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Magician's Guild (魔術師ギルド) is an association of magic casters established throughout the cities of the Re-Estize Kingdom.


The main business of the Magician's Guild is the study of magic. The guild was responsible for conducting all magical research and the production of magical equipment. Because of them, magical equipment and tools are highly sought commodities that only a few could purchase.

Also, adventurers make use of all products and services of the Magician's Guild. Due to their lines of work intersecting, the Adventurer's Guild is closely allied with the Magician's Guild.

Moreover, it seems that there is a Magician's Guild in each city. As each guild has its own guild master, the system of command between different guild headquarters is unknown.

Nevertheless, they focus on the development of new spells and the training of arcane magic casters. There are also Enchanters in the guild who were essentially specialized magic casters. To be exact, they were the kind that originally affiliated with the Magician’s Guild.

Rules and Practices

Magic casters under the authority of the Magician's Guild may follow the same rules and regulations of the Adventurer's Guild. However, there is one fundamental rule that the guild possesses and that all new magic casters must be registered into the guild.

While the production cost for magic items was abnormally high, one could ignore markups from suppliers and retailers in the Magician's Guild when calculating their price. This is due to the fact that the Magician’s Guild did not collect administrative fees as it was already included in the yearly dues. Henceforth, magic casters could sell directly at no further cost or negotiate directly with their clients. As one sold them through a retailer of magic items, the price would rise increasingly.[1]


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

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The Magician's Guild in E-Rantel sent Theo Rakheshir as their representative in regards to the matter of the mysterious vampire appearing right outside the borders of E-Rantel.[2] Later, after the creature was slain, all the magic casters in the guild used their magic to repair Momon's damaged armor.[3]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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Sebas Tian at the Magician's Guild.

Sebas Tian paid numerous visits to the Magician's Guild branch in the Royal Capital, procuring samples of magic scrolls developed by the guild.[4]

After the defeat of Jaldabaoth, a strange but powerful artifact was discovered in one of the warehouses owned by Eight Fingers. The king had summoned all the Magician's Guild veteran magic casters to investigate this item in question.[5]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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In E-Rantel, the Magician's Guild had effectively disbanded, after the city's annexation by the nascent Sorcerer Kingdom. Many of its members evacuated and transferred all important magic commodities out of the city. Though a few members such as Theo Rakheshir remained behind to monitor the political situation.[6]

During a meeting between Albedo and Eight Fingers, she asked the organization's subdivision leaders about whether there has been any news regarding magic items. To answer her inquiry, one of the leaders stated that his subordinates are currently infiltrating the Magician’s Guild to conduct an in-depth investigation of the magic items.[7]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Prior to the Battle of E-Naüru, Count Naüa had sent requests to the city's Magician’s Guild, the Temple, the Adventurer’s Guild and others to call every magic caster in the city to join them in mounting a defense, in hopes that he could form a unit comprised entirely of magic casters.

While the the Magician's Guild did not involve themselves in a battle between nations was prohibited, they like the adventurers found a loophole. While it was true that the guild could not participate in the wars between countries, since the Sorcerer Kingdom's army was comprised of undead — of which they were almost certain were the Kingdom’s civilians who were turned undead the adventurers could basically treat it as a coincidence that this army of undead was carrying the Sorcerer Kingdom’s flag. They had to use that reason because there was no way they could use that rule to excuse themselves from a fight with the undead who could turn dead villagers into more undead.[8]

After the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces arrived at Re-Estize, Aura Bella Fiora's first destination was the Magician’s Guild. Because it was home to numerous magic items, Aura was on high alert for them. The Magician's Guild was widely considered to be the place that would put up the greatest amount of resistance in the capital. Nonetheless, they were easily and swiftly killed off by Aura and her magical beasts without problem. All the items found once in the possession of the guild including the Armageddon Evil were now in the hands of the Sorcerer Kingdom thanks to Aura and her familiars recovering them.[9]


Along the long perimeter walls were three five-story towers. The Magician’s Guild, what was essentially multiple two-story tall structures that were taller than they were wide, had shut their grid-shaped gates. To the sides of the gate were two two-story tall gatehouses.


The guild appears to hold influence as an authority on magic in the Re-Estize Kingdom. Besides handling the production of magic items, all magic casters in the Kingdom are under their authority. Usually, the Guild is where magic casters learn magic, though entry requires connections.

Known Magician's Guild Members



  • Apparently, the Re-Estize Kingdom provides zero funding to the guild, but so far the guild has managed to procure its funds elsewhere through unknown sources and remain operating.


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