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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

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The Lost Hero (消えた英雄) is the eighth main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on April 1, 2020.[1]

Main Summary[]

Episode 1: On And Off The Board[]

In a cave located north of E-Rantel, Gazef Stronoff is fighting a mass of Chaos Beasts but is slowly overwhelmed by the beasts. Refusing to give up he continues to fight, running straight towards the mob. In the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Demiurge discusses Nazarick's plan in making use of the Tripartite Alliance with the protagonist and Slimeko. To demonstrate their plan, Demiurge uses a military board game simulating a scenario where the Chaos Beasts are attacking a human city. Demiurge starts the game by going on the offensive and attacks the protagonist's game pieces. The protagonist reinforces their defense and repels Demiurge's beasts thanks to setting up an ambush. Demiurge is impressed, however, he notes that the protagonist's forces are now exhausted. In a hypothetical situation what would happen if another raiding party showed up. Demiurge proceeds to implement that strategy, which the protagonist counters by sending out their special unit. The Floor Guardian admits that is a sound idea and brings up that the real Gazef Stronoff has not returned to E-Rantel and wonder on his whereabouts. Going back to the game Demiurge positions his game pieces around the special unit and removes it from the field hinting the question of what the Re-Estize Kingdom should do when their champion is gone? The protagonist states that the Kingdom would most likely send a rescue party. However the Kingdom cannot send out its own troops otherwise the city would be left undefended, thus it would have to rely on outside help. Demiurge is happy that the protagonist sees beyond the rules of the game so it reflects reality. Right now the Kingdom may face this situation and may seek help to find their Warrior Captain. In order to monopolize on this opportunity, Nazarick authorizes the protagonist to use whatever means to negotiate with the Kingdom to return their Warrior Captain.

After that the protagonist returns with Slimeko, now Surako, to E-Rantel, to a ludicrous inn where they and Soi have taken residence as adventurers. The group are interrupted when guards enter their room announcing the appearance of Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself. Prince Zanac requests the protagonist's assistance that the royal family wishes to be resolved. The protagonist and company are then escorted to a carriage and transported to a more private location.

Episode 2: Request From The King[]

At an undisclosed location, Zanac presents the adventurers to his father, King Ramposa III. The protagonist believing that this meeting involves Gazef's disappearance, inquires on the warrior's whereabouts. Zanac explains the situation to the adventurers. The Warrior Captain was leading elite soldiers to investigate the source of the Chaos Beasts that attacked E-Rantel. The location was pinpointed to a cave north of the city. The survey of the area proceeded as plan and due to it being a high risk mission Gazef's team made regular reports to the city from their base camp in the cave. The Warrior Troop progressed deeper into the cave to clear away the Chaos Beasts, however, the royal family lost contact with them a day before. It is unknown whether the troop was wiped out or if they are alive. Ramposa III wishes the protagonist's help in rescuing Gazef or retrieving his body so he may be resurrected. The protagonist asks why so much effort to save this one man? The king states that Gazef's existence is necessary to maintain the alliance with the two other nations.

The king implores the protagonist's aid, offering anything in return. The protagonist seeing an opportunity is at hand, requests Ramposa III to consider forming an alliance with the protagonist's nation and presents a formal letter that he wishes to be approved. If such an alliance were made then the protagonist's nation would approve of the latter's involvement of this mission that the Kingdom wishes for them to undertake. While the conditions of the alliance are standard, Zanac is wary as they do not have enough information of the protagonist nor his country. Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself urges her father to accept the alliance. Zanac rather than argue with his sister, gives his approval and support though he wonders if they made a mistake of allies.

Episode 3: Undercover[]

After finishing up their report to Nazarick the trio set off at night and are on the road to their destination. Outside the city they are joined by Shalltear Bloodfallen, who has been assigned to accompany them. To interact with beings outside Nazarick, Shalltear creates the identity of Shall, a tragic daughter of a famous family who has embarked on a journey of exile. The group though collectively agree that "Shall" meeting humans outside is not the time, so advise the Floor Guardian to stay hidden during the quest to search and rescue the Warrior Captain. Due to her strength, the protagonist arranges for her to be given an adamantite plate to serve as her cover as an adventurer.

Meanwhile, Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix received a report from Nimble Arc Dale Anoch that Blue Roses and the protagonist's team have left the fortress city. According to his information, they are heading towards the cave where Gazef was stationed at. So far no movement has been reported on the Slane Theocracy. Jircniv wary of the events orders that the Baharuth Empire be on high alert and to send a force to E-Rantel intent on being the one to steer humanity's survival.

Back with the adventurers, Shall is now fiddling with her new adventurer plate. The topic turns to the possibility that a Crack is leaking Chaos Beasts in the cave where Gazef was last seen. They worry about the possibility of being contaminated by the fog that the Cracks produce. To test the gas's toxicity they decide to make a small detour to the closest Crack and experiment. They head to the Great Forest of Tob where Abyss Demon is waiting for them.

Episode 4: Sword Genius[]

Next morning, a guard reports to Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra about the security around the city's walls. No hostile attackers have been sighted, which Lakyus is relieved to hear. However, she tells the soldier to be vigilant as they might see another raid like before. The Vice Captain of the Warrior Troop greets the adamantite adventurer to discuss his forces participation in the city's defense. Lakyus notices that he seems worried about the fate of the Warrior Troop. She reassures him that aid is being sent to the Warrior Captain, making him hopeful on his safe return. A voice calls out to her stating that he is surprised to see an adventurer commanding the warriors of the Kingdom. To her surprise she recognizes the voice to belong to Brain Unglaus. The rival of the Warrior Captain inquires on the whereabouts of the latter. Not satisfied with the answer that the Warrior Captain is currently out of the city and performing an important task. Brain presses the issues and demands the location of her comrades. Lakyus's silence confirms his suspicion that the majority of Blue Roses have been sent to locate Gazef Stronoff.

