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Kyouhukou (恐怖公) is an Area Guardian of the Black Capsule (黒棺 (ブラック・カプセル) ) on the 2nd Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


Kyouhukou's appearance is that of a 30-centimeter tall cockroach standing on its two legs with its head facing forward. He wears a bright red cape decorated with luxurious golden threads around the edge and a tiny golden crown on top of his head. He possesses a scepter with a pure white gem embedded at the end, which he is often seen holding with his front leg.


Kyouhukou's personality displays a hint of nobility like his attire would suggest. He speaks politely and overall seems to think of himself as a noble gentleman. He is considered open-minded and is willing to hear out a person's circumstances even if it means rejecting their help later. In a way, Kyouhukou is somewhat reasonable to Nazarick residents like Hamsuke, who he helps when she gets lost.


According to the author Maruyama, Kyouhukou's room has a trap that targets characters with a female exterior and forcibly teleports them to the roach pit.[1]


The Undead King Arc

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Cocytus notices that his friend Kyouhukou is not present at the guardians' meeting on the 6th Floor. He is informed that the meeting is only for the Floor Guardians. Later, Ainz asks for the Floor Guardians to report the changes in Nazarick to the Area Guardians, including Kyouhukou.[2]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

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According to Cocytus, Kyouhukou had once said that Entoma Vasilissa Zeta is the scariest one to him based on her identity as a Familiar Eater.[3]

The Search for Hamusuke Arc

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Kyouhukou encounters Hamsuke on the 2nd Floor when she accidentally enters the Black Capsule after being frightened away by the undead. Learning that she is lost, the cockroach gives her one of his subjects to guide her to the 6th Floor.[4]

The Two Leaders Arc

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Due to a problem that arises with Albedo not being able to properly ride on her summoned Bicorn, Shalltear Bloodfallen advises her to seek out Kyouhukou, as he is a very skilled summoner of his species and has knowledge on assisting the matter. However, Albedo refuses because she happens to bear a disliking for him. Shalltear recalls how Kyouhukou would sometimes try to crawl up through one's clothes. It is also revealed that others like Entoma often visit Kyouhukou's residence and that she is using his room as her snack room. According to Shalltear, her body itches just thinking about the area Kyouhukou resides in as she describes it to be a room of terror. Although it is part of the floor under her control, she has no wishes of ever visiting Kyouhukou for that reason.[5]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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Kyouhukou is mentioned by Mare and Aura as the one who tortured Hilma into revealing all of Eight Fingers' secrets, with Hilma having become so traumatized that she will do anything she is told in order to avoid having to deal with him again. Later on, the siblings bring the remaining executive members of Eight Fingers to him so that he may interrogate them.[6]    

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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According to Demiurge, Kyouhukou, alongside Mare and Neuronist Painkill, is able to successfully reduce the authority of those in power from the Eight Fingers. With the assistance of these three in their operation, they begin to slowly infiltrate their organization's ranks until the Re-Estize Kingdom comes under Nazarick's full control.[7]

Kyouhukou greets Gringham and one of his comrades after they are teleported his domain, the Black Capsule. The cockroach engages them in a polite conversation, telling them where they are and answering their questions until they try to negotiate their escape, and in turn, Kyouhukou finds this humorous. Seeing that his subjects have been resorting to cannibalism to survive and an opportunity for fresh meat is now in front of them, the cockroach gives the order to devour the two workers.[8]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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Kyouhukou is mentioned again by Shalltear, who intends to take Cocco Doll to the Black Capsule to have him educated in being loyal to Ainz Ooal Gown.[9]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

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Kyouhukou was among the NPCs that were killed when Nazarick transferred to the New World. The insect was eventually revived in due time of Nazarick's reconstruction phase. During Albedo's dieting, she reported that the cockroach reported that his subjects have been growing in large numbers more than he could handle either due to the increase amount of food or because a certain maid was not snacking on them.[10]

By the time of Nazarick's reconstruction, Entoma was back on her usual routine of dropping by the Black Capsule for a quick bite.[11] In the Miyoshi Cup, Kyouhukou acted as the judge for the Fourth Competition, where he disqualified said maid from the event after she ate some of his subjects.[12]

At the approach of "New Year", Kyouhukou assisted Shalltear Bloodfallen in doing a "general cleaning" of the Black Capsule and reported that there were no anomalies found so far.[13]

Later in preparations for the National Foundation Day Ceremony, Albedo suggested to Aura Bella Fiora and Shalltear Bloodfallen of seeking his assistance, as the insect knew etiquette and dance skills. The other two ladies shuddered at the thought, but knowing the importance of the ceremony reluctantly agreed to seek his help.[14] Under Kyouhukou's tutelage, both Shalltear and Aura's dance forms greatly improved in time for the venue. On the day of the National Foundation Day Ceremony, Kyouhukou made a physical appearance at the site in Fake Nazarick in the replica of the Throne Room. There he awaited the entrance of his master to officiate the ceremony. The insect was also present at banquet portion, but decided to make himself discreet as Entoma was in the vicinity, but appeared at the unveiling of the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue which he praised.[15]

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  • In the Web Novel, his creator was Luci★Fer and he is good at dancing.[16]
  • His name means “Duke of Terror.”
  • Kyouhukou fears Entoma, calling her the “Predator of Family," because Entoma sometimes eats cockroaches as snacks.
  • Kyouhukou briefly appears in the sixth episode of Pure Pure Pleiades during the credits.
  • Kyouhukou is the first Overlord character who first appears in a Special Chapter of the Manga.
  • 28 out of 41 guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown are scared of Kyouhukou's existence.[17]


  • (To two members of Heavy Masher): "Ah, I apologize. This one is Kyouhukou, the one entrusted with this territory from Ainz-sama. Please to meet your acquaintance."
  • (To two members of Heavy Masher): "Of course, that would be something you wish for. But even if you do leave this room, you are currently on the 2nd Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. I must advise you that it would be extremely difficult to return above ground."
  • (To two members of Heavy Masher): "This one already has everything one could wish for in its hand. I doubt you would be able to provide what I desire."
  • (To two members of Heavy Masher): "But you seem to be confused as to why I was thanking you earlier, so I wish to provide you with an explanation. You see, my subjects are getting tired of cannibalism. To you, who will be the food that will serve as the solution, I give my thanks once again."
  • (To two members of Heavy Masher): "It may be unfortunate for you two, but now it is time to have you for dinner."



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