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Magic Greatsword is the tentative name of blade that was in the possession of Guu, the Giant of the East and was later in the possession of Jugem of the Goblin Troop.


This sword was in the possession of Guu, however after Ainz Ooal Gown killed him and turned him into a zombie, the item fell into the ownership of Jugem.[1]


A greatsword that was larger than the one Ainz used in his guise of Momon. It had some form of liquid flowing back and forth in the groove right in the middle of it.


It was a magic item that could change its size according to one’s strength. In addition its edge contained poison that could weaken an opponent. However, it was still resistible, and it couldn’t completely take an opponent out of the fight.


  • Jugem commented it to be better than his previous greatsword.[2]


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