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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

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Platinum Adventurer (白金の冒険者) is the fifth main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on October 1, 2019.[1]

Main Summary[]

Episode 1: Kingdom Speculation[]

A few weeks from meeting with Nigun Grid Luin, the protagonist's fame continued to grow as an adventurer. The higher their fame, the more new requests came in for the character, accumulating greater achievements. At the Adventurer's Guild, while collecting a reward from the receptionist, many of the other adventurers whisper about the rumors of the new and up in coming adventurer. The protagonist's companions, Soi and Surako take notice and are pleased that their fame has grown. After the receptionist gives the reward for the protagonist's hard work she also presents a request the guild would like to be handled. While so a pair of adventurers are overheard by Soi stating their disbelief that the protagonist could be promoted as a platinum rank, and possibly bribed his way.

Outside of the guild, Soi expresses her discontent on the shallowness of humans for not recognizing their success. The protagonist states that it is irrelevant and should focus on continuing bolstering their image. Now that they made it easier to receive requests it will eventually lead them to success.

The trio find themselves at their next job in front of the E-Rantel's Cemetery. Soi sees that the job is undead subjugation. Surako is unsatisfied stating this is a common request any adventurer could do and questions what kind of merit could they receive even if they complete the task. The protagonist states that it is a job nonetheless. That being enough for Soi, she prepares to fight some undead.

In the cemetery, after finishing killing a Skeleton, the group comment that even though they are in the outer periphery of the cemetery they been encountering low ranking undead. The protagonist wonders if the number of corpses are increasing, thus leading to the rising undead. Surako suggests that the incident with the Cracks may be the cause of so many dead, and maybe the Negative Energy is gathering in the area. The protagonist is still not sure and wonders if something else could be going on. Suddenly a powerful undead, a Red Skeleton Warrior, emerges from the darkness. Its appearance proves the protagonist's theory that the number of corpses are increasing leading to the creation of stronger undead due to the gathering of negative energy.

After finishing their work at the graveyard, the protagonist and his friends continue to work on various tasks without rest. At the same time, Saint Clementine is attending a conference meeting of E-Rantel hosted by Mayor Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier. The mayor complains that he is getting stiff from all these meetings, though Gazef Stronoff, who is also in attendance, states that is to be expected given how important the city has become and the burdens the mayor must be facing. Panasolei states humbly that his contributions pale in comparison to what Gazef is capable of. Clementine adds Gazef's support of the mayor remarking that his talents lie elsewhere.

The three move onto the next topic of the meeting which is addressed by the Clementine concerning the protagonist. Panasolei has heard of the new adventurer entered the headquarters of the Sunlight Scripture, which is confirmed by Clementine from her sources. Gazef who has been away from the city, is just learning about this adventurer wants to know more. Saint Clementine then reports about a job the adventurer and his friends undertook in the Great Forest of Tob near Carne Village. Gazef recalls that the village resident were saved by the said adventurer. Saint Clementine then adds that the protagonist and his allies have assisted in clearing the underground sewers and quarry security tasks. The mayor comments that the adventurer saved many refugees at the quarry, which has been closed down and the survivors directed to build a fourth wall around the city. Saint Clementine is more concerned in the level of work the protagonist is doing as they do not seem to rest and presents a record of the protagonist's accomplishments. Gazef notes that it does seem unusual for an adventurer to be promoted to platinum rank. Back on the protagonist's current job Clementine explains that a request was made by an executive of the Pharmacist's Guild, who is said to possess a shady past, to collect soil samples for the artificial herb cultivation plan. In addition the protagonist was sent to Carne Village to collect relics for Lizzie Bareare.

Time goes back awhile, when the protagonist and the others are accepting the request. At the Adventurer's Guild, they meet representatives from the Pharmacist's Guild who wish to contract the services of the protagonist. With the rise in battles, demand for armor and medicine are also increasing. The protagonist sees that forming a cooperative relationship with the guild will be beneficial in the future. The executive of the guild is revealed to be Hilma Cygnaeus, who surprised by the youth of the adventurer. Likewise the adventurers have heard of Hilma, with rumors of her being part of a dangerous organization. Though the woman states she is merely a member of the Pharmacist's Guild, which her associate Lizzie Bareare vouches on her sincerity in the artificial herb cultivation project. Hilma needs soil samples collected from the area near Carne Village, in order to provide a stable supply of medicinal herbs for the artificial cultivation plan as the soil around E-Rantel is no good. It's recommended that they start their collection where clusters of herbs are located. After the protagonist accepts the request, Hilma departs. Lizzie has a more personal request, and asks the group to go to Carne Village to collect some personal effects of a child named Enri. Surako recognizes the name of the older sister of Nemu Emmot who she and the protagonist saved. Lizzie admits that her grandson and Enri were close acquaintances and want to collect her items for him. She even offers to pay a separate fee for the job.

