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Evil Darkness (禍つ闇) is the ninth main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on June 1, 2020.[1]

Main Summary[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: Those Waiting For Return[edit | edit source]

While the protagonist and his allies enter the cave, the royal of the Re-Estize Kingdom have been in deep discussion with themselves over the nation. In concern about the lack of manpower for their military, the Adventurer's Guild have been providing assistance to alleviate the shortage. Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself mentions that this is all thanks to the adamantite adventurer Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra, who is leading the endeavor with support from Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself. King Ramposa III watching his children talk on the state of affairs is glad to have such children dedicated in their duties. Renner noticing her father's silence asks him if he is feeling alright. The king states he was merely thinking of the future, but now has his mindset on the present.

A warrior soon reports that the protagonist's team have started to investigate the cave after cleaning out the Chaos Beasts around the area. Though Zanac is annoyed that the news did not come sooner, Renner believes that the news is good and means that the protagonist will soon find Gazef Stronoff. While the king and princess are hopeful on the success of the mission, Zanac is more cautious. If the quest fails the Kingdom's last resort would be to rely on the Baharuth Empire and the Slane Theocracy. Currently the Tripartite Alliance is moving forward on being formalized, all thanks to the efforts of the protagonist.

Given the circumstances they discuss on back-up plans should Gazef fail to return intact. Ramposa III has already contacted powerful divine magic casters for healing and Renner has contacted the Pharmacist's Guild. Zanac has also took measures to ensure none of the information on Gazef's situation is not leaked. So far all they can do is trust that the protagonist brings Gazef home.

Episode 2: Cave Closed In The Dark[edit | edit source]

After the protagonist and their team separate from Brain Unglaus and Blue Roses, they enter the cave. Shall who has been using [Perfect Unknowable] followed them in. Surako confirms that there isn't a scent of humans in the cave. They decide to go deeper to investigate. Shall dispels her spell to allow everyone to see her eager to begin her role as a "hero." While the highest priority is the rescue of Gazef Stronoff the group, agrees to seek out any evidence of Crack activity and traverse deeper into darkness. Soi hesitates in going deeper believing that she heard something. It is believed to either to be a survivor or perhaps a monster. Using glowsticks, Surako's smell, and Shall's sight they look for any clues of the missing Warrior Troop. The terrain of the cave changes as they go deeper. Suddenly a sound of oozing liquid is heard and a trio of Green Slimes appear to menace the trio. Taking arms the combatants of the team make short work of the slimes. They wonder where the monsters came from but find their answer as they discover a section of the cave that has countless of holes in the rock wall. The protagonist notices that the holes look man-made as if they were modified which could allow for surprise attacks.

Shall decides to send two of her vampire wolves to search the area. They return almost immediately, telling their summoner they found traces of humans. They go to the site, and Slimeko soon smells the scent of humans which is strangely appealing to her. When the find the site they are behold to a morbid sight of human body parts that are shredded and scattered and piled across the cave floor.

Shall finds the sight to be beautiful until her colleagues give her looks and quickly goes back to her task in figuring out what happened. Based on her examination she estimates that at least twenty bodies are present and judging by the equipment and clothes they belong to members of the Warrior Troop. Soi examines a corpse ans sees that the flesh and internal organs have been gnawed and eaten. This was not done by Chaos Beasts as they simply kill and not devour them. It's most likely the work of other monsters or demons living in the cave. Even worse according to the report that they were given the bodies they found don't belong to the main unit, but these are members that were stationed at the relay point at the entrance. The four piece together that the relay unit must have entered the cave after losing contact with Gazef's force and were attacked by monsters while going deeper into the cave. Apparently something unexpected attacked them and brutally killed them. Shall wonders what kind of monster could do such a thing and suggests they find it and eliminate before proceeding with the quest.

Episode 3: Relay Point[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile in E-Rantel, Lizzie Bareare is busy working at the Pharmacist's Guild. Hilma Cygnaeus pays the pharmacist giving the old woman a medicinal herb she requested. The prostitute notices the work in the guild and inquires about the rush of activity. Lizzie passes it off as being a special priority order and doesn't know the details. Hilma wonders if it's for an important person, before she excuses herself from the guild and tells the old woman to keep up the good work. Just as she leaves, Nemu Emmot comes in asking if Lizzie needs an more help. Lizzie states that she is thankful for all the help she gave provided and Nemu is thankful that the old magic caster took her in after the death of her sister. Behind Lizzie's smile though, hides concern and fear that the E-Rantel may fall before the child can grow. Despite this she strives to do as much as she can for her city.

