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Fractured Forest (罅割れた大森林) is the third main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on June 1, 2019.[1]

Main Summary[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: Polluted Forest[edit | edit source]

In the hallways of the 10th Floor, Shalltear Bloodfallen encounters Albedo unexpectedly. Having come from the Throne Room, Shalltear reports that she had finished training with the Pleiades in the Amphitheater and cleared up the enemies coming from the Crack in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Albedo noticing her refreshed look inquires about her attitude, which the vampire explains she just had a nice soak in the hot springs. The soon get into a heated debate over who can wash Momonga's body, until Momonga appears and interrupts them. When he inquires what they were talking about, Albedo tactfully states that she was discussing the state of exhaustion must of Nazarick's personnel were experiencing in repairing the tomb. Thus to correct this, Albedo asks to devise a plan to help repair the communal baths. Momonga finds the idea acceptable and allows Albedo to handle the project. After the Overseer Guardian departs, Shalltear makes a comment of how easily the former was able to concoct a lie. When Momonga asks what she meant, Shalltear then uses the opportunity to take her master for reviving her, promising to work harder for him. Momonga brushes her thanks stating that she her power was not why he raised her, but her person as she is an integral part of Nazarick. Shalltear briefly at a loss for words, then bides Momonga goodbye. Now alone Momonga is relieved the NPCs to be gone as acting like a ruler is taking its toll on him. Suddenly a [Message] comes and he finds it to be Surako directing him to the protagonist.

The protagonist reports that his progress in the mission. Momonga is pleased that the character has pinpointed the location of a Crack outside the dungeon in such a short period of time. He then provides the protagonist what Demiurge's investigation has gleaned from the Crack in the dungeon. So far it has been found that contamination from the Crack does not affect members of the tomb, though it is still unclear why. Additionally the Rift spits out monsters at regular intervals and abruptly ceases. A study should be possible so long as they do not get close to the Crack, though Momonga warns this may not be the case with Cracks outside of Nazarick. After the [Message] ends, the protagonist is still tongue tied in talking with the Supreme One, a fact that the others in his group, Slimeko, Aura Bella Fiora, and Mare Bello Fiore tease him about.

The group then join up again with Ian Als Heim of the Sunlight Scripture and the Wise King of the Forest to search for the Crack in the Great Forest of Tob. Aura inquires if the Wise King of the Forest has an actual name, sadly the beast replies that it has been living all alone its whole life and was never given a proper name. Taking pity on it, Aura decides to give it a name and asks the protagonist to her name the hamster. The name Hamsuke is eventually chosen much to the delight of the beast and dark elf. Hamsuke then leads the Sunlight Scripture and Nazarick agents deeper into the forest. A roar is sounded much to the surprise of the group, and a bloodshot eyed bear emerges from the foliage.

Seeing its eyes they determine that it to be contaminated. The group prepare to attack, but despite their numbers the beast refuses to retreat. The protagonist determines that contaminated beasts are changed from the toxins of the Cracks, their survival instincts broken and becoming more feral. The bear injures several priests, causing Aura and Mare to trap in vines so that the priests could finally attack it. To the shock of many the bear tries to rip off it leg to continue fighting so it would be free. Aura taking pity on the mad creature puts it down. Ian and the others are visibly disturbed by the sheer aggression of what the Cracks could do to living creatures. The cause for this is still unknown and the party resumes its journey.

Episode 2: Strange Depth[edit | edit source]

Hamsuke leads the expedition close to where the Crack in the forest is located. However the issue of the black mist is still a problem, Ian though believes it should be fine to get close as the wind is blowing it away from them. Everyone is nervous at their approach, Ian takes a few moments to address his men telling them that the goal of the mission of finding the source of the world’s calamity is close at hand. None back down on this statement and resolve to see it through.

There they see a black mist from a distance. After straining their eyes they confirm the location of the Crack which is hidden by the mist. The protagonist notes that the Crack is like the one on the 10th Floor of Nazarick, albeit bigger. Before they can proceed with their investigation the phenomenon begins to glow and soon he area is flooded with black mist. Ian then dons his mask to keep out the poisonous gas and orders a full retreat from the area. Though they are interrupted by the appearance of spawned Chaos Beasts from the Crack. Faced with poor visibility, approaching toxic mist and overwhelming enemies, the group is at a loss of how to respond. A few priests are injured by the monsters, breaking their formation. The protagonist remembering what Momonga said that those from Nazarick are immune to its effects, volunteers themselves, Aura, Mare, and Slimeko to hold the monsters at bay while the Sunlight Scripture escaped. Ian and his forces then retreat away from the Crack, and the protagonist and his allies face the Chaos Beasts.

