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Kyouhukou (恐怖公) is an NPC on the 2nd Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


A cockroach that was about thirty centimeters tall and stood on two legs. He wore a bright red cape decorated with luxurious golden threads around the edge and a cute little golden crown on its head. Grasped in his front leg was a scepter with a pure white gem embedded at the end. In addition instead of his head facing up, it faced front.


Possessing a noble bearing, he possessed grace and poise that rivaled Demiurge.


A creation of the Supreme Beings, Kyouhukou was among the denizens of Nazarick, who held a place in the pecking order of the hierarchy.[1] He lives in an area of Nazarick that is like a sea of cockroaches.


Overlord First Half Arc

Main article: Overlord First Half Arc

During the Workers Invasion, one of the dungeon's traps went off and transported ets Gringham and his thief comrade in his domain. The two workers attempted to negotiate to leave his domain. Kyouhukou found this to be humorous and then orders his subjects to devour the two [2]

Overlord Second Half Arc

Main article: Overlord Second Half Arc

After Ainz Ooal Gown became an Archduke in the Baharuth Empire, he was begin overwhelmed by the work from territory management. He considered leaving the work to Kyouhukou, she his title of Duke is in his name, but decided against the idea.[3]

Later Ainz facing an upcoming ball party to announce his debut in noble society, needed to learn how to dance. Unfortunately the only one in Nazarick was Kyouhukou. The cockroach was summoned to the Throne Room to teach him how to dance. Though in order to show him Kyouhukou needed Ainz to find a female partner. Turns out that Arche Eeb Rile Furt was suitable as a partner given she was a former noble. Under the cockroach's tutelage he taught Ainz the basics of dancing, enough for him not to make a fool of himself before the nobles of the Empire.[4][5]

Abilities and Powers

Described as a mysterious existence, while not a Floor Guardian he protects an area. He has the ability to infinitely summon his kin, and has a villainous fighting method. However, his level is not high, around level 30.[6] In conjunction with other forces like Cocytus he helps observe the surroundings of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.[7]



Ainz Ooal Gown

As being the last Supreme Being to remain he deferential to Ainz. Though the latter views him with polite disgust.


  • In the Web Novel, his creator was Luci★Fer.
  • In the Light Novel, his powers are expanded to be those of a druid.


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