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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

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Crumbling Overture (崩壞序曲) is the tenth main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on August 1, 2020.[1]

Main Summary[]

Episode 1: Strategy Start[]

After Gazef Stronoff was rescued by the protagonist, a warning system was established by the Re-Estize Kingdom near the cave north of the E-Rantel. Their guards are posted around the entrance to the cave leading to an anomaly known as a Crack. Unbeknownst to the guards, Lupusregina Beta and Yuri Alpha have sneaked into the quarantined area using [Invisibility] under Demiurge's orders. Knowing that there are too many patrols to risk entering through the cave's entrance, Demiurge tells the maids to create their own entrance on the opposite side of the hill.

Meanwhile, Gazef who is still contaminated with Miasma and now a Contaminated Beast was spirited away and taken to a secret laboratory. The one attempting to cure the Warrior Captain is none other than white-haired and callous looking Nfirea Bareare. He is assisted by Sophie Noia, though she appears more interested in teasing her young colleague's lack of empathy than studying the effects of contamination. She eventually stops when the young man refuses to respond to her jab. She then presents all the compiled notes from the three kingdoms on what they have on the Cracks and Contaminated Beasts. It appears that experiments have been conducted on dead soldiers that became Contaminated Beasts. The dead were resurrected through magic in hopes that once revived they would be restored to normal. However the experiment ended in failure as the subject remained contaminated. The effects of the Cracks proves that miasma is different from brainwashing, which could be canceled out through resurrection and it seems more of a "curse" instead. Nfirea hypothesizes that as of now it is impossible to separate the cause of the contamination from a subject. In order to develop a cure more experiments would need to be done, and request more living subjects. Sophie finds Nfirea's boldly asking for sacrifices to be delightful and tells him she looks forward to see where his research will take them. After she leaves, Nfirea though distant and cold remains adamant to continue his work. It appears his main motivation for his research is to honor Enri's memory who he lost.

In the Royal Capital, King Ramposa III calls a meeting with three of the leading nobles: Marquis Boullope, Marquis Blumrush, and Marquis Raeven. Once they are assembled, Ramposa III thanks them for their attendance, Boullope states that they were in a national crisis and it was vital that they attended especially with the king managing the front lines which Blumrush agrees with the assessment. Raeven notes that several other nobles like Margrave Urovana, who is aiding Crown Prince Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself in protecting the capital, have taken measures to protect their territories. The king then gets into the main subject of the meeting which is how to deal with the absence of Gazef Stronoff who's place is now vacant at the front lines. He informs the nobles that the Warrior Captain still lives but is recovering but warns that with his disappearance, the Kingdom's place in the Tripartite Alliance is now precarious. Not just militarily but also politically, for if the Kingdom's forces are overwhelmed by the other nations, the Kingdom's place in the Alliance might be seized by others. Although Marquis Boullope regrets the absence of Gazef, he assures his king that he would go to the front lines with his men, confident that his soldiers were equal to the Warrior Troop to fill the void. Marquis Blumrush unwilling to allow Gazef's absence to be taken advantage of by Marquis Boullope also volunteers to commit his forces and he also warns his king of the rumors that the Baharuth Empire are convening their forces. Raeven seeing that the two are using this opportunity to advance their standing also agrees to place his soldiers to E-Rantel. Their support earns the gratitude of the king who states the one leading the city's defense will also be grateful.

Outside the walls of E-Rantel, Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra is managing the forces of the Royal Army stationed there. Despite the various intentions of the nobles, Lakyus is pleased that their forces have come to aid the defense of the city alongside the adventurers. Though she knows that this will not completely make up for the loss of the Warrior Captain and majority of his Warrior Troop. Even now, she can see that the remaining members have suffered a loss in morale. Marquis Boullope soon appears and greets Lakyus, as they are old acquaintances from her days as a noble. Lakyus is surprised at seeing the Marquis and more yet the supplies that he brings such as armor, rations, and even alcohol. The last item he explains he brought as a peace offering and to help raise the spirits of some of Gazef's men. Boullope promises that he will try to inspire the men while he is posted at the camp and asks Lakyus to help her "uncle" for old times sake.

