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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Lizard In Blizzard (リザードinブリザード) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on December 15, 2020 to December 28, 2020. The event was re-released on December 3, 2021 to December 15, 2021.[1]


The village of the lizardmen was hit by a mysterious cold wave. Three members of the Pleiades rush to help them. A warm daily life for those who benefit Nazarick. Red and white two-tone Santa costumes dance brilliantly in the mountains ――[2]


In Momonga's office on the 9th Floor of Nazarick, Pandora's Actor reports to his creator on the current status of the new financial and mineral resources. A dedicated space has been installed in the Treasury, reserved for mined ore resources which would then be strictly managed and stored until their composition could be appraised. Momonga is relieved to hear the report, and is hopeful at the prospect of Nazarick's mining operations in the Azerlisia Mountains believing it will be the dungeon's immediate source of revenue. To ensure steady operations, Momonga requests the Area Guardian cooperate with Albedo and Demiurge.

On the subject of the mine, Pandora's Actor asks his creator about the recent turmoil at the mine and is worried about damages. His concerns are put to rest by Momonga who informs Pandora's Actor that the mine is being operated by skeletons. Those that were lost in a collapse could easily be replaced through summoning. Not only that but using the undead means that the skeleton have no need for eat, drink or even sleep. Additionally are unaffected by toxic gases or oxygen deficiency, making them the perfect workforce for mining. The collapsed tunnel was just a nuisance and it now has been thoroughly reinforced to prevent future accidents. As of now the mine is also staffed by several lizardmen who act as guides and foremen. The joint venture by the lizardmen and Nazarick has thus been proving to be cheap and profitable.

Momonga seeing that the time for his meeting with Pandora's Actor is almost over then decides to end it. The Area Guardian promptly thanks his creator and bids him farewell. Pandora's Actor is seen walking in the corridors of the 9th Floor to a specific destination. Though the NPCs that have so far been revived by Momonga were required to remain at their posts, special permission was granted to allow them access to a specific area in Nazarick. At the Throne Room, under the supervision of a Floor Guardian NPCs were allowed to use the area as a training ground to strengthen and level up. On his way to the Throne room, the doppelgänger encounters the protagonist, Slimeko, Aura Bella Fiora, and Mare Bello Fiore. The quartet are surprised to see the Treasurer on the 9th Floor as they greet him. After Pandora's Actor informs him of his schedule, he inquires what the four are up to. Mare explains that they were heading to the 6th Floor after they visited Ashurbanipal. Aura seeing that Pandora's Actor is present before them, asks if he could help them with something as only he who has access to the Treasury would be able to fulfill their request. They even offer to assist him in his training session while eliminating Chaos Beasts for him.

With the help of Pandora's Actor, the protagonist and Slimeko were able to complete their preparations. Visiting Momonga's office, the two present their master with a treat. With a flourish the two open the doors of the office and present Mare and Aura dressed in Santa Claus costumes. The two dark elves cheerful say hello to their master and present a gift box to him. Momonga is delighted at the spectacle and the gift they gave him, which upon opening finds a shoulder massage coupon from Aura and a portrait of him from Mare. Pandora's Actor soon makes his appearance asking how he liked his surprise. Pandora's Actor claims responsibility for the outfits which he prepared at Mare's request after reading literature on Santa Claus in the library.

Personally Momonga never had any interest in wearing such costumes, as he was too embarrassed to wear them out of season even though the equipment had buff effects, so the costumes were stored in the Treasury. However he finds the display by Aura and Mare to be enjoyable and thanks them for the gifts, though be points out that children such as them as suppose to receive them on Christmas. Mare having read that Santa Claus gave gifts to good children, wanted to instead gift one to Momonga, and Aura wanted to give him one as well since the previous Christmas party after witnessing Albedo gift him one. While the occasion feels more like Father's Day than Christmas, Momonga appreciates the thought. The two elves then quickly change back into their regular attire and thank Pandora's Actor for his assistance. Pandora's Actor is just grateful and extremely honored to have contributed to the joy of his creator, Momonga. Slimeko agrees, musing that Christmas was certainly a celebration of the winter solstice and recalls how everyone was having fun at the party. The protagonist especially remembers the work to collect the necessary materials and tree for the celebration. Momonga even states that the party was truly exciting and fun to spend with his family. The word family causes Pandora's Actor to sputter as he finds it a pity that he was unable to enjoy the festivities or with Momonga. He admits that it could not be helped as he was currently guarding the Treasury which was an important mission, but sees that he missed an opportunity to spend some time with his creator, Momonga.

