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Lumière (リュミエール) is one of the forty-one Homunculus Maids that are responsible for the various maid jobs on the 9th and 10th Floors of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


Lumière is described as a young woman with long blonde hair that shines mysteriously just like starlight and she also wears eyeglasses. Like all the homunculus maids, she wears a maid uniform.


Lumière has an elegant appearance and personality. Though during mealtime, Lumiere eats unnaturally fast.


Lumière along with her fellow homunculus maids were created by Whitebrim, Herohero, and Coup De Grâce.


The Two Leaders Arc[]

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

Lumière and her fellow homunculus maids are having a break. Lupusregina Beta appeared from nowhere and started a chat with them. They started a competition to see who was able to give the best title to Ainz.[1]

In the Anime, Lumière is the homunculus maid who serves Nfirea and Enri during their visit to Nazarick and before Ainz and Nemu return from the tour of Nazarick.[2]

The Half Elf God-kin Arc[]

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Lumière attended to Ainz Ooal Gown in his study as he was approving several legal documents from Albedo. After Ainz had finished all his work, she went with him to the Amphitheater on the 6th Floor, There they were met by Aura Bella Fiora who at the request of Ainz gave him a tour of the Field of Flowers and then took him to the Gigantic Tree to see Mare Bello Fiore and the Elven Slaves. To talk in a comfortable atmosphere, Ainz took them to the Canteen where the maid helped to bring drinks for the elves.[3]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

The game never mentions her by name though a glasses-eyed maid is referenced in the dialogue during the debut of LittleMass.[4][5]

Lumière's name was mentioned by Momonga during a meeting in the Round Table Room. The maid opened the door for Pandora's Actor to come into the room where Demiurge announced his plan to create a statue of Momonga and install it on one of the floors in Nazarick.[6]

The maid was also present at the unveiling of the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue, the sight of which brought her to tears.[7]

Lumière attended the live idol show featuring the return of LittleMass. She and the general maids witness not only their favorite idols Alkaline and Acidity but a new idol named Neutrally The introduction of the new character resulted in the renaming of the idol group to LittleMasStar and while the change was unexpected, Lumière and the maids came to adore the new idol and new cloth tag dolls and lottery prizes that came with the idol campaign.[8]

Lumière also attended the debut of Βγδth, finding the rock back to be electrifying.[9]

And was present during the "Rare Item Acquisition Day" at Casino Resort Nazarick, cheering on Foire and Cixous.[10]

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Abilities and Powers[]

Lumière's abilities and class are generally at level one. Like all of the homunculus maids, they have a racial penalty called Increased Food Consumption, in which the maids need to eat a lot of food.

Her maid outfit is equal to a high-class item, bringing her some defensive stats.


Ainz Ooal Gown[]

Like everyone else in Nazarick, she is loyal to her master.


Like her fellow homunculus maids, she think of the Pleiades as a kind of idol group, with CZ2128 Delta being the most popular among them. In addition, like her fellow maids, she considers being approached by Lupusregina Beta to be a sign of good fortune.


  • Lumière's name came from the word 'lumière' a French word for light.
  • In Mass for the Dead, Lumière appears in a Relic Item released for a Valentine's Day special, however her role in the storyline is absent.[11]


  • (To her two fellow maids): "Good morning. Now then Foire, since you shouldn't need seconds, you can wait here for us. I haven't had breakfast yet, so I'm going to get some. Come, Cixous, let's go."
  • (Describing Ainz): "Then, as I said earlier, I wish to praise Ainz-sama's beauty. So how about 'A figure of beautiful porcelain, shining and flawless, the gentle lord of mercy.'"



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