In the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the protagonist and his comrades are before Momonga who expresses his appreciation for their deeds. Thanks to the protagonist in rescuing Gazef, the Kingdom now is in their debt. Additionally they acquired a unique specimen from the cave which Gazef was rescued from. The said specimen is a monster vastly different from the Chaos Beasts and the kind Nazarick is currently familiar with. Momonga believes that this hopefully lead to some clues on the Cracks. He also thanks Shalltear Bloodfallen for her involvement in subjugating the monster. When he uses Shalltear's pseudonym "Shall," Albedo begins to draw criticism to the name. But once Momonga states he finds it appropriate when interacting with humans, Albedo drops it, secretly thinking to develop her own pseudonym. The Overlord then acknowledges Demiurge's role in the rescue operation, which the Floor Guardian accepts but he humbly apologizes that his other plan is still underway and may need alterations. He speaks of course of the Three Kingdoms Improvement Plan. Momonga unsure what plan Demiurge is speaking of, but hides his ignorance by allowing Demiurge to elaborate on it to the others. Demiurge explains that ever since Momonga made a comment that Nazarick's movement has been restricted in the Kingdom and that they should perhaps build a new system. Reflecting on that trivial comment, Demiurge believed it to be Momonga's wishes for a plan of conquest.

The Three Kingdom Improvement Plan is a scheme to eventually take control over the nations of the Tripartite Alliance. The demon explains to everyone that currently, Nazarick is in a pseudo alliance with the Kingdom. As of now the threats in the New World are unknown, thus this alliance with the Kingdom serves only to make the other nation as a scapegoat for any dangers that may arise. Their movements and operations are limited, but once they take over the three nations, they will be given more autonomy. Since Demiurge believes that the goal of their master is world domination, taking the Alliance will be just a small step.

Momonga wholly ignorant of this plan, is unable to tell his servant differently so he feigns acceptance of the plan. As Demiurge stated before, several factors in the plan have changed but remains determined that everything will work as his master planned. He does promise that the operation will lead to all three revealing the power of each camp. Momonga unable to stop what has already begun then tells Demiurge to bring him results which the demon complies eager to begin the preparations for the "performance."

Episode 2: Convened Forces[]

At the Imperial Military Garrison in E-Rantel, Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix receives word that the protagonist and his allies have succeeded in rescuing Gazef Stronoff from the cave where the Chaos Beasts are originating. Oddly the Bloody Emperor notices that Gazef has not made any public appearances since his rescue. He deduces that the Warrior Captain is not merely injured or dead as healing and resurrection magic could alleviate those situations. The emperor surmises that the Warrior Captain remains a Contaminated Beast, however, the situation is all for the better for the Empire. With the Warrior Captain absent from the front lines at E-Rantel, the Kingdom's military might has also weakened. Affirming that his decision to move more troops to the fortress was the right decision he orders the Imperial Army to assemble before him. Baziwood Peshmel and Nimble Arc Dale Anoch arrange for the knights of the Empire to form ranks before their liege. Baziwood seeing the entire Imperial Army before him wonders if they are going to war. The emperor states that is the idea and then addresses his subjects, calling out that the city of E-Rantel was threatened and that they would be sent there to show their might. It was his ambition to show the world that time for the Empire to lead humanity was close at hand. As his men cheer at the announcement, Jircniv asks Fluder Paradyne to check to see if their "project" is complete yet. Fluder excuses himself and departs to check out the work his disciple is busy working on.

At a laboratory, a researcher reports to the Imperial Wizard that the preparations for the Empire's latest weapon, a device that combines magic and technology, is ready. After leaving the site Fluder bumps into Sophie in town. Surprised at the meeting the old magic caster asks how his student is doing. Sophie explains that she is happy with her work as she has been busy studying slimes, in fact the Alliance had recently asked her to develop a breed of slimes to help defend the people and is now at the testing stage. Fluder pleased that she is successful with her work, excuses himself. Before he leaves, Sophie asks a question about the weapon Paradyne is developing, citing her surprise that the Imperial Wizard who's interest was solely invested in magic would fathom such an idea. In response the wizard states that the current world's state caused him to create it believing the Empire needed something different to survive in this new reality. After he departs, the alchemist finds it ironic he would say that, but quickly losing interest in Fluder decides to focus on her slime project.

