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Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra (ラキュース・アルベイン・デイル・アインドラ) is an Adamantite-Ranked Adventurer and the leader of Blue Roses. She is also the niece of fellow Adamantite-Ranked Adventurer Azuth Aindra and a former noblewoman of the now fallen Re-Estize Kingdom.


Lakyus is described as a young woman with long blonde hair, green eyes, and pink lips that show a healthy gleam. Her beauty fell short of Renner but overflowed with a different charm.


Lakyus is a very bright person who enjoys adventuring with her friends. She acts weird sometimes, like wearing meaningless rings or fighting against her dark personality, making her other team members worry about her actually becoming evil.

Lakyus was also shown to have a very kind-hearted, stubborn, and loyal personality as well, as seen during the last stages of Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Instead of accepting her uncle's offer to escape to the Argland Council State, accepting the offer of the Black Scripture to migrate to the Slane Theocracy or even run away herself outside the kingdom for her safety, Lakyus stubbornly chose to stay behind in the Re-Estize Kingdom and fight until her last breath to defend her country. Despite the incredibly low chances of she and her group actually winning or surviving the war with the Sorcerer Kingdom, she shows a great deal of personal loyalty to her nation and a strong sense of patriotic justice for her countrymen. She also expresses the desire to avenge the people of her country who were unjustly slaughtered by the Sorcerer Kingdom. She felt a great sense of guilt after knowing and seeing that her own countrymen are being sent to die against the Sorcerer King.

Due to this immense stubbornness, her teammates, despite not agreeing with Lakyus's desire to defend the Kingdom, knew full well it was impossible to talk her into escaping and running away with them and were ultimately forced to rely on a more violent and cunning method to save her life and escape by bringing her with them.


When Lakyus was a young girl, she decided to become an adventurer after hearing the adventurous stories of Red Drop. Lakyus ran away from home to have an adventure of her own, while she was still inexperienced; her parents had apparently shown absolution to their daughter for this action.[1]

At some point in her lifetime, she was saved by Gagaran and the two became partners. She was also a former target for assassination by Tia and Tina, who failed during their attempt to kill her. Rather than killing the two assassins, she managed to convince them to join Blue Roses as her companions.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

Nigun Grid Luin of the Sunlight Scripture recalled the past event of himself and his group being driven away by the hands of the adventurer group, Blue Roses. Particularly, she had left a scar on Nigun's face with her weapon. Lakyus was the person within Blue Roses Their who drew his ire the most ever since his defeat by her. He sees her as an infidel who worshiped another god. She had once tried to stop the Sunlight Scripture while they were planning to attack demi-humans. Nigun noted Lakyus believed that she was on the side of justice by protecting the enemies of mankind.[2]

The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

When Ninya remarks on the fact that there are more famous people than him, Peter Mauk inquires him if it was the leader of Blue Roses he happens to be referring to. Although Ninya considers Lakyus to be famous, the former states that it was not the female adventurer he was talking about, but Nfirea Bareare, an infamous talent holder of E-Rantel.[3]

During a campfire between Nfirea, Swords of Darkness, and Darkness, the former remarks that someone else is already in possession of one of the Black Knight's four swords. According to Nfirea, the person who owns that sword is the leader of the adventuring party, Blue Roses.[4]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

While her adventurer group was raiding one of the villages controlled by Eight Fingers, it was said that Lakyus will be happy if she can get even a small piece of information on the criminal organization.[5] It was later revealed that Princess Renner was the client responsible for requesting Lakyus and her party to be dispatched in investigating the location.

Lakyus is first seen speaking with Renner in her room about the latter's plan of harvesting different crops on rotation. She states the flaws of her friend's plan while Renner attempt to suggest some other possible alternatives to modifying the plan but not without Lakyus herself, pointing out the setbacks in carrying it out. Along the way, Lakyus brought her findings she had acquired from the village her group raided a while back and discussed about it. She used it to help with the main topic of their discussion which was about the Eight Fingers Organization. Lakyus lets her friend Renner decipher the hidden messages through the finding. Near the end of their discussion, she would ask Climb for assistance in delivering Gagaran and Evileye a message.

Once Climb got that task done, they will begin talking about Lakyus's troubles at some point in their conversation. Gagaran noted how Lakyus was grabbing her right hand pretty hard and said something about how only a woman of faith like her can suppress the power of the demonic sword. It leads them to believe that the likelihood of there possibly being a dark Lakyus who was born from their adventurer leader's dark consciousness may be true too. Ever since she got her hands on the demonic sword, her friend noted that she started wearing those pointless armor rings on all five of her fingers for unknown reasons. They are preparing to help Lakyus at any cost including asking help from their rival group Red Drop, assuming she was to lose control of her dark side.[6]

