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World of Chaos (混沌の世界) is the first main story chapter in Mass for the Dead. It was released to the public on February 21, 2019.[1]

Main Summary[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: Departure[edit | edit source]

In the Round Table Room, Momonga decides to first survey the surroundings before sending out a team to explore. By using the Mirror of Remote Viewing, the Overlord is able to see a grassland area, goblins, and finally a ruined village. Momonga notes that the world they are in is not YGGDRASIL, judging by the poor quality of equipment used by the demi-humans. However, the last image attracts Momonga's attention as the damaged to the human settlement is similar to what transpired in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. While the information they might gain might be minimal, Momonga assigned the homunculus NPC protagonist his first mission: to locate the village and gather intelligence. Albedo knowing that the mission may be dangerous suggests giving the NPC escorts. Nazarick being undermanned and damaged as it is, Momonga assigns Narberal Gamma to protect the homunculus. While the maid is ready for her assignment she informs her master that after fighting the monster from the Crack, she seems to feel much stronger. The experience she feels is deduced by her master to be leveling up which should be impossible as NPCs levels are set. But given that they are in another world, and the fact that various NPCs have underwent level losses in this New World, leveling up may be a possibility. Momonga is eager to begin research into this phenomena to restore the dungeon. Before the party leaves Momonga gives the protagonist a Sealing Crystal containing transfer magic to allow for a quick escape. To prevent the villagers from being suspicious they are given minimal supplies to create a cover as lost travelers. In addition the Overlord gives the pair use of a mercenary NPC, a Redeem Slime as its mimicry abilities could be useful in their mission. The three travelers now ready, Momonga creates a [Gate] and transports them to their destination.

After crossing the [Gate], the group find themselves not at the village, but in a vast forest instead. A [Message] from Momonga is received by Narberal, who tells the trio that some kind of error in the arrival coordinates had occurred. Normally such a thing would not be possible but Momonga believes that the influence of the Crack in Nazarick may have distorted space. The protagonist and his group are far from the village, and Momonga advises the group to use their Sealing Crystal to transfer back so that he can try again to send them to the village. The protagonist declines wishing to take the risk and explore the surrounding while heading towards the human village. Momonga is initially uncomfortable in taking the risk permits the protagonist's decision but reminds them to be careful and that there is no shame in a retreat. After ending the [Message]. Narberal asks how should they proceed to locate the village. While Narberal could use [Fly] to find the settlement, she does not recommend it as it uses too much magic. The answer soon comes in the form of the Redeem Slime who offers to climb one of the trees to help Narberal determine their exact position. The slime then proceeds to climb a tree and extend part of her body like a rope so the maid could climb to observe the world above the branches. Narberal soon after crashes down back on the forest floor, but has gained insight of where the village is.

Now with a heading, for extra caution Narberal Gama uses [Rabbit Ears] in case of approaching enemies. The trio travel through the forest, until the slime takes notice of a sound. While seemingly nothing it's revealed there are melted leaves in a tree up ahead. Narberal sees that a slime is lurking there waiting for prey. The maid then uses a stone to draw it out and kills it will her powers. After having killed the slime, Narberal exclaims that she felt her level rise once again. The slime is happy for its superior, which causes the homunculus to be surprised as they had just killed it own kind. When asked if it felt any guilt, the slime stated it considers itself to be a breed superior than those common slimes that only live by instinct. Thus she has no qualms in killing inferior breeds and lives only to serve. Just as they are about to move the group senses that there are more slimes lurking near the tree. And given the number of slime trails its possibly a colony resting in its shade. As they talk Narberal and the protagonist find it difficult to continue a conversation with the slime as it still unnamed. To make up for their rudeness of not treating the slime as an individual, the two formally introduce themselves to it. The slime given the opportunity to name itself, decides to call herself Slimeko. The name however is a dead ringer for her species, so under her teammates' recommendations Slimeko adopts the alias of "Surako" while on the mission.

After eliminating the danger, the group have traveled a reasonably distance from their starting point. Narberal suggests they rest and so they take a refreshing water break. The protagonist reminds Surako that they soon will be encountering humans on this mission and must not draw attention to themselves. Surako agrees and defers the interaction of humans to the protagonist. Narberal finds it distasteful that she will be interacting with lowly creatures. However she stops short of herself when she senses something approaching them. She urges her companions to a big tree to prepare for whatever is coming and advises the protagonist to use the crystal just in case. Narberal facing the threat alone soon comes face to face with a snarling wolf as it leaps out of the bushes.