The others in the discussion feel sorry for the Area Guardian, especially Momonga who is upset about Pandora's Actor's depression and even Aura and Mare faces of disappointment. Not wanting to see such sad faces, Momonga declares that they should do the party again. To allow Pandora's Actor to participate, a replacement at the Treasury will be assigned to take his post temporarily. Pandora's Actor is overwhelmed by the offer, followed by Aura and Mare words of approval. The preparations of the party are assigned to the protagonist and Slimeko who both promise to take care of it. Though Momonga does not wish to trouble them to acquire the materials like they did previously, the protagonist assures his master that in this try he and Slimeko will buy the materials for the party from the humans using his adventurer connections. Momonga approves of the idea and allows Narberal Gamma and Solution Epsilon to assist the two on this assignment at E-Rantel. Aura also adds that she will solicit Pestonya Shortcake Wanko aid to prepare the food and Mare offers to get the venue for the party ready. Their plans now set Momonga declares that they will soon enjoy another party of Christmas fun. Just as Momonga and his subordinates were planning their event, they didn't know there was something happening in another place at the same time.—[3]

In the midst of an "incident", a sudden cold wave swept from the Azerlisia Mountains and with it came the violent monsters that originally lived in the mountains. To escape the cold air, the monsters, such as Perytons, had fled down the mountains and began flocking towards the lizardman settlement. At the Great Lake, the beasts came in conflict with the lizardmen at village of Green Claw. Many of the lizardmen who were supposed to defend the area found themselves unable to move satisfactorily due to the cold that arrived with the monsters. The remaining forces that could muster a proper defense are composed of Zaryusu Shasha, Kyuku Zuzu, Zenberu Gugu, and Shasuryu Shasha but the group face the same difficulty fighting as the temperature is rapidly dropping. Shasuryu uses his magic [Protection Energy - Ice] to give his allies some protection against the elements but even his magic is not enough to help the rest of his kind and if the cold wave continued it would be life threatening.

Cocytus arrives at the village to take out a flock of Perytons to protect his lizardmen allies. Zaryusu thanks the Floor Guardian for his as the two fight side by side. Cocytus who had been doing an inspection at the nearby resource mine was forced to abandon it after his workforce was attacked by the migrating beasts. He suspected that the monsters were heading to the village and relocated his minions to the area to assist in suppressing the attacks.

Kyuku cites that even if they fortified the village the cold wave is getting stronger which Zaryusu suggests that they need to send an investigation team north to intercept the demon beasts. But if they send out an investigation team it will weaken their defense, and risk a breach. The chieftains believe that if they do nothing the cold wave will get worse and the lizardmen will most likely freeze to death. The party senses that more monsters are heading towards then and Shasuryu tells them to ready themselves.

Soon after the crisis in the village of the lizardman is made known to Nazarick. After receiving a message from Cocytus, Momonga hurriedly convenes the Floor Guardians and Pleiades to the Round Table Room. The Overlord confirms the state of the village using Mirror of Remote Viewing. From what he could tell seems that there is no magical attack, yet it is simply not just abnormal weather. The cold wave at the Great Lake is noted to be curious by Mare as before the are faced a disaster of abnormally high water temperature. Aura on the other hand believes that such problems can't be helped as it is at the foot of the mountain range, where there are territories of the demon beasts.

Albedo wonders if it is necessary to gather everyone to help lizardmen. Momonga reminds her that Nazarick currently has a friendly relationship with the demi-humans. It would be regrettable to lose a rare case of interracial diplomacy, and the village that serves as a good stepping stone to the Azerlisia Mountains. Above all, the actual profit for Nazarick is great, since the lizardmen are also useful in mining mineral resources, such as the gold vein. Demiurge sees that his master wants to save the lizardmen from their predicament to show them that he is a person with a strong sense of duty, planting more grace to Nazarick. He admires that Momonga has taken advantage of the misfortune of the demi-humans by having Cocytus station at the mind at the time and is now protecting the village as an established fact. Though that is not the reason for his use of the lizardmen, Momonga decides to leave it at that for his subordinates.

