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Magic Guns (魔導銃) are enchanted guns from YGGDRASIL.


Magic Guns are a type of enchanted weapon that originally came from YGGDRASIL, they were added later as part of the Valkyrie's Downfall expansion pack.

The personal weapon of CZ2I28 Delta is a Magic Gun, who uses it for ranged combat.[1]


This magic gun has a mostly silvery white appearance with a touch of grey on the front. It also has the general appearance of a modern tactical assault/sniper rifle hybrid, complete with a stereoscope to shoot long distance targets.


Magic Guns come in different tier ranks and shapes. They are ranged weapons that can shoot out arrow-like bullets by consuming mana. Despite resembling guns, They operate a bit similarly to that of a crossbow. The Sub machine variants are a tier higher than the Assault rifle.

In addition, it seems that the CZ's weapon may switch between two modes: quick, precise individual shots or rapid fire. Magic Gun also possesses an ability— 'Full Burst'. It activates after a period of reloading and unleashes a barrage of rapid fire bullets at a target.[2]


  • So far, the New World inhabitants are unfamiliar with firearms, given Neia Baraja’s reaction.
  • Incidentally, that magic gun had been added to the game after the large-scale update called "Valkyrie's Downfall."[3]
  • While it is implied that CZ is capable of silencing magical abilities, it is unclear whether this is CZ's personal special ability or a function of the magic gun.
  • It appears that unlike the firearms of the real world, the sound of the gunshots are not as loud, given that Neia thought most of the shots sounded merely like "pew," "pew."
  • It is shown during the events of the downfall of the Re-Estize Kingdom that Azuth Aindra also uses a Magic Machine Gun Version when equipped with his Armor of Reinforcement. However given Azuth's actual skill level without his armor, its likely that he could only use the gun when equipped with this Powered Suit.[4]


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