Brain admits he is aware that the Warrior Captain is missing as he was one the last people to speak with him when he left the city. While working as a mercenary guarding a merchant from Contaminated Beasts he arrived at the gates of the city. Brain noticing an armed force led by Gazef getting ready to depart as if to war. Brain makes himself know to his old associate surprising the former. While Gazef is unable to tell him of his mission, Brain understands the secrecy. Before Gazef left, Brain told the Warrior Captain to come back as soon as possible as he still wants a re-match.

Brain in the present still remembers Gazef promising to return on his word as a warrior. He demands to know what happened to his rival. He even offers his services in exchange for information on Gazef's location, insisting that he desires to fight Gazef once more to surpass him.

In the Tob Forest, Abyss leads the undercover Nazarick agents to the Crack site. With them are two captive bandits that they have captured to be used as experimental material. Ignoring their pleas, the bandits are placed downwind of the Crack to test the toxicity and simulate a rescue operation as the poison will most definitely kill the in less than ten seconds. The Cracks scheduled flare up begins and spews out fog and Chaos Beasts. The team expecting the event then engage the spawned monsters. Shall using magic creates a shock wave at the Crack that ceases the poisonous fog leaving the bandits unharmed. Seemingly rescuing the humans, the vampire then proceeds to tie lose ends and execute them, as they have been contaminated. However they now have a method to safely dispel the poison fog leaving with a successful experiment. The group then depart the forest to continue their mission to retrieve Gazef dead or alive.

Episode 5: Mopping Up[]

The group soon will reach the aforementioned cave. To avoid complications with her presence, Shall uses [Perfect Unknowable]. The plan is to have her hide until they enter the cave where they can then act more freely in their search and rescue. At the cave's entrance they spot Tia and Gagaran of Blue Roses. The two veteran adamantite adventurers greet their colleagues. For Evileye and Tina, they are directed to a scene where the two are fighting a horde of Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts blocking the cave. The two adventurer groups now united initiate an operation to wipe out the obstacle. There are too many though so the protagonist calls them to attack while retreating. Evileye takes to the air using [Fly] to avoid the beasts on a rock ledge, followed by the twin assassins. The magic caster and assassins use [Shard Buck Shots] and [Shadow Clone]s to attack the beasts at long range. The attacks put the monsters in a crossfire, wiping them out.

The group prepare to search the cave for Gazef and his men, but Evileye reports that two humanoid Chaos Beasts that resemble the ones that attack E-Rantel are approaching the area. The group wait on the ledge and spot two strange Chaos Beasts. Though they are similar to the one that attacked E-Rantel, they are still different. Despite the danger of approaching the new type of monsters, believing they should be fine as long as they maintain their distance. Tia and Tina use [Shadow Clone]s to attack one of Chaos Beasts and then follow up with close quarter attacks. Tina however is injured during the fight by the second Chaos Beast who cooperates with his comrade to fight the adventurers. Evileye then flies high in the air to use her elemental magic from above. The magical attack has no effect. The monster spotting her throwing a projectile at her, causing Gagaran to leap to protect the magic caster with her body. The two crash on the ground, though Gagaran is barely okay. The teams seeing that they need to concentrate on killing the defender of the two, Soi volunteers to keep the attacker busy. Tia and Gagaran try to land a killing blow in the Chaos Beast but its armor is too thick. They begin to worry if their skills are outmatch. Hope is renewed as they are soon joined by an unexpected ally: Brain Unglaus.

Episode 6: Cooperation[]

The members of Blue Roses are surprised at the appearance of Brain. Brain explains that Lakyus caved in under pressure and told him where they were. Seeing the two monsters, he unsheathes his sword and aids the adventurers. Their attacks are still not doing much, so Evileye tries a different approach and uses [Acid Splash]. The acid proves to be effective and eats the outer shell of one of the Chaos Beasts. Evileye then casts the same spell again on the monster, leaving a gap in its armor that Brain exploits and succeeds in slaying the Chaos Beast.

Soi who has been parrying the other Chaos Beast is mostly fine and rejoins her allies, all ready to destroy the last remaining opponent. However something unusual occurs with the Chaos Beast. The arms and legs become swollen and suddenly it explodes right towards them at insane speeds. Gagaran gets the full brunt of the force shocking the group on its power. The movement of the Chaos Beast is vastly different and has the adventurers on the edge. Evileye is unable to provide any magical power as she need to recover her mana. The monster roars and severely injures Gagaran again. The speed of the monster is the problem, however Brain thinks he can slay it by, but he will need to be enhanced. The protagonist orders Soi to give Brain a scroll that will help enhance his abilities temporarily. They proceed and Brain now empowered directly engages the Chaos Beast and uses his Martial Arts 'Field' and 'Severing Blade'.

Episode 7: Anxiety[]

The clash between them lead to a stalemate, but Brain looks unable to keep the show up and gets injured forcing him out of his stance.

Drawing from inspiration of Gazef Stronoff, he unleashes four consecutive slashes that finally defeats the Chaos Beast. Brain emerging victorious collapses on the group. The adventurers attend to him giving him a healing potion and congratulate him on his kill. The Chaos Beasts now have been purged from the area for now. Brain takes notice of the protagonist and asks them to find Gazef for them while their team search the cave. Soi excuses herself from the group, secretly reports to Demiurge.

Deep in the cave, a warrior of the Kingdom gropes in the darkness in fear. Little does he know that an ominous shadow looms behind him. It attacks and shreds the human, scattering his remains.



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