When meeting up with Renner alongside all the members of Blue Roses, the latter informed her group that there has been a change in the plan of silently destroying an Eight Finger facility one at a time. Instead, she and her companions are required to take all of the Eight Finger facilities down in one fell swoop. Lakyus was asked by Renner that each member of Blue Rose are needed to raid one place before then moving on to the next untouched location among the three. Later, Lakyus had a meeting to address with the leaders of every group taking part in the operation. Lakyus explained the plan for attacking the Eight Finger’s eight buildings.[7]

When Jaldabaoth appears in the royal capital city of Re-Estize, she had to participate in a meeting to combat the new threat. She reminds the adventurers participating in their operation that the one paying to gather them all together is not the royal family, but Princess Renner herself. She insists that Princess Renner is going out of her way to use her own private finances for their sake while the one who brought adventurers of Darkness was Marquis Raeven. She voiced her displeasure alongside the adventurers about the nobles and royals not coming to their aid, but considered not all of them are bad people.[8]

During the disturbance, she is seen leading an expeditionary group against Jaldabaoth to prevent his demons from spreading deeper into the royal capital, Re-Estize. At the same time, she gave words of encouragement to the adventurers who were losing faith in the battle to not lose hope and that strong individuals on their side exist like Momon and Evileye to combat the demons. In the midst of combat, Lakyus successfully killed off several Hellhounds. Alongside Tina, Lakyus stood at the head of the assault team that was formed of mithril and orichalcum ranked adventurers. She continues to maintain her team's morale while activating her group support magic to support them. With the defensive line nearly broken through, she was saved by Gazef Stronoff and others including her two revived companions, Gagaran and Tia who arrived to aid them in repelling the demons once and for all. Among the demons she had the most trouble defeating, it was said to have been none other than the Scale Demon. They fought to get to where Momon was at once the latter force Jaldabaoth to make a retreat.[9]

After the war came to an end, the only few who had come to see the adventurer group, Darkness off were just Marquis Raeven and members of Blue Roses like Lakyus. Lakyus bid her farewell with Momon of Darkness, declaring that she is looking forward to one day working with him again and will do her best to catch up with his group during the meantime in preparation for that moment to come.[10]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

In a conversation between Renner and Blue Roses, it is known that Lakyus was hurt in the face by King Ramposa III over the matter of resurrecting Gazef Stronoff. Meanwhile, she is busy helping Gagaran and Tia to recover the experience they lost after the resurrection when the two got killed by Jaldabaoth.[11]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Lakyus and her adventurer group, Blue Roses took part in the meeting with the Roble Holy Kingdom's envoys concerning Jaldabaoth and Momon. She, as the leader of Blue Roses, was the first member to greet the envoys. She lets Evileye speak on their behalf, explaining in details everything they know about Jaldabaoth, the one who was responsible for the Demonic Disturbance at the Re-Estize capital city. When it was Lakyus's turn to speak, she explained to the envoys about the Scale Demon, describing its abilities and how they fought it. Lakyus’s tale ended with Brain Unglaus, a man on Gazef Stronoff’s level slaying that demon after it escape from their death match with it. She tells the envoys that their group will pay a sum equal to the fees they’d receive for a similar request by the latter as part of their deal in exchanging key information surrounding the topic of Jaldabaoth. She reminded the envoys that they cannot fulfill all kinds of payments like joining and supporting the Holy Kingdom's war against Jaldabaoth. She reasons that her group have chosen to participate in this meeting was so that they can gather intelligence from them. Because neither Lakyus herself and the companions she is with don't want to die, she told them that entering the battlefield to fight Jaldabaoth again would be counter to their group's purposes. At the very least, the highest form of payment Lakyus was willing to give the envoys is arranging a meeting with powerful nobles. In the end, she along with her fellow adventurers refuse the envoys' request of giving them military aid in the war against Jaldabaoth.[12]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

When Blue Roses was invited to a meeting location by someone unbeknownst to them, Lakyus advised everyone to stay behind while she be the only one to attend the meeting with her uncle Azuth of Red Drop. When her companions state the reason for not having them join her was because of a family reunion between the two of them in private, Lakyus went along with their explanation to mask her true concern of why. She reasons that it was because her uncle did not bother in anyways to look for her after he came to the Re-Estize capital. Nonetheless, this did not stop everyone from the group to walk with her near the meeting room after their conversation came to an end. Upon opening the door to the designated room, she finds her uncle being inappropriately surrounded by two women and immediately locks the door shut much to her teammates' surprise. Realizing that there is no way out of this situation, she informs her companions that her uncle is an odd individual before letting them in alongside her.

Meeting her uncle, she demanded him to get dressed in an appropriate manner quickly much to her embarrassment in front of her teammates. Once Evileye uses her magic to drive the two women out of the room, Lakyus was able to speak with her uncle about the client who arranged their secret meeting and if they are related to him. Despite not finding any real answer to her questions, she was then asked by him what her plan was from here on out much to her confusion. When suggested by her uncle to leave the Re-Estize Kingdom using the escape path he planned out, she refused to leave and tells him that she would rather stay behind and fight. She suggested her uncle to fight side by side as allies against the enemy which the latter rejected due to already knowing about the rumors concerning the Sorcerer King. This conversation persisted until they were greeted by Black Scripture members arriving at the scene which caused she and the rest of her companions to become vigilant of their presence.

