Magic Dyes is a mass of liquid that can turn the user's armor into another color.

Description Edit

This magic item is a high class type that can be used only to change colors.

Appearance Edit

The item takes the form of a black mass about the size of a bead. Its looks mostly liquid but its viscous, taking on a shape of an extremely soft object that is being pulled by gravity.[1]

Abilities Edit

Magic Dyes activates once the user smashes the substance against its intended target. The black spots then will emerge from the splatter point, and will spread over the target, covering the surface with the intended color substance.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • During Climb's offensive against Eight Fingers alongside Blue Roses, he uses this item to switch his white armor scheme to pitch black.
  • In the Web Novel, there are high level Magic Dyes that can give resistances to acid, heat and cold.


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