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Manager is an unnamed dwarf in charge of the administration of the mines in Feo Jera.


A creepy, sinister-looking dwarf in glasses.


Contrary to his evil-looking appearance he was quite compassionate and understanding.


An old friend of Gondo’s father, he helped the latter many times in the past.


The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

The Manager assigned Gagaiz’s workncrew to mine heatstones in Sector 8821. After the shift ended he distributed their wages for the week. The Manager has a few words with Gondo Firebeard, after examining him for signs of Whitesnow Sickness. He politely trying to convince the young dwarf to take a permanent position as a crew leader. Gondo declines, intent on following his own path.

Learning that Gondo was traveling to the abandoned city of Feo Raizo, he inquired for what purpose would he trek to such a dangerous area. Gondo stated he intended to do some prospecting for white iron in the area. The Manager offered to buy the minerals from Gondo at a good price, however he was disappointed to learn that Gondo was prospecting material for his research in runecraft.

The elder dwarf realizing that his junior is still pursuing his hopeless dream tries to implore him to give up. His words of advice are rejected bitterly by Gondo who then departs.[1]

Abilities and Powers

The Manager was the superior to the miners in Fek jera. Plus he had the authority to influence the duty rooster.


Gondo Firebeard

The Manager was a old friend of Gondo’s deceased father. Even after his friend died he continued to show concern and looked after his son. He knew of Gondo's obsession with his research in runecraft and believed it was taking him down a hopeless path.


  • Though the Manager was a man of authority, he was a dwarf first and was quite lax to his subordinates when it came to consuming alcohol on the job.


  • (To Gondo): "Are you still saying that sort of thing… Well, I cannot say I do not understand how you feel, but should you not face reality and settle down here as a crew leader? What would your father think?"



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