After the 5th Seat of the Black Scripture tries to convince them to join, she was the first to adamantly refuse their offer before letting the rest of her fellow adventurers speak up about the offer. Shortly after, all the other members of Blue Roses including Gagaran agreed with the same decision as her and choose not to join despite the 5th Seat's attempt to convince them. When the four members of the Black Scripture finally left the room and are out of sight, she scolded her uncle for trying to provoke them while he was the weakest of them all present during that meeting. She then asked him what his plans were since the meeting has ended. Upon hearing his plans and wanting her to leave the nation, Lakyus told her uncle that she had no intention of abandoning Re-Estize to run away. After bidding farewell and parting ways with her uncle, she and her group still had some things to prepare for and left the inn.[13]

When the capital Re-Estize is already surrounded by the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces, Renner, she and the rest of the members from Blue Roses made an impromptu visit with Renner, Climb, and Brain in the palace. Realizing that there is not much time left, she tries to refrain Renner from giving them tea until Evileye, representing the rest of the Blue Roses' members told their leader they all agreed to having one. Much to her shock, she found their behaviors strange as Tia look to prepare a cup of tea for her to drink. Upon drinking the tea, Lakyus realizes what she had drank was drugged and starts to succumb to its effect.

Soon after, Lakyus was betrayed and met with repeated attacks from Gagaran and Tia much to her pain, sadness, and confusion while not understanding why they were attacking her. Lakyus was left in a vulnerable, weaken state to the point that she had fallen under the control of Evileye's spell [Charm Person] without having her combat-related gear to protect herself. This in turn, forces Lakyus to obey every order Evileye ask of her. While being mind-controlled, she was instructed by Evileye to take out the needles injected by Tia and heal her wounds first. After Tina returns to the room, she obediently accepts the Blue Roses' escape plan. Following Evileye's order, she was teleported to the inn to retrieve her equipment and then left the Royal Capital with them.[14]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

To address the the growing number of refugees coming into the Royal Capital escaping the Chaos Beasts emerging from the Cracks, Lakyus worked closely with Princess Renner to manage the crisis. During one such meeting with Renner and Climb she was glad to hear of the signing of the Tripartite Agreement and the loosening of restrictions by the Adventurer's Guild. When a series of robberies began to occur in the refugee camps, she agreed that Climb could help by investigating the matter and had Gagaran assist him.[15] Lakyus and Gagaragn would later meet with the princess again to discuss matters of important for a new job. Lakyus spent most of the meeting talking with Renner about the geopolitical changes and the aftermath of the Catastrophe. Renner would ask Lakyus to complete a job to exterminate monsters from an abandoned mine.[16][17]

The task required her team to journey to E-Rantel where the mine was located near. There while her team were occupied in resting, Lakyus heard a rumor from the Swords of Darkness that the sword of Hyumilis was found not too far away. Lakyus desiring to collect all the Four Swords of Darkness as she believed it will help save the world immediately warned the silver ranked adventurers not to search for it. Despite her warning the Swords of Darkness went with her and Gagaran to see the legendary sword for themselves. In the end it turned out to be just a monster possessing a sword and not the real Hyumilis. Though the search was fruitless, to prevent other seekers of the swords from acquiring them, she maintained the claim that the swords were cursed and that only she can safely wield them.[18]

At the start of the job assigned to the by the princess, Lakyus led Blue Roses and several teams of adventurers, among them being the protagonist and Surako into the mine to reclaim it for the Kingdom. Unknown to them the mine was claimed by Nazarick who were actively mining it. To discourage the adventurers from coming any further Nazarick tried to make the demon as unappealing for human activity by planting evidence that a demon cult had dwelled and summoned demons. Though most of adventurers were killed by the summoned demons, it did not deter the members of Blue Roses who continued into the mine until they face the master of the demons. Abyss Demon appeared to face them and after a long battle was defeated by Lakyus. When the mind began to fill with poison gas Lakyus and the surviving adventurers were forced to retreat. While the adventurers could not reclaim the mine it was viewed still as a victory for eliminating the demon nest.[19]

The adamantite adventurer would later be a prosecutor at a hearing when a large number of mutates slimes began to infest the E-Rantel sewer system. Suspicion were cast upon the protagonist and his employer Hilma Cygnaeus mostly due to their suspicious background and the fact that they collected large amounts of alchemical herbs that could have caused the monsters' mutation. The protagonist though was able to prove their innocence by stating that the mutations were an accident from runoff water from a nearby herb cultivation plot. The event was a bit embarrassing for Lakyus as she nearly convicted innocent people.[20]