When the trio arrive at the ruins of Carne Village, Surako asks for the protagonist's intention in collecting Enri's items for Lizzie along with the soil sample collection. The protagonist states that this favor may serve them well in the future much to the others confusion. Going into the Tob Forest, the adventurers have some difficulty in locating the areas where herbs grow. The protagonist simply waits and eventually a massive creature arrives to investigate who is in its territory. Hamsuke, the Wise King of the Forest appears and is delighted in seeing her friends. After learning of their reason for entering the forest, Hamsuke guides them to the area where the herbs grow. With the samples collected the adventurers then decide to return to Carne Village. Hamsuke glad to help is disappointed that she cannot go with them as she must stay at watch her territory, though the protagonist promises they will see each other again.

At the remains of the village, the trio search the area until they come to a ruined home. Surako is a bit disheartened at seeing the destruction, reminding of her how Nazarick is. Coming into the Emmot home, the locate a loose tile on the floor and find several miscellaneous items, including a hair ornament. Just as they were finishing collecting the items, the adventurers come across a Skeleton, undoubtedly born from the negative energy attached to the abandoned village. Soi takes pity on the undead for losing its life to regret and now taking its grudge to them and kills it.

Back at the guild, the adventurers present Hilma the samples, who is surprised as she had expected it would take longer. The protagonist states that his team had help from the Wise King of the Forest, but Hilma thinks they are jesting, until Lizzie mentions that the Sunlight Scripture have been helped by the protagonist in the past. Lizzie then receives the items collected by Surako from the Emmot residence. The old woman looking through the items recognizes the hairpin that Enri wore on special days and laments those days will never come again. She thanks the protagonist and friends for recovering these effects, hoping that her grandson will have some closure now.

Returning to the E-Rantel conference, Saint Clementine concludes the record of the protagonist's activities. Gazef wonders if the new adventurer is building a network of contacts while solving the city's problems. The mayor understand why Clementine s concerned with this, though Gazef states that it is not unusual for people from foreign nations to visit and gain information. Clementine states that the background of the protagonist and his allies are still unknown, though she cannot judge as she has a shady history. Panasolei tells her not to dwell on it as she has been a great asset for the city which Gazef agrees. For what to do about the protagonist, Clementine worries that the Theocracy or Empire might make moves. The mayor states that there is also the summit for the Three Kingdoms Conference to consider. He wants to avoid noticeable actions that might put the Kingdom's standing in jeopardy. A guard enters the conference with disturbing news from the sewage processing station. The slime collected the other day in the sewers shows evidence that it may have been artificially cultivated through an alchemical solution. Saint Clementine is stunned at the revelation by the guard.

Episode 2: Vadis Free City[]

The protagonist and the others are moving on the road leading to the Katze Plains. They have received another request, this time from the imperial garrison. Leinas Rockbruise has reunited with them, sadly it is not to catch up. Currently the job is guard duty for supplies being transported to E-Rantel from the Vadis Free City. The city that they are traveling to is a city located in the southeast of E-Rantel, which was built jointly by the Empire and the Kingdom. Though the population is very small to call it a city. Predating the Tripartite Alliance, the city was one of a few acts of cooperation that the Kingdom and Empire commit themselves to creating despite being in regular warfare. Namely the Free city was established to straddle the Katze Plains which was known to be infested with undead and occasionally spilled out beyond the perimeter.

