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Marquis Blumrush (ブルムラシュー候爵) was one of the Six Great Nobles of Re-Estize Kingdom. While putting on the guise of a loyalist, he was secretly working for the Baharuth Empire for monetary gain.


Approaching in his forties, he has fair skin and curtained blonde hair with matching pencil mustache.

Due to his immense wealth, he is dressed in the most luxurious and extravagant attire.


In public, Marquis Blumrush maintains a persona of a patriot to the Kingdom and a vassal loyal to the King

In reality, he is a greedy and treacherous man, to the point where he would betray the Kingdom by leaking information to the Baharuth Empire to further increase his already immense wealth. It was stated that he would even betray his own family for a gold coin.


Marquis Blumrush is one of the six great nobles and a member of the Royalty Faction. His domain encompassed gold and mithril mines, which made him the wealthiest man in the Kingdom. In spite of this, he is secretly passing on information to the Baharuth Empire. Marquis Raeven perceive of his treachery, but as Blumrush's authority is necessary to maintain the Kingdom's stability, Raeven overlooks the problem for the time being and desperately conceal it from their rival, the Nobility Faction.


The Men in the Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

To show the full extent of her intellect during a private discussion with Marquis Reaven and Prince Zanac, Princess Renner reveals that she’s fully aware of Marquis Blumrush’s secret dealings with the Empire, much to their shock and disbelief.[1]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc[]

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Marquis Blumrush attended a meeting between the Royal and Noble Factions. Like the other attending nobles, he react with incredulity at the Empire's declaration to help Ainz Ooal Gown reclaim E-Rantel and the surrounding areas. He, along with the other nobles, discuss and dismisses Ainz as a simple magic caster and that the declaration is merely another casus belli to attack the Kingdom. After much deliberation, all nobles from both factions pledge their support on the war effort.[2]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

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Marquis Blumrush was mentioned in passing by the mercenary leader escorting the merchant Christopher Olson and his cargo to Re-Robel. The mercenary warned that even though the noble both suffered great losses in the war, their caravan shouldn’t be careless as Blumrush can afford money for mercenaries.[3]

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Mass for the Dead Arc[]

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When Gazef Stronoff was render unable to perform his duties due to being infected with miasma from the Crack at the Northern Cave, Marquis Blumrush was among the nobles that were summoned to King Ramposa III's court to address the emergency. The absence of Gazef Stronoff at the capital of the Tripartite Alliance left the city defenseless and also placed the Kingdom within the Alliance in a precarious position. To compensate for the loss of the Warrior Captain, Marquis Boullope volunteered his personal forces to guard the city. Marquis Blumrush likewise does the same so as not to allow his noble colleague to attain greater prestige.[4]

Marquis Blumrush would be contacted by the Slane Theocracy via Zurrernorn who paid him to lure women to his territory under the pretense of selecting a new wife after his first wife passed away. The corrupt noble sold the bride candidates out and allowed bandits hired by the cultists to capture them while in his territory, pushing blame on the Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts. His activities attracted notice by Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself who then dispatched Blue Roses and the protagonist's team to investigate the disappearances. After the adventurers found proof he was not just allowing the kidnappings to happen under his watch and also associating with Zurrernorn they had probably cause to arrest him. He was all the more guilty when they also found evidence that the cult was working under the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth when they found Evil Lord Greed in the mine where the cult conducted their rituals. The noble escaped capture by the authorities and was heading to meet a liaison with the Theocracy but instead of being given asylum, Enhela Read Gahi ordered his agent to kill the noble and desecrate the body to prevent Blumrush from speaking about the Theocracy's involvement.[5]

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Abilities and Powers[]

Marquis Blumrush is one of the most influential nobles in the Kingdom and has authority among the six great nobles.


Ramposa III[]

Despite being a member of the King's faction, he is leaking information to the Baharuth Empire, thus betraying his King and his country.


  • In the Anime, during the massacre at the Katze Plains, he was the one who initially ordered the Royal Army to hold their group against the approaching Dark Young and could only stare in horror as he is killed alongside them.[6]
    • This differs from the Light Novel, where he was never even confirmed to be on the battlefield.
  • Given the name of the city of Re-Blumrushur, and its specialty in mining, its possible that Marquis Blumrush controls this city. It was later confirmed in Mass for the Dead.


  • (On the Annual War): "Since it's the same place, does that mean the Empire will be doing the same thing?"


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