Lakyus and her team would encounter the protagonist, Surako and Soi when the two adventurer teams worked together at the request of Princess Renner to find the cause of the string of kidnappings in E-Rantel. The teams worked together to organize a sting operation using Surako as bait which led to the capture of a suspect that Gagarn then brought to the authorities. The man confessed about Zurrernorn to be behind the kidnappings, leading the adventurers to the E-Rantel's Cemetery where they found Six Arms to be working for Khajiit Dale Badantel. In the ensuing fight, Lakyus took on and defeated Edström. In the end the adventurers defeated the cultists and arrested all of the members of Six Arms save for one.[21]

With only one member of Six Arms still at large, Lakyus led her team to locate Zero before the criminal could cause an incident during the conference of the Tripartite Alliance. Blue Roses were unable to find any trace of him making her worried at what the criminal might do to ruin the summit. Her team witnessed a growing mob of city residents and attempted to intervene. However the crowd was broken up when news of a horde of Chaos Beasts approaching the city disseminated. Lakyus then led a defense of the city to protect the residents whilst the protagonist and his team engaged the leader of the horde.[22]

On a mission to acquire much needed armors and weapons from a dwarf named Tsuibayaya, Lakyus's team met with the protagonist, Surako and their comrade Narberal Gamma who were also looking for the dwarf. Since they were looking for the same being the two teams decided to collaborate. Their search took them to the beach near the village where the dwarf lived. They found the dwarf but to her annoyance the dwarf refused to help them until he acquired the scales of the Legendary Mermaid for his masterpiece. To get him to cooperate, the leader of Blue Roses blackmailed the dwarf forcing him to accept their help in seeking the mermaid for him. To help them on their quest, the dwarf loaned several sets of swimsuits to Blue Roses.

Following the clues to the local legend the adventurers determined who and where to summon the mermaid. For Lakyus she managed to find the rock needed to call the entity to them. The Legendary Mermaid as it turned out was a male an a hermit that was confused as why they wanted his scales but agreed to give them unless they battled him. Once the scales were earned, Tsuibayaya used them to create the Sage's Swimsuit which he offered Gagaran to wear as he deemed her the best model for his work. Though he results were mixed by her friends, Tsuibayaya was overwhelmed by the fulfillment of his work that he gave the item to her. Lakyus would say her goodbyes to the protagonist and his friends as she and her team delivered the promised armors to the Kingdom.[23]

On another assignment by King Ramposa III, she and her team were assigned to go out and search for a missing Gazef Stronoff. As Lakyus prepared to go out to search for the Warrior Captain, she was met by the Vice Captain who wished her luck. Their conversation is overheard by Brain Unglaus who directly asked Lakyus if the rumor that Gazef was missing was true causing her to tell him of the situation. Lakyus's team and the protagonist left the city and tracked Gazef's last whereabouts to a remote cave in the north. There they had to fight against two Spear Chaos Beasts that guarded the entrance.[24] Only by working together and with the aid of Brain Unglaus. who followed them, were the adventurers able to vanquish them. Once the entrance was opened, Lakyus and her team stood guard outside while the protagonist led his team into the dark to search for the Warrior Captain.[25]

With the absence of Gazef Stronoff from the camps, Lakyus worked with the Vice Captain to coordinate the Kingdom's military forces station in E-Rantel. There she was greeted by the appearance of Marquis Boullope, an old acquaintance of her from her childhood, who came to aid the remaining members of the Warrior Troop. The adventurer would be called to fight for her Kingdom and the Tripartite Alliance when a horde of ten thousand Chaos Beasts broke out of the Northern Cave and toward E-Rantel. To stop the Chaos Beasts, Lakyus fought alongside warriors such asGo Gin, Nigun Grid Luin, and the Four Imperial Knights. Thanks to their help she managed to reach the alpha of the horde and slay it.[26]

When the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and his minions began to ransack E-Rantel, as payment for defeating a second horde of thirty thousand Chaos Beasts, Lakyus recognized one of the demons to be Abyss Demon. The demons plundering the city caused Lakyus and Blue Roses rose to fight them off. In the battle her team caught the attention of the Demons Maids with Yuri Alpha coming to face her. In the battle Lakyus witness Marquis Boullope die at the hands of Evil Lord Wrath causing to cry in shock. She and her comrades were too far away to help a hostage Emperor Jircniv but saw the person who appeared to be the protagonist save the Baharuth emperor. After the protagonist revealed himself and drove Jaldabaoth off, Lakyus was among the people in the crowd that celebrated protagonist's victory.[27]