Episode 2: Forest Wolf[edit | edit source]

Narberal is uninterested in her opponent, believing it to be just a common beast and easily kills the wolf. She tells her charges that normal animals unlike monsters flee once they see the difference in power. Before they can leave, more wolves come and attack. Narberal rebuffs one but she starts to see that the pack is behaving abnormally as are continuing to attack them despite them being outclassed by the maid. It's wondered if perhaps they are starving or under the influence of someone like a Beast Tamer. Its recalled that goblins use wolves as mounts but no signs of any masters appear. The maid slays the entire pack and the group plan to quickly vacate the area to avoid more attacks.

Though before proceeding with that plan, Surako moves to consume the wolves corpses for nutrition. While it may seem to be snacking on the job, the slime states that she can use her nutrients and convert it to energy which she can use [Message] and communicate with Momonga. Seeing it as a useful skill and a bit of insurance to remain in contact with Nazarick, Narberal and the protagonist allows her to continue, though Surako warns them it will take time for her to digest as she envelopes a corpse. The group are interrupted when a chorus of howls come from yonder. Narberal not wanting Surako from being disturbed tells her to focus on eating while she deals with the interlopers.

Surako unable to answer, the slime finds herself "choking" on a bone as she is busy doing her digestion. Narberal witnessing this tells herself that next time she will prepare rations in the future to avoid a situation like this from happening.

Episode 3: Giant Shadow[edit | edit source]

Surako having finished digesting the wolf, announces that she now has the required energy to send out a message to Momonga. Before they could proceed, a roar is heard from the depths of the forest. The slime is sent to see what is causing the movement and heads to the treetops to survey the area. She reports that the sound to be from a wolf and a goblin looking for prey. While their fighting ability is weak, the group decide to hasten away from the spot to avoid a conflict. However the get caught by a wave of goblins who were attracted to the prior battle and are forced to fight. The agents fight through a second wave of goblins and a realization dawns on the odd behavior of their attackers. Just like the wolves they found the demi-humans appear to disregard all common sense and give into baseless violence, attacking them even if they have no chance of winning. As they are discussing whether there is some sort of manipulation involved, Surako gives a cry when she spots something massive peeking out through the gaps of the trees.

However, neither the protagonist nor Narberal see not detect it. While they cannot confirm something is actually out there, they assume it to be a powerful enemy like a giant or a dragon and remain vigilant. The edge of the forest is soon discovered, along with a road that they hope will lead them to the human village. Before setting off on the road, Surako then takes the opportunity to use her shape-shifting abilities to create a guise of a human girl wearing a scarlet top hat. The form is convincing enough save for the facial expressions but it is deemed to be convincing enough to fool any human they might come across.

A glint of a sword is spotted through the trees along the road by Narberal. She realizes that there is someone out there and a possibly sword fight. At the insistence of the protagonist, the trio then rush to the scene in hopes of assisting. There they see a group of armed humans fighting what appear to be goblins. One of the fighters calls these goblins contaminated which attracts the protagonist's attention. Seeing that the humans may not last long, the protagonist and his friends move to engage. A lone magic caster defending a small girl who about to be ambushed by the goblins is saved by Narberal Gamma who intercepts the attackers before they could touch them.

Episode 4: Swords of Darkness[edit | edit source]

Narberal's attacks leave the humans in awe at her ability. Once all the goblins have been slain, one of the members of the party introduces himself as Peter Mauk the leader of the Swords of Darkness. The young man thanks the protagonist for their timely save. The ranger of the group, Lukrut Volve attempts to profess his love to the battle maid, having fallen in love with her at first sight. Narberal is stunned by the declaration, but quickly rejects Lukrut calling him a lower life form which Lukrut happily accepts. Peter humbly apologizes for his companion's outburst and asks the protagonist if they are adventurers like them or travelers. Lukrut however interrupts again to compliment Narberal beauty much to his companions' frustrations. The interruption is forgotten when the protagonist notices the little girl with the Swords of Darkness. The girl is explained to be Nemu Emmot, and the adventurers current client from the nearby Carne Village. The village was attacked by a horde of monsters, Nemu and another man were sent out to find help. Nemu was separated from her friend when monsters attacked the. She managed to escape and was rescued by the adventurers who came from the city of E-Rantel to collect herbs.

