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Kullervo Palantynen (クレルヴォ・パランタイネン) is a gladiator of the Imperial Arena of the Baharuth Empire. He was the 7th Generation Martial Lord of the Empire.




Kullervo Patanynen became the 7th Generation Martial Lord of the Grand Arena after defeating the 6th Generation. He was defeated in battle against Go Gin.


The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

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Kullervo was mentioned by Osk when Go Gin thanked him for providing him a new challenge.[1]

The Current Situation of Various People. A Prologue Arc[]

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After the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Martial Lord was mentioned by Baziwood Peshmel who saw him in the imperial capital and noted that the gladiator had improved even more through some torturous training. Later it was asked Nimble Arc Dale Anoch if the Martial Lord was strong enough to fight against their nation's "trump card".[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Not much is known about Kullervo's abilities, but he was apparently the 7th Martial Lord prior to Go Gin's ascension after him.[3] Last Baziwood saw him he stated that felt as though Palantynen was a monster that the Four Imperial Knights could no longer win against no matter what they did. It was suggested that he could be as strong as the Empire's current trump card which were undead hired from the Sorcerer Kingdom.


Go Gin[]

According to Go Gin, Kullervo was his strongest opponent before he met Ainz Ooal Gown.




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