Mandrakes (マンドレイク) are a species of plants that resemble small humans.

Description Edit

Normally mandrakes if left undisturbed reside in the topsoil. Their leafy rosette only gives any indication of their presence, but can easily be mistaken for carrots. Mandrakes are part of a diverse family of magical plants. There are three known cousin species: Galgenmaennlein, Alruna and Alraune. They existed in YGGDRASIL and are also found in the Great Forest of Tob. Sous-chef is currently raising a batch of mandrakes in the Green Hole on the 6th Floor.[1]

Appearance Edit

Mandrakes are shaped like ginsengs, but are distinguished by their arms and legs, and move with clear self-awareness. Around the stem were holes resembling eyes and a mouth.

Abilities Edit

Mandrakes are semi-self aware, with intelligence enough to mimic words like that of a parrot.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems that the main stock of mandrake is the least intelligent compared to its cousin species.
  • While not intelligent, mandrakes do possess a limited sense of dignity and compassion towards one another.


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