In regard to the selection of people to lead up the rescue operation, Albedo suggest that Shalltear Bloodfallen be sent as she is resistant to cold. The vampire agrees to this and suggests that Yuri Alpha accompanies her. Momonga disagrees as it would be better for them to remain and guard Nazarick's defense as he does not wish to spread their forces too thin. The Guardians are confused by the reason and consider that maybe Shalltear's excess power is not suitable for the job. Albedo claims that she understand Momonga's reasoning and explains to her fellows that Momonga is using this as a demonstration. Demiurge catches on and sees that Momonga believes that this event might be the work of an unknown enemy. If that is so, Isn't it possible to think that they would expect Nazarick to send agents would would be naturally resistant to cold air as a way to lure them. The group, including Momonga, see the logic to avoid such a mistake to prevent the enemy predicting their movements.

To alleviate the plight of the village and dilute the exposure of their forces, Demiurge has a suggestion. Cocytus has already been exposed outside Nazarick to act as a target, while working at the mine, so moving him from the village would be a terrible thing exhaust the defenses of the area. He thus recommends that Nazarick give priority to assist the lizardmen. Entoma Vasilissa Zeta has reported that Cocytus called to ask permission to use the Heatstones being mined for Nazarick to alleviate the suffering of the freezing lizardmen.

Momonga sees that Cocytus thought ahead for himself on the situation and gives him permission. Since the protagonist is out with his allies on another mission in E-Rantel, the demon recommends that another team be sent to the lizardman village for combat duty. Seeing that they would need to rescue personnel at the Great Lake, Lupusregina Beta, CZ2128 Delta and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta are deemed to be appropriate for the mission. A issue is drawn on cold-weather equipment, which Mare and Aura state that the Santa costumes they wore had cold resistance and thus the maids should equip themselves with the items. To demonstrate Mare offers Momonga to examine his costume using [All Appraisal Magic Item] and confirms that the items do possess the buffs to make a wearer to be completely resistant to cold air. Momonga orders the maids to hurry to the Treasury and have Pandora's Actor equip them with Santa costumes. Once they arrive at the village their mission will not just to be to investigate and solve the abnormality, but like Santa Claus, give the lizardmen a peaceful gift.[4]

Flying on the back of a peryton borrowed from Aura, the three maids fly swiftly in the sky to solve the predicament of the lizardmen. Each maid wears a Santa Claus outfit, making their appearance in the air seem like a flash of red. Lupusregina enjoys her ride on the magical beast, while her sisters marvel at the cold resistance and cuteness of the items. Shizu notes that they to be cute, resembling Santa Claus, though Entoma questions that since the real Santa is like a big beard grandfather and wonders if that can still be considered cute. Shizu likens Santa Claus as a fluffy Spear Needle.

Lupusregina is more eager to complete the mission so that the three can return home and enjoy the upcoming Christmas party. The other two maids nod in agreement that should be their end goal. Just as Lupusregina comments on the two being such good sisters, her "Beast's Intuition" picks up something approaching them. Shizu with her sight confirms it to be a flying demon beast and Entoma promises to eliminate it. After killing the beast which turns out to be a vulture, Lupusregina returns the conservation back to the Santa Claus equipment, noting that it's not harder to move than she expected. Shizu stated that Momonga said that all equipment parameters have buffs so flexible movement could be that effect. When Entoma, makes a comparison to their maid clothes, Lupusregina stops her there as it is a mistake to compare the equipment with one created by the Supreme Beings. Shizu comments that it is natural for ladies to enjoy changing clothes. Entoma rebukes that she understands, but only wishes to state that it is important to have equipment that suits the situation. On that the senior maid agrees on the usefulness of the equipment's' properties, but is unsure if they are suitable for the current situation. Entoma notes that more vultures have come and wonders perhaps it is due to their clothes. The maids then get ready to deal with the buzzards as it would be annoying if their mount was attacked.[5]

Due being assailed by a flock of demon beasts that intermittently attacked from the Azerlisia Mountains the lizardmen established a base to intercept them. They soon noticed the appearance of a peryton flying from overhead, coming from the exact opposite of the position of the mountains. The chieftains think it might be a lone monster that circled around their defenses, but when they see the maids: Lupusregina, Entoma and Shizu on the back of the magical beast, they see it not to be the case. Cocytus welcomes the maids and tells the lizardmen that they are allies of his that have come to help.

