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Magic Scrolls are scrolls of parchment that have been enchanted to contain spells. According to Ainz, they were treated as one-use expendables.[1]


Effective spell casting depends on two factors:

  • The skill of the magic caster.
  • The time necessary to cast the spell. 

Magic scrolls are items that bypass those needs and are a common tool used by the inhabitants of the New World (to those that can afford them). These scrolls act as vessels for prepared enchantments, enabling casters to bypass the needed time to cast spells and conserve mana. At the same time, if the magic caster ran out of mana, they would usually rely on scrolls to cast their spells instead.[2] Another quality of their usefulness is that these scrolls do not require a person to have a high knowledge of magic in order to cast it.

Once the spell activated, the sealed magic will be released and the remains of the scroll disintegrate into particles of light. Because of that, if the sealed spell was activated by the user, the magic stored within the scroll would be exhausted. But there are many different spells that could be sealed within, so a variety of magic could be prepared in advance according to the situation, making them very convenient and essential.[3]

On the other hand, there are some scrolls that were affected by their creators’ skills. Though for the most part, they are made at the minimum possible level that allowed for their creation, which also meant that they were fixed at the lowest possible caster level.[4]

Additionally, a normal scroll could only be used if the person possessed a class that could use the same branch of magic as the scroll.[5] For starters, in order to use a scroll of a faith-based magic caster like a priest, one had to obtain a faith-based class. The spell had to exist on the list of learnable magic for that class. However, some thief based classes have a skill that can disguise this list and deceive the scroll.[6]

Nonetheless, the usage of scrolls varies by a different spellcasting system it belongs to. Still, with a Talent ability possessed by Nfirea Bareare, one is even capable of bypassing the restrictions of an item, allowing the person to use scrolls from different magic systems.[7]


Through the experiments conducted by Titus Annaeus Secundus, magic scrolls made using ordinary animal skins can only contain about 1st tier magic. However, regular parchment could be used to store up to 2nd tier magic, but nothing above that. This suggests that in order to seal away higher quality spells in magic scrolls, higher quality of materials are necessarily required. For example, using human skin, it is possible to contain at least 3rd tier magic. On the other hand, a scroll made with materials of the highest tier, like dragonhide, could contain even 10th tier magic.[8]

According to Suzuki Satoru, some traps that hailed from YGGDRASIL are said to be under the disguise as scrolls to fool collectors. When a person tries to use one of them, it will end up exploding upon usage, and so on.[9]

Known Magic Scrolls


  • Ainz owned scrolls, the kind where it is imbued with spells that he did not bother to learn.
  • A scroll with a 1st tier spell normally costs around 1 gold and 10 silver pieces in the market.[10]
  • In the Web Novel, compared to wands and staffs, scrolls were cheaper and were used more commonly.[11]
  • One of Demiurge's jobs is to figure out ways to make stronger parchments to be able to hold higher level spells.[12][13]
  • According to Ainz, magic scrolls from the Great Tomb of Nazarick can only hold up to 3rd-tier spells with the current materials Demiurge is harvesting as of now.[14]


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