Soi asks about the rumored fog that surrounds the area which Leinas explains that the fog is a result of the proximity to the Katze Plains. She informs her companions that the fog has a small amount of undead reaction, although it is not harmful in itself, but it makes it Difficult in pinpointing undead even if you use magic detection. Though it strange as the fog should only occur in the Katze Plains not on the road. Leinas admits it to be suspicious as the highways are usually constructed in safe areas not affected by the fog. However the fog in recent times has started to rise north along the road. The cause is unclear but its suspected that the undead may be a factor. Perhaps due to the increasing death toll in the world since the upheaval. The Imperial Knight mentions that during the war between the Empire and the Kingdom, the fog would strangely dissipate as if anticipating to welcome the new dead.

The group soon enter a dense fog, obscuring all vision. The party soon senses that something dangerous is lucking in the fog. Leinas then readies for combat inviting the protagonist and the others to join. The convoy eventually reach Vadis. Entering a building they marvel at the artistry of the holy seal of the Four Great Gods and meet the commanding officer of the garrison unit in the city, Nimble Arc Dale Anoch, one of the Four Imperial Knights and Leinas's colleague. The knight welcome's the protagonist's party to Vadis, inviting them to sit down for tea. Nimble gives them a more detailed version of the imperial's request. In seems that due to the rapid population growth of E-Rantel, the city now lacks the proper food and medicine to sustain it. Therefore to assist, the Empire began to send goods to the fortress city. In order to deliver a huge amount of goods, the Empire has to dispatched its own personnel, the problem though is that the fog from the plains moved northward and reached the roads, causing the Empire's escort troops to be worn out and to carry out their mission as it is too dangerous due to the undead. They are short-handed right now and require addition guards to make the journey back to E-Rantel. While there are people here in Vadis who have experience in fighting undead, they cannot abandon their posts in the city. Worse if the supplies do not get to their destination, many people will be affected, and even E-Rantel may collapse. While it sis daunting task, the protagonist gives approval to aid the knights.

To better coordinate with the Nimble guides the adventurers outside to show the convoy. It is composed of a hundred knights, fifteen priests, and five holy knights. In addition there are eight magic casters, eight rangers, and three adventurer totaling twelve members. The convoy is massive, and some like Soi and Surako wonder if they will be able to complete their mission with this many hands. It cannot be helped as even with [Preservation] some of the supplies are easily damaged and the security is necessary to safeguard them by Nimble.

Nimble's words are soon drowned out by a sudden scream. Then the sound of fighting coming from the fog. Everyone is on alert, until a knight rushes and reports to Nimble that a group of undead are coming from the south towards the city. Nimble seeing it to be problematic to depart unless the attackers were destroyed, decides that he and Leinas will head out to take care of it. The protagonist is advised to return inside for their safety, but the former declines choosing to have their party fight alongside the knights.

During the battle Soi calls out to a knight watch out for a Skeleton Warrior approaching him. He realizes too late, but is quickly saved by Nimble. Soi is impressed by the man's skill originally thinking he was just a handsome looking man in armor. Nimble states that the Empire raises people to strive for something better through their hard work, a policy that is enforce by their emperor. Soi wonders if the Empire is a meritocracy, but seeing as they are busy, Nimble promises to explain it to her later. They soon are disturbed by a roar and cries, which a knight reports that a Skeletal Dragon is approaching from the southeast. The Imperial Knights find such a monster to be unexpected. Nimble orders the magic caster to pull back while the knights form into a formation to prevent the undead from invading into the city. The protagonist seeing this as an opportunity decides to pursue a separate initiative. The knights are confused as the protagonist and Soi dash out towards the source of the roar.

A formation of knights are confronting the looming form of a Skeletal Dragon. Despite their fear, one of the knights urges his fellows to hold fast. The undead roars at the humans briefly before vanishing into the fog, and later reappearing behind one of the knights and striking him. Another Skeletal Dragon emerges and attacks them. All seems lost until the protagonist and Soi come to the rescue and defeat it.

In the aftermath of the dragons' defeat, the air is filled with a chorus of cheers for the protagonist's team. Nimble is also awestruck by the adventurers seeing that the reality exceeds the reports on the group. The Imperial Knights gives the protagonist his gratitude as the number of undead in the area has been greatly reduced, and the casualties were minimum. He decides that this should be a good opportunity to leave for E-Rantel as the chances of encountering more undead have decreased. Th protagonist agrees and the convoy prepares to move out though the protagonist recommends that the convoy spreads itself out to ensure better survival chances as being bunched in a large group will make them a bigger target. A knight objects stating that heavy formations is a tactic that their army specializes in and argues that this is their advantage. Nimble though supports the advice on the bias of the how ineffectual their tactic was when facing undead in the previous battle. Since the amount of cargo they have is large and the number of people is limited, Nimble orders the convoy to disperse in a wide range so that when a might undead emerges they can prioritize contact over interception and increase their mobility. The knight complies and convoy gets to work.

