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Lesser Vampire (下位吸血鬼) is a low-tier vampire in YGGDRASIL and New World.


By sucking all their blood, Lesser Vampires could turn a target into a lower-tiered undead that was absolutely obedient towards their master. Vampires were only able to create Lesser Vampires with intelligence far below their own.


Lesser Vampire is a mummified corpse of a human as if all the moisture in its body had evaporated, the skin grew dry and cracked. At the tip of its hands were sharp claws. A crimson red light, much like those belonging to a vampire, glowed in its empty eye sockets. It also has razor-sharp canines gleamed within its half-opened mouth.


Retaining memories of its past, Lesser Vampire could assist in the gathering of information, attack a target or stall for time.[1]



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