At the camp where the Slane Theocracy is station, Cardinal Raymond Zarg Lauransan receives a [Message] informing him on the other nations' current movements. He is least surprised by their actions but informs the other person in the [Message] to continue their mission as the current political situation is now fluid. Depending on how everything turns out "they" may be the trump card of the Theocracy. After ending the communication, the Cardinal believes that the Theocracy will fine as they can outperform the other two nations at their best. Though he worries about the Empire's number of troops. Still he thinks that in this situation, the Theocracy should be operating a small number of elites to handle this situation. To to this he holds the utmost confidence in Enhela Read Gahi to command the unit that is now station on the outskirts of E-Rantel. There the said assistant priest is setting up a base with an unknown party.

In addition separated from the regular army of the Empire----Zero is now leading a unit of workers with the remnants of Six Arms under the Bloody Emperor's orders. Despite the position, Zero is disappointed that they only collected so few workers under them and worries about the results that might displease the emperor. Currently Succulent and the rest have been busy training with the hired help to prepare for battle. Zero still hopes that his comrades may be able to rise from their past failures at the expense of the Kingdom. Among the workers that have assembled, those that have joined are Foresight, Dragon Hunt, Heavy Masher, and Tenmu. Whilst training Hekkeran Termite is uneasy as why the workers are training so far away from E-Rantel. His teammates also ponder why their employers chose this location, even Imina commenting the area shows signs that several Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts had been here recently, drawing the possibility that they might come again. Erya Uzruth of Tenmu seeing Foresight halt in training laughs at their worries, convinced that his strength alone would be enough for anything. As a jest to the other team he offers them to use one of his elven slaves as shields. His offer is rejected by Hekkeran. After the worker departs, Imina cannot help but show her disdain for the man. Other like Parpatra Ogrion and Gringham agree but comment that Erya's strength is real. The workers talk among themselves about the recent movement of the Empire and feel that something is about to happen. Before they could go further, Zero calls all the workers in the field to attention. To his fellows he calls that he understands their uncertainty in the job they have taken but assures them that once all is said and done they will be richly rewarded. Upon hearing that the workers forget about their concerns and focus on their monetary gains once their task is completed. Seeing that he got them back on track, Zero decides to train with Foresight to test them.

Back at the cave north of E-Rantel, Yuri and Lupusregina have created their own entrance into the cave network on the other side of the hill with they help of a Stone Eater. Once they gained access they don masks to hide their identities and head to the Crack under [Complete Invisibility]. Though invisible the maids run into several monsters in the tunnels, feeling they need to wipe them out less a more dangerous foe is attracted.

They reach the cave containing the Crack, which Lupusregina views with wonder. She is brought back to reality when Yuri orders her to set up the necessary magical items for Demiurge's plan. Yuri then focuses on creating a hole leading out of the caves. The other maid complies, excited that the opening stage will soon begin.

Episode 3: Request To The King[]

Upon returning to E-Rantel, the protagonist and his companions accept an invitation to meet with King Ramposa III. When they meet, the king welcomes the adventurers expressing his deep felt appreciation for deeds and returning safely. Knowing that they expect to be rewarded, the king asks them to name their wish. To the astonishment of Ramposa III, Princess Renner and Prince Zanac the adventurer request that the fortress city of E-Rantel and its administration be turned over to his nation. Zanac finds this to be unacceptable as it is akin to an invasion of their territory. However King Ramposa III bids the protagonist to explain himself. The protagonist understands their confusion but guarantees that offering the city to his nation could provide a boon to the Kingdom. He promises that the city's operation will change very little as it was under the Kingdom. In truth the protagonist states that his nation's aim is to put a system in place to resolve the changes that now affect the world. If they were given the administration rights of the city it would allow his nation to be able to make decisions faster and actively intervene in the event of an emergency. Ramposa remains unconvinced noting that such a change in administration of the city many be disadvantageous. Especially with the influx of refugees, the city is now becoming more multi-ethnic and the people may not respond well to this change. The protagonist understand this and makes his cases stating that his nation will continue to work with the Kingdom's to resolve the changes in the world and keep E-Rantel as an open city.