Like Momonga had said the mist has no effect on them. After reducing the enemies numbers the group then follow Ian in retreat. Ian's party manage to get away from the mist, however some have become fatigued and start collapsing despite no visible injuries. Ian hypothesizes that though they were only exposed to the gas of the Crack for brief moments small amounts of particles may have still contaminated their bodies. The effects seem to depend on the individual resistance of each person. Fortunately none of the members of the Scripture have gone feral. Just as Ian ordered his men to assist the weakened and injured, a roar follows from the direction they had been escaping. The Chaos Beasts from the Crack had pursued them. Ian seeing his men in no condition to fight a string forces orders them all to escape to E-Rantel, while he holds them off. Summoning an Archangel Flame, the commander then goes to face the monsters alone.

The protagonist's team on their way are accosted by several Chaos Beasts in the forest. They see the priest and his summon fighting through the mob, but are unable to reach them as they are assaulted by monsters one after another. Ian is faring less well as he continues to receive more attacks from the Chaos Beasts. The protagonist's group try to reach him but then encounter a Warrior Chaos Beast. The Archangel Flame is eventually overwhelmed and destroyed. Ian now defenseless against a single Chaos Beast is about to meet his end. Despite his wounds and his bleak end, Ian roars out in defiance that though humans are weak they will not be defeated and will overcome any challenge. The Sunlight Scripture commander is however saved miraculously by a time strike blow that destroys the Chaos Beast by an unknown party.

Episode 3: Helping Hand[edit | edit source]

The assist is revealed to be a blonde haired woman wielding a lance, accompanied by a cohort of knights. Ian seeing this is stunned at their presence in the forest. The lady takes priorities and orders her men to clean up the Chaos Beasts in the area. The protagonist and company seeing them present are a bit confused as well but considering that they saved Ian, and his apparent recognition of her, deem her and her men allies for the time being.

After the Chaos Beasts have been purged from the surrounding area, the woman orders her men to tend to anyone injured. Leinas Rockbruise as is known, then speaks a few words with Ian who is grateful for her timely save. When asked how she managed to locate him. She states that most of his thanks should go to his men. One of Ian's men is present and confirms that Leinas and her knights were sent as reinforcements by the executives of the Alliance in E-Rantel, with her men were following Ian's forces trail thanks to one of their rangers. The priests had crossed paths with the knights while retreating and thus Leinas was able to learn of the present circumstances. Ian feels like he owes a debt to her, which Leinas brushes aside stating that the mission to the forests is a serious investigation to prevent a crisis for E-Rantel. Ian asks if any of her men have experience any abnormalities in their bodies. When the knight states that neither she or her men experience had strange changes, Ian is relieved that the miasma had not affected them yet. Before the two leaders go on, they are interrupted by the protagonist.

Ian introduces Leinas to the protagonist and allies, naming her as one of the Four Imperial Knights. Leinas inquires on the presence of the protagonist and his friends deeming them as strange. When Ian explains the circumstances of how his group met with the protagonist and decided to investigate the Crack together, she grows suspicious and doubtful that they are strong people. The sudden appears of Hamsuke causes her to think perhaps Ian story is not so far fetch given that the former is the famed Wise King of the Forest. Even more so when she and her knights learned that Aura tamed the legendary beast.

Just as the group finished their introductions, a rumbling is heard indicating something big was approaching their location. Leinas attempts to organize a hasty retreat, but is unable to as they are still tending to the injured. A Giant Chaos Beast emerges from the forest and roars at the Alliance forces. With its massive strength it kills one of the knights, tossing him aside like a doll, Leinas is stunned at the sight of the monster, but the protagonist has their comrades confront the beast in order to stop its rampage. Seeing that these newcomers are putting their lives for them the knight also joins them. Ian tries to dissuade her from fighting as she is important to E-Rantel to risk losing. This does not convince Leinas as she states that she will not retreat, as her reasons for standing her ground are not out of loyalty but for herself. She feels if she doesn't prove her worth, they the Alliance will discard her and that is a possibility that she cannot afford given the state of the world. The giant appears to be difficult but Mare manages to use his magic to constrict it legs. Though exhausted his plan works and the giant is trapped, however their victory is short-lived as more Chaos Beasts flood the area.