A few weeks after the attack, the city of E-Rantel was beginning to heal. To raise the spirits and also amount of defenders for the Kingdom. the protagonist organized an adventurer tournament. Lakyus accepted an invitation for her team to participate and a day before the start of the tournament she and her team met with the organizer and his assistant to touch base on the event.[28] Lakyus would be interested in two new aspiring adventurers, Shall and Ku, participating in the tournament. Due to Shall's background of having a curse that prevented her from casting magic, Lakyus's teammates noted it to be similar to her ailment in suppressing her sword's evil intent. When Pluton Ainzach was having trouble accurately determining the rank of Shall and Ku, Lakyus had a suggestion in having her team battle the duo in the seventh match where her team spectacularly defeated them. Later against as part of the tournament's finale, she and the other adventurers fought against the "Dark Warrior". When Shall and Ku declined to join as adventurers but opted to request to distribute the chocolate confections to all of E-Rantel, the idea was supported by Lakyus.[29]

Lakyus would contracted by the princess to have her team and the protagonist in investigating Re-Blumrushur to see if Marquis Blumrush was responsible for a string of disappearances of brides seeking to answer his solicitation to be his wife. To gather evidence Lakyus assigned Evileye to infiltrate the bridal recruitment process with Narberal. Lakyus and the others busied themselves in collecting testimonies from the victim's families. Lakyus and the others would be approached by a desperate soldier seeking aid to eliminate undead that infested the mine near the city. Though the adventurers had priorities, Lakyus was convinced by the protagonist to help since could. The undead appearing in the mine turned out to be related to their investigation as they found that the undead were amassing due to the remnants of Zurrernorn conducting their rituals using the captured brides as sacrifices. The adventurers killed the cultists and later found Evil Lord Greed at the scene. Since he was present it led the members of Blue Roses to believe that Blumrush was associating himself with the Demon Emperor.

After the mine collapsed, Lakyus and her friends enjoyed their victory and also found began teasing Evileye on how cute she looked in her bridal gown. While Evileye maintained that she had zero interest in falling in love, secretly she fantasized about having a wedding and being led to her vows by her own knight. Lakyus accidentally ran into her daydreaming out loud in their inn room so she quietly exited.[30]

Some time after the protagonist saved the city, Lakyus was with Blue Roses at the cave where they saved Gazef Stronoff. She worked with the members of the Royal Army and E-Rantel Magic Research Institute in setting up a cordon to prevent Chaos Beasts from leaving the underground cave network.[31]

Lakyus and her team would accept the request of a noble to retrieve his idiot son from an illegal gambling hall. For the mission she and Evileye were given bunny girl costumes to infiltrate the hall. She and Evileye wore the costumes and were heading out to the site outside the E-Rantel, the adventurers encountered Chaos Beasts on the way. Since her new outfit required her to wield a gavel, so with some tips from Gagaran, the monsters acted as practice and were dispatched before the party continued on their way. After the female adventurer team completed their mission, they were heading back on carriage. Lakyus got in touch with Renner via magic and learned that a group was impersonating her and Blue Roses in E-Rantel. The leader of Blue Roses was slightly embarrassed that the imposters took her image in her bunny suit and guessed correctly that the fakes must have seen them in action when they were outside the city.[32]

Over tea, Lakyus would discuss about the progress in E-Rantel made by the protagonist with Renner, Climb and Evileye on how the citizens of the old section of the city were beginning to recover from the trauma from the Demon Emperor. Lakyus noted that the success of the chocolate confectionaries provided by the Adventurer's Guild were attracting more people to join just to acquire the items though it was also driving employment up. When Lakyus mentioned about the new dolls made by the guild in the image of the "Dark Warrior" she teased to Climb that Renner was waiting for a doll of him which caused the bodyguard to be bashful. The conversation then turned to the number of sick orphans in the old section of E-Rantel. As the administration of the city had yet to take action, it was decided by Lakyus and Renner that Evileye would go and see the situation herself.[33]

While having a meal at an inn in the Royal Capital with her team, Lakyus hoped to participate in the upcoming E-Rantel's Harvest Festival. Lakyus and Gagaran were assigned as escorts to Princess Renner, whilst the other members of the team acted out lookouts in the crowd during the festivities.[34]

At the dead of night, Lakyus and Blue Roses were called to defend E-Rantel, when it was suspected that remnants of Zurrernorn were active in the city with a plot to destroy it. Working with Darkness, Blue Roses went to investigate the sewers as it was one of the likely places where the cult would hide. They located a hidden room, used by a former criminal syndicate, but it was in disuse to her team's disappointment. Her teammates Tina and Tia noted that the sewers to be devoid of sanitary slimes, an oddity given the amount of waste produced from E-Rantel's reconstruction.

Blue Roses finally located the cultists, conducting an odd ritual in the water tank. After some discussion on how to proceed, Lakyus decided to reveal herself to get a reaction from the cultists. The cultists seeing Lakyus and her team reacted with hostility and declared their intent to restart the Death Spiral using a Super Giant Sanitary Slime imbued with Negative Energy. The leader of Blue Roses watched as the cultists made themselves martyrs and willingly sacrificed their bodies to feed the slime to create undead. At first the women tried to fight it, but were severely outclassed by the slime's advantage in being in a watery environment.