Zanac still feels the request is impossible to give as transferring the rights of the city which is the base of the Tripartite Alliance without the consent of the other nations would invite trouble. Renner though interjects that the Kingdom could indirectly involve outsiders control of the city through a contract. The prince still does not like the idea in offering them city to the protagonist and his nation, feeling that relinquishing the E-Rantel is akin to losing. But the protagonist points out that currently the Alliance has lost stability in its members. As of now the struggle for leadership among the nations has had a negative effect on the Alliance and the people. Even now as they way things are, the Empire may soon take E-Rantel since the Kingdom has weakened. If they were to give E-Rantel to an outside party, it would at least keep the city from the Empire's grasp. In consideration of this King Ramposa III asks the protagonist to be allowed more time to think on the proposal. The protagonist allows this, but warns that time may be running out.

At the Tripartite Alliance's venue in E-Rantel, Brain Unglaus survey his surroundings musing how he acquired a position as Princess Renner's underling through Lakyus's convincing. Though he is not interested in politics he accepted the job as he was promised that a big fight was soon coming and wished to get stronger. He is visited by the Vice Captain of the Warrior Troop who presents the mercenary the sword Razor Edge. It was decided by the royals that the sword would be passed to Brain until the Warrior Captain was well enough to return to duty. Given Brain's abilities and previous relationship with Gazef the Vice Captain believed the man was worthy to wield the blade. Knowing how much the blade is a symbol to the Kingdom and Gazef, Brain accepts the weapon in honor of his rival.

Out in the streets of E-Rantel, the protagonist and his comrades, Slimeko and Soi discuss the meeting with the king. They are interrupted from their thoughts when Slimeko hears a familiar voice call out in help from an alley. The trio hurry to see what is the commotion and to their surprise they see Nemu Emmot crying as two ruffians are mugging her. Before they intervene, Nfirea Bareare appears with a bored look at the crooks. The crooks thinking him to be an easy mark also try to menace him, but the young is unimpressed. Using an arcane Magic Scroll he kills one of the men with [Fireball] and the other with a spell of mental magic. Soi is shocked by the this, not the deaths but the fact that the boy used multiple magic systems something that should not be possible.

After Nfirea makes sure that Nemu is unharmed, Nemu takes notice of the trio and greets them. The group reunited with the young girl. Nfirea asks Nemu what her affiliation is with the adventurers, however he grows cold when she mentions that they saved her at Carne Village. Remembering that they are the one his grandmother mentioned, he asks the three for a moment of their time. The protagonist recalling that Nfirea is an alchemist who is also regarded as a genius decides to hear him out. The alchemist asks on the fate of Enri, which the three tell him from their adventure at the frontier village and how she was ripped to pieces by a Chaos Beast. Nfirea thanks them for telling him this as it has embolden him and swears that he will make sure those like it will pay. Briefly showing a more hatred look, it quickly vanishes after Nfirea notices Nemu watching him. He then bids the adventurers farewell and takes Nemu away. Slimeko is obviously uncomfortable when interacting with Nfirea, stating he has the eyes of obsession and anger. On the contrary Soi and the protagonist finds him to be interesting and think he might be useful. As Soi make a note to include the alchemist on the list of interested parties she notes that 'it' should be starting.

At the cave's entrance a guard reports that no abnormality has been detected. Just as he finished and go on another patrol there is an earthquake and the mouth of the cave collapses. Trapped inside he screams in the darkness. It soon becomes evident that the despair at the bottom of the cave system was about to fill the earth.

Episode 4: Hidden Trap[]

Chaos Beasts coming out of the expanded entrance of the cave quickly overrun the soldiers of the Kingdom guarding the area. A covert agent of the Empire watching invisible from a rock ledge quickly reports this to the imperial garrison at E-Rantel. Once Jircniv hears about it, he is not surprised as he was expecting that the Chaos Beasts would eventually make their way out of the cave and breach the surface. He did not however expected that they would amass a horde of ten thousand strong. Luckily he had convened all the Empire's forces here at E-Rantel for this very situation. With a calm voice he orders his Four Imperial Knights to lead each unit of the Imperial Army while he would take command of the entire military structure.

