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Wise King of the Forest (森の賢王) is the second main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on April 1, 2019.[1]

Main Summary[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: Dark Elf Siblings[edit | edit source]

After a fierce battle with a Giant Chaos Beast, the protagonist had taken a rest in the tent provided by Ian Als Heim, the leader of the Sunlight Scripture. Once refreshed, the protagonist awakens and is greeted outside the tent by Nabe and Surako. Nabe informs her teammate that the Sunlight Scripture members are already getting ready for the morning and they should follow too. She inquires about the reinforcements the protagonist sent for, asking when they will arrive. She gets her answer when to the surprise of all, Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore appear. Aura explains that since being resurrected, they have been training to regain their strength. Plus with their summons dead, Nazarick is still short-handed. Surako is happy to meet the Floor Guardians, greets them, drawing attention from Aura due to her being a rare species of slime. Since two dark elves are more than enough to safeguard the protagonist and Surako, Nabe bids the group farewell to return to Nazarick for additional orders.

The protagonist, using Surako's [Message] ability, contacts Momonga who he then expresses thanks for sending the new escorts. Momonga on the other end of the [Message] is glad his assistance has arrived safely, wishes for the protagonist to continue their investigation of the Crack that is supposedly located around Carne Village. The protagonist though as a plan in motion for that, and explains to their master that their group has encountered the Sunlight Scripture who are also searching for the Crack and recommends they cooperate with them for the time being. Momonga intrigued by this permits the joint venture, as it will give the protagonist the necessary human shields to make it through to conduct their research.

After the [Message] is over, Surako is noted by Aura to look weaker, which the slime confesses that using her communication skill takes a lot of energy. She is then ordered by the protagonist to regain her strength by consuming nutrition from the Scripture's stockpiles. Aura would like to start doing her survey of the forest, however, there is still an issue of the Sunlight Scripture and asks if it's alright to accompany them.

Back outside, Ian is being briefed by one of his men that the advance team has returned from the forest that the monsters are plaguing the southern part of the nearby forest. The monsters that now roam the forest are mentioned to be Contaminated Beasts and Chaos Beasts. Despite having hunted quite a few there is still danger lurking in the foliage. The question now is whether to wait until reinforcements from E-Rantel arrive or delve deeper into the forest for their investigation.

The protagonist interrupts Ian's train of thought. The priest is glad to see the character out and about, but when he learns that the protagonist is requesting to be allowed to join their investigation, the Sunlight Scripture member tries to dissuade him, stating that the forest is too dangerous. The protagonist insists that if he and his team go with the Scripture it will be less dangerous. When the surrounding priests detect a rustle from the forest, and that the approaching people are dark elves, the entire Sunlight Scripture is tense as they had heard that the Great Forest of Tob was originally ruled by the latter. When the two dark elves appear, Aura tells them that they come in peace and are hear at the invitation of the protagonist. Ian after hearing a confirmation from new guest, is slightly accepting of elves, as he knows their kind are present in the Empire and Kingdom. He tells his men to stand down until ordered otherwise. It's obvious that Aura and Mare are not welcomed by the priest, and Ian admits that this may not work and apologizes to the protagonist.

Ian questions why the elves were in the forest, which Aura explains that she was doing a preliminary survey. One of the priests are aghast that the two little elves would dare thread into the woods alone. However Aura displays that she and her sibling were not alone, showing her pet wolf. While her fighting power is not high she admits that her nose is good. Ian asks if she is a boy, but is stunned when he learns she is actually a girl and that Mare is a boy and not a girl despite their attire. The protagonist then highlights the main points of each of the dark elves' strengths that might aid the Sunlight Scripture in their investigation, citing both would be useful as Aura is a ranger and tamer, while Mare is a druid.

After shaking off the elves' genders and attire as a bizarre custom of elves, Ian recognizes that having the elves in their investigation would aid them tremendously. He also notes that the abilities of these two and the protagonist's association hints that the latter to be part of a larger organization. Unfortunately the protagonist does not elaborate on his affiliation, and Ian knows better to make an enemy. Ian agrees to let them join as he trusts the protagonist's character and orders his men to stand down. As a show of good faith, Ian then reveals his face to the protagonist and Surako, surprising them of the action.

