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Lubelina (ルベリナ) was a member of Eight Fingers who was third in command of that organization in the Web Novel.


Lubelina is described as an androgynous beauty. Since she prefers to wear men’s clothing, Lubelina is often mistaken as a man.


Though the woman always has a kind smile on her face, she is actually broken inside. She has a fetish for watching the suffering faces of people.


Due to her personality, she was put in charge of cleaning up the brothel within the capital city of Re-Estize.

Though she is a woman, no one dares insult her for it within the Eight Fingers. In the past, it was said that Lubelina had once killed one man with a bright smile on her face. In a way, whoever commented or made remarks about her gender, has since disappeared.[1]


Overlord First Half Arc[]

Overlord First Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord First Half Arc

Lubelina was given an order by Zero to work alongside him on eliminating Climb. Before she does though, Lubelina shortly attempts to buy time by questioning Climb on how he was able to open the door as it was supposed to be sealed shut. With him unable to answer, she eventually crossed blades with him. At some point during the battle, Lubelina has ended up in a disadvantageous position when Climb bit onto her rapier, holding it down to prevent her from properly controlling the weapon while the latter tried to take aim at her. Fortunately for her, Zero came to her rescue by knocking Climb back with a powerful fist strike, giving Lubelina the chance to regain control of her rapier. Realizing Climb has yet to die from their blows, he quickly asked Succulent to join her and Zero in killing Climb once and for all. However, that death battle was put to a stop by Sebas Tian's arrival to the scene as the butler intervened and challenged them in Climb's stead.[2] In the end, Zero lost his life from battling Sebas which left Lubelina utterly shocked and confused by the result of the battle. Nonetheless, she quickly regained her composure and stepped up next to fight Sebas as the former knows that the latter came to their location to kill her. Using her rapier, Lubelina striked as fast as she could with it at Sebas's throat but failed. By Sebas's hands, she instantly died in a way where her neck was bent 270 degrees angle.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]

In the Web Novel, Lubelina is regarded as a being with the next highest battle strength after Zero. She has the highest kill count within the Eight Fingers.

Thanks to Lubelina’s Duelist-class, her fighting ability will be fully demonstrated when her opponent is alone. In addition to that, Lubelina received training that enhanced her evasion and striking capabilities, further improving her lethally.

As a trump card, she can use the 1st Rank of Tier Magic.

Job Classes[]

Main Equipment[]

  • Heart Penetrator: It is a magical rapier, a powerful magic sword that could rapidly increase the piercing power and the amount of damage on strike. Most armor can be easily cut through like paper by this sword. Heart Penetrator in Lubelina’s hand is capable of leaving a platinum afterglow while she prepares to strike her foe with it.


  • In the Light Novel, Lubelina doesn’t exist. The fight between her and Climb is altered so that Succulent is the character that fights the young hero.
  • Although she is a female, there was no one that talks about this within the Eight Fingers.


  • (To Succulent): "You will be on guard duty. We can’t have anyone interfere after all."'
  • (To Climb): "And so, you. You will only have the two of us as your opponents, but you won’t be lonely right?"'
  • (To Climb): "Surprised? It's an automatic lock. After a certain amount of time has passed, it will lock automatically. One of the works of dwarf craftsmen. It’s amazing isn’t it."'
  • (To Sebas Tian): "You can't find any woman to sleep with here, so could you return to your room?"'


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