The carriages are finally on the move, and the protagonist's group are excited to be on their way to E-Rantel. Nimble reports that there has been no loss of human life on the way, however due to their speed the steeds are starting to get exhausted. Since there is still some distance to the city, the knight suggests in taking a break, though the protagonist advises against that as to keep their momentum. Unfortunately they must stop as one of the knights report that one of the wagons has a damaged axle due to the weight of the cargo and speed. It will need to be repaired, though it will take some time. The convoy decide to take the opportunity to rest. While waiting for repairs to be completed, Soi startles Surako when she returns from scouting up ahead. She warns that the fog is getting thicker, and the sun is setting causing the visibility in the area to become worse. Some of the knights start to get worried and Nimble attempts to calm everyone, until a knight reports that there is a untold number of undead approaching.

Nimble orders men to concentrate on repairing the axle while the rest to maintain battle readiness. They soon begin to hear the sounds of rattling bones. Soi realizing that the sound are the skeletons approaching tells everyone that despite being unable to see properly, they should focus on hearing for the undead. Nimble following her cue, then tells his men to pay attention to the direction of the sound and work with their partners to fight their opponents. They determine the undead to be approaching from the west and then followed by reports of more from the southeast. Repairs are still delayed and the others worried about being trapped. Sounds of bones rattling come from the direction of the damaged wagon where the Holy Knights are guarding it. A scream is heard and a knight cries that a Death Knight is approaching the damaged wagon. The knights are horrified by the news, Nimble orders the Holy Knights to withdraw and to abandon the wagon. Soi demands why they are abandoning the cargo, only for Nimble to tell her that they do not have a chance to defeat a monster that could destroy a single country. The protagonist and his team however tell Nimble they will take care of it and head to confront the Death Knight. The adventurers against all odds succeed in slaying the undead much to the shock of all in the convoy.

Nimble having recovered from what was a miracle, learns that the axle has been repaired, and the shipment is safe. With no casualties he orders everyone to quickly depart. The convoy then makes haste on the road. As night left, the group were able to see the gate of E-Rantel in the distance. After stopping at the gates of the city, the protagonist and his team are thanked by Leinas and Nimble for their contribution. Nimble even offers the protagonist and his friends and invitation to the Empire as it is a meritocratic society where a commoner can become a knight. While the offering is appealing the protagonist believes that the Kingdom is more strategic appeal given that controls E-Rantel and will play a pivotal role in Nazarick plans. The protagonist politely thanks the knight for the offer. The knights then part from the adventurers to deliver the supplies to its warehouse.

At an inn, Soi, Surako and the protagonist, cheer each other on their accomplishments in the mission. The protagonist wonders about the contents of the cargo that they were transporting and how it will affect the future. Despite the concerns of the other two, the protagonist keeps these thoughts internally. Before they could continue their discussion further, Soi senses someone at their door. Saint Clementine enters the room and greets everyone with a request to investigate suspicious activity on behalf of the mayor.

Episode 3: Truth[]

Saint Clementine iterates that she would like the protagonist and his friends to accompany her see the mayor to help with an investigation. The adventurers are worried that they are under suspicion, for now the protagonist chooses to play along and goes along with the holy woman. They are guided to the mayor's residence, where the protagonist sees how serious the situation is as the most important figures of the city are gathered. Among them are Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra of Blue Roses, Nigun Grid Luin of the Sunlight Scripture, and Nimble Arc Dale Anoch of the Four Imperial Knights. The protagonist also meets the famed Warrior Captain Gazef Stronoff, and Mayor Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier. Lakyus apologizes for gathering everyone on short notice, but there has been a development they cannot ignore. The mayor allows Saint Clementine to explain that she asked the protagonist to investigate the underground sewers. There the adventurer discovered and killed multiple mutated Slimes. While the cause of the mutation was unknown, analysis of the remains collected by the protagonist indicate the human intervention may have played a part. The thought that the slimes were artificially mutated draws concern from everyone in the room.

