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Lilynette Piani (リリネット・ピアニ) is a mythril class adventurer and a member of Four Armaments.


A woman who irradiated a perverse aura. On her neck hung the holy symbol of the Earth God, which was sandwiched between her voluptuous bosom. Due to her physical appearance and her priestess garb, it was assumed that she was a prostitute who was accommodating her client’s fetish or something like that.


While being a priestess, Lilynette is well versed with the social circles of both adventurers and nobility. However, Lilynette is also a pedophile as she has a preference for young boys to the ages of twelve. Those around the ages of fifteen and above are considered too old for her. The priestess is also quite cunning and manipulative as she managed to convince Count Naüa to hand over their Holy Sword and acquire the youngest son to be his personal concubine to fulfill her desires. She also appears to be shameless of her behavior, never hiding her intentions out in public and even drooling about the object of her desire.


Lilynette is a devoted priestess of the Earth God faith.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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Lilynette was present alongside her teammates in E-Naüru. She and her teammates along with the members who composed of the magic caster unit listened to the count's motivational speech for the upcoming battle. After the count promised to reward them handsomely, offering the money and the Five Colors Holy Sword up, Lilynette was interested. The count made a concomitant comment of wanting her to be his son's concubine. However, the priest wasn't offended and offered herself up of being his third son's concubine much to the embarrassment of her team. She even tried selling him the idea as it would guarantee him that the family heirloom would stay in the family.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Lilynette appears to have connections to the Temple of the Four Great Gods. As a priestess serving the Earth God, she was able to make use of her connections with the Temple of the Four Great Gods to gather intel about Count Naüa and his family members. Lilynette performs such feat without the latter learning of this until she decided to outright explain some of it in great details much to his displeasure.


Scama Elbero

Lilynette was judged by her team leader as an honest and caring person to the point that she should make for a good bride. However when she revealed her darker side, Scama found Lilynette's taste in young boys disgusting. Though the priest thinks her to be a fool of not falling for alluring unripen fruits.

Count Naüa

Lilynette, after manipulating him to offering his third son to her, started calling him father-in-law.


  • Somehow she managed to find out the age and even birthday of Count Naüa's third son.


  • (To Count Naüa): "Hah, fiiiine. Ahem. Fine then, I'll become your son’s concubine for the Five Colors Holy Sword."
  • (To Scama): "You fool! Unripe fruits are the most alluring of all, aren’t they?"
  • (To Count Naüa): "Ah, father-in-law-sama. Even if he’s your third son, he was still born of your wife. If all goes well he should be able to gain the title of Baron and a small patch of land, correct? With that in mind, it would be asking too much for an adventurer to be his wife, even if it’s a powerful one, right? Though I do have connections to the temples, that is still, you know. You were planning to say something along the lines of ‘if you perform outstandingly in this battle, I will consider letting you be his wife,’ right? But if I was to be satisfied by the offer of being his wife alone, then there would be no way I could get my hands on the Five Colors Holy Sword. After all, the wife of your third son inheriting the family heirloom would upheave our family’s peace~"
  • (To Count Naüa): "Ah, fifteen...wait no...seventeen and above would be too old for me, father-in-law-sama."


  1. Overlord Volume 14 Chapter 2: The Beginning of the End


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