Shizu states that they have come to deliver "peace". Zaryusu confused by the offer, nonetheless accepts it. Shasuryu vouches for the maids to the other chieftains stating that they are elites that have come to devote themselves to their plight. Zenberu having heard tales from Zaryusu about the forces of Nazarick finds that the rumors of it being composed of many races to be true. He requests a duel to see how strong Lupusregina is, though Zaryusu scolds him for this. The maid though wouldn't mind a challenge, but wants to prioritize giving treatment to the lizardmen. Cocytus explains that Lupusregina is a divine magic caster and can heal those in the village suffering from the cold weather. Lupusregina then ask to be directed to the seriously injured, which Shasuryu takes her to the members of the tribe suffering from extreme frostbite.

Zaryusu seeing Zenberu making a frown, asks him what is wrong. The lizardman monk states that since he saw the maids he felt that they were strong warriors, but was surprised that one of them a magic caster, so he was concerned if maybe he was wrong. Zaryusu assures him that they like Cocytus, are also quite good fighters even if they are not of a combat profession. Zenberu is not sure how he feels about it, but his friend mentions that they master their allies serve is said to be incredibly strong and wise. So long as their master's interests are unhurt they won't harm them. Zenerbus admits that many changes to the Great Lakes have occurred, as now the Green Claw is even imitating dwarfs by mining ores in the mountains with the help of Nazarick. They draw their attention back to reality and hope the cold wave is not the wrath of the mountains.

With the arrival of the reinforcements of the Pleiades, the lizardmen were motivated, and a seat for sharing information was set up at the meeting place in the center of the village. While Lupusregina busies herself in treating the wounded with Zaryusu, Kyuku Zuzu decides to get the meeting started. So far the defenses of the village is strong thanks to the skeleton miners that Cocytus brought with him and are now guarding the north side of the community. looks okay for the time being. Cocytus sent the mining skeleton to the defense of the north side of the village. Cocytus feels that he could have done more if he came early with the idea to use heatstones to help th village but Shasuryu and the others stated that he did admirably and should be proud. Thanks to him the lizardmen were not killed by freezing, and did not suffer any damage from the monsters, even though we were hit by a sudden cold wave and the invasion.

Zaryusu and Lupusregina come into the room having completed tending to the injured. Lupusregina is then introduced to Kyuku Zuku the leader of Razor Tail and Shasuryu Shasha of Green Claw and Zenberu of Dragon Tusk. The lizardmen much has changed since, they met with Nazarick, as Zaryusu having long been impressed with Nazarick's unity of different races working together. The traveler and his brother Shasuryu have attempted to gather together the other tribes of the Great Lake in such a manner. But since the emergence of the cold front when several tribal leaders had just gathered it is seen to be either as a good sign or a bad sign. Lupusregina though just want to get on with the investigation. She eventually calmed by Entoma stating that they need to gather information first before they take action.

Reluctnatly agreeing, the lizardmen explain that the cold waves are coming out intermittently from the direction of the mountain range, and that the monsters living there were driven out by and hence in conflict with the village to escape the abnormal weather change. While Cocytus's wit has saved them from the crisis, it's unclear how much cold weather will touch the area if the cold waves continue on for days. Even if they use the stockpile of heatstones to keep warm it is just a temporary measure. Lupusregina speaking on behalf of her sisters promises to find out the cause of this incident. The maid asks if there was any strange signs in the mountains that could have caused this incident. The chieftain of Green Claw states there was no such event that they could recall, though when the lizardmen were collecting ore deposits there was a minor cave-in accident a day before the other chieftains arrived to discuss an alliance. No one was truly harmed by the accident other than the skeletons but that is all. From the testimonies of the tribe's druids all they can say is that the cold waves came far above the mine. The meeting is disturbed by a Giant Beetle, which causes some alarm from teh lizardmen. Entoma quickly calms the demi-humans stating that it is a subordinate and has some dreaty news. A flock of monsters are reported by Entoma to be heading towards their position. Now that the information sharing is done, the maids lend their aid to destroy the approaching monsters.

