The Lizardmen War was a conflict between The Great Tomb of Nazarick and the Lizardmen Alliance. Initially orchestrated by Nazarick to massacre the Lizardmen and turn them into Undead, they later decided to conquer them instead.

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To strengthen Nazarick's military force, Albedo had suggested using the corpses of the newly located Lizardmen, as there is a better chance they might create more powerful undead than using human corpses, who are fairly weak. In that end, Nazarick turned its attention to the Great Lake. An undead emissary was sent to each of the five tribes of Lizardmen: Green Claw, Red Eye, Dragon Tusk, Sharp Edge, and Razor Tail. The undead gave the Lizardmen an ultimatum from its master the Supreme One of their impending destruction. It was declared that in eight days time they all would perish before vanishing. Though the Lizardmen's morale initially to plummet due to the overwhelming power of the appearance of the undead, one of the Lizardmen from Green Claw, Zaryusu Shasha a Traveler, proposed that the tribes unite together in order to survive. Green Claw having already made allies with Sharp Edge and Razor Tail in a previous conflict, commissioned Zaryusu to entreat the other remaining tribes into the alliance. Zaryusu having reached Red Eye, fell in love with its chieftain Crusch Lulu, who agreed to the unity of the tribes. Dragon Trusk's was also brought into the fold after the Traveler earned Zenberu Gugu's respect through a duel. All the tribes gathered at Green Claw for a meeting to mount a plan of defense and attack for the coming war with the Supreme One. The tribes then began to make preparations such as building fortifications for themselves and training for the battle.

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At the appointed time, the Army of Death emerged from [Gate] with 4,950 strong undead. In comparison to the Lizardmen Alliance who numbered 1,380 people, the battle had the odds of three-to-one. Cocytus who was designated as the General of the undead army. However he was given specific rules from Ainz Ooal Gown. The first rule was Cocytus was forbidden from setting foot on the battlefield. The second rule was his elder lich he was given to command the undead was to be used until the end. The third rule he was to think independently on this campaign. Cocytus keeping these directives in mind, directed his orders via Message Scrolls and gave the order for his forces to march on the attack.

Upon seeing the approaching army, the tribes enacted a ritual ceremony uniting the tribes in great fanfare forming the Lizardmen Alliance.

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