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Living With Hamu-chan! An Encyclopedia For Raising Hamsters (かわいいハムちゃれと暮らそう!くムスタ〜の飼い方大石科〜) is a book found in Ashurbanipal.


A book on animal behaviors, specifically hamsters.


A medium-size book with a plain cover.


The book has detailed information on hamsters. According to the content, hamsters birth a litter between five to ten infants. However, it is not uncommon for the mother to experience stress and devour some of the babies if they come in contact with humans. In addition, it mentions that a hamster's gestation period to be two to three weeks with the potential to breed again almost immediately after a mother has given birth. 


  • A copy of this book was kept in Ashurbanipal, making Ainz believe that it originally belonged to a guild member that owned a hamster. He used it to help himself and Aura try to better understand the nature of Hamsuke and possibly her species.[1]