Ian, Leinas, and the protagonist's allies hold the monsters back while the injured escape. After fighting off several hordes they are beginning to lose stamina. Some wonder if the Crack is infinitely producing Chaos Beasts and if so they are slowly being overwhelmed. And worse the particles of the mist is slowly affecting them in the air. The protagonist thinking back at the Crack in the Throne of Kings, remembers that once the Chaos Beast that first emerged from the Crack was defeated, the Chaos Beasts stopped spawning and miasma vanished. The protagonist urges his comrades to continue fighting despite their exhaustion stating that the have a mission to complete. Their words spur the agents of Nazarick to continue the fight. Ian stunned at the protagonist's declaration wonders aloud if they are messengers of the God of Life Alah Alaf. Aura unfamiliar who they are referring to, corrects the priest stating that they serve the Supreme Being. Battling through the mobs they finally come to the last enemy: the Giant Chaos Beast. Mare near depleted of mana warns his allies that the giant is breaking free and everyone wonders how they will defeat it.

Episode 4: Settlement[edit | edit source]

Faced with the Giant Chaos Beast, Leinas sees that it is an opponent that is too much for them and orders a retreat. However just as one of the knights tries to make a run for it, the Chaos Beast with incredible speeds kills him. Another knight dies much the same way, causing Ian to realize that the Chaos Beast is reacting and killing those that try to escape.

The protagonist tackles the issue, stating that his team will distract it to allow the others to escape. Leinas thinks he is crazy as not only does he not stand a chance against the monster but will get caught in the approaching miasma. Ian has confidence in them and urges Leinas trust them. As the agents of Nazarick begin to fight the Chaos Beast, Leinas asks why he is not terrified. The protagonist clarifies that he and his companions are doing this for himself, as if they run away without fulfilling their mission they will only feel shame. The words shock Leinas who then retreats with the rest of the knights and priests.

The battle against the giant commences, but despite the Aura's and Mare's attacks, the Chaos Beast shows no signs of weakening. It manages to injure Aura much to Mare's concern. Everyone is near exhaustion, until something attacks the monster from behind. Leinas and her knight returned to provide the protagonist's group some aid, as the former had been inspired by his resolve. The Chaos Beast now distracted, Aura leads the group to attack the monster all at once.

Episode 5: Triumphant Return[edit | edit source]

The Chaos Beast is finally slain, and credit for the victory is given to Leinas Rockbruise. Leinas tries to politely state that she only did her part after being inspired by the protagonist. Ian though laughs that her returning to the battlefield was probably anticipated by the protagonist making Leinas fee slightly insulted at being used. One of the priests of the Sunlight Scripture catches everyone's attention and to the shock of all the miasma in the area has vanished. The protagonist believes that the Crack has been suppressed for now. Aura wonders if it has a limit of mana or perhaps some other principle is at work. Leinas is still shocked by the sight and still coming to terms that the mist that came from the Crack is poisonous and demands to know why she was never brief on it before coming on this mission.

Ian states that it cannot be helped as the Cracks are still a mystery. The information that the miasma could infect them in the smallest quantities was just recently discovered as is that the Chaos Beasts emerging from the Cracks are finite and not as unlimited as believed. The two leaders believe that what they have learned is a great achievement, as it would be possible to cure the miasma and even explore the Cracks in greater depth. It is agreed that a report of what happened needs to be delivered as soon as possible. Leinas then invites the protagonist and his friends to be escorted to E-Rantel.

While the protagonist ponders on whether to go with the humans, Hamsuke what she do as she is interested in meeting the Supreme One and traveling them. Given that outsiders from Nazarick are not welcomed and that the security of the forest is still tenuous, the protagonist tells Hamsuke that she must remain in the Great Forest of Tob.

Leinas curious about this "Supreme One" inquires to Nazarick agents on who this person is. Based on their positive responses, Leinas confesses that she is a bit envious. This draws confusion from Ian who is surprised that a servant of Emperor Jircniv who says this. Leinas states that her emperor merely buys her strength. With the state of this chaotic world, Leinas claims that she is seeking other options.

The protagonist reports to Momonga back in Nazarick. Though the mystery of the Cracks have yet to be revealed to them, Momonga is pleased as the protagonist has exceed all his expectations as the latter had successfully gained the trust of the Sunlight Scripture and the imperials. He gives the protagonist permission to go to E-Rantel to collect information and study human society. Before cutting the [Message], Momonga tells the protagonist not to forget to take breaks.

On the road in a carriage, the protagonist speaks with the two dark elf twins who will be separating from the protagonist once they reach the city. The elves had enjoyed their time assisting the homunculus and hope for another opportunity to work with each other.

The carriage stops and the protagonist and his allies are brought before the gates of the fortress city. Leinas tells the protagonist that a representative from the Adventurer's Guild has sent someone to greet them.

That person is revealed to be a woman named Clementine who is hailed as a saint to the people of E-Rantel.

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