Brain Unglaus having recovered from his injuries learns from Blue Roses that the protagonist's team have entered the cave to find Gazef and his men. The adventurers have been guarding the entrance as more Chaos Beasts and monster have been invading the area. Brain decides to lend his sword to the defense of the area and hopes to meet Gazef again for a duel.

In the cave the adventurers find a bunch of rumble blocking their path in a section of the cave. According to their information this is the site of the relay point for within the cave though they cannot see any evidence of a camp. The protagonist speculated that the are was collapsed from above which is proved to be true when Shall removes the debris with her power. They find a crushed campsite and human bodies. It believed that the collapse of the roof was not accidental but intentional. Surako uses her slime abilities and look investigates the scene flowing around the site and confirms that their are no survivors. About a dozen bodies were found to belong to the Warrior Troop, along with two magic casters that were responsible for staying in contact with the Kingdom. Gazef's body is not among the fallen, as he would have stood out in his Guardian Armor. The group guess that Gazef's party were stationed here resting when the cave in happened. Retreating further into the cave to escape the group were most likely ambushed.

They come across another blocked area which Shall clears. Surako searches the area and located the body of the chief officer of the Warrior Troop. She suddenly picks up a human scent further into the cave network. Vampire wolves are sent to check it out and report that there is indeed a human soldier, slightly moving. Surako thinking that the solider requires assistance rushes to his aid against the advice of the others. Just as she got close to the body, two Stone Eaters emerge from the darkness. They are swiftly killed by Soi and an entire tribe of Stone Eaters come out of hiding from another cave. The demi-humans are taken care of, all save one specimen that appears to have electrical abilities. Going by Aura Bella Fiora's research the protagonist deduces that this individual must have devoured a special ore to give it the power of electricity. The Stone Eater is killed and the group turn to the human corpse that lure Surako. By the looks of it the Stone Eater with the electrical abilities used electricity to simulate the body's movements. Seeing that the body is well preserved, Soi decides to collect it within her body for a possible resurrection. The protagonist believes that the rest of Gazef's people may not have met their end and are perhaps still deep in the caves.

Episode 4: Individual Speculation[edit | edit source]

At the Round Table Room Demurige orders Yuri Alpha to proceed with the agreed upon plan. As he departs he is left with Momonga who wishes to discuss with him on the protagonist's progress. The homunculus's mission must be a success, for if Gazef Stronoff, the power of balance with the three nations will change greatly and all of Nazarick's work will be for naught. Demiurge understands and reports that the Kingdom has been consolidating their forces around E-Rantel ever since the recent Chaos Beast attack.

At the same time in the E-Rantel training ground, Climb is practicing with his sword. He receives a surprised visit from Princess Renner who worried for him. She suggests that he take a break, but Climb insists on training so that another attack that affected E-Rantel does not happen. Renner still says not to overdo himself and even tempts to order her bodyguard to rest. They are interrupted by the appearance of Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra who wishes to spar with Climb. She supports Climb decision to train as one of the warriors protecting the city. The two finish their spar, tanking each other for the time. Renner looks and watches Climb during the exchange. Though she says it is knowing she is thinking how lovely Climb is and hopes that the world doesn't disturb them.

At the E-Rantel Defense Line, members of the Sunlight Scripture are going through exercises under the instruction of Ian Als Heim. Nigun Grid Luin surveying his men has doubts that the current exercises will prepare them for an attack of the same magnitude that E-Rantel experienced previously. A carriage soon arrives from the Baharuth Empire. Getting off Nimble Arc Dale Anoch greets his contemporary from the Theocracy expressing respect for the priest and his part in the city's defense. He thus explains that the Imperial Army will be adding more of its forces to the front lines which shocks Nigun. The knight decides to depart so as not to further disturb the Scripture's exercise. Nigun sees that the reinforcements is simply a political move by the Empire to exert its influence over the region. Ian is then ordered to report this development to headquarters.

On the other hand in the capital of the Slane Theocracy, Raymond Zarg Lauransan and Enhela Read Gahi are heading a meeting with the Six Cardinals. The main topic of their meeting is the current status of E-Rantel and the recent Chaos Beast attack. The cardinals are in disbelief that the theory that Chaos Beasts are attracted to strong auras may as untrue as they thought. They agree that it the situation continues, future attacks will occur and try to come up with a solution. Some cardinal believe they should concentrate all defenses on the homeland. Raymond mentions that the Empire has diverted their considerable forces to the city which puts their cooperative relations with the other nations in question. The officials believe they should avoid instigating an incident. Enhela then turns the meeting on the protagonist and their assistance so far in repelling the Chaos Beast that attacked the fortress city. The cardinals wish for more information though tells Enhela to be wary of the individual as the protagonist may have the power to surpass all of the Six Scriptures.

