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Marquis Iblue (イブル侯爵) is a noble from the Re-Estize Kingdom. He currently holds the position as the Re-Estize Kingdom’s Ambassador to the Baharuth Empire in the Web Novel.



Marquis Iblue appears to dislike being treated like a spectacle.


Marquis Iblue was invited to the ball at the Imperial Palace. Though he disliked being made a spectacle, he received the invitation from the Emperor, and he was not foolish enough to ignore a chance to mingle with nobles.


Overlord Second Half Arc

Marquis Iblue and his family were the first among the emissaries from other nations to be introduced at the ball. However, Marquis Iblue's and the other dignitaries were called before Archduke Ainz Ooal Gown by the officiator. This brought some confusion amongst the gathered nobles. Usually at such events the ambassadors are ranked with high priority and are called last. It signified that the Empire publicly announced that the Archduke is more important than the other countries.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Being the ambassador of the Re-Estize Kingdom, he is an accredited diplomat serving as its official representative to the Baharuth Empire.


  • Marquis Iblue is the first ambassador introduced in the Web Novel.


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