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Marquis Gryad (グライアード侯爵) is a noble from the Baharuth Empire in the Web Novel.


A man of fine appearance, with a face that was sharp and elegant, born from generations of the mixing of noble blood. His salt and pepper hair was set cleanly. And his warm eyes had a tint of wisdom lying inside.


Gryad is a rational individual refusing to fear color his perceptions of others. He displays this when he visits Ainz's mansion despite the warning of a noble that tried to send a maid to infiltrate the Archduke's abode. While Gryad thought the inferred warning Ainz made were excessive he admits that it wasn't something he had not done to his peers hinting a truthful attitude towards himself.


Marquis Gryad is counted as one of the Great Nobles in the Empire.


Overlord Second Half Arc

Marquis Gryad paid a visit to Ainz Ooal Gown's mansions in Arwintar, after being given an invitation for a party. Upon crossing the threshold he was utterly amazed at the luxurious wealth of the Gown Estate. He continued to be awed by the power of the Archduke continuously as when he saw precious art pieces such as the Rose Crystal. Later after being transported to another area via Mirror of Gate, it impressed the noble of Ainz's magical might. Even after being shown Ainz's true form as an undead, the Great Noble did not fear him and instead approached him.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Marquis Gryad is a Great Noble as well as a leader of a faction. He holds pride towards his ability to read the emotions of a person just by looking at their face.


  • Since Marquis Gryad was young, the priests had taught him that undead were creatures that hated the living.


  1. Overlord Second Half Chapter 17: The Ball Part 5


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