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Lycanthropes (ライカンスロープ) are a race of werewolves from YGGDRASIL.


In the Web Novel, Ainz described a Lycanthrope as some sort of beast-man.


There are some monsters who were able to nullify attacks through their special qualities. Among them, lycanthropes and the like for instance, are considered nigh-invulnerable if the enemy did not use silver weapons against them.[1]

On the other hand, there are even werewolves like Lupusregina who has the ability to transform into a wolf. For instance, in the Web Novel, she could turn herself into a four-legged wolf.[2]

Known Lycanthropes


  • Lupusregina Beta is the only known female lycanthrope introduced in the Overlord series.
  • As a lycanthrope or werewolf, Lupusregina has five racial levels in total dedicated to it.
  • In the Web Novel, there were methods that allowed one to change into a lycanthrope.[3]
  • There is also a game called Werewolf played in Nazarick.[4]


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