While each camp is moving on its own accord based on their thoughts, the protagonist and company are walking deeper into the caverns. The have their first encounter with a Warrior Chaos Beast in the caves. Dispatching it they continue on exploring.   

Episode 5: Footsteps Of The Kingdom's Warriors[edit | edit source]

The group find Chaos Stones littering their path, strongly hinting that Chaos Beasts have been slain in the area. They follow the traces of battle and reach a branch in the cave. Shall's summons are sent ahead and the bring back human limbs, armor and weapons. They find the branch point to be littered with corpses.

A few days ago, Gazef's men were retreating deeper into the cave in the face of the encroaching monsters. To prevent the monsters from destroying the entire troop, a few of the warriors stay behind to act as decoys and buy time for Gazef and the others. So far only eighty-five warriors have survived. The still keep encountering Chaos Beasts and and beginning to feel fatigue. Even worse Gazef sees that the oxygen in the cave is thinner and will start to affect them. Their is news that the monsters at their rear are decreasing, and Gazef wishes to turn back to save his men. However the platoon leader and the other insist on continuing the mission so their comrades' deaths will not be in vain. Pressure to continue, Gazef acquiesce to their will. Advancing into the darkness they numbers drop to sixty-four. The group take a rest while the Warrior Captain and the platoon leader keep watch amidst a company of injured soldiers. The two leaders soon are directed to a groan coming from the rear. A lone trooper is begging for help when he is slayed with a swipe by a sword. Gazef shines a light on the attacker and sees it to be one of his own men. The eyes of the man glow red indicating he has been contaminated. With a heavy heart Gazef takes his blade and slays his subordinate.

The cave starts to paint not only Gazef's field of vision but also his heart as he is now down to forty-five members of his troop. Some members had to be slain when they began to show signs of contamination. Gazef looking closer with light sees that the entire cave area is leaking toxic mist from the Crack and is now currently slowly poisoning him and his men. The only way to fight the contamination is to maintain their physical condition as those weak will fall prey to its affects. The platoon leader soon succumbs to the poison, much to the Warrior Captain's horror. The platoon leader apologizes for his weakness and proceeds to take his own life. Despite that their rear has been cut off and their supplies are now dwindling, Gazef gathers his men one last time. He order them to salute to their fallen comrades. The remaining potions that are left are given to the wounded to their surprise. Gazef gets straight to the point and tells them that they are close to the source of the Crack where the monsters that spawned the monsters that attacked E-Rantel originate. If nothing is done then E-Rantel may fall. He impresses upon them the duty to their Kingdom and ask them to give him their strength. All the warriors proudly declare to follow Gazef one last time.

Only fourteen members of the troop now remain as they continue their mission. Proceeding through the darkness they keep a certain distance from each other so as not to contaminate their comrades. They are beset by Chaos Beasts and some of the warriors fall to the poison in the air and are mercy killed by a nearby trooper.

The troop are down to ten men when Gazef uses his cut from his sword to blast away the mist to alleviate poison in the air. They finally are before the brilliant light of the Crack which is surrounded by countless horde of Chaos Beasts. Undeterred by the opposition, Gazef orders his men to divide into two groups, one to attack and the other to protect him until he reaches the Crack. The warriors shout a last battle cry and surge forward at their captain's instruction. The warriors and Gazef fight to their destination, but one by one they are killed. Gazef soon finds himself alone amidst the horde of Chaos Beasts. Kneeling, the Warrior Captain apologizes to his king as he struggles to get up and confront the monsters. Letting out a shout he runs straight at the enemy with his sword.

In the present the Nazarick agents are on the trail of Gazef's Warrior Troop and Surako believes they are close to their goal. Soi looking at the clues finds it to be confusing as there are traces of Chaos Beasts, signs that the warriors attacked each other and empty potion bottles. They encounter several Skeleton Warriors which are assumed to have been Gazef's men that have returned as undead after being killed.

Episode 6: Hero[edit | edit source]

Deep in the cave, Gazef and his men use the last of their strength to wipe out the Chaos Beasts however their victory is a short reprieve as more monsters are spawned. Now only numbering five men they finally reach the source of Chaos Beasts. The plan was to break the rock and block the surrounding area, however it seems impossible given the shortage of manpower and the constant attacks by the emerging Chaos Beasts. The five warriors though are on the brink of defeat, even Gazef is not immune to fatigue and becomes the latest victim of the contamination.

