Supreme Beings Edit

Ainz Ooal Gown Edit

Like the rest of the NPCs of Nazarick, Kyouhukou is absolutely loyal to Ainz.

Floor Guardians Edit

Albedo Edit

Albedo views the cockroach with abhorrence like many females in Nazarick.

Shalltear Bloodfallen Edit

Shalltear is Kyouhukou's superior and thus, he is her subordinate. However, due to Kyouhukou's race and appearance, Shalltear avoids him and his residence as best she could.

Cocytus Edit

Kyouhukou and Cocytus are friends, sharing a kinship as both are insect-types.

Mare Bello Fiore Edit

Unlike his sister, Mare does not seem to be afraid of Kyouhukou or his subjects.

Aura Bella Fiora Edit

Due to Kyouhukou's race and appearance, Aura avoids him and his residence. She doesn't even like the idea of being near one of his subordinates.

Pleiades Edit

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta Edit

Kyouhukou is terrified of her and considers Entoma as a predator of the family, due to her habit of eating other insects. Entoma is the only NPC that willingly visits the Black Capsule, though only to grab a quick snack, much to Kyouhukou's displeasure.

Narberal Gamma Edit

It is unknown how Narberal personally feels about Kyouhukou, but she seems unconcerned when interacting with his subordinates, even feeding one.

Other Edit

Hamsuke Edit

Hamsuke is one of the few non-insect monsters unafraid of Kyouhukou. She showed no concern nor disgust when interacting with him or his subjects, even allowing one of them to ride her head to allow it to guide her when she got lost on the 2nd Floor of Nazarick.

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