Episode 2: Human Enemy[edit | edit source]

Aura asks Ian what is the purpose of the Sunlight Scripture mission in the forest. Ian explains to the party that his team's aim is to determine the cause of why the monsters from the forests are flooding out. There has never been an instance of such an event as all the monsters in the southern forest area were kept in check by the Wise King of the Forest, hence why Carne Village lived such a peaceful existence until now. Aura is extremely interested in the beast, after Ian explains that it is a quadruped with a snake-like tail and that none who enter its territory are heard from again. However since the monsters are now coming out of the forest, the question begs if the Wise King of the Forest is dead, contaminated or was hunted. Nevertheless Ian believes they need to determine what has happened and take immediate action. The city of E-Rantel which is less than a day's travel on foot for humans is vulnerable to attacks by these monsters which can arrive there in half a day. The city is currently serving as a vital base for the three countries: the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Baharuth Empire, and the Slane Theocracy. There is also a good chance that the incident that caused the Cracks may be related to the monsters fleeing the forest, given the number of Contaminated Beasts. Thus the Sunlight Scripture was sent to investigate to see if there is a Crack in the forest. With the dangers that they may face Aura offers to use her wolves to scout the area, however, given the area battle is almost inevitable.

In the forest, the group come across a rusted sword and decayed armor, which Ian believes to be the remains of either an adventurer or bandit. He then orders his men to be on alert, as in the Scripture's line of work, there is a probability the corpse will turn into an undead. Moaning soon comes from the depths of the woods, confirming the priest's suspicions. The protagonist agrees that the undead must be dealt with Aura and Mare successfully killing a Skeleton Warrior. The manner of time in which it occurred shocks Ian and the Sunlight Scripture, though Ian remembers that Narberal's power was of similar strength. After slaying, a few other undead opponents Aura noted their familiarity in this sort of work, which Ian states that they are used to fighting enemies of humanity. The response draws an uncomfortable pause by Surako hearing that. Ian explains that his home country has a national policy that holds a humanocentric view. In fact the original purpose of his Scripture is to purge those that do humans harm. Due to humans being very weak compared to other races, they believe it gives them justification to destroy other races in order to survive.

Though the others are uncomfortable with the notion, when asked for why the Sunlight Scripture is doing in E-Rantel, Ian states that they were sent to protect humans, but also clarifies that being human is not a definite that they will protect them but only those they deem worthy. For examples they would never raise a hand to help criminals. The Re-Estize Kingdom was once a hotbed for underworld activity leading to widespread corruption which drew the contempt from the Theocracy and also the Empire which was being adversely affected by the drug trade. However as things are right not they are stuck with each other and need each other to survive.

Whilst dealing with the occasional undead, the elves draw attention from the priests due to their sheer strength, some whispering that it is not just the result of being of another race. Aura asks a question directly to Ian on why he and his men don't classify elves and dwarves as part of the "Human Races." The commander tells the elf that in his country the other two races are not categorized as the same as being human. This causes Aura to deduce that other races are not treated kindly in the Theocracy. Ian admits it to be so, but tries to lighten the mood stating that while the Theocracy tends to fight other race, they have no interaction with dark elves since they live deep in their forests. The protagonist inquires about what Ian knows about the dark elves that inhabited the Tob Forests. Ian knows very little as he was told that the dark elves relocated to the Great Forest of Evasha which is adjacent to the Theocracy. Mare asks if Ian and his priests' upbringing is the reason why they are hesitant to trust him and his sister. Ian though confesses that while he respects his nation, he is willing to do what is necessary to protect humanity even joining hands with other races especially during this turbulent time.

The group continues on thinning out undead that approach them with ease, with Ian maintaining his gregarious attitude with his newfound allies. Admitting working with other races is new for him, it's not totally impossible, citing that now his boss Nigun Grid Luin and Gazef Stronoff are now working together. When the name Gazef only draws questions from the Nazarick agents, the protagonist quickly lies to cover their origins stating they only heard rumors of the warrior. Ian then takes the opportunity to speak about Gazef Stronoff who was previously the greatest threat to the Slane Theocracy but now as circumstances have it their ally. The protagonist expresses their dearest wish to continue maintaining a similar relationship with Ian which the latter agrees.

Episode 3: Demon Horde[edit | edit source]

Aura decides to scout ahead, leaving the Sunlight Scripture her comrades to rest and eat. Mare offers the protagonist food he created using his magic, but just as they were about to dig in, Aura returns calling everyone to gather. She reports that a massive horde of monsters are headed towards them. Though she cannot say why the monsters are coming, she deduces that it may have more to do with vibrations than smell as several appear to be arachnid type monsters. Both groups agree that they wish to avoid taking losses, thus Aura decides to lure them away, and leaves Mare in charge to protect Surako and the protagonist. Ian understanding that there may be a few stranglers that will come their way has his men ready for a fight.