Using Evileye's magic the team was forced to retreat to the surface of the Sewage Treatment Plant. But before they could call for help, the slime was heard to be on the verge of breaching the surface. Luckily, Soi arrived with a sample of "anti-slime agent" which applied to the monster forced it back to the sewers.

Later they regrouped with Nigun and Ian who managed to interrogate some members of the death cult and revealed that the slime was created using miasma from the Cracks. The very thought of such research disgusted Lakyus, due to the danger of the phenomena. With the city defenders already finishing up in rounding up the remaining cultists, the adventurers were tasked to eliminate the slime in the sewers. At the suggestion of the protagonist, who supplied vast amounts of "anti-slime agent", Lakyus and her team were to use swimsuits during the operation. Not only Soi would be joining them, but also Clementine, to serve as a substitute for Gagaran who could not due to her damaged equipment.

Lakyus then led the hunting team to eliminate the slime. After succeeding, she and the others returned to the surface to address the crowd of city resident who were curious about the increase military activity. To avoid a panic, Lakyus gave the story of a routine cleaning in the sewers which touched the people for the adventurers care for the city. Beside their civic duty, she and her group gained a lot of attention due to their bold gear, causing an interest in the novelty of swimsuits.[35]

Blue Roses would participate in a joint operation between adventurers and E-Rantel's authorities against brokers dealing in child trafficking. They were assigned by Guildmaster Ainzach to infiltrate the base of the brokers and cause a ruckus. Before the start of the raid, Gagaran noticed the Swords of Darkness also participating in the raid, leading to the two leaders of the teams to briefly chat. At the start of the operation, once the sentries at the base were eliminated, the adamantite adventurer team entered into the base to take care of the rest of the criminals.[36]

Lakyus and her team stood at the defense E-Rantel again when it was beset by emerging Cracks, bringing hordes of Chaos Beasts. Though she saved a few civilians from certain death at the invading monsters, the cleric was unable to provide them words of comfort as it seemed that nowhere was safe. When Gagaran suggested that the adventurers retreat from E-Rantel, as it seemed to be a lost cause, Lakyus refused to abandon it. The pair were soon met by an invisible enemy. Sensing danger Gagaran pushed Lakyus aside as the latter was the a member of Blue Roses that they could not afford to lose. In doing so Gagaran hit by a magical burst of energy to the horror of Lakyus.[37]

Some months after the disaster, the Calamity of Cracks, Lakyus saw to the revival of her teammate. At the second Greetings and Victory Festival, Lakyus attended the event wearing her bunny costume. At the festival her team were reunited with the visiting adventurers Shall and Ku.

Though when they touched on bitter memories of the calamity that befell E-Rantel, she decided to just focus on the festivities and the dedication demonstration. Her team Blue Roses was the final match fought against Shall, Ku, Aura, Narberal and Soi. Afterwards the battle ended in a draw, Shall expressed her intention to formally register as an adventurer and receive her plate in the near future, which Lakyus hoped to see.[38]

During the talks at the Tripartite Alliance meeting, Lakyus acted as a representative of her nation alongside Gazef Stronoff, who had recently returned from the "other side" of the Crack with the king and Brain. When the Warrior Captain proposed sending a rescue team to retrieve all those still on the "other side", Lakyus seconded the proposal and offered the support of Blue Roses.

When Enhela revealed that he was able to also traverse through the "other side" without the aid of adaptive equipment, and proved it by revealing that he saved Ian and Nigun, who presented themselves, it caused Lakyus to be shocked as she thought the two to be dead. Since the two would be leading the Theocracy's forces for the rescue operation, Lakyus welcomed them back.

During the interim, Lakyus's team received a request from Prince Zanac and Marquis Raeven to investigate the disappearance of a search party that was sent to rescue Princess Renner at Carne Village. Lakyus relieved to learn that her friend the princess was safe accepted it. Blue Roses then traveled to the village where supposedly a refugee camp was set up by the princess. But when she and her team got there they found the place in ruins and Contaminated Beasts infesting the area.

To Lakyus's sorrow she discovered the blood-stained dress of Renner and a suicide note. She and her team returned with these things to the prince, who immediately ordered the contents of his sister's death be suppressed for the sake of the king and the people. After the mission, Lakyus was seen participating in the Festival of the Reconstruction of E-Rantel, handing out rations to the needy. Despite the loss of her dear friend, Lakyus was determined to continue Renner's legacy of helping the people.[39]

After the adaptive equipment was mass produced for the Four Kingdoms Rescue Team, Lakyus while having drinks at a bar with her team, mentioned to them that it was fortunate as the equipment was needed for the success of the rescue mission. Lakyus also informed her friends that there were motions to arrange a pep rally, to boost morale of the participants and to praise the Sorcerer Kingdom for their contribution. Given the event was a solemn occasion, the noble asked her friends not to go crazy too much. She and her team attended the venue of the pep rally and the subsequent feast.[40]