The monsters rushing from the north intercept the training camp of the workers led by Zero. The workers are initially caught by surprise by the sheer numbers of Chaos Beasts. One even tries to flee, but is quickly put down by Zero with a single punch. Roaring at them that they are workers under contract by the emperor and that anyone who tries to flee will receive the death penalty. Zero states that if they want to live they will have to fight to the death. Restoring some semblance of order in his camp he assures his fellows that the emperor anticipated something like this would happen and did not expect them to defeat all the Chaos Beasts. Their job however is to delay the enemy until reinforcements arrive.

Zero organizes the workers to fight in formation, having an advanced guard attack and then pull back to be replaced by the rear guard whilst the former rests and rotate positions. The workers fueled with a need to survive the battle, fight with all their might. Under Zero's instruction he has the workers retreat to the Quarry. There the Chaos Beasts will be forced to attack them through the narrow valley, buying them time for the imperial knights to appear. The workers continue to their battle aiding one another with buffs and support. One of the stronger breeds of Chaos Beasts appear, a Double Sword Chaos Beast, but it is quickly put down with a single [Dragon Thrust] from Parpatra Ogrion. All seems like the battle is in favor of the workers.

At the garrison the emperor receives a report that the workers have led the Chaos Beasts to the quarry. Jircniv is impressed that the workers managed to last this long, but tells Nimble to proceed with the next stage of the 'plan'. Back at the rock quarry the Zero's workers are beginning to tired despite the battle rotations and use of healing potions. It becomes apparent that they are slowly being overwhelmed by the monsters. Zero urges the workers to continue fight confident that their aid will come soon. At the far end of the battle Succulent and Edström call out that the imperial knights have come.

Zero is relieved that the finally came but to the astonishment of Six Arms and the workers, the knights make no move to intervene to assist them in the battle. The leader of Six Arms is confused by this, as the emperor should have informed them of the strategy to lead the Chaos Beasts into the area. His instincts tell him something is amiss and thus quickly orders his comrades in Six Arms to get to higher ground. As the rest of the workers ponder on the knights lack of action, one of the knights activates a trigger.

The earth below the workers and Chaos Beasts soon explodes, causing both parties to fall into a deep pit filled with water. Just as they recover what they assumed to be water is found out to be acid. The workers see that they are wading in a pool containing acid making slimes and slowly begin to dissolve along with the Chaos Beasts. Parpatra cries out this to be the Bloody Emperor's treachery before succumbing to the acid. One by one the workers meet grisly fates as they slowly melt away. Some like Erya cries out to his slaves looking down from the ledge of the pit but his pleas are ignored and they watch him die alongside the uncaring knights. Others like Roberdyck Goltron attempt to use healing magic to stave off the acid but it is in vain and he too disappears into the puddle. Arche Eeb Rile Furt is the last to die, her last thoughts going to her sisters, Kuuderika and Ureirika finding comfort they did not see her like this.

Zero and his comrades having escaped the same fate as the workers look on with horror at how far the Bloody Emperor would gain victory. While his comrades are appalled by the sacrifice, Zero commends the action as it brought the best results in getting rid of so many Chaos Beasts. Seeing what Jircniv is truly capable of Zero is adamant that the emperor is worthy as a leader with his extraordinary determination and correct judgement.

Elsewhere in the Round Table Room the scene of the Empire's battle with the Chaos Beasts were viewed by Momonga and Albedo through the Mirror of Remote Viewing. Albedo believed that the action was practical as it caused the least amount of casualties. She is surprised that a human could see the big picture and was quite impressed. Both Momonga and Albedo continue to watch the events unfold, knowing that Demiurge's plan to use the threat of the Chaos Beasts from the cave was to allow them to evaluate the strength of the Alliance.