They encounter several Hanging Spiders that rush at they and are quickly slain by the Scripture. The priests are surprised at the number of stranglers as Aura should have attracted most of them away. While the party continues to fight, Mare finds the monsters to be surprisingly weak and feels as if the spiders are just hungry, not typical of Contaminated Beasts as they attack anything in sight. The spiders keep coming to them with no end in sight, and soon a loud rumbling indicating that another horde of the monsters is coming. Despite the odds the party stands firm though they are beginning to feel fatigued. Aura arrives and reports that the main horde is soon to reach them at its current speed. She curses that she is too weak to fully use her powers wishing she had Fenn. Mare believes that he and their party might survive, though the same cannot be said of the Sunlight Scripture. Surako still doesn't understand why the spiders are coming towards them, as it seems like the horde was already moving in their direction. Aura having a though realizes something and then approaches the oncoming horde. One of the spiders attempts to attack her but it misses, furthermore it does not retaliate further and merely passes the party as does the rest of the monsters.

Everyone is stunned at what just happened as the spider left them alive. Aura tells everyone that the spiders were actually fleeing and didn't recognize them as they were just in the way. Aura decides to scout from the high ground in the trees, and what she finds is not good. The reason culprit of that the spiders were fleeing from is a massive horde of Chaos Beasts. The members of the expeditionary force are aghast that they may have wearied themselves out while a new threat is approaching. To deal with this, the protagonist believes the need to hit the horde before reaching them, meaning they would have to fight through the fleeing spiders. The protagonist's party and Ian volunteer themselves to delay the monsters. Running through the fleeing monsters, they finally reach the lead beast, a strange Chaos Beast armed with a shield and sword. After they manage to slay the creature, its deaths has an effect on its kin who momentary slow down. Ian then summons an Archangel Flame to signal his men to lay down a barrage of spells to eliminate the remaining Chaos Beasts.

After surviving yet another danger, Ian is still curious on what kind of organization that the protagonist and his friends belong to. There power being beyond ordinary, he speculates that they must belong to a powerful group. While he does not pry from the protagonist, he shares his speculations, believing that they are from a distant nation that were sent to investigate this region due to the upheaval caused by the Cracks. He assumes that the protagonist's nation is faring just a bit better since Cracks have not made a major impact. Thee investigation is probably to find some sort of countermeasures. The protagonist's muteness on his homeland is likely due to prevent refugees from learning of their existence. He understands the secrecy behind his actions, as the Sunlight Scripture originally acted in a covert manner. However despite the protagonist's secrets Ian expresses willingness to fight beside them, believing they can overcome anything.

Episode 4: Goblins' Defense[edit | edit source]

Surako notes that the forest is now darker despite it still being daylight, which Mare comments that they are now deep in the primeval forest. Aura returns from scouting ahead and reports that her familiars have come back safely. So far they only encountered a few Contaminated Beasts, but no abnormal signs of a Crack. Mare wonders if there even is a Crack, though Ian points out that the forest occupies a fifth of the Re-Estize Kingdom, and considering the number of Contaminated Beasts and Chaos Beasts flooding out there should be one situated in the area.

The commander of the Sunlight Scripture asks if Aura spotted signs of the Wise King of the Forest. Aura reports that she had yet to spot a monster based on Ian's description. She did however see tracks of goblins in the area. Some of the priests in the Scripture learning there are goblins in the area, recommend that they swiftly eliminate them as their kind had attacked Carne Village and could pose a threat. The protagonist thinks otherwise believing the goblins could be of use to them. One of the priests objects to this refusing to work alongside demi-humans, which sparks a contentious argument between the two groups over species. The priest maintains that demi-humans are a threat to humanity, until Ian tells him to be silent. Aghast that his leader is considering the idea, Ian tells the man he understands his internal conflicts, but the time now should be using whatever resources they have to complete their mission in a rational manner. The priest is still uneasy stating that many of their own families were killed by demi-humans. Ian then reminds him that what they are doing is just to protect their families and friends.

The protagonist decides to handle the interaction of the goblins on their own which Ian agrees. The group from Nazarick wonder how to proceed. Aura suggests that maybe they should just capture and interrogate the demi-humans, though Mare and Surako disagree as they do not want to turn the goblins into enemies. Surako points out that gaining the goblins trust will be hard as they seem to distrust humans. Her experience with a goblin that has told her that much. Their appearances as humanoids would probably not do them any good either. Surako is asked if she could transform into a goblin using her shape-shifting abilities, alas the ability is limited requiring her to be the same size as the subject she is mimicking plus her form would be incomplete even if she tried. That being said, the protagonist puts Aura and Mare to approach the goblins, hoping that the demi-humans should recognize the twins as dark elves, who were the previous rulers of the forest.

The sibling soon find a lone goblin, who is initially surprised at the elves. The elves concoct a story of visiting their ancestral home, and ask if the goblin knows anything about the increase in monsters. The goblin though refuses to answer their questions, calling for his companions to surround them. Rather than be intimidated, the dark elves show the goblins the difference in strength between them. Realizing they are too strong the goblins flee. Aura not satisfied until her questions are answers leads her brother to follow them. The goblin while escaping run into a Hanging Spider, that kills one of their numbers. Aura and Mare seeing the beast decide to lend a hand. Aura easily dispatches the arachnid momentarily stunning it. Reprimanding the goblin for leaving she made it clear all she wanted was information. However since the goblin was so reluctant to assist them, she decided to find another to help him, leaving the goblin to deal with waking monster in effect blackmailing him. In fear the goblin agrees to help Aura and her brother so long as they kill the spider.

After the monster is dead, as agreed the goblin tells the elves what he knows. Sadly it's no much about the past history of the forest. As for current events though he explains rudimentary that the northern forest has been thrown in an upheaval thus why the goblins and monsters were running outside its boundaries. The village they attacked was just in the way. In addition it seems that the monster that ruled the southern part of the forest, The Beast of the South, is missing. It's deduced that the Beast of the South is the Wise King of the Forest, which Aura eager wants to see. The goblin reluctantly takes them to the edge of the monster's territory. But goes no further and when something is heard coming immediately runs away. It revealed to be a large forest beast, much to Aura disappointed which she decides to take care off and later explore the territory to find the Wise King of the Forest.

Episode 5: Forbidden Land[edit | edit source]

Aura and Mare return back to the group, reporting that they found the territory of the Wise King of the Forest. Everyone is in awe that the elves found the legendary beast's dwelling. Aura informs them that the goblin who told them this stated that anyone that crossed into its territory are never heard from again. A few priests in the Sunlight Scripture, while they don't doubt Aura's skills question if they should trust the goblin's word. So far Ian reminds them the goblin's word is all they have and what it describes isn't good as all indications suggest that the source of the Crack to be located in the northern part of the Tob Forest. Since the Contaminated Beasts and Chaos Beasts are driving out all the natives out of the forest, the monsters should have crossed into the Wise King of the Forest's territory. Yet questions are raised as to why it didn't move to stop them and its current whereabouts.

To be safe, the party agree to travel together and investigate the Wise King's territory, however after thirty minutes of walking through the area there is still no sign of the monster or any creature. A few wonder if the information from the goblin was a lie, though Aura pointed out that the goblin was genuinely afraid to enter and lying would have served no purpose. As they talk Aura senses a voice in the trees and a voice calls out telling them to leave or they will forfeit their lives. The beast continuously attacks them, using the covering of the forest to hide itself. Aura is pleased at the sight of its power, happy to begin making it her pet. The Wise King is not amused by this and continues to talk from the foliage. It then uses mind manipulation magic, however the priests, dark elves and homunculus are immune to it. The same cannot be said fro Surako who falls under the spell. Aura having enough of playing has her brother use his magic to wrap vines around the Wise King. Dragged out from the bushes, the group behold the Wise King of the Forest which is actually a giant hamster.

While the members of Nazarick are somewhat disappointed on its appearance, the Sunlight Scripture marvel at the beast believing it to be a worthy creature to be called Wise King. While the beast isn't what she expected, Aura is still satisfied that its at least strong. Approaching the giant hamster, the beast tamer declares her intention to tame the Wise King, offering to spare its life it it bowed down to her. The monster however refuses to give up without a fight which Aura is more than willing to oblige.

The Wise King soon finds itself defeated by the Floor Guardian, shocked at her strength. To quash any sort of rebellion Aura gives the Wise King its options of either becoming a pet or having its fur skinned. Surako having been freed from the spell of the Wise King asks what happened. She is embarrassed to learn that her mind was taken by the enemy, though the protagonist mitigates Surako hurt ego by telling her that she protected them. The Wise King apologizes for the magical attack and willingly submits to Aura by exposing it belly as an act of submission.

The party then being interrogating the Wise King asking if it had encountered any strange happenings in the forest. From the Wise King's testimonies they learn that just awhile ago that while hunting it witnessed the spread of a strange black mist in the northern end of its territory. Any creature that was exposed to it started to turn berserk and feral. The Wise King had done a great deal to avoid these creatures, however soon more stranger creatures began to appear from the north. The Wise King once fought one and it lost so badly that it had to retreat all the way to its territory for its life. Since then it has been hiding at a quiet corner of its territory. The group deduce that the black mist is the miasma emitted from a Crack and that the Chaos Beasts are emerging from it. The native monsters of the forest have been obviously fleeing the Chaos Beasts to the southern part of the forest. With the Wise King of the Forest in hiding the monsters had flooded and attacked Carne Village.

The group now certain of their target north decide to head north at once. The Wise King is shocked that the group would venture there and risk death. However the group explain that they have no choice as there mission is to learn as much to prevent future tragedies. The hamster pities them for their suicidal mission until Aura volunteers her new pet to act as their guide to the northern forest.

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