At the start of the operation, Lakyus addressed the assembled warriors on the limits of their new equipment. On the "other side", Lakyus fought giant-sized specialized variants of Chaos Beasts when the team were close to collecting a hundred people from the Chaos Zone. Once a safe retreat back to the Re-Estize Kingdom was in order, Lakyus celebrated with her comrades on surviving.[41]

Later the rescue team rushed back to E-Rantel after receiving word from the Sorcerer Kingdom that enormous amounts of miasma were spilling in from Cracks in every major city in the Tripartite Alliance. Since their unit was the only military force in the area, the joint international force hurried to the alliance's capital to save what they could.

On the way when Evileye wondered if E-Rantel was cursed, due to the many incidents it experienced, Lakyus scolded her for saying such things.

At E-Rantel, Lakyus and Blue Roses planned to enter the city to try and repel the contaminated and also seek out the survivors in the shelters to escort them out of the city. Her team regrouped with the protagonist and the others where a plane to decontaminated the city's residents was devised.[42]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers

Lakyus became one of the strongest adventurers in the Re-Estize Kingdom at the age of 19 for her heroic-level abilities. She is also one of the few users of revival magic. Additionally, she could use what is known as group support magic to aid her teammates in battle. As well as being able to cast a silent healing spell onto herself without speaking a word.

As shown and by the standards of the New World, Laykus possess superhuman levels of physical and mental strength. This is seen where it required meticulous planning and effort by her other teammates of Blue Roses, in order to just weaken her enough to be susceptible to mind control Magic,

Job Classes

Main Equipment


  • Dark Blade Mega Impact: An attack that releases Dark Energy collected within the Demonic Sword, Kirineiram.
  • Raise Dead: It is a 5th tier resurrection spell which revives the dead person back to life with some loss of vitality and five levels; in New World standards, the deceased target must be at least the level of an Iron-Ranked adventurer or the corpse would be reduced to ashes. Moreover, this spell will have a hard time working without a corpse, or if it's badly damaged.


Blue Roses

Lakyus is shown to have a close familial bond with her teammates in Blue Roses and is shown to trust and care for each of them greatly. Lakyus herself is stated to be more than content to simply spend her time adventuring together with them and treasures all of her memories made with them.

Her teammates in turn are shown to fully reciprocate her feelings with their own unconditional trust and loyalty, as seen where all of them would follow Lakyus's orders and decisions unconditionally and have shown to have faith in her judgment.

Later they scheme to forcibly save her during the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, where despite Lakyus making up her mind to stay and protect her home nation, her teammates had already deemed that saving her life was far superior to saving a failing/corrupt Kingdom and began scheming to save her against her will. As seen perfectly where they were willing to betray her will and use brute force to forcibly weaken her enough to be susceptible to Mind Control magic to have her escape with them.


Gagaran saved Lakyus when she run away from home trying to be an adventurer. This confrontation between the two led Gagaran to become one of the initial members for the formation of Blue Roses. As fellow adamantite adventurers of Blue Roses, they have a close relationship with each other.


Evileye is the strongest member of Blue Roses and the last one to join it. As fellow adamantite adventurers of Blue Rose, they have a close relationship with each other. Evileye is a bit jealous of Lakyus, because Momon showed interest in her revival magic.

On the other hand, Lakyus tends to scold Evileye at times for her harsh attitude she acted towards Brain. While the other, is due to Lakyus calling her out as naive when she questions how the nobles will react negatively to Momon's reward from the King. The same remains true of how she reprimanded Evileye for acting out immaturely during a discussion with the Holy Kingdom's envoy.

Tia & Tina

As fellow adamantite adventurers of Blue Roses, they have a close relationship with each other.

Originally both Tina and Tia were hired assassin sent to kill Lakyus. Their original interactions consisted of the twins constantly and discreetly stalking and observing Lakyus in secret to analyze her for her weaknesses to make their attempts on her life easier. However, Lakyus instead managed to convince the two to become her companions as Adventurers after the two came to realize that the lifestyle proposed by her suited them better. Eventually becoming friends with her and the twins seemingly developing the habit of teasing Lakyus by calling her "evil boss." They usually deferred to Lakyus's decisions on matters regarding their assignments and followed her orders faithfully during missions.

Recently, their personal care for Lakyus is fully seen during their scheme to escape the Royal Capital during the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, where the two of them along with Evileye and Gagaran agreed to save Lakyus's life against her will and saving themselves took precedence over defending the corrupt nation.


Rigrit Bers Caurau

Not much is known about the former leader's relationship with Lakyus, however the fact that she left Blue Roses in her charge as it's new leader, shows she has enough confidence and respect that would let her take the new position.