Episode 5: All-Out Attack[]

A Royal Guard makes a report that the Melting Pot at the quarry was a success and that they have eliminated thousands of Chaos Beasts. Jircniv is pleased at the updated, though was surprised that the workers managed to last this long, before turning to the news that the guard brings. It seems that Enhela of the Theocracy learned of the emperor's plan and sends his best wishes on his triumph. The emperor and the Theocracy appear to be working covertly, with the latter working behind the scenes leading a small unit in the area. The unit was responsible for leading the number of Chaos Beasts in the the trap at the quarry.

Jircniv then addresses his men, stating that many more Chaos Beasts still remain and that they must muster their strength to eliminate them in the coming battle. Jircniv decides to take to the battlefield and commands the Four Imperial Knights to lead each legion of the army and show the world who is fit to lead humanity in this time.

At the front of the army of twenty thousand, Nimble Arc Dale Anoch and Nazami Enec lead the left wing, while Leinas Rockbruise and Baziwood Peshmel take the right wing of the Imperial Army. Also at the right wing, Martial Lord Go Gin joins the battle eager to test his strength in actual combat. His mere presence brings awe to the knights. The plan of the army is simple, engage the Chaos Beasts horde in a pincer attack and reduce their numbers. Sure enough a horde of Chaos Beast approach the fortress city. The Imperial Army is soon joined by the Royal Army of the Kingdom which is placed at the rear. The leaders of the Royal Army, Lakyus, the Vice Captain, and Marquis Boullope are impressed with the numbers and disciplined knights collected by the emperor.

The horde of Chaos Beasts collides with the front lines of the Imperial Army. The leaders of the legions, the Four Imperial Knights and Go Gin lead the charge against the monsters. Leinas who is a veteran in fighting Chaos Beasts sees that despite the sheer number of Chaos Beasts, believes that the Imperial Army maybe able to prevail as they are now prepared and have the military power to actually win. News from the front lines are received by Emperor Jircniv, that the Chaos Beasts lack flying types. The emperor expected as much given the monsters originally came from a subterranean Crack which makes it all the better for the Empire. He orders the Royal Air Guard and its magic casters to launch an aerial attack. The air unit ruthlessly puts down several Chaos Beasts. many from the Kingdom and even the Slane Theocracy like Nigun Grid Luin and Ian Als Heim are impressed by the feat. The battle continues in favor of the Imperial Army and is quickly reducing the number of enemies. Intending to secure their numerical advantage, Jircniv orders Fluder to unleash 'it'.

At the front lines, Nazami Enec saves the life of a knight and orders him to retreat back to friendly lines. Standing with Nimble the two begin to see that their forces are gradually being pushed back. Despite the knights killing slaying several monsters, more seem to take their place. They relentless continue fighting even when struck by numerous spells like [Fireball] forcing the knights to engage them physically.

Something is soon seen rolling unto the battlefield by Fluder. At first nearby knights mistake it for a crossbow or a stone thrower, but the Imperial Wizard reveals it as the Empire's newest weapon: the Malefic Spear. He then demonstrates its use, and targets several Chaos Beasts. A spear is launched from the device and after a single one penetrates the hard shell of the monsters, they shatter into pieces. The weapon's destructive capabilities bring awe and shock to the knights and leaders of the Royal Army. Even the Chaos Beasts pause at the weapon's use, causing the morale of the knights to reignite. Baziwood continues the momentum of the battle urging the knights to show the power of the Empire, which earns cheers and calls for victory for humanity.

A rider soon comes from the Kingdom, with a message from the king. Earlier it seems that an ambassador from the Empire had approached King Ramposa III to invite the Royal Army to fight under the command of the Imperial Army which the king was forced to accept. Marquis Boullope sees that the invitation is just a way to bolster the Empire's reputation as now that the battle is nearing its end, the emperor wants to make a show that they are leading the campaign. By leading another nation's army into battle the Empire could solidify its position as the new leader of the Alliance. Having no choice the leaders guide their forces to the front lines, where the Four Knights greet them. There the knights take charge directing the soldiers of the Kingdom, with their charisma they completely inspire the hearts of their Kingdom's men. Even Lakyus and the Vice Captain witnessing their discipline and calm personalities cannot help be stunned and feel that perhaps the Empire should be the ones to lead the Alliance.