The adventurers having heard of Nemu's village's plight were on their way to provide assistance when they encountered goblins. Faced with this information, the protagonist offer to join with the adventurers as they destination is the same. The travelers are welcomed to the quest, though a problem lies in getting their on time. To shave some time on the journey the group collectively agree to cut through the forest.

Traveling through the dense thicket, Narberal detects several targets ahead. All the combatants ready themselves for a fight, while the non-combatants like Surako and Nemu stay behind in safety with Dyne Woodwonder. The targets are goblins who are definitely contaminated, acting like bloodthirsty ghouls and berserkers. Peter explains that they are Contaminated Beasts, results of when creatures get exposed to the noxious gas that are emitted from a phenomena that have spread out through the world called Cracks.

Though the adventurers treat it as common knowledge the Nazarick agents see it as vital intelligence and the dangers it holds. Unsure if any of their allies back in Nazarick have been contaminated by the gas from the Cracks in the dungeon, the protagonist orders Narberal to contact Momonga. Momonga in the middle of a damage assessment report with Albedo, receives the [Message]. After learning what Narberal just discovered he assures her that the Cracks in the dungeon have been reinforced with security provided by summons. Strangely unlike the New World inhabitants, none of the denizens of Nazarick are experiencing signs of contamination. It draws a wonder on the possible intelligent intent of the Cracks and Momonga orders Narberal to relay a message to the protagonist to continue collecting more information.

Once the [Message] ends, Narberal having expended the last of her mana rejoins the group quietly The group busy resting from their fight withe the goblins raise questions on the disappearance of Narberal's [Rabbit Ears], though the maid explains it to be a result of her over-expenditure of magic while fighting the goblins, hiding the fact her [Message] also contributed to her depleted reserves, leaving the humans unaware of the transaction with her master. The group then continue on their journey to the village. Something big in the forest is detected by Lukrut and Dyne and the party goes on alert. Assuming it to be just an ogre, they are proven wrong when a quadrupedal purple beast appears. The protagonist realizes its a related species to the monsters from the Crack, and Peter confirms his suspicions who calls it a Chaos Beast and are much more dangerous than Contaminated Beasts. Knowing they had no chance against it, Peter orders everyone to prepare to withdraw. Nemu however is frozen in terror when she sees that the beast's jaw has a human body. The body possesses similar clothes to Nemu's comrade and realizes it to be his corpse and cries about being unable to save him. The group runs with the beast in pursuit. Escape seems unlikely as the beast runs through the forest, knocking aside trees in its path. Seeing their options are limited, Narberal advises to the protagonist to run and let the monster have the adventurers. The protagonist believes staying with the group will allow them to glean more information.

The beast catches up and targets Narberal. Lukrut attempts to shield her with his body, but she quickly pushes him out of the way to cast [Thunderlance]. Despite it being a direct attack, the beast still continues to move to everyone's shock. The protagonist seeing a broken tree, directs Narberal to lure it through a broken tree. The beast takes the bait and finds itself trapped beneath the broken tree. The party seeing their chance take their weapons and finally kill it. After defeating it Ninya cannot help but express her shock that they killed a monster even gold ranked adventurers would have trouble dealing. As the adventurers celebrate their victory, the protagonist notes that the body of the monster has vanished leaving behind a Chaos Stone. Narberal is praised for being the main reason for their victory, and in a rare act of respect, the woman compliments Lukrut much to his glee.

The adventurers having become curious about the protagonist and their company ask who they are. To keep things anonymous, the protagonist merely explains that they were sent to investigate rumors. This leads to the adventurers wondering if they were sent by nobles, which matches up given Narberal's beauty. The secrecy confounds them as the surrounding nations like the Theocracy, the Empire and the Kingdom, though enemies in the past have since all three of those nations have put their differences aside in face of the current crisis. While they still have many questions, the Swords of Darkness decided not to pry but continue to put their trust in their new allies.

Episode 5: Goblin Subjugation[edit | edit source]

Surako catches sight of Carne Village through the trees. The village looks more damaged from when it was viewed through the Mirror of Remote Viewing. The wooden barricade around the area has already collapsed and looked like the place was attacked many times over. Nemu explains as more monsters started to emerge from the forest the village faced increasing attacks. Her older sister Enri Emmot, had been elected leader of the village soon after the chief was killed as well as their parents. Nemu remembered her sister being burden with the constant threat to the village, coordinating with the villagers to get to safety in shelters they built. The monsters were already forcing their way through the walls. Enri, out of desperation orders Nemu to go get help from the adventurers E-Rantel. It was the last tie Nemu saw her sister and blames herself for not coming back sooner.

