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Maid Café Pleiades (メイド喫茶 (きっさ) プレアデス) was an area located on the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


While not part of the original Nazarick, one of the rooms on the 9th Floor was converted into a eatery specialized in maid service by the Pleiades. The Pleiades who were mainly focused on combat, wanted to perform functional maid duties, though they did not wish to rob the Homunculus Maids of their duties.

Lupusregina Beta taking inspiration from a book she received from Ashurbanipal , Deputy Student Council President Is A Charismatic And Number One Maid!? ~ Regardless of Criticism ~, proposed in doing a maid café to serve as an onsite training ground for the Pleiades.

The plan was approved by Yuri Alpha and led to the creation of Maid Café Pleiades. The first customer was Éclair Éklair Éklare, who was forcible brought by Lupusregina to be served at the establishment.

Though their service and food had a lot to be desired. When Pestonya Shortcake Wanko came to deliver food, she suggested that the Pleiades need not worry about looking for working as maids, as being combat maids was what they were meant for and that with them on duty it gave her and the other general maids assurances of being safe while doing their duties.

Yuri seeing her point then decided, along with the rest of the Pleiades to close up the café.[1]

Layout & Features[]

The café appears to be an open room with curtains and several coffee tables and chairs. The café had its own menu with a variety of items to choose. However food in the café was not actually cooked on the premises, but is outsourced from the Canteen which was delivered.

Drink Food
Coffee Raspberry Cookie
Black Tea Mont Blanc
Orange Juice Rare Cheesecake
Milk Maid Special Omelette


  • First time customers receive a point card which allows them to accrue points every time they visit. The more points that are gathered, the better the maid service.
  • Customers are ranked similarly to the adventurer system, with copper being the lowest and adamantite the highest and receiving VIP treatment.
  • To reach adamantite rank a thousand visits are needed.
  • To get a hand-made meal by the maids a rank of orichalcum is needed. Though there was no guarantee that the meal would taste good as only Yuri had a Cook class.
  • According to the artist Jūami Pleiades maid uniforms at the café are each slightly different.
  • Yuri was reluctant to wear a mini-skirt as part of the maid uniform, as she had a more conservative fashion sense, though was convinced by Lupusregina it was part of the standard uniform. This led to her sister wondering if she could have convinced Yuri to wear something more indecent.



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