Large Tomb Switch (大墳墓switch) by Ryosan (リョーサン) is the sixteenth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Aura Bella Fiora tells Shalltear Bloodfallen to stop being dishonest with her appearance. Shalltear objects stating it's her look. Aura laughs making a snide comment of her implants infuriating the vampire. Both are brought to attention at the appearance of Ainz Ooal Gown. He directs his attention to Aura, stating that Hamsuke is looking for her. Apologizing Aura rushes to attend to Hamsuke.

Shalltear brings a question to Ainz if it would be a problem if she remained a child in appearance. She notes that Aura is still developing unlike her who is a heteromorphic thus unable to. She wonders how it will affect their relationship. Ainz however mentally muses that he still sees them all as friends and prefers to keep it that way. However, her talk brought up a concern for Mare Bello Fiore and an image of him fully grow is imagined much to the disturbance of Shalltear. He wishes that the two elves would dress going by their genders as it feels right. He doesn't elaborate on this as the vampire is gone to his surprise. Shalltear orders the two elves to dress accordingly to the order of Ainz much to their dismay but in the end concede.

Back in the Throne Room, Shalltear gives Ainz a surprise: Mare dressed in Aura's clothes and Aura dressed in a skirt. Aura is clearly flustered at wearing the dress though Ainz compliments on her appearance. He then tells them to change back much to the confusion of Shalltear. Ainz explains to her he is glad she took the initiative to consider his wishes but he also has to consider the wishes of his comrades as he glances at a statue of Bukubukuchagama. Shalltear obeys, though Aura is confused as she believed this was an order by Ainz himself. Ainz, however, is at a loss, as he never gave such as order and realizes that she was trick much to Shalltear's pleasure. Ainz watches the group prattle, and silently calls to his lost friends that he will be waiting for them.

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Chapter Notes

  • The statue of Bukubukuchagama could be an Avatara though the artists made a mistake as it is found in the Treasury, not the Throne Room.
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