The adventurers arrive at the site of the Crack where they witness corpses of the Warrior Troop and see a feral Gazef Stronoff. Looking at the slain warriors at his feet they deduce that he may have killed some of his own men while under the influence of the poison mist. Its astounding that the Warrior Captain still has the mental strength to keep fighting even after being contaminated. Gazef no longer able to distinguish them as allies turns his attention towards them. Shall decides to face him and takes out Spuit Lance believing it will be entertaining. The two fight, Shall easily parrying the human's attacks and the other keeping up due to his equipment and his physical ability enhanced by the poison mist. He appears to not only retain his warrior's intuition but also his Martial Arts demonstrated when he uses "Possibility Sense" to further strengthen himself. Shall can still fight him in a calm manner, however capturing him alive may be difficult. She adopts a tactic of gradually weakening him but a combination of his Martial Arts and equipment allow him to recover from his wounds.

The protagonist recommends stopping the warrior's movements which Shall promises in the name of her heroic identity. She uses [Force Sanctuary] to block Gazef's continuous strikes of "Instant Counter". Gazef is playing right into her hands to exhaust his and target him when he loses momentum from using his techniques. Shall sense danger and leaps away when the Warrior Captain unleashes "Sixfold Slash of Light". Surprised at the move Shall admits that the attack might have injured her a little. Enraged Gazef unleashes another "Sixfold Slash of Light" just as Shall uses [Time Accelerator] to avoid the attack and casts [Paralysis] on him. Temporarily stunned, Gazef is attacked by Soi and is finally defeated but alive. The group then hear a sound and notice that Gazef's unconscious body was taken in the darkness.

Episode 7: Darkness[edit | edit source]

Spotting a giant pink tentacle dragging Gazef's unconscious body on the ground, Shall uses "Purifying Javelin" and frees him from its grasp. Suddenly she is being swiped and pummeled. Getting fed up, she orders her allies get Gazef away from the battlefield. Shall cuts the tentacle but even more show up to from the ground. One looms behind and prepares to crush her but she uses "Negative Impact Shield". Deciding on whether to stay and fight or retreat, the protagonist tells Shall to eliminate the beast. Shall then drops her adventurer disguise, embracing her identity as Shalltear Bloodfallen and becomes fully armored. She also summons her Einherjar to watch her back. As master and summon attack the monster, the cavern walls shudder at the fighting. Soi becomes worried that the cave ceiling may collapse and tells the protagonist to hide within her body in case of a cave-in. Shalltear manages to land an attack on the main body but it is ineffective. The tentacles that Shalltear cut and regenerating and returning to fight the Floor Guardian to the shock of the group. Shalltear finds it difficult to read the creature's health values even with [Life Essence]. The protagonist recommends that Shalltear test to see if the monster exhausts itself when it regenerates. She uses [Vermilion Nova] on a bunch of tentacles. They take damage but they soon regenerate. Trying again with the same spell the result is the same. The protagonist though notes that each tentacle has a different recovery rate and the more damage each tentacle takes the slower the recovery.

Now with a plan Shalltear attacks any tentacle she can find. The monster struggles to regenerate its limbs, and soon lands a surprise on the Nazarick agents when it sprouts new tentacles to fight. Seeing that they are close to defeating it the protagonist reminds Shalltear to remember to preserve its corpse as a sample for Nazarick. Using "Purifying Javelin" Shalltear stops all activity from the monster and it goes dormant. After confirming it to be dead the group wonder what kind of monster they stumbled upon. Looking around its body they notice that its littered with Chaos Stones from slain Chaos Beasts indicating it preyed on them, atypical of what they knew on the nature of Chao Beasts. The four then agree to summon Aura Bella Fiora for a pick-up on the corpse and prioritize Gazef Stronoff's safe return.

In the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Momonga is excited that the protagonist's team have not only rescued the warrior Captain but brought back a specimen of an unknown species. He wonders about Gazef's condition and is in awe that the he human survived his ordeal. From Demiurge he learns that Gazef has been interned at a secret research facility in E-Rantel to treat him for the contamination he received from breathing the toxic gas. Nazarick's people have so far demonstrated to be immune to the poison but Momonga orders that Demiurge look into a possible cure for the ailment. The corpse of the monster has revealed that it is not a Chaos Beast since it does not produce any Chaos Stones when dead. Neither is it a Contaminated Beast, but perhaps a new type of monster from the Chaos Zone. For more information Demiurge wishes to conduct a survey of the cave despite it being infected with monsters, the cave may have some useful resources. After Demiurge departs from the meeting, Momonga finds himself pleased at the results of the operation. The protagonist has exceeded his expectations and wonders if he should give the leading role to him.

Meanwhile in the deep cave, Chaos Beasts are emerging from the Crack in great numbers hinting that the gates to hell are open and will soon swallow the world.

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