Once the battle is done, in order to prevent further invasions to the Great Lake, the maids decided to investigate the Azerlisia Mountains. There is a mining road that can lead then halfway towards the mountain. Though there was a snow slide, the path should still be usable. he maids agree to take the mine road and travel further to check on the situation. At the foot of the mountains, Zaryusu tells the women to be careful as Chaos Beasts have been also coming down from the direction they will be traveling. In other words, beyond the path might be new Cracks. With the prospect of locating undiscovered Crack sites, Lupusregina promises to search for any new Cracks while her team are in the mountains, and make sure that any Chaos Beasts they find do not escape making it sound like the mission will turn into a hunting ground for earning experience points. Zenberu is surprised by the boast of Lupusregina casually stating she would destroy any Chaos Beast. Though Cocytus states that it was not a jest, making the lizardman wonder at the maid's true strength. Shasuryu Shasha bids the maids farewell holding that the three carry the future of their villages. The maids then depart towards the mountains, but they leave behind a literally vivid image of "strength" to the lizardmen.[6]

The three combat maids climbed the mine road leading to the mountainside. Lupusregina, possessing a wide field of vision and skill such as [Perfect Unknownable] led her sisters into the mountains. So far there is no suspcious activity or detectable enemies. Along the path they find discarded mining tools and trolleys are left on the side of the road. Any further scouting north by Entoma's summons is impossible as the cold is preventing them from threading any further, leaving it up to the maids to continue on. Lupusregina wonders on the effectiveness of the Santa costumes she and the maids are wearing. To experiment, she strips off the Santa suit ad soon hurriedly puts it back on upon feeling the icy coldness of the temperature around her without the protection of the equipment's effects. The maids comment that they were lucky Mare recommended acquiring these costumes else they would have been freezing long ago. There is a pity that they were unable to bring their peryton with them as they could have flown to the mine. But since the weather has proven to be too cold such would be impossible.

Lupsuregina senses a presence approaching them further north and the maids get ready to confront it. It turns out to be a bear which is swiftly eliminated and the three sisters continue on their journey and make good progress. Now at the end of the road they reach an area of cleared off land. The maids talk about the invading monsters attacking the village, and surmise that due to the increasing cold weather in the mountains, the monsters only targeted the lizardman village for its warmth. Shizu points out towards the nearby mine tunnel which may contain demon beasts. Lupusregina states that they ignore it for now as they need to figure out the source of the cold waves.

Entoma and Shizu are in agreement with that as they dislike needless killing. Lupusregina is also fine with the course of action, though she wonders what might happen to the demon beasts in the mine in the future and worries it might be a problem for Nazarick. For now Lupsregina tells her sisters that they need to complete the mission so they can come back to Nazarick to enjoy the upcoming party and hopefully their experience in this incident will serve as a good story for their comrades. The mine road is about to end and the minds resume climbing the mountain peak.[7]

They continue climbing the unexplored mountain region where they find it to be similar in environment to the 5th Floor of Nazarick. The wind is definitely getting stronger, and Entoma wonders if the cold weather is the cause for the area's appearance. Shizi taking a sweep of the area confirms the existence of the demon beasts in their path here and there. But strangely they're all frozen, which is odd since the monsters that live in the area should be tolerant to such extreme temperatures, unless the weather was far colder than they could handle. Though their equipment is currently protecting them from the elements, Shizu warns that now that they are upwind to the cold waves the temperature must be more severe than downwind to where the lizardman village is located. If the maids equipment is damaged their cold resistance might be nullified and would be in danger of annihilation.

A gust of wind soon blows through distracting the three, and a pack of Chaos Beasts materialize from nowhere. The maids take arms and defeat the pack. They deduce that he monsters came when the wind blow and hurry to avoid being attacked again. In spite of the cold scenery, Lupusregina's heart is filled with feelings for a warm party. Her attention turns Entoma who is eating a frozen piece of meat from a demon beast like sherbert. Lupusregina advises her not to spoil her appetite as they will soon be having a feast to attend to. Entoma recalls that the protagonist and his team are in a human city buying supplies for the party and wonders if perhaps human meat will be on the menu. Shizu doubts that humans would canibalize their own kind, but to cheer Entoma up, some human meat might be brought out from storaget on the 5th Floor by the chef.