Demiurge flying high in the air takes an interest in how the battle has unfolded. He was quite surprised by the use of magic casters, the Hippogriffs of the Royal Air Guard and the Malefic Spear. Observing the battlefield the demon sees that most of the Chaos Beasts have been swept up by the forces of the Theocracy. At most two thousand monsters still remain active. The battle should soon be over---at least that is what the combatants in the Alliance are thinking, which causes the Floor Guardian to laugh.

Episode 6: Conclusion[]

The battle between the forces of the Tripartite Alliance and the Chaos Beasts continue, with the number of the latter drastically decreasing thanks in part of the Imperial Army's tactic with the workers, the forces of the Theocracy and the Royal Army working in tandem. At the battlefield, Baziwood Peshmel finds himself fighting alongside Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra. Seeing that her weapon can bring the battle to a swift conclusion, the Imperial Knight urges her to find the ringleader of the horde. A signal flare from a member of the Royal Air Guard marks the location of the horde's leader to the northwest. The "Lightning" then assists Aindra and rallies the knights to pave a way for her.

Nazami Enec and Nimble Arc Dale Anoch seeing their comrade provide aid to the leader of Blue Roses wish her luck as they are blocked by a mob of Chaos Beasts. To their luck Nigun Grid Luin arrives flanked by a pair of Giant Chaos Beasts. When this is all over, he asks if the adventurer would entertain him in a match. The adventurer agrees and as a team fight through the mass of monsters in front of them. Their path is further cleared by a ray of light that extinguishes the monsters in their path. A Dominion Authority summoned through a Sealing Crystal by Nigun has taken the field. Lakyus seeing this finds a strange twist of fate that she and Nigun who were once enemies would be fighting side by side. At the rear, Emperor Jircniv is pleased by the display of battle that signifies the how humanity should be in his vision, all three nations united---under him.

The adventurer and Martial Lord finally reach their foe, a Giant Chaos Beast and prepare to do battle. Once the monster is dead, all that remains is to clear the stranglers. The emperor of the Baharuth Empire feels that he has solidified his image as the true leader of humanity and the Alliance. For he has done what no leader could; leave the safety of his homeland, gathered his legions, entered the battlefield, developed new weapons, and devised countermeasures against a near impossible foe. Jircniv feels that this the perfect image that the public will portray him as and his ascent as humanity's leader and the three nations will be assured.

A knight running across the field, soon breaks his thoughts. He has dire news which takes him several breaths to get out. The knight reports that a new horde of Chaos Beasts has emerged from the cave at the north. The news of a new horde does not worry the emperor, boldly believing that the joint forces of the three nations would be enough to crush this new threat. All his confidence vanishes when the knight states that the new horde numbers between twenty thousand to thirty thousand strong.

Earlier at the cave the imperial spy stationed their noticed another earthquake. What comes out from the depths exceeds the expected ratio of the previous horde, to the horror of the agents. Upon seeing the rising horde he makes a report. In the present Jircniv, thinks he misheard or wishfully thinking its misinformation, but those hopes are dashed when the knight claims that the Theocracy unit reports the same numbers. Now obviously having lost his calm demeanor, Jircniv desperately tries to devise a plan on how to overcome this new obstacle. Although the new horde will take half a day to reach them, Jircniv sees that the human forces might not have a chance to win as they have already exhausted themselves with the first horde.

Episode 7: The Approaching End[]

News of the approaching horde, more massive than the first spread, to the commanders of the army through [Message]. They are aghast at the news as fighting an enemy of ten thousand was difficult enough with their current forces and the prospects of victory in fighting an enemy three times greater are seen as low. While they lament at the future, the knights and warriors try to focus on killing the remaining Chaos Beasts before them. All of a sudden, the remaining monsters begin to vanish, leaving behind only their Chaos Stones where they stood. The Bloody Emperor still fumbling for a solution to the upcoming horde, weighing the options to either withdraw to save the army and leave E-Rantel to be destroyed. The latter action which would cause an incredible loss to the Alliance and take years to recover from. His attention is brought back to reality when his men begin shouting at the strange phenomena occurring to the monsters. A shadow soon passes over them in the sky. The confused humans look above and see a winged humanoid who introduces himself as the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and their salvation from their impending doom.



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