make him regret ever messing with E-Rantel. The demon laughs at the warrior, mockingly thinking that the adventurer could stand a chance in beating him, as it's an unlikely assumption. Though if the warrior does win against him, the demon will never come to the city ever again. Still, it's only if the protagonist wins the battle against Jaldabaoth. The two powerful beings, the Jet-Black Warrior and Demon Emperor clash in a decisive battle. The amassed crowds watch as the warrior evenly matches with Jaldabaoth from speed to blows. A few soldiers observing the battle wonder if this is the power of an adamantite level adventurer. Hearing what they say, Lakyus states this to herself that Momon's strength is beyond the power of adamantite rank. The others in her team are equally in awe never imagining that the protagonist was hiding such power.

Jaldabaoth prepares for a final charge at his opponent with his enlarged fist which the protagonist meets head on. The resulting collision leaves Jaldabaoth flung to the city square creating an impact crater. The demon struggles to climb from the hole, aghast that he was defeated. The protagonist ever so behind him finds it a bit ironic that Jaldabaoth who hailed himself as the Demon Emperor and while having tremendous power could not face the power he holds. Jaldabaoth climbing back to his feet admits that he underestimated the human. Admitting defeat, the demon decided to renounce his claim over the city as it's not something he wishes to lose his life over.

The warrior warns him that for his own good, he should return to his own world and stay there. Jaldabaoth saying nothing is then surrounded by the Demon Maids who then vanish in a flash of light. The exit of the demons from the city, leaves the inhabitants in wonder, having trouble believing that their nightmare is finally over. The warrior in black declares that it is their victory, announcing: "Legende wurde gebaut."

Despite not knowing what the last part of the warrior's sentence was, all the inhabitants of the city cheer in celebration. They give their praise and thanks to the one man who made it possible. Throughout the city, many important figures study the scene of this event unfolding before their eyes. Emperor Jircniv in a moment of humility wonders maybe he was wrong and that it was not he who was destined to guide humanity. King Ramposa III is pleased that the young adventurer has saved the city once again with his power and plans to give support to his will. Saint Clementine watching the celebration smiles, musing that a true savior has emerged in this turbulent world. Though a few of her followers console her that her own reputation can compete with his as the crowd give shouts to the living legend.

Far way in the sky, Jaldabaoth takes a moment to pause to go over the plan he concocted to far. Before he does so, he notices that there are pursuers on his tail. He finds it to be expected since he showed his strength, and soon will proceed to the next stage.

At the Slane Theocracy camp, Enhela Read Gahi sends a [Message] to two mysterious individuals about the current status of E-Rantel. One of the voices on the other end of the [Message] is bewildered that the demons in the city have been defeated, considering the reports of their strength and numbers. The other on the communication line thinks they should keep an eye on the warrior. At present though, their main concern should be focusrf on the demons. Already, they received a report that their leader was seen flying from E-Rantel. The tracking of the demon is being undertaken by the Windflower Scripture. Should their peers succeed, it would only be a matter of time before they will have to mobilize.



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