The wind soon gets rougher and Lupusregina advises her sisters to grab each other so that they can stay together. The force is stronger than the wind they felt flying on their peryton steed as noted by Entoma. Shizu elaborates that wind is generated by changes in atmospheric pressure, as such when the air cools, the air pressure rises, and it blows toward the warmer, lower air pressure. Lupusregina over the wind asks Shizu what she thinks might be causing this current. Shizu is unsure but believes that the source of the wind is close. A lone Chaos Beasts lurks behind Lupusregina, Entoma immediately attacks it saving her sister. Lupusregina thanks the other maid as the Chaos Beast was just a bit faster than her "Beast's Intuition". Turning to the direction where the Chaos Beast appeared, the maids see the bedrock of the mountain and locate a rift where a cave has formed. It appears to be the source of the wind they have been experiencing and possibly where a Crack is located. The leader of the maids tells the other two stay alert as they enter into the cave.[8]

Back at the village, after seeing the maids off, Zaryusu involuntarily sought their appearance from below on the mountainside. Looking up at the magnificent landscape of the Azerlisia Mountains, he spots the red costumes of the maids climbing the mountain surface. Seeing that they reached the peak it impresses him on the feat. Cocytus and the others with him note that soon they maids will be able to determine the source of the cold waves. Even now the village begins to feel the results of the maids as since they had been gone, less demon beasts have tried to invade their territory thanks to the three intercepting the invading monsters.

A question rises from Zenberu, as to why Cocytus's master would lend a hand to help the lizardmen. From his point of view, the cost benefits do not match at all. Cocytus is silent on the question, but Zaryusu finds that Zenberu is being rude to the village's benefactors. The chieftain of Dragon Tusk finds his query to be a legitimate question. Cocytus states that he is simply a warrior, but that Nazarick intentions are to maintain good relations with the lizardmen and deepen their exchanges. Zenberu gets that Cocytus would not know on his faction's intentions due to his profession, and then inquires on the protagonist as he would be suitable to explain Nazarick's interest. The Floor Guardian informs the chieftain that the protagonist is currently in E-Rantel on assignment. Zenberus knows of the city, recalling it to be where humans are gathering in force. Zaryusu adds that he once went to the city to get help in the aftermath of the Catastrophe. At that time, he admits that he was a little envious of the protagonist and his friends since they were united in a sense that transcended racial barriers, and knew the value of such ​​exchanges. In that Zenberu admits that the maids were of different races and seem to get along, but wonders how that could help them now, which Zaryusus states that he is still learning. Cocytus comments that a synergy with the lizardmen has allowed Nazarick to gather vital mineral resources and thus it was a practical profit to help the demi-humans. The three look towards the mountains hoping for the triumphant return of the Pleiades members. Zaryusu especially hopes that they come back soon, so they can show and prove to Zenberu and the other lizardmen that unity can make them stronger.

Inside the cave Lupusregina notes that the surface of the place is frozen. From Shizu's analysis the cave was just recently opened. From what she guesses she believes that a Crack may have been buried deep underground. Judging by the walls, the none of the ice has melted over the years, but the cave was cracked up somewhow leading Shizu to think that the recent cave-in at the mine below could be the cause. If the mining accident and rift are connected, it could explain a series of events that led to the incident they are investigating. However this is all just speculation, so the maids delve deeper into the cave. Entoma wonders of the cold air is coming from the Crack, somewhere in the ice cave. Lupusregina doubts this as so far form what Nazraick gathered on Cracks, all they do is spew toxic gas and Chaos Beasts. The gas should only affect demon beasts and make them go wild. So the cause of the air pressure should be a natural phenomena. A blast of cold air roars at the maids, leading them that they will soon encounter their answer.

Going deeper into the cave the three run through the wind defeating attacking the Chaos Beasts and aim for the source of the cold air at the innermost part of the cave. Sure enough there is a Crack there, but also they find a giant lumbering monster composed of ice. Lupusregina seeing it, thinks it to be cute. It proves to be deadly when it destroys a nearby boulder. Shizu deems that the creature is aggressive and that a dialogue is not possible. The punch from the enity is noted to contain great wind pressure and the blows are creating the freezing wind coming from the cave. The trio finally find that the entity is the source of the cold air. Before the maids can come up with a plan to subdue the monster, Entoma launches herself at it intending to take care of it. The maid is easily repulses by the monster and smashes against a wall. Right before Entoma has anotehr go at the creature, Shizu orders her siste rto wait and remain still.