Saint Clementine takes the opportunity to shift their attention to Sophie Noia. While the alchemist annoyed at being brought in for a trivial thing, she confirms that her studies show that the remains of the slimes contained highly concentrated alchemical solution, explaining the cause of the mutation. Such as thing is viewed as criminal activity by the mayor and wonders who would do such a thing. Lakyus then brings their suspect: Hilma Cygnaeus. The executive of the Pharmacist's Guild now flanked by two members of the Warrior Troop is brought before the assembly. The woman pleads that she is innocent and has done nothing wrong. Lakyus brings out their first piece of evidence against Hilma, stating that the alchemical solution was stored in the pharmacist's warehouse. Gazef replies that only a limited number in the Pharmacist's Guild have access to, such as Lizzie Bareare, Dabozel and Hilma. Going by the records the Blue Roses adventurer states that Hilma brought out a large amount of alchemical solution, enough needed to produce the mutant slimes. Hilma insists that the solution was only used for the artificial herb cultivation plan however Lakyus states that the explanation does not disprove she is the culprit. The protagonist and Nimble ask for what reason would Hilma do such a thing, which Lakyus clarifies by stating that name of the organization which Hilma was formerly part of: Eight Fingers. Everyone in the room are stunned at the revelation that the woman was part of a criminal organization that operated the underworld of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

The protagonist knowing about Eight Fingers reputation asks what happened to the group. It is then explained that the organization is currently dissolved, but with Hilma's involvement in this crime she suspects that this may be a plot to revive the criminal organization. After the world had changed from the Cracks, each country was in turmoil. Due to that Eight Fingers could no longer maintain their conventional activities, especially in an economy that is not functioning, though E-Rantel could be stated to be an ideal place for the economy to recover. With the formation of the Tripartite Alliance, caution was strengthened around the city after the rulers of each country were gathered and led to the decline of the criminal organization. Lakyus accuses Hilma of attempting to create a crisis to help resurrect Eight Fingers back to power. The former criminal maintains that she is innocent stating she would never concoct a plan like that, pointing out where she would even plot such a plan. Lakyus then brings up the underground sewer where a hidden room was located near the water tank. However the evidence there is seen as circumstantial by Hilma. Besides how would she even be able to find the time as she has been working with Lizzie to do anything like that. Lakyus mentions that Hilma has contacts with adventurers, and then suspicion is drawn to the protagonist, as the latter had received a request from the Pharmacist's Guild. Now in a precarious position, the protagonist refrain from saying anything as Hilma explains that the adventurers were hired to collect soil samples around Carne Village. Saint Clementine vouches for the adventurer stating his reputation is well known at the Adventurer's Guild and his movements have been tracked.

The protagonist needing to solve this before the truth of his history comes to light, goes over the evidence provided by Sophie and Hilma. It seems that the most definite cause of the mutated slimes in the sewers were being exposed to alchemical solution. However the substance was reported to have not been stolen at the Pharmacist's Guild, so where could have the slimes received it. But since there is no one at the guild with a criminal history, other than Hilma, she is held under suspect. The protagonist feels that she was sincere in her innocence. A question is brought out as why would Hilma commit a crime like this and the sloppiness of hiding it which Lakyus cannot answer. Hilma confesses that she has no interest in reviving Eight Fingers, stating one does not live long even if one control the underworld of E-Rantel, one still have no power to fight foreign enemies. She would never do anything that could weaken the alliance of the three kingdoms who she relies on in maintaining order. However Lakyus demands who is to blame for the mutations? The protagonist, remembering that alchemical solution was used in the artificial herb project asks Hilma to point out on a map where the project was being conducted. On the map Soi points out that the position of cultivation of herbs overlap with the underground sewer and that the alchemical solution that was sprinkled in the earth for the herbs permeated into the sewers. Hilma insists that she took precautions and diluted the solution, and should not have caused the slimes to mutate. Soi then directs their attention to an intersection in the sewer where a water storage tank is located and where the slimes appeared and the concentration of the solution was increased by the accumulation.

