Marquis Pespea (ペスペア侯) is one of the six leaders of the Six Great Nobles of the Re-Estize Kingdom and he is the son-in-law of King Ramposa III.


Marquis Pespea is described as the youngest and most handsome man of the Six Great Nobles.


Little is known about him.  But the father of Marquis Pespea was known to have possessed an excellent personality and was a competent man.


Marquis Pespea married the King's eldest daughter, and became the head of his household.


The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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He is present when all of the royalty and nobility of the Kingdom discuss the Empire's latest declaration of war.

Abilities and Powers

Marquis Pespea is one of the most influential nobles in the Kingdom and he is also has an authority among the six great nobles.


Ramposa III


  • In the Web Novel, Marquis Pespea is a thin man with pointy beard.



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