Obeying Entoma asks what is Shizu thinking, however to her shock the giant monster remains still despite it being attacked. Shizu states that she suspected that the giant only attacks when beings were within its attack range after observing Entoma's interaction with the giant. If the giant only reacted to those within its immediate vicinity, Lupusregina suggests that Shizu uses her sniper skills to kill it. But Shizu estimates that her sniping would be ineffective judging by the icy armor surrounding their opponent. She asks Entoma if she can use her vision to spot any weaknesses. Thinking that they would have plenty of time, they are proven wrong when the Crack starts blinking and Chaos Beasts soon arrive. The giant soon rouses and attacks the Chaos Beasts, destroying them likea a berserker. Observing it Shizu, hypothesizes that this is the source of the generation of the flow of cold air when the giant attacks the periodic emerging Chaos Beasts from the Crack.

Still this proves to be the problem as they need to deal with the Chaos Beasts before they deal with the giant. After a few moments the trio managed to defeat the Chaos Beasts and keep them away from the giant. Back to their original quarry, since using long-range attacks would be ineffective due to its armor, Entoma points out a fatal flaw in the entity's structure. There appear to be roots that are holding the giant together. Lupusregina seeing them admits that the roots could be vulnerable to damage and cause the giant to fall apart when they are burned. However the flames might be weakened due to the cold air around the giant, so they would need to create a situation where the cold air does not interfere. Shizu volunteers to be bait to draw attention, while Lupusregina gets behind the giant as there is a high possibility that the influence of cold air is small in the back. The three agree on the strategy and look forward to seeing what the giant looks like melted, imagining it to be a snowman. WIth enthusiaism they prepare to fight so they can return to Nazarick.[9]


The giant, who was in the innermost part of the cave with a Crack, was defeated by Lupusregina, Shizu, and Entoma. This stopped the cold waves from the Azerlisia Mountains, and the warm days were returning to the village of the lizardmen at the foot of the wetlands. There Lupusregina informs Cocytus that the task of managing the new Crack has been handed over to the subordinates of Demiurge. Since there are no particular reactions of other Cracks around the mine, its should be safe to resume operations.

Cocytus is glad to hear about that and will being the recovery of heatstones and redirect the skeletons back to the mine. Shasuryu Shasha has no words to express the gratitude for his tribe and promises that they will never forget this grace. Zaryusu is eager to resume the mining operation without delay, but Cocytus states that safety would first be a priority for the village before they extract more minerals. Zaryusu expects nothing less from Cocytus and the two reaffirm their pledges to support one another with Zenberu and Kyuku also lending their aid in the endeavor.

Shasuryu is intrigued by the support, which Zenberu states that it was thanks to Cocytus's masters and the maids as they were able to realize various things. Like the importance to match in power. The chieftain of Razor Tail points that the lizardmen have been stubbornly fighting amongst themselves for far too long over resources and food. Zaryusus adds that it has been like that since before the Catastrophe, but he is pleased to say that thanks to Nazarick, it showed them that there is a different way of life and the power of "brotherhood". The Pleiades are a perfect example of this, as they are of different races, wearing the same "red robe" and journeyed to a frozen wasteland to fight Chaos Beasts for other races, defeated the mastermind and returned safely. From this what more can make them believe in that strength. The maids take the compliment from the chieftains, who then offer the group to a feast to celebrate.

Cocytus appreciates the offer, but politely declines as he and the maids must report back to Nazarick. Lupusregina is excited to return back for their party, though worries that it might be difficult as the peryton's capacity is over the limit if they bring Cocytus. Shizu reminds her that two of the maids can fly by themselves. With that the group say goodbye to the lizardman as their mount leaps into the air. The red clothes created a line in the sky, that brought peace to the observing lizardmen and remained in their eyes and memories for a while.

By nightfall, Cocytus, Lupusregina, Shizu, and Entoma, had returned to the Nazarick. They were quickly guided to the 6th Floor without delay. While their mission report would have normally taken place on the 9th Floor, they were taken to the Amphitheater where a brilliant feast awaited them along with Momonga and the rest of their comrades. Momonga heading the opening of the party, calls to start by sharing the achievements of those who have returned. He addressed the returnees and is pleased that they had resolved the crisis in the lizardmen village, gaining their deep trust. Cocytus tries to sate that much of the success goes to the maids who solved the mystery of the incident, though Lupusregina humbly states that it was Cocytus who made it possible by securing the defenses of the lizardmen. Their humblness makes Momonga proud and acknowledges Cocytus' quick thinking and initiativeness as he left the lizardmen to be deeply impressed.

