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Madame Furt was the tentative name of a former noble of the Baharuth Empire. She was the mother of Arche Eeb Rile Furt, Ureirika, and Kuuderika.


Madame Furt was described as having a beautiful face of a noble and wearing well-made clothing that befitted a noble's status. In the Anime Madame Furt is a blonde-haired woman is a beige dress.


Madame Furt had a leisurely attitude even during tense situations and is shown active love and care for both her husband and daughter, Arche. As seen where she attempted to diffuse their fight and stop it from escalating further.[1]

However despite her care for her family, its been shown that similarly to her husband, Madam Furt still delusionally clings to her "pride" as a noble woman. She refuses to accept her family's fall from grace, and continues to enjoy the excessive lifestyle of luxury and excessive money wasting. All the while, not caring the slightest about their family's incredibly large debt and money crisis due to neither her or her husband having any jobs or skills to support themselves or their children.

This behavior is fully seen where she considers a five gold coin perfume bottle as "cheap" and a necessity for a "proper noble woman" to have, despite her daughter's constant reminder to her to only buy food, water, clothes and other necessities for survival instead.


Madame Furt was a fallen noble after the ascension of Emperor Jircniv to the throne, who stripped away her family's nobility. Even so, she and her husband continued their lavish lifestyle as nobles and fell into debt. Their only source of income was through their eldest daughter Arche, who was forced to become a worker, desperately taking up jobs after jobs to repay her family's debt. It was then she joined Foresight led by Hekkeran Termite to take on more co-op missions.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc[]

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When Arche later returned home she found that her father had once again spent her hard earned money to buy an art piece. She scolded her father for wasting money as if they were still nobles. He became furious at her tone and reminding him of the hard truth. He wrongly believed that his purchases were 'necessary' expenses. Madame Furt intervenes slightly defusing the situation by giving Arche a gift of perfume. While the practicality of the gift soften Arche it did not erase the fact they were wasting money.

Arche seeing no use to reason with him stated that she would no longer be sending money to them and will be taking her sisters with her. Angered at her defiance and disrespect, Sir Furt was cowed into speechlessness by Arche's intense stare.[2]

Maruyama stated on his website that, after the family's money lender liquidized their assets, Madame Furt resorted to selling both of her younger daughters, Kuuderika and Ureirika, into slavery to pay off their depts.

Given of how their dept collector had already liquidized and taken their remaining assets and the loss of all three of their children who primarily supported them, its likely that Madam Furt and her Husband are now completely ruined.

Abilities and Powers[]

Once a noble, Madame Furt and her family lost all influence though continues to keep the image of a noble even at the risk of falling into immense financial debt.


Sir Furt[]

Like her husband, Madame Furt appears to support his views that they will rise to glory again so long as they maintain their lifestyle as nobles.

Arche Eeb Rile Furt[]

Arche appears to have a softer spot for her mother, despite her frivolous spending and is shown to have a less tumultuous and aggressive interactions with her mother in comparison to her father.

Madam Furt in turn is shown to still retain something akin to a loving-dotting mother-daughter relationship with her eldest daughter Arche, as seen where she still had the courtesy to buy her daughter a present.

However despite their less aggressive relationship, its still shown that like with her father, Arche has grown tired and exhausted at having to financially support her mother's excessive luxurious spending habits. No longer able to deal with the stress of her mother's delusional rejection of their new reality as commoners, Arche decided to abandon her together with her father to live separate with her younger sisters for the better.

Kuuderika & Ureirika[]

Kuuderika and Ureirika are Madame Furt's youngest daughters. Despite being family, however, she was willing to sell both of them into slavery to pay of her family's depts after their assets were liquidized.


Given his position as their family butler, its likely that James was also quite loyal to her as the wife of his master. Like with her husband , James attempted to limit her of her excessive spending spree's and remind her of their actual financial situation and tried to remind her of Arche's instructions to only buy the needed necessities to survive. However, given the fact that she continued with her spending habits, its likely that Madam Furt simply dismissed and ignored James's pleas.


  • The scene showing her given her daughter, Arche, a bottle of perfume for five gold coins was never shown in the Anime.


  • (To her husband and daughter): "The two of you stop fighting."


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