Princess Renner

Renner is considered to be one of her friends besides the members of Blue Roses. Lakyus would usually accept some personal missions requested by her Highness without mediation from the Adventurer's Guild. While so, she can understand the logical reasoning behind Renner's suggestions and sometimes points out problems with them. As Lakyus values her as a friend, Renner thinks otherwise as this feeling is not reciprocated.


Lakyus treats Momon with respect and companionship as fellow adamantite adventurers. She and her group were willing to cooperate with his adventurer group, Darkness, so they could work together on putting a stop to Jaldabaoth's plan. Yet at the same time, however, Lakyus prayed with all her heart that Momon would defeat Jaldabaoth, and get rid of the demons in the Royal Capital. In a way, it shows how far her degree of faith and trust goes when depending on Momon and his abilities against the powerful demon. After the incident was finally clear, she hopes to work with Momon and his group again someday, stating to their nation's hero that her group will do their best on catching up to them.

Nigun Grid Luin

In the past, Lakyus and Blue Roses had once stopped Nigun and the Sunlight Scripture from eradicating a demi-human village. At that time, she managed to damage Nigun's face with a scar which he kept around as a reminder of his defeat against her. Nigun hated that both Blue Roses and Gazef Stronoff were part of the Kingdom and that they served a different god. She was the type of person he loathed the most for being merciful and foolish.

Azuth Aindra

Azuth is Lakyus' uncle and was the reason why Lakyus had become an adventurer and thus she respects him very much. Over time she began to see him as something of a good but corny heroic man. Though she is not blind to his faults, such as his womanizing habits, she is willing to ignore these eccentricities.


  • Lakyus seems to suffer from eighth grader syndrome and has "chuunibyou" fantasies about being possessed by her sword and fighting against her alternative personality.
  • Lakyus is the only one in the Re-Estize Kingdom who can use revival magic, though this ability is only reserved for Blue Rose members and those that can afford its expensive service.
  • During her fight with the Hellhound, Lakyus seems to recite prayers to the Water God which implies that she may worship it.


  • (To Renner): "Ah, those idi...people who left their honor in their mother's womb just for you."
  • (To Princess Renner): "Isn't it obvious? It's true that Climb is special, but only because he's 'yours'."
  • (To Climb about Tina): "It's nothing. She's just talking to herself. Don't worry about it, Climb. No, really, don't worry about it. I'm serious."
  • (To Herself): "Damn it. Trash that only thinks about their lust can all die!"
  • (About Princess Renner): "What am I thinking? Why am I doubting my good friend? Besides, hasn't everything that's happened up till now proven that she's not a petty little schemer? If I can't even trust someone like her, with the title of "Golden", who crusades for justice, then who can I trust?"
  • (To herself about Kilineiram): "Only a woman who serves the Gods like myself can hold back its full power..."
  • (To herself about Kilineiram): "I, the source of the darkness will take over your body once you let your guard down and release the demon sword's power."
  • (To Momon about Evileye): "That was a surprisingly mature response. Unlike my companion...not only does she lack height but she is deficient in adaptability too."
  • (To herself): "If I can't figure it out, there's no point wasting energy on it. Who was it who said that I should be using my head for better things... Evileye, or Uncle?"
  • (To Momon): "We should be saying that, Momon-san. After seeing Momon-san's power, we are almost ashamed to call ourselves adamantite-ranked adventurers like yourself, but we will do our best to catch up with you. Looking forward to working with you again."
  • (To Remedios about the Sorcerer Kingdom): "That's true, and it's largely accurate...but it's wrong in some places...While the undead are everywhere, the humans there live safe and peaceful lives."
  • (To Remedios about the Sorcerer King): "There are many kinds of undead, and the Sorcerer King is a ruler of the undead. Ordering the undead under his command not to harm human beings and enforcing that order is a simple matter for him."
  • (To Remedios about the Re-Estize Kingdom): "Evileye...Mm, anyway, we still have the Sorcerer Kingdom before our eyes to deal with, so it's hard for them to aid your country. Also, a lot of people perished during the battle with the Sorcerer Kingdom, which will have grave consequences in the future. The nobles who appear so well-off are hardly as well-to-do as you might think."
  • (To Remedios): "...Fighting on two fronts at once while you’re exhausted is very dangerous. I trust I don't need to tell you that, right?"
  • (To Remedios): "Also, it's the same with us. Two of us were killed in combat with Jaldabaoth and while they were resurrected from the dead, they still have not regained their full strength yet. If we invade Jaldabaoth's territory in this state, we might all end up being killed."
  • (To Remedios): "Tia! Excuse me. Ahem. I'm very sorry, but I don't think things will turn out as you imagine. So long as it involves the risk of facing Jaldabaoth, we will refuse this job. We need to become stronger than we are now in order to prepare for the future. ...This is just a hypothesis, but we need to get ready in case Jaldabaoth decides to attack the Kingdom once more."


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