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Lion Golem (ライオンゴーレム) is a golem of the Spa Resort Nazarick and one of Luci★Fer's creations.


As its name suggests the golem resembles that of a lion. Its body is composed of steel.


The Lion Golem finds those without etiquette to be despicable beings and will activate to remove them from its Area. The golem uses the masculine voice of its creator to speak.


The Lion Golem was created by Luci★Fer, as a joke to the female members of Ainz Ooal Gown.


The Two Leaders Arc

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As Ainz Ooal Gown and the male Floor Guardians were enjoying a bath, the female Floor Guardians, led by Albedo, attempted to peek over the men's side. The Lion Golem in the vicinity retaliated against the female Guardians in order to restrain their ignorant behavior.[1]

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Mass for the Dead Arc

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The golem was one of the few golems in the entire dungeon to come out unscathed when Nazarick was attacked when it arrived in the New World. It was assumed to be destroyed by Momonga and the others, but they were proven wrong when it activated upon hearing the female Floor Guardians lewd behavior and attacksed them.[2]

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Abilities and Powers

The Lion Golem's full capabilities are unknown, but as it was able to survive a direct hit from a Floor Guardian, it proves that it is not an ordinary golem for display purposes. It seems that this golem was made with speakers attached or made through secret techniques as is was capable of speech atypical of normal golems.[3]


  • It was placed in the female section of the Spa Resort, but to the female members of Ainz Ooal Gown, they see this as a joke.


  • (To the female Floor Guardians): "To not know the etiquette means you have no rights to enter the bath! Exterminate!"


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