Demiurge also adds that thanks to Cocytus he marketed skeletons as a useful labor force for the lizardmen and helped to achieve future plans for tribal unification. The Overseer of Nazarick ad its that if the tribes gather and the population grows, there will be some operational problems and food supplies. Momonga is not concerned more concentrated on their success in the skeleton labor. The success with Santa Claus equipment also has given Momonga an eye to re-evaluate some other equipment that is stored in the Treasury. Additionally their findings in the mountains were also interesting. The giant they fought as it turned out was sealed underground, trapped with the violent Chaos Beasts. It seems that it was the result of contaminated soil in the ground. Lupusregins originally though the giant was a golem, but after the maid melted the entity at the center of it was a Chaos Beast, one that was extremely violent compared to its brethren.

Albedo reports that after they received their report, Nazarick's forces have already proceeded with the re-investigation of the areas with Cracks in Nazarick. So far it has been confirmed that there are no signs of similar phenomena. Demiurge though thinks that it would be prudent to proceed with research and preparation so that he can take appropriate measures when the same situation occurs in the future. Momonga agrees but for now, suggest that they rejoice that unknown concerns have become known. On top of that, he would like to discover more Cracks like this as it seems to be useful as a place to efficiently earn experience points.

This brings calls of support as the Chaos Beasts in Nazarick have been somewhat boring to deal with, and the possibility of a new hunting ground would be a gift. The debriefing session is about to end, and Albedo decides to call for a toast. Momonga then raises a glass to the hard work of the Santas who gave them presents and allowed them to enjoy them together. The party soon begins, and the banquet is filled with smiles. Lupsregina watching from her post happily views her comrades interaction. At the buffet table Cocytus expertly cuts a big fish from the Great Lake whilst Sebas Tian, Pandora's Actor and Demiurge watch.

Nearby Shizu thanks Aura for allowing the maids to borrow the peryton. Aura says that it was no big deal, but was shocked when she say Cocytus riding on her beast on the way back. Mare remembering the illustrations of Santa Claus thought it was similar, though Shalltear states that Santa Claus rode normal beasts and that perytons were much impressive due to their wings. Shizu agrees that she liked the ride, commenting that the peryton's wings were fluffy and wishes that next time she places one-yen sticker on it. Yuri listening nearby asks her to refrain from doing that.

Entoma is enjoying herself in trying the delicious foods and is happy to eat without worrying about dieting. Solution is pleased by the praise as the meat was from a good fresh sinner from E-Rantel. The protagonist and Narberal state that they were able to pick up a "souvenir" without drawing any attention thanks to the former's adventurer persona. Lupusregina try some of the other foods herself finds it all to be exquisite which Pestonya is be glad to inform the cook. Pestonya asks if Luspusregina has a favorute food, but to the maid she finds it all good. After being in such a cold place before she truly is glad to be here in Nazarick.

Pandora's Actor agrees with that feeling. To explain he normally spend his time polishing items in the Treasury which was his joy, but having been invited to such a fun and lively party he realized what it means to be part of Nazarick. And it reaffirms his role and purpose in guarding Nazraick's treasures and would not trade such a feeling for anything. Momonga is happy to hear Pandora's Actor is enjoying himself, which please Pandora's Actor at being address by his creator when he is called his "child".

Albedo soon comes over now dressed in her own Christmas costume. Momonga seeing her change in attire thinks that she is preparing for the gift exchange part of the festivities. However Albedo tells him that he wishes to ask him to go through with something with her and that she wants him. Albedo reveals that she also deepened her own understanding about Santa Claus, and found a certain document. Where it contained a drawing of a lover in a Santa equipment, stating that Christmas night was "sex night" and is recommended to make children all night. Momonga is speechless and internally decries this wondering who put such a document in the library. The other Guardians overhearing this thinks this is a good opportunity for Nazarick to produce a successor and would be Momonga's gift for them.

Shalltear finds this to be less humorless and storms away calling to Pandora's Actor that she wants a Santa Claus suit too. Pandora's Actor sighing follows her disappointed that duty is calling. Lupusregina giggles at Momonga's drama. Looking up at the artificial night sky of the 6th Floor, she muses that Nazarick is always warm. To her it was a beautiful landscape that was designed by the Supreme Beings and one that Lupusregina would always protect.[10]


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