Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert: WARNING! This page happens to contain a lot of heavy spoilers that are all originated from the Overlord author, Kugane Maruyama and his collection of written works. Anime-only watchers and Manga-only readers, please take some time off to reflect it over for a bit before choosing to expose yourself on reading the information below recklessly.

Mask Bug (仮面状の蟲) is a special insect found both within YGGDRASIL and the New World.


A beetle-like creature with the image of a human face painted on its back.


Besides disguising itself as a human face, it’s just a giant insect.[1]


  • Entoma Vasilissa Zeta uses a Mask Bug to conceal her insectoid features.[2]
  • In the first Episode of the Anime, Entoma is shown wearing a Mask bug that had its eyes closed.


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