The whole mess is seen as a freak accident by everyone. Hilma is still unhappy that she was accused of a crime that she did not commit, much to Lakyus's embarrassment and the annoyance of Nigun for drawing out a conspiracy. Gazef and Panasolei then turn back to dealing with the situation with the slimes. Since the alchemical solution was accumulated over the years, the slimes must have drastically mutated only due to the higher concentrations by the artificial herb project. This leaves them with a problem of new mutant slimes existing in the sewers. Someone needs to check and handle the situation, which Sophie attempts to volunteer, but is advised against so by Clementine due to her valuable skills as a researcher. Gazef decides to head out and take care of it, but Panasolei will not have it as Gazef is a trump card of the Kingdom and shouldn't be used lightly. The protagonist then volunteers themselves along with his comrades to handle the task. Citing their past experience in being familiar with the topography of the sewers they are more qualified. The others are convince of sending them to the sewers. As an extra countermeasure Nigun decides to prohibit anyone from entering the sewers for the safety of the people. The protagonist promises to eliminate the slimes and return by the time the sun sets.

Episode 4: Extermination[]

At the site of the sewage processing facility, Surako having acquired a key from the caretaker for her team are now ready to go. However since all the personnel at the facility are gone, they now can bring onboard outside assistance. Sebas having arrived after Soi sent him a [Message], directing him to lend his hand to the protagonist's mission.

In the depths of the sewers, Surako finds traces of slimes, and attempts to follow but is stopped by Soi. The group starts o devise a plan on how effectively clear out the monsters. Soi then uses Scroll of Clairvoyance and Scroll of Crystal Monitor from her inventory given to her by the protagonist to aid them in locating the slimes in the sewer. They also detect large specimens, which might be difficult for normal people. Seeing that the mutated slimes are seeking prey, they will need to lure the slimes to their position. Soi volunteers to get the slimes, while Sebas remains with Surako and the protagonist to continue the extermination.

After Soi leaves Sebas busies himself in destroying several low level slimes with his Ki skills to locate the nearby creatures. Soi eventually returns however while she prepared a trap for the slimes, she has no bait as most of the small animals in the sewers were eaten by the slimes. To compensate, the group decide to use one of their own as bait, and Surako is unanimously chosen.

The Redeem Slime sits out in the open as a tempting target, that attracts the attention of the aggressive sanitary slimes. Surako remains in her position, despite her discomfort as the slimes get closer. Just as they were about to touch her, Soi launches multiple attacks and kills the monsters. While the plan work, Surako thought it was too close for comfort, however she forgives her senior as she was glad to be of assistance and enjoyed the thrill. The continue killing more slimes in the tunnels, when Sebas notices a presence behind a wall, hiding a strong slime. Using his fist he opens a path through and reveal their target which is quickly eliminated.

No longer sensing any more slimes approaching their position, the group decide to head to the water storage tank. To the surprise of Sebas he detects a large slime that is static. What they find is a giant sized sanitary slime that is spread out over the room. Seeing its size the protagonist guesses that it must have been feeding on the waste from the water tank. Due to the increased population, it has been growing fat. Seeing it to be the last target the group attack it though the pieces that are dislodged from its body merely reabsorb themselves back in the main body. The regeneration is an issue, until Soi uses her own acid to burn the thing alive.

Returning back to the mayor's mansion, the group announce their return much to the shock of Panasolei, Saint Clementine, Sophie Noia and Gazef Stronoff as the protagonist's team have returned earlier than expected. Sophia thinks they were afraid and ran from the sewers, until Soi present them proof of their success, the core of the giant slime. Sophie is astonished by the size of the core as it would indicate that the specimen they fought was of colossal size. The Kingdom's personnel are shocked by the protagonist's strength, but grateful. The adventurers depart but not before saying the Kingdom could call upon them for help.

After the adventurers leave, the mayor muses that they are interesting people. He also states that it is a pity none of the other countries have succeeded in drawing the adventurers to their side. However it cannot be helped as the protagonist appears to be evaluating the strength of each nation, showing their cautious behavior. Saint Clementine proposes an idea to the mayor.

Some time later and at another location, Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself informs her bodyguard Climb that she just received an interesting letter from the mayor of E-Rantel. Having an idea, Renner tells her companion that she believes that the upcoming summit for the Tripartite Conference will be successful.



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