As the adventurers try to console their charge, they soon detect presences within the ruins of the village. Unsure of the identities, the group cautiously approach the village. Lukrut then goes alone to scout the area, and when he returns reports that the houses in the village are mostly crumbled, but it is infested with numerous goblins. But he thinks that the villagers are still alive as there is a shelter located near a hill opposite of the village away from the amassed goblins. Before they can devise a plan to route out the demi-humans, the goblins beginning moving towards the hill where the shelter is located. With time being an issue, the protagonist leads the adventurers to take the quickest path to intercept the goblins through the grasslands despite they will be exposed. At great difficulty the party manages to fight their way through the goblins before they reach the shelter.

However the worse comes as something huge is now approaching the village from the forest. It's soon revealed to be the same type of quadrupedal beast they encountered in the forest. Through sheer luck and sweat the warriors succeed in killing the Chaos Beast. The group bask in their victory, noting that Narberal was vital in the kill and that she has grown stronger since they met. The protagonist asks if Chaos Beasts work in groups, while the Swords of Darkness find the notion possible, the former informs their companions that the beast may have just been a scout to test their strength.

Episode 6: Chaos Beast Approaching[edit | edit source]

Everyone is shocked at the conclusion that the beast they just slew was a mere scout. At the protagonist's instruction, they check their surroundings for any monsters. Their worst fears come true when a new giant Chaos Beast is spotted by Lukrut. The monster towers over the trees and is quickly approaching the village. The ranger and Narberal are at a loss on how they could have missed something so big in their range, but believe that the monster intentionally hid itself within the trees. Its appearance heralds more Chaos Beast coming from the forest to the hill where the adventurers and their allies are gathered. So far the saving grace is that the smaller Chaos Beasts will be first to meet them which they are confident in dealing the bigger issue, literally, is the giant. To avoid being trapped, the group came to an agreement that they need to divide the enemy's forces. Lukrut knowing what everyone is suggesting then volunteers himself to act as bait to draw the giant away from the village. This act causes his companions to wish him luck, and even Narberal who spurned his affections admitted her respect for the lesser creature.

Lukruts distraction works as the giant then turns to pursue him. His companions then take the opportunity to reduce the remaining enemies left behind. At the end of the battle everyone is spent, even the magic caster having low mana levels to even cast a spell. They worry on Lukrut and if he escaped from the Chaos Beast. When he turns after running for his dear life, his companions are relieved he is safe.

Soon an angel appears over the village surveying the area and begins to attack the remaining Chaos Beasts. Seeing it as an ally, the adventurers place their gratitude in the protagonist for giving them the necessary wit to survive their ordeals. Realizing they still need to check for survivors, the group them hurry to the shelter. Upon entering, Nemu asks the survivors of her village the whereabouts of her sister. One of the survivors then steps forward to tell Nemu what transpired.

Episode 7: Sunlight Scripture[edit | edit source]

One of the villagers, a matron, personally thanks the adventurers came to help Nemu and what is left of their village. As it turns out, shortly aft Nemu left to find help, the village's fortifications had collapsed and monsters began pouring in. Everyone was starting to evacuate to the hidden shelter, but soon goblins came and in order to buy everyone more time, Enri and several others lured the attackers away into the forest. The survivors have been holed up in the shelter but Enri and Morgan never returned. The worst is fear for Enri by Nemu who cries for not coming sooner. Despite the attempts by others to comfort her that it was not her fault, she still feels to be blamed. Ninya believes that it might be too soon to write Enri dead as of now as she could still be alive somewhere in the forest. Peter asks his companion not to give out false hope as now they need to focus on helping the survivors escape the village and to safety. Dyne mentions that their situation might be better as potentially friendly force of armed men are heading their way. Lukrut soon reports that the men heading to the village may just be the force from E-Rantel as they are bearing the uniforms of the Sunlight Scripture of the Slane Theocracy. The adventurer is sure that once the military force gets to the village everything will be fine as the Sunlight Scripture hosts many high-ranking divine priests.

The adventurers explain that since the crisis affecting the lands, various warriors from the three nations have been gathering to the city of E-Rantel. Such as a War Troll from the Empire and even snow-white people armed with baghnakhs. The Sunlight Scripture are also among the forces sent to the fortress city by the Theocracy aiming to restore human order among the wartorn region. Once the Sunlight Scripture arrives Peter hopes that they will escort the survivors back to the city. Before the inevitable meeting with the warriors from the Theocracy, Narberal takes the protagonist aside and asks if they are really going to meet them, wary of their power. The protagonist believes it is the best course of action for now.

The adventurers and travelers meet with the commander of the Sunlight Scripture, Ian Als Heim, who greets them with warm friendliness. He apologizes for the lateness of his troops, but they are now ready to lend aid to the villagers and escort them to E-Rantel. Ninya asks if perhaps they can also lend some people to conduct a search for Enri and the others that may still be stuck in the forest. However to the surprise of adventurers Ian refuses the request. He explains that the village is hardly a safe place as of right now, the best option would be to evacuate everyone accounted for n retreat. In addition the Giant Chaos Beast is still in the area and the dangers of its existence is still warranted. While Ian's reasoning is logical, the protagonist requests if they could request some people to begin a search. Ian still refuses stating they should not cloud their emotions over judgment. But the protagonist uses the Scripture own creed of protecting humanity pointing out the hypocrisy of their failure to rescue those in need. Several of the priests in the Scripture take offense to the remark. One even prepares to attack the protagonist flanked by a Archangel Flame.

Ian intervenes in the fight and he apologizes for the brashness of his man. Rather than hold the Scripture responsible, the protagonist accepts the apology and makes one more request. Ian concedes to give the adventurers and traveler time to search for the missing people, delaying the time of the evacuation for three hours. The Scripture in the meantime will remain at the village to ensure the survivors' safety. Once the adventurers and travelers leave, the priest who fought with the protagonist and his companions apologizes. Ian states that there is no need, as he was able to grasp a sense of their abilities. The commander believes that the fight and giving the protagonist more time was all intentional, for that matter Ian knows for sure he does not want to make an enemy of him. So he tells his men to be friendly with the protagonist and establish a good rapport.

In the forests the protagonist and his allies along with the Swords of Darkness and Nemu search the area for any signs of the missing villagers. They detect goblins, possibly connected to those that attacked Carne Village. Seeing them as a problem that needs to be dealt with the group head to attack them. Following the goblins trail they lose them for a bit, until one emerges from the bushes and to their surprise speaks. Their astonishment is quickly replaced with anger when the goblin calls his companions from hiding and try to ambush them. All the goblins are slain, but one is spared by the protagonist who then questions him on the whereabouts of the villagers that came into the forest. The goblin spills out what he knows that stating that they headed northeast where several strange cannibal goblins dwell. After they allow the demi-human to flee, the group find the news a bit strange as they never heard monsters like the Goblin Eater feasting on goblins but never of goblins practicing cannibalism. Peter surmises that these cannibal goblins are Contaminated Beasts, and that they must hurry. Lukrut soon finds a trail of fresh blood and a man surrounded by feral goblins calls out for help. They save the man, Morgan, from the goblins and Nemu immediately asks what happened to her sister. Morgan has no easy words to say this but tells the girl that it was Enri that sacrificed her life to draw away the pursuers that were chasing them from the village. Nemu falls into despair that her sister sacrificed her own life for so much. No one is able to comfort the girl on this tragedy. The adventurers and travelers then decide to search the area to locate Enri's corpse and perhaps give it a proper burial.

Episode 8: Fleeing Survivors[edit | edit source]

When the adventurers and travelers return to Carne Village, Morgan has a tearful reunion with his wife. Though the meeting is joyous, the same though cannot be said for Enri, as all the search party could find was a severed arm which they give to the villagers for a burial. Ian is glad that the group has returned and gives a few words of advice to take their small victories, as they saved most of the villagers. That being said preparations for a retreat to E-Rantel are underway, and Ian asks if the Swords of Darkness would provide additional escort to the city. As of now night is soon to fall, and there will be a full moon out, making the refugees easy targets. In order to provide cover to the villagers Ian promises to create a distraction to direct the monsters' attention. When the commander is at a loss of hot to accomplish this the protagonist suggests they do so by lighting up the village on fire. This impresses Ian and agrees with he idea. With the Swords of Darkness planning on leaving the village to head to E-Rantel with he refugees, the protagonist has Narberal contact Momonga.

Once Momonga is connected through [Message] he finds it intriguing that there are other Cracks outside in the world. So far their understanding of the anomaly has been incomplete, so the Overlord tells Narberal to continue searching the area for clues. The communication ends, with Momonga enumerating how the facts he heard. Demiurge soon arrives before his master to give his report on his findings on the Crack in Nazarick. Its confirmed that none of the summons that were called in Nazarick have succumbed to whatever miasma is coming from the Crack unlike the monsters from outside Nazarick turning into Contaminated Beasts. It can be assumed that those within Nazarick have some sort of immunity. So far they have only abstract notions rather than full conclusions. Demiurge promises to continue his research. After he leaves, Momonga is still fuming over the new intel, and his own fears that some malicious entity is the cause of Nazarick's near collapse. The complete defeat of all eight floors and its security and even Rubedo's near death experience serves to fuel that paranoia.

The protagonist feels that the best source of information they can gather concerning the changes of the world would be in E-Rantel. Alas as they are strangers it would be hard for them to gather intelligence thus they would need connections to further their goals. The homunculus then decides that they would start with the Sunlight Scripture and earn their trust. Once they inform Ian of their decision to remain with his unit, the commander warns them of the still lurking danger and points out the Giant Chaos Beast that is standing motionless just outside the village. The protagonist and his allies bid farewell to the members of the Swords of Darkness, save for Ninya who is busy comforting Nemu over her sister's death. The adventurers say their goodbyes and hope that they will meet the protagonist and his friends in the future.

By the time nigh falls, the Scripture had begun the operation to light the village in fire. The protagonist and his two allies watch the scene commenting on the display to make the village as conspicuous to the surrounding monsters. They talk among themselves why a powerful unit like the Sunlight Scripture is doing in such a remote village and deduce they are investigating something. Ian soon joins the conversation, and admits that his unit was sent on a very important mission. He doesn't go any further but tells the trio to be prepared as the fighting will soon start. A considerable number of monster arrive and begin to attack the Scripture and their angels. They are met with a barrage of attacks by the assembled warriors. While fighting Ian comments that the number is impressive and wonders if the Wise King of the Forest, a monster that is said to rule over the Tob Forests, has lost its influence over the area. The number of Chaos Beasts surge on the attack, but strangely the Giant Chaos Beast continues to remain still as if watching the battle.

Episode 9: Death Fight Before Dawn[edit | edit source]

The Sunlight Scripture and their allies have the battle against the Chaos Beasts under control. All of a sudden the Giant Chaos Beast then moves, not in the direction of the village but towards the grasslands. At this sight of the behemoth leaving many assume it to be retreating. However they are perplexed as why it did not return to the forest as it could provide better protection and cover from attack. Ian who is thinking about the direction of where it travels states that it is not the route towards any city or even the fleeing refugees, until he realizes in horror that the giant is attempting to cut the villagers off on the road before they reach the city. A highly intelligent move, the commander holds the belief that the monster allowed the villagers to escape intentionally so it could track them later and lead it to the next major city.

A few priests want to go after it, but Ian forbids it as any allocation of forces here at Carne Village will expose their front to the monsters. If that happens their mission would be a hinder. The best they could do was to focus on defeating the enemies in front of them. The protagonist not wishing to have his recent associations with the Swords of Darkness eliminated, decides to head there to save then. Despite Ian attempts to dissuade the traveler from going, as it was reckless, the commander is convinced by his subordinates to grant him aid. To speed the protagonist and his friends journey to the refugee caravan, Ian sacrifices a few angels to provide a summon to get the trio there in time. Thanks to the angel, the trio speed through the air above the battlefield in Carne Village and head to catch up to the Giant Chaos Beast. They are just in time when the Chaos Beast is slowly lumbering towards to the refugees.

The Swords of Darkness and the Theocracy priests guarding the people are initially at a loss of how to deal with such a beast. But with the appearance of the protagonist, Surako and Narberal they are renewed with vigor and courage. Facing against the Chaos Beast they adventurers, priests and travelers manage to slay it. Once it comes crashing down, it is like a dream to the assembled as the sun rises, but the cheers of the refugees who witnessed the fight hailing them as heroes convince them its real. The giant defeated, the protagonist and company return to Carne Village where Ian congratulates them on their victory and offers anything he can do for the protagonist. The homunculus, having been exhausted from the many ordeals, decides to take a rest in a tent provided by Ian.

Later Narberal reports to Momonga on the protagonist's achievements. Momonga is pleased by the results and tells Narberal that they deserve some rest after all they've been through. Ending the [Message], Momonga continues to be surprised by the protagonist and looks forward to new surprises from him as a creation of his comrades.

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