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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers

Mare is a powerful druid who can cast spells that support his fellow companions or control nature. Similar to Shalltear, Mare is also known to have approximate statistics which are quite balanced in both physical and magical aspects of his power. For instance, when he was fighting alongside Aura against the Primal Fire Elemental, Mare had cast all sorts of buffs and debuffs to great effect during the battle. This was done so in order to prevent his sister Aura from losing HP even while fighting the high-level entity and sustaining damage by it. When working together with Aura, Mare plays as a rear guard perfectly, with flawless teamwork as a pair.[1]

An example of his extraordinary strength is when he crushed Igvarge's skull in with his staff. Through his magical power, Mare is even able to manipulate the vegetation as snares to securely bound the enemy's body within the environment.[2]

Among the many spells he can cast, Mare is able to use the stealth-enhancing magic kind on himself and allies.[3] Additionally, he uses his skills to increase the effectiveness of his spells, as well as with his other class skills to maximize their range or radius.[4]

While so, Sebas notes how Mare's strength can compete for first and second place with Shalltear interchangeably. Unlike Shalltear, who is a warrior optimized for one on one close combat individually, Mare is a magic caster optimized to deal with multiple enemies (mobs) such as armies[5] simultaneously from afar. Particularly, Shalltear describes Mare as a being who possesses the strongest area-of-effect (AoE) spells in terms of power throughout all of Nazarick.

Due to Mare's magic, the village on the 6th Floor is kept neatly immaculate, organized, and clean. Furthermore, Mare can use his magic to produce simple stonework.[6] Mare can even create rain and restore the earth's nutrients with his magic.

In the Sorcerer Kingdom, Mare's scope of work has increased by a wide margin and he is now in charge of controlling the weather in the territories, building an underground tomb on the outskirts of E-Rantel, and working alongside the newly established Adventurer's Guild.[7]


  • Control Cloud: A 4th-tier spell capable of changing clouds.
  • Control Weather: A 6th-tier spell capable of changing the weather.
  • Detect Life
  • Dragon Earth
  • Earth Surge
  • Earthquake[8]: It would destroy all above-ground structures as well as underground facilities within this spell's area range of effect. People within said structures would largely be crushed to death or buried alive. A magically-induced earthquake could not affect things outside of the spell’s range, so people hiding in houses in other areas would not notice. The sound of collapsing buildings and the wails of people dying was another matter entirely.[9]
  • Magic Shield
  • Mass Middle Cure Wounds (Mass for the Dead Only): AoE HP recovery.
  • Nature's Shelter: According to Ainz, Mare can create a shelter with magic. It is a 10th tier divine spell which Mare can use to conjure a bunker from the earth. The inside of this shelter gives the illusion of an endless sky.[10]
  • Power of Gaia
  • Woodland Stride[11]
  • Stream of Lava: A 10th tier, divine spell that deals fire-type damage.[12]
  • YGGDRASIL Collection (Mass for the Dead Only): AoE HP recovery.[13]



  • Two Ultra-Rare Level 90 High-Class Dragons[14]

Main Equipment

  • Shadow of YGGDRASIL: Divine Item. Mare holds a staff that he uses when casting magic or as a bludgeoning weapon. Combined with his extreme strength, his staff can crush a human skull with ease.
  • Avarice and Generosity: World Item. Ainz gives this item to him so he can be protected from the effects of World Item users.
  • Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown: It allows the user to freely teleport between every room inside Nazarick. Ainz gives this ring to him as a reward for concealing the walls of Nazarick and he is the first NPC to receive this ring from Ainz. According to his sister Aura, Mare apparently hands the ring to someone else for safekeeping whenever he heads out to the surface.
  • Unnamed Item: Mare possessed a magical item that allow him to stay in contact with Aura and have her relay messages to him using it. He utilizes it to maintain dialogue and communication with his sister.


  • Mare's two dragons were obtained from the gambling vending machine of the cash shop.
  • While being a contender for strongest Floor Guardian, Mare's high stats are fairly balanced out just like Shalltear's.
  • It can be noted that in the whole of Nazarick, the only NPCs who might have more than even odds of beating Mare are